The Best Table Runners Of 2023

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Every now and then, we think about what we can improve in our home to add a bit of character and change out our usual setting. Changing furniture can rarely be an option which is why we usually focus on decoration. 

When it comes to our homes, a little bit of decoration here and there can significantly change the ambiance of any room and give us that necessary sense of change.

Take for example your dining spot – the table. Have you ever thought about replacing your regular table clothes with something new and refreshing like a table runner?

They are cheap, come in every possible style you could imagine and could serve as a perfect decoration alternative on many occasions. 

When it comes to table runners, you have an endless variety of looks and fabrics to choose from.

Whether you want to bring some more elegance to your dining spot or you need an alternative to your table clothes for whenever you don’t plan to use the entire table, there is a table runner out there that will fit right into the picture. 

With this said, which are the best table runners? In addition to suiting individual taste, the best table runners are well-made with durable materials which are ideally easy to wash. Linen especially is a practical and pleasing choice. Be sure the runner is long enough to hang off your table at a desired length.

Since tastes in home decoration vary with every individual, no list could be a perfect match.

We did our best to select the best table runners in different styles and fabrics – and by quality of course – but in the end, your personal preferences could differ entirely. 

Still, read on for our best table runner recommendations!

The Best Table Runners

Like a set of pretty, matching kitchen towels, a nice table runner can really set off your dining and cooking space(s).

However, this is largely a matter of taste. Instead of focusing on five randomly selected table runners, we thought of five individual categories that best represent different styles and types of table runners.

Therefore, we did our thorough evaluation and selected one table runner of each category that stands out. Here are our best picks:

1.Solino Home 100% Linen Table Runner Linen runner
2.Syntus Buffalo Check Table RunnerBlack&White runner
3.Cassiel Home Christmas Table RunnerHoliday runner
4.Letjolt Splicing Burlap Table RunnerBurlap runner
5.Top Finel Dining Table RunnerColorful runner

Read on for more about each of these table runners!

1. Solino Home 100% Pure Linen Table Runner

Best Linen Table Runner
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Why did we choose this product as our number one table runner? Linen is one of the easiest to handle options when it comes to table runners.

Unlike most products in this price range, these table runners impress with their quality and high-end appearance.  

This particular product by Solino comes in a wide range of 14 color options that ensure that there is no way not to find a suitable one for your table.

Furthermore, each color variation can be purchased in several lengths. In other words, you can find a table runner for practically any surface in your home and not just the tables. 

Key Features: 

  • Handcrafted from 100% Pure Linen
  • Available in 14 color variants
  • Available in different lengths 

Biggest Drawback: There is a common issue that has been called out by the manufacturer itself. Since these table runners are always handcrafted, there could be a slight difference in the color between different batches.

In other words, if you want to get more than just one set, do it when you purchase the first time because the next batch could be slightly different. 

2. Syntus Buffalo Check Black and White Table Runner

Best Black&White Table Runner
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If you want to maintain a more classic style, see this table runner by Syntys. Black and white are perhaps the two colors that look perfect in every setting.

And since checked tablecloths are so traditional, this checked runner feels extra playful while also feeling totally classic.

It is made from 80% cotton and 20% polyester and is available in two lengths. If, however, you want to add more color to the picture, Syntus offers four more color variations of the same product. 

 Key Features: 

  • Made from cotton and polyester
  • It is machine washable
  • Additional color variations

Biggest Drawback: When you consider some of our other options, they are available in a variety of sizes. These table runners by Syntus only come in two sizes that are suitable for large tables.

In case you need something for a smaller table or surface, consider a different product from our list. 

3. Cassiel Home Christmas Table Runner

Best Holiday Table Runner
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Christmas is undoubtedly the most common time to think about decorations and thus, there are countless Christmas table runners to choose from.

Our personal favorite is this beautiful piece by Cassiel Home. It is made from 100% Faux Linen and comes in only one size of 13×72 inches.

