11 Best Peanut Candy Bars

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The combination of peanuts and chocolate or nougat in a candy bar is an unexpected delight – the blend of nutty and sweet flavors somehow seems to work together perfectly!

In fact, peanut candy bars are among the most popular around the world, frequently coming at the top in polls of our favorite candy bars.

Peanut butter candy bars range from highly indulgent chocolate-covered sweet treats through to healthy oat-filled protein bars

But what makes the best peanut candy bars? The best peanut candy bars contain the perfect blend of peanuts – either whole, chopped, or as peanut butter – mixed with sweet flavors such as chocolate, nougat, or caramel.

If you’re looking for the very best peanut candy bar, we’ve got something for everyone right here!

Read on to find out what makes the best peanut candy bars, and find our top picks for the 11 best peanut candy bars.

All About Peanut Candy Bars

Although there are many popular types of confectionery items, peanut candy bars are family favorites that have really stood the test of time!

Peanut candy bars come in many different forms, but they all follow the same basic principle.

They include peanuts in one form or another – either whole, chopped, flaked, or as a smooth peanut paste. Then that peanut base is is combined with something sweet like chocolate, sugar, nougat, caramel, or some delicious combination.

The different combinations mean that these candy bars come in a range of different textures. They can be smooth, crunchy, soft, chewy, brittle, or a combination of all of these!

The reason that peanut candy bars are so popular is because of the unexpected taste sensation that comes from mixing peanuts with sweet flavors. This is often combined with a tiny hint of salt, which really brings out the nuttiness of the peanuts.

Many peanut candy bar recipes use a huge amount of sugar, normally in the form of chocolate, nougat, or caramel. These sweets are certainly not a healthy option, but sure do taste amazing!

However, some healthier and more nutritious peanut candy bars have been developed, which are a better choice for anyone trying to reduce the amount of sugar in their diet.

These include sugar-free candy bars, as well as organic, high-protein, and low-carb options. There are even keto candies out there!

Some of these are particularly popular with fitness enthusiasts, as peanuts are a great source of protein. When combined with other nutritious ingredients such as whole oats, peanuts can be a delicious yet healthy post-workout treat.

How To Choose The Best Peanut Candy Bars

If you are on the hunt for the best peanut candy bars, here is what you should take into consideration:


Let’s face it, we’re buying a candy bar because we love the flavor, right? But you don’t want to be disappointed to find your peanut treat isn’t quite as you expected!

Peanut candy bars come in many flavor combinations, but the basic principle applies to all of them. The taste of peanut should come through strongly, but it shouldn’t be the only thing you taste.

A good peanut candy bar should have the right level of sweetness, without being too sickly and overwhelming. It should also contain a moderate amount of salt, to give the classic sweet and salty flavor combination.

But once you’ve got these basics covered, the flavor combinations of candy bars are pretty much limitless!

So, you can find peanut candy bars with added fruit such as cranberries, or with crunchy cinder toffee or gooey nougat. Or you might like the sound of a peanut candy bar covered in rich, dark chocolate, or creamy white chocolate.


Another great thing about peanut candy bars is that they come in a huge range of different textures.

Whether you’re a fan of smooth, soft candy bars, or ones so crunchy and chewy they make your teeth hurt, there is an option to suit every taste!

The main factor that affects the texture of peanut candy bars is whether they contain whole peanuts, or if they are chopped or ground to a paste. Peanut butter is sometimes used instead of whole nuts to add a nutty flavor throughout the whole bar.

The combination of whole nuts with soft nougat is particularly common and is one of the key formulas in the most popular brands of peanut candy bars. This gives a great blend of crunchy nuts surrounded by soft, chewy sweetness.


OK, so if you tasked us to find a healthy type of peanut candy bar, we would probably fail. But some candy bars are better for us than others, and the key to this lies in the ingredients and additives used!

You might be trying to avoid specific types of additives, or simply just looking for the most natural product available. It pays to investigate the additives contained in peanut candy bars, as some will include artificial colors, flavors, and other ingredients.

The flavoring used may come from natural sources, such as plant extracts or essential oils. Other manufacturers may use artificial flavorings to create new and exciting flavors.

The type of sugar used in peanut candy bars can also be a factor here. Many people consider natural fruit sugars or honey to be less harmful than added manufactured sugar.

Others prefer to cut out the sugar altogether and opt for hard candies with sweeteners instead. If you are trying to stay away from artificial sweeteners, then stevia is a natural sweetener often found in healthy cereal bars.

Dietary Requirements

If you have specific dietary requirements, then it is important to buy the right peanut candy bars to suit your needs:

  • High protein diets: Snack bars that contain peanuts are a great choice if you are following a high-protein diet. Some of these healthy post-workout snacks also contain added protein powder to help build and repair strong muscle tissue.
  • Vegan & vegetarian: Some peanut candy bars are suitable for vegans and vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians. However, if the packet does not specifically state that the sweet is free from animal products, then it may contain hidden ingredients that are of animal origin.
  • Ketogenic diets: If you have picked a sugar-free peanut candy bar because you are on a ketogenic diet, check that it also contains zero carbs. Some sugar substitutes contain carbohydrates, while others do not.

