15 Best Fire Pit Cooking Grates

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If you spend a lot of time enjoying the outdoors when the weather is nice, there are certain accessories you need to really accommodate taking full advantage of the opportunities.

Whether you’re just enjoying that fire pit in the backyard or you’re out camping somewhere, you need a fire pit cooking grate to be able to cook over the open fire. 

A lot of people enjoy things like roasting hot dogs or making s’mores but you can cook anything on the fire that you might cook on a grill.

You just need a good cooking grate to be able to cook your stuff. The cooking grate gives you a steady, solid surface to hold items, pots, pans, or whatever you need! 

What is the best fire pit cooking grate? The best fire pit cooking grates are solid and sturdy, standing easily over an open fire. They should be large enough to cook a reasonable amount of food but small enough to carry around.

The best options are going to be the right size to meet your needs. It’s going to be solid and sturdy and not be negatively affected when it comes into contact with the heat of the fire underneath it.

It can totally be simple but it needs to work for the purpose it is intended for, right? 

In this guide, we will share with you the 15 best fire pit cooking grates we could find. There really are a lot of options out there.

You will find that many of them are similar but there are also variations and different things to consider as you check out the options to pick what is right for you. 

Keep reading to learn about the 15 best fire pit cooking grates and more! 

How To Choose The Best Fire Pit Cooking Grates

When it comes to choosing a cooking grate, we want you to have some idea as to how to pick one out. To one person, these may all seem like the same thing but in truth, there are differences and things to pay attention to. 

This part of the guide is designed to give you some intel on the things you should consider before you buy! 


The size of the cooking grates will matter. You want to be sure you get a size that is going to work properly for you.

What you will find is that you can find grates that are large, medium, or small. The right size for you might really be a different size than what is the right size for another person. 

Remember that you will need to carry this around if you’re camping or hiking.

We’re going to talk about another feature that we feel like relates to the size of the grate. Most grates will have a stand or something like that to set them up over the fire. Keep in mind that the stand will also be related to the size. 

Some stands will give you added height for a larger fire and some might just have simple folding legs. 

These are all details to pay attention to when choosing your cooking grate. 


Probably one of the most important things you’re going to want to watch for is the stability of the cooking grate.

Again, remember that most of these are equipped with legs of some sort. If they don’t have legs, they might have a stake that sticks in the ground. 

The key factor here is that you want a grate that is going to be stable.

If you want to cook a pot of soup or something like that over the fire, you want your grate to be able to handle the weight but also be stable enough that it’s not going to fall over or fail under pressure. 

Two legs can support a cooking grate if they come in at an angle. Otherwise, you may go for a tripod style cooking grill or a grate that comes with a big stake you can put in the ground. All of these options will keep your cooking grate stable.


If you’re using your fire pit cooking grate for its intended purpose, you already know it’s probably not going to be beautiful to look at when you start checking it out. It’s going to get discolored and burnt so this is a given. 

However, you still want a material that isn’t going to just flake or rust or fall apart when it’s held up to the fire, quite literally. You also want to consider what’s going to be easy to clean!

Don’t focus on looks but rather focus on the quality of the material and whether or not it can hold up.

You might also watch the grate design to make sure the grates aren’t going to be too far apart or too large to hold your food well while you cook. 

The 15 Best Fire Pit Cooking Grates

Now that you have a little bit of background and know some of the things that you should look for when you set out to choose a fire pit cooking grate, let’s move on the heart of the matter. 

Below, you will find our top picks for the 15 best fire pit cooking grates on the market:

RankProductKey Features
1.Domaker Folding Campfire GrillStainless steel, with legs, 17x12"
2.YOLER Folding Campfire GrillIron, with legs, 17x12.5"
3.REDCAMP Swivel Campfire GrillAlloy steel, sticks in ground, 16.9x12.2"
4.Texsport Over Fire Camp GrillAlloy steel, with legs, 16x12"
5.REDCAMP Folding Campfire GrillStainless steel, with legs, 13.6x9"
6.GameMaker Open Fire GrillMetal, sticks in ground, 19x17.5"
7.SENXILLER Foldable Campfire GrillStainless steel, with legs, 16.9x12.9"
8.Amazon Basics Folding Campfire GrillAlloy steel, with legs, 11.8x18.5"
9.Boundless Voyage Folding Campfire GrillTitanium, with legs, 13x9.6"
10.Odoland Folding Campfire GrillStainless steel, with legs, 13.6x9"
11.REDCAMP Round Campfire GrillIron, tripod style, 13x12"
12.ZipSeven Bushcraft Backpacker GrillStainless steel, lays flat, 10x6"
13.camping.com Adjust-A-GrillMetal, sticks in ground
14.Stansport Tripod CookerStainless steel, hanging grill with tripod, 18" diameter
15.CAMPMAX Folding Campfire Grill GrateAlloy steel, with legs, 17x12.2"
BonusJOMISSLY Folding Campfire Grill GrateAlloy steel, with legs, 21.5x11.7"