Since it is machine washable, you will not have any issues with the maintenance and you can rest assured that it will serve you for many years. 

When it comes to Cassiel Home, they have an entire range of Christmas decorations and we need to mention that they offer a discount on purchases that include more than one of their Christmas products.

If you find this table runner attractive, you have a chance to get a larger set of identical decorations for a lower price than usual. 

Key Features: 

  • Made from 100% Faux Linen
  • It is machine washable
  • Suitable for tables for 4 – 6 people

Biggest Drawback: Once again, the biggest drawback is the absence of size variations.

While this 13 x 72″ size is suitable for most of the smaller tables, people usually gather with their entire families on Christmas which, in most cases, means a larger table than the average one fitting 4–6 people. 

4. Letjolt Splicing Burlap Table Runner

Best Burlap Table Runner
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Burlap table runners are perhaps the most commonly used type simply because they have been around so long. In other words, they are a classic. 

When it comes to burlap table runners, you can also make one by yourself, but if you want some high-end table runners with an affordable price tag, take a look at these two options by Letjolt. 

By two options, we mean the two variations in the color scheme – light color edge with natural color middle or the opposite. These two-toned schemes really class up the look, while still maintaining a nice everyday look.

They are also available in two lengths which are usually suitable for larger tables but in the end, you can always cut it short if you find the motivation. 

Key Features: 

  • Made from 100% Nature Jute Burlap (eco-friendly)
  • Available in two color variations
  • Available in two lengths

Biggest Drawback: According to several customer reviews we found in the pile of positive feedback, you could expect to have slight color mismatches than the product you see in the original picture.

Of course, this is absolutely normal when you work with natural materials and it has also been called out by the manufacturers in their original advertisement. 

5. Top Finel Dining Table Runner

Best Colorful Table Runner
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This particular category was not one that we had in mind in the beginning.

However, when we saw the abundance of colorful table runners and finally when we came across this outstanding piece by Top Finel, we had to have it on our list. 

Out of the dozens of table runners we evaluated, there was no other piece that stood out with such elegance and brilliance of color.

These table runners by Top Finel are available in four color schemes and in six sizes. In short, there is no way not to find a suitable one for your table or surface. 

Key Features: 

  • Exquisite design in four color schemes
  • It is machine washable 
  • Available in six length sizes

Biggest Drawback: We could hardly find a certain drawback with this particular table runner. It is available in four colors that impress with their elegance and six sizes which, apparently, is rare in this market.

The only issue we could think of was the tassels. Although they fit perfectly into the table runner, many people cut them off because they do not fit their home style. 

Related Questions

Is a Table Runner Supposed to Hang Over?

While this is not a written rule, it is widely accepted that a table runner will hang over each side of the table.

People do it only because it is often more aesthetically pleasing than a table runner that ends before the end of your table. But sometimes a runner which doesn’t or which barely hangs over looks just fine. It’s just a matter of taste.

What Size Table Runner Do I Need? 

Ideally, the size is entirely up to you and your taste. However, your table runner shouldn’t hang beyond your table cloth since it is not aesthetically pleasing.

Normally, professional decorators claim that you need at least 12 additional inches of length than the length of your table to achieve the perfect look. 

In other words, if your table is 80 inches long, for example, you should look for at least 92 inches of table runner so that you have at least 6 inches of cloth to hang on each side. 

If you prefer more or less drape over, however, go ahead and do your thing!

Which Fabric is Best For Table Runners?

As you can see from the list above, any material can be used for a table runner which is also why you can always make your own if you have the time and motivation.

However, based on the sole variety of options on the market and the ease of maintenance, it appears that linen, cotton, and burlap are the most suitable material if you want your table runners to endure long years of use. 

Linen and cotton typically look the nicest – linen especially can look quite fine. Yet both are easy to clean and care for, which is important for something that may be around food a lot.

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