The 11 Best Peanut Candy Bars

Now for the part we’ve all been waiting for! Today our mission is to find the ultimate list of peanut candy bars to suit every occasion, and we’re pretty pleased with the results.

Here is our list of the 11 best peanut candy bars to try:

RankProductKey Features
1.Reese's Crunchy Peanut Candy BarsKing size pack, classic candy bar, crunchy peanut pieces
2.Old Dominion Peanut Block BarRetro, salty and sweet, gluten free
3.Go Macro Double Chocolate + Peanut Butter MacroBarChocolate and peanut butter chips, vegan, protein bar
4.Snickers Fun SizedClassic, popular candy in bite sized pieces
5.SweetGourmet Original Peanut Butter SquaresSalty peanuts, sweet candy coating
6.Nature Valley Sweet and Salty Nut Granola BarsGranola bars, sweet and salty, crunchy
7.Atkinson's Sugar-Free Peanut Butter Crunchy Candy BarsSugar-free, mini candies
8.Payday Peanut Caramel Candy BarsProtein-filled candies, full size, filling
9.Jacked Authentic Peanut Butter Candy Protein BarsProtein bars, 6 pack, sweet and filling
10.See's Candies Awesome Peanut Brittle BarsChocolate covered, peanut brittle, 8 pack
11.Pearson's Salted Nut RollsBite-sized, large pack, chewy, caramel and nougat

Let’s take a closer look at each delicious option!

1. Reese’s Crunchy Peanut Candy Bars

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Ask anyone what their favorite peanut candy bar is, and you can pretty much guarantee that Reese’s will get a mention!

This world-leading manufacturer of candy bars has developed peanut varieties to suit every taste, which just leaves the question of deciding which one is the best.

For our top pick today we’ve chosen a candy bar that has a double dose of peanutty flavor, packed full of crunchy salted peanuts embedded in a smooth and silky peanut butter. These are encased in a thick shell of rich chocolate with a delightfully creamy texture.

And none of those tiny fun-size bars here – we’ve gone for the king-size bar to guarantee that your peanut candy bar cravings will be completely satisfied!

We think that this really is the ultimate peanut candy bar if you want a hit of pure nutty flavor, with the perfect balance of sweet and salty ingredients. Try popping a bar in the refrigerator or freezer for an added level of crunch!

2. Old Dominion Peanut Block Bar

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We’re big fans of retro sweets that come with a hit of nostalgia, and this peanut candy bar from Old Dominion does just that!

Originating over 100 years ago, these delicious peanut candy bars have really stood the test of time, with little change from the original recipe.

These handmade bars are filled with crunchy peanuts baked into a crispy block, held together with corn syrup.

Added to this is a careful blend of sugar and salt, and that’s it! Just four ingredients to make a delicious and satisfying snack that is free from additives and preservatives.

Old Dominion Peanut Block Bars are also cholesterol and gluten-free and are OU kosher dairy certified. Each bar contains eight grams of protein, guaranteeing to satisfy your hunger as well as your peanut cravings.

This would be a great energy-boosting snack to take on a long trail hike or to enjoy after your gym workout to give your sugar and protein levels a boost. 

3. Double Chocolate + Peanut Butter Chip MacroBar

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Trying to beat cravings for peanut candy bars can be difficult if you’re trying to follow a healthy diet, but here we have a great alternative that we’d highly recommend you try!

These protein bars combine chocolate, peanut butter, and whole peanuts to create a highly satisfying sweet protein snack that is not only free from artificial additives, but is also completely organic and vegan too!

In fact, they tick pretty much all the boxes when it comes to high-quality eating, as the bars are also gluten-free, kosher, GMO-free, and do not contain soy or soy derivatives.

One 65-gram bar contains around 280 calories, due to the added sugar and high levels of protein contained within the nuts.

This means they are not a particularly low-calorie option, but if you need a quick snack on the go that isn’t filled with artificial ingredients then they certainly fit the bill.

4. Snickers Fun Size Candy Bars

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Reese’s may come top of the list for many peanut candy bar fans, but you can bet that Snickers will not be far behind!

The classic Snickers bar consists of a layer of chewy nougat topped with peanuts and caramel.

This is encased in smooth chocolate, creating a sweet and delicious snack that has been enjoyed for nearly 100 years.

Snickers are not so intensely peanut-y as the top three candy bars on our list, but they contain just the right amount of peanuts to give an interesting crunchiness that contrasts perfectly with the soft nougat.

The combination of caramel, nougat, and peanut has stood the test of time, and these fun-size bars are guaranteed to be snapped up quickly by your friends and family.

Nowadays, Snickers bars are just as popular as ever, and as well as this original version you can also find many other varieties. These include Snickers ice cream bars, as well as espresso, fiery, and sweet & salty versions.

5. Sweet Gourmet Original Butter Peanut Squares

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These snack-sized peanut candy bar squares are the perfect on-the-go treat, ideal for getting you through a busy day.

Containing crunchy whole peanuts encased in a blend of butter, corn syrup, and brown sugar, they have a naturally caramelized flavor that is the perfect partner for the salty, punchy peanut taste.