We made every effort to bring you a variety of options in materials, sizes, and more. So check out each of these great options in more detail below!

1. Domaker Folding Campfire Grill

Check Current Price on Amazon

First up, we have a heavy-duty model that you can tell will hold up a long time just by looking at it.

It’s got the thick black grate that is woven in a diamond pattern so nothing will be falling through the cracks while you’re cooing.

It’s a heavy stainless steel that is made to last and won’t be caught chipping or falling apart with your food over the fire. 

This is made with cold rolled steel, which is one of the most pliable and reliable forms of steel out there. It’s also heat-resistant and less likely to rust.

This is a folding grate so it has these simple steel legs that just fold out and then fold in when you aren’t using it. 

This table measures 17 x 12 x 8″ when it is unfolded. Folded up the height dimension is only about 2″, instead of 8″. The legs lock into place and are sturdy so this grate can handle holding pots, pans, and food just fine. 


  • Made with durable steel materials
  • Diamond pattern so no food falls through
  • Sturdy enough for pots and pans
  • Legs fold up 
  • Decent size for campfire use


  • This does sit fairly low to the ground so it’s best for a small fire.

2. Yoler Folding Campfire Grate

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This next cooking grate is more of a square so it gives a little bit different working surface and actually feels larger.

It’s not fully a square but it’s less rectangular than the previous option. This grate measures 17 x 12.6 x 10″.

It weighs less than 6 pounds, which is easier to carry, but is still heavy-duty and easy to use. 

This grate is made with heavy-duty iron and it does have a layer of paint on it as well. However, the paint shouldn’t be flaking so that shouldn’t be a concern. It’s reliable and sturdy for outdoor cooking over a campfire. 

This grate even comes with a simple carrying bag so you don’t have to worry about how to pack it or store it and whether or not it’s going to share char smudges with other stuff in your packed gear.

It also has that diamond top design so things don’t fall through the cracks. 


  • Comes with a simple carrying bag
  • Foldable legs
  • Slightly more space with a wider design
  • Stable and durable materials
  • Diamond mesh grate 


  • Keep in mind the size in relation to your fire and fire pit as this isn’t super tall.

3. Redcamp Swivel Campfire Grill

Check Current Price on Amazon

Redcamp has a lot of great options and you will see more than one on this list.

This particular option gets rid of the legs and the possible height issue by attached to a simple stake that you put in the ground. 

There are a couple things we want to point out.

First is the opposite side doesn’t have a lot of support. It’s sturdy but it could get top heavy if you aren’t careful about balancing items out because of the design. The other thing is it is a fairly small grate and that has to do with the design as well. 

With all of that in mind, it’s still a great option, which is why it’s on this list. The great measures 17 x 12 inches, which is a decent size. The height can be adjusted on the stake piece and can go up to 28.7 inches. 


  • Brand offers a 365-day guarantee
  • Uses a stake rather than legs
  • Adjustable in height up to 28 inches
  • Mesh diamond design
  • Heavy-duty materials


  • Positioning over the heat and balancing on the grate can be challenging due to the size.

4. Texasport Over Fire Camp Grill 

Check Current Price on Amazon

This next option is one that is fairly new on the market.

You won’t find a ton of reviews yet but from everything we could tell, it looks like a great option.

You can select the size that’s right for you and they have three different size options. 

This camp grill has thick, foldable legs that are sturdy. The entire thing is made of heavy-duty welded steel so you know it’s made to hold up against the heat of the fire!

The small measurement measures 16×12″. It’s not very tall so you will probably need either something to support it or you will need a small fire. 

It’s a small and simple grate but the design really stands out to us because it is very thick and sturdy. You can tell from looking at it that this is a heavy-duty piece that you can depend on.


