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5 Best Off-Brand Fruit Loops

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Fruit Loops AKA “Froot Loops” is a widely popular breakfast cereal that is produced by Kellogg’s and is nearly ubiquitous, since a box of colorful fruit loops can be found in almost every supermarket around the world.

But what are the best-off brand fruit loops? If you want to go with a generic brand that provides the same flavor, texture, and arguably better value, then we recommend that you try Magic Spoon Fruity Cereal, Trix Fruity Cereal, Three Wishes Protein Fruity Cereal or Malt-o-Meal’s Tootie Fruities.

Read below to learn more about fruit loops, their characteristics, and the best off-brand fruit loops that you can rely on to shake up your breakfasts! 

Froot Loops – A Rainbow Breakfast Treat

Froot Loops were first created in 1963 by Kellogg’s, the same company behind a range of other delicious and visually pleasing breakfast cereals. The original Froot Loops contained a combination of puffed-up crispy oats that included only red, orange, and yellow loops.

Interestingly, green, blue, and purple loops were added later around the 1990s to boost sales and rejuvenate the product line. Froot Loops were targeted toward the younger demographic that responded well to colorful treats.

Kellogg’s initially marketed the Froot Loops brand as a colorful cereal that contained fruity flavors where each color corresponded to a different flavor. However, this was proven to be false and the company even faced backlash for misrepresenting their product to the public. 

It turned out that all the colored loops tasted the same and provided no flavor benefits as the company initially suggested. Kellogg’s later even admitted to this mistake and made it clear that all of the colors in their Froot Loops cereals taste the same. 

Regardless of this, Froot Loops continues to dominate the “rainbow” cereal market and has even diversified its product line to include multiple variations. 

Of course, competitors saw the success of Froot Loops and wanted a share of the market which led to the birth of several fruit loops off-brands.

Fruit Loops Characteristics 

Here are some of the main characteristics of Froot Loops:

Appearance and Texture 

The main selling point of fruit loops is their color and appearance. They are prepared by mixing whole-grain corn flour, wheat flour, and oat flour. All these types of flour add flavor, texture, and nutrients to the loops.

The flour is first mixed and then sent off to a machine that adds salt, sugar, and other nutrients to fortify the mixture. Water is then added to create a dough and the dough is compressed and forced through a mold that gives them its iconic ring-like shape. 

These rings are then sent off to a dryer where they are dehydrated until they become firm and can hold their shape. The dehydrated rings are then processed in a large drum that sprays them with flavor and color. 

The colored loops are then finally sent to a large hybrid machine that dehydrates and “cooks” the loops to cure the color and flavor – this process also gives the loops their iconic puffed-up appearance!


Fruit loops have a predominately sweet flavor but some varieties may have added flavoring agents depending on the type of Froot Loops. Generally, most people agree that Froot Loops just taste like sweet grains with very little complexity.  

Froot Loops are also available in other varieties and may include additional ingredients like marshmallows to give them a slightly different flavor profile.

Off-Brand vs Branded Fruit Loops

Kellogg’s may have pioneered fruit loops but several other competitors offer identical products that offer more or less the same flavor and texture as Froot Loops. 

off-brand fruit loops

People usually avoid going for generic brands since they aren’t as popular or well-known but if you read the labeling, you will notice that some off-brands offer more value than Froot Loops. 

For example, the biggest difference is price. Not only do generic fruit loops taste the same, but some brands offer far better pricing than branded fruit loops. You will also find far more diversity in the context of nutrition!

For example, some off-brand fruit loops are completely vegan, non-GMO, kosher, and they can even be gluten or grain free (more on this below)! 

In addition to this, off-brand fruit loops also target a wider demographic thanks to their diverse product line which means that both adults and children can enjoy an arguably healthier breakfast without compromising on their dietary needs. 

A great example of this would be high-protein fruit loops that provide more nutrients with less focus on sugar and other unnecessary ingredients like preservatives and artificial flavors. 

5 Best Off-Brand Fruit Loops

Here are some of the best-off brand fruit loops products that you can enjoy instead of going for regular store brands. 

Brand NameFeatures
1. Magic Spoon Fruity CerealZero sugar and keto-friendly; Gluten-free, non-GMO, and grain-free; Made from tapioca starch and natural ingredients; Low carb and flavored with natural sweeteners; Provides up to 13g of protein per serving.
2.Trix Fruity Breakfast CerealFruity loops with six shapes; Made with high-quality ingredients; Balanced nutrition; Enjoyed by both adults and children.
3.Three Wishes Fruit LoopsMade from natural ingredients; No artificial colors or flavors; Just 3g of sugar per serving; Vegan, kosher, non-GMO, and grain-free.
4.Malt-O-Meal TOOTIE FRUITIESMade from natural ingredients; Balanced flavor and nutrition; Crunchy texture that doesn’t immediately soak up milk; “Love it or it’s free” taste guarantee from Malt-O-Meal.
5. Post OREO LoopsChocolate-flavored loops; Great alternative for those who love Oreo cookie flavor; Provides a different and exciting breakfast option.

1. Magic Spoon Fruity Cereal

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Magic Spoon Fruity Cereal

Magic Spoon has created a breakfast cereal for the 21st-century consumer. It provides the same “unhealthy” flavor of high-sugar fruit loops – but it’s made from zero sugar and is keto, gluten-free, non-GMO, and, get this, completely grain free.

That’s right, this is one of the few grain-less breakfast cereals that you will find in the mainstream market. It’s made using tapioca starch and a range of healthy and natural ingredients to give it the same texture as regular fruit loops. 

This cereal is also low carb which makes it the perfect breakfast item for not just kids but also adults that can enjoy and relive their childhood nostalgia without the added guilt. These fruit loops are flavored using natural sweeteners like monk fruit and each serving can provide you with up to 13g of protein! 

2. Trix Fruity Breakfast Cereal

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Trix Fruity Breakfast Cereal

Manufactured by General Mills, Trix Fruity Loops are the best choice for parents who are looking for an arguably better breakfast option for their children. 

Although it has added sugar, this cereal provides a better overall texture and appearance that kids are going to love! It has six fruity shapes and is guaranteed to make your morning cereal bowl special. Trix is made using high-quality ingredients and provides balanced nutrition.

It’s the perfect way to shake up your breakfast cravings and can be enjoyed by both adults and children.

3. Three Wishes Fruit Loops

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Three Wishes Fruit Loops

If you don’t like overly sweet fruit loops that are almost guaranteed to cause a sugar crash then this cereal may