The great thing about Sweet Gourmet Original Butter Peanut Squares is that they are not only a great snack for when you are out and about, but they can also be enjoyed in many different ways at home.

Our favorite suggestion is to enjoy a bar crumbled onto a bowl of vanilla ice cream – delicious!

6. Nature Valley Sweet and Salty Peanut Granola Bars

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Healthy is not a word we come across often when researching candy bars!

However, Nature Valley has managed to combine the tasty essence of the best peanut candy bars in a delicious and nutritious granola snack.

Make with roasted peanuts, whole grain oats, and peanut butter, these bars combine the best elements of a peanut candy bar with wholesome and nutritious granola.

They can be enjoyed at any time of day to give a burst of energy and satisfy hunger pangs.

The great thing about Nature Valley Sweet and Salty Peanut Granola Bars is their chewy yet crunchy texture. It’s what makes them seem far more satisfying than a chocolate-coated peanut bar. 

7. Atkinson’s Sugar Free Peanut Butter Crunchy Candy Bars

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Finding a sugar-free alternative to traditional candy bars can be a tall order, but here we have a tasty, delicious peanut butter candy bar that is completely sugar-free!

Made with peanut butter and natural vanilla flavoring, Atkinson’s Sugar Free Peanut Butter Crunchy Candy Bars contain chopped peanuts encased in rich syrup.

This creates a light, crispy texture with just the right level of crunchiness. It creates a deeply satisfying snack without the high sugar content of other candy bars. The peanuts are slow-roasted to bring out their natural nutty flavor.

We do have one word of warning when it comes to sugar-free candy though. The sweeteners used to replace sugar can sometimes have unpleasant consequences for your digestive system if consumed in large amounts!

So, as tasty as these sugar-free bars may be, try to stick to just eating one at a time!

8. Payday Peanut Caramel Candy Bars

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Fun fact – PayDay Peanut Caramel Candy Bars were originally marketed as a meal replacement bar!

We wouldn’t suggest that you swap your lunch or dinner for one of these peanut candy bars. But they can make a filling snack that will definitely help to keep hunger at bay.

The outside of this bar is covered in a generous layer of whole salted peanuts, surrounding an inner core of nougat and caramel. This creates the perfect salty-sweet combination that we all find so irresistible. 

PayDay Peanut Caramel Candy Bars are also ideal for including in fun and inventive dessert recipes. Try a gourmet peanut ice cream sundae or a decadent nutty caramel cheesecake. 

9. Jacked Authentic Peanut Butter Candy Protein Bars

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Another great healthy option if you’re in the mood for a sweet peanut bar is these delicious Authentic Peanut Butter Candy Protein Bars by Jacked.

These protein bars are great for a healthy snack or meal replacement bar, for those days when you need a quick and easy lunch.

Unlike many other protein bars, the Jacked Authentic range is made with whey, to give you a protein boost without giving you that uncomfortable bloated feeling that comes from fiber-packed bars.

It is also free from artificial sweeteners and contains honey and peanut butter for a great flavor and natural sweetness. They are also free from soy and contain a whopping 16 grams of protein in each bar.

If you live an active lifestyle and like to spend time working on your fitness, then these delicious and nutritious peanut bars are a healthy choice. They will fulfill those cravings for sweet and nutty peanut candy bars.

10. See’s Candies Awesome Peanut Brittle Bars

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Peanut brittle is one of those childhood favorites that takes us right back to trips to the candy store after school!

The inner section of these bars consists of crunchy salted peanuts embedded into hard sugar candy. This is then coated in creamy milk chocolate. 

The result is a peanut candy bar that is incredibly crunchy, yet oh so satisfying to eat! It balances the perfect amount of sweetness with salted nuts and chocolate to make every mouthful a true taste sensation.

Just remember to bite off a little at a time, as this peanut brittle can be a real jawbreaker!

11. Pearson’s Salted Nut Rolls

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Now for something a little bit different – tiny, bite-size peanut candies that are perfect for curbing hunger and giving you a little boost to get you through the day!

These small rolls are quite unusual, as the nuts are on the outside of the bar, covering an inner core of golden caramel and chewy vanilla nougat.

Each little roll contains 3 grams of protein, which will help to keep those food cravings at bay until dinnertime.

They are also lightly salted, enhancing the flavor of the peanuts and providing a delightful contrast to the sweet caramel and nougat.

We can guarantee that if you open a bag of these in the office they won’t be around for long! 

The Best Peanut Candy Bars – Recap

It is always worth having a stash of peanut candy bars at home or in the office. Or for when those cravings for a sweet peanut treat hit!

However, you do want to make sure that you have the best peanut candy bars possible, with the perfect blend of flavors and textures.

In our list of the best peanut candy bars to try, we have included a range of different options to suit all tastes and dietary requirements. These range from healthy peanut granola parts to a decadent caramel-filled chocolate candy bar.

As always, make sure to take a look through the ingredients list to ensure they are right for you. Once you’ve found the right bar for you, make sure to stock up. You’re guaranteed to want more than one!

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