  • Heavy-duty materials
  • Sturdy folding legs
  • Several sizes to choose from
  • The legs are thick to give you more stability
  • Simple but reliable design


  • Fairly new product listing so not a lot of information from people who have tried it
  • Sits pretty low so you will need to plan your fire space accordingly

5. Redcamp Folding Campfire Grill

Check Current Price on Amazon

Here’s another Redcamp camping grill. This one is sleek silver stainless steel and it’s a little bit different from the ones that we’ve shared up until now in this guide.

Again, it’s silver instead of black.

Another difference you will find here is this grate doesn’t have the diamond pattern. It’s set up just like a grill grate with the straight rods that you place the food and items on.

They are close enough together that it should work fine for most foods but you may need to place things carefully or even add a layer of foil for smaller things. 

This comes with a zipping carrying bag so it’s easy to pack up and transport. You don’t have to worry about it leaving black fire streaks on other items. This table measures 13 x 9 and is only about an inch thick when it’s folded up. 

When the legs are extended, it’s about 6.5 inches tall. The legs fold down or expand. It’s simple but also sturdy and effective and highly-rated across the board. 


  • Simple but effective design
  • Heavy-duty materials that last
  • Foldable legs for easy travel
  • Includes a zipping travel bag
  • Versatile and easy to use


  • The travel bag does have a chemical smell. But airing it out when you first get it helps.

6. GameMaker Open Fire Grill

Check Current Price on Amazon

This next option costs a little bit more. It’s definitely a premium option This is also pretty unique. It’s another campfire grill grate that is on a stake.

It’s larger than the last one like this we shared but it also has an additional element that is pretty cool. This has the grill grate but it also has a skillet so you have a closed cooking space too. 

This grate and skillet piece measures 18.5 x 16.375″. They connect to the stake and are made with heavy-duty materials.

The nice thing is they aren’t overly heavy so the balance game shouldn’t be too bad. The stake is thick and sturdy. 

This is so easy to use and that added skillet is really nice. The grate has the diamond mesh design and then both the grate and the skillet have handles as well. 


  • Comes with a cooking grate and a skillet surface
  • Easy to use
  • Handles on the grate and skillet
  • Good amount of cooking surface
  • Secured by a stake in the ground


  • This is a more expensive option.
  • The skillet is painted and you may have to scrape off the paint if it starts to peel.

7. Senxiller Foldable Campfire Grill

Check Current Price on Amazon

This next option combines the ease of folding legs and a sturdy base and exterior with the simple rod grill grates just like what you would find on your grill.

It’s a lightweight grill grate that weighs only about 3 pounds in total. 

The legs are sturdy so it holds it up just like a table. They also fold down to make portability easy and smooth. This is made with food-grade stainless steel.

The grill grate itself is not painted and is just pure steel materials so you can put your food directly on it. 

This company guarantees their product for one full year. They promise excellent customer service should you have an issue in that first year. 


  • Lightweight design
  • Simple build that works well
  • Grill grate that has no paint or coating
  • Sturdy legs that fold up easily


  • The cooking grate is not actually secured to the stand so you may just need to be aware of that.

8. Amazon Basics Folding Campfire Grill

Check Current Price on Amazon

If you just want something small and reliable, check out this option from the Amazon Basics brand.

It comes in either medium or extra-large sizes so you can choose what’s right for your needs.

The grate weighs about 5 pounds. The medium option measures 18.5 x 11.8 x 6.7″. It’s not super tall so you may need a fairly small fire for cooking purposes. The legs are sturdy and stable and simply fold in and out as needed. 

This grate has the diamond mesh design so you can easily use it for cooking just about anything you want! 


  • Available in medium or extra-large
  • Highly-rated across the board
  • Diamond grate design
  • Quality materials


  • The short legs don’t give you a lot of working room with the fire underneath. You might try to prop it up on some large, flat rocks if you can when cooking.

9. Boundless Voyage Folding Campfire Grill Grate

Check Current Price on Amazon

This is another unique option for you. If you want the grill space but you also want some griddle or skillet space, this might be a great solution to consider.

This grill grate has both in one single surface. 

Half of the grate is devoted to a slotted grill grate and the other half to a smooth griddle surface. It’s made of titanium and stainless steel so it’s sturdy and durable. The legs angle to give you room to set it up just right too. 

This is a larger size and it comes with that nice carrying bag that makes traveling so much easier. 


  • Half grate, half skillet
  • Tall structure to give you more room
  • Angled legs for stability


  • May not work for some of the really heavy cookware items.

10. Odoland Folding Campfire Grill 

Check Current Price on Amazon

Next up is another great option if you like that simple silver stainless steel appeal. It’s a simple grill grate with the lined design, just like most grills have.

It’s sturdy and reliable but there’s nothing fancy and no coats of paint that you might have to worry about. 

This stainless steel campfire cooking grate measures 13.6 x 9 x 6.5 inches. It’s tall enough to comfortably rest over a small fire and has a decent cooking surface as well.

This grate also comes with a nice zipping carrying case as well as a set of tongs. 


  • Comes with tongs and carrying bag
  • Simple and reliable design
  • Quality materials that last


  • The legs are nearly vertical so you may have to do a little work for stabilization.

11. Redcamp Round Campfire Grill

Check Current Price on Amazon

Here is another Redcamp option for you to take a look at.

This one is round so if you’re working with that round campfire ring, it could be perfect to fit nicely over that setup.

It’s a small but simple grate that has tripod legs for stability.

You can also choose a large grate if you prefer. 

The small measures 12 inches in diameter and 6.7 inches tall, which is pretty comparable to the square and rectangular sizes but the surface is on the small side. Again, you can purchase the large. It’s made with quality materials as well. 


  • Round cooking surface
  • Stable legs
  • Available in small or large


  • The listing looks like it comes with a storage bag but it actually does not.

12. ZipSeven Bushcraft Backpacker Grill Grate

Check Current Price on Amazon

Maybe you’re looking for something super light that won’t take up much space so you can just carry it backpacking.

This affordable option could be a good solution.

Forget the legs and just enjoy a travel-friendly grate that you can pull out and rest on the rocks or logs surrounding your campfire. 

It’s a simple but reliable option and it measures 10 x 6 inches so it has a decent amount of space for cooking up your delights on the go. 


  • Light, travel-friendly design
  • Comes with a carrying bag


  • It has no legs so you’ll have to create a resting place on the edges of the fire.

13. camping.com Adjust-A-Grill

Check Current Price on Amazon

This small grill is nice and simple.

It doesn’t have legs to worry about stability but it stakes into the ground, which is hard to dislodge.

The solid arms will hold the grate sturdy with no worry about balancing on the grate.

It’s got the diamond mesh grate and is really pretty great overall. It’s got a fairly decent sized cooking area, too.


  • Stakes into the ground
  • Side arms make very stable


  • The promised 360-degree rotation is not likely to happen unless you concrete the stake to a permanent setting.

14. Stansport Tripod Cooker

Check Current Price on Amazon

This tripod cooker is pretty cool with its hanging grill on a tripod design.

But it will take up more space since it has the tripod legs to hold your cooking grate.

However, if you have the room, it’s stable and steady and holds the round grate over the campfire to however you like it to be in distance to your fire. 

A nice feature of this grill is that you won’t have to bend down as far or lean as close into the fire to cook.


  • Includes stable tripod legs
  • Round grate to fit over a round fire


  • The tripod legs are long so not always easy for portability.

15. Campmax Folding Campfire Grill Grate

Check Current Price on Amazon

This simple but sturdy campfire grate is reliable for just about any needs.

It’s another classic tray design, with two legs to support a fair-sized grilling area.

This grill is a plain black grate with the mesh design and slim legs that angle just slightly outward for stability.

This grate measures 17 x 12 x 8 inches so it’s a pretty good and versatile size


  • Simple and sturdy
  • Money-back guarantee


  • It’s pretty small, better for cooking for 1-2 people.

BONUS: Jomissly Folding Campfire Grill Grate

Check Current Price on Amazon

This miniature grill grate is so reliable and small enough to carry around we just had to add it to this list.

Travel is easy with this grill, which is why it’s perfect as a campfire grill to pop in your backpack.

It also comes with a BBQ glove so your hands will always be protected from the fire.

The legs fold up and the grate is diamond mesh. It’s similar to many others and measures 21 x 11 x 8 in dimensions. 


  • Sturdy and reliable
  • Comes with a BBQ glove


  • Fairly new so hasn’t been time-tested yet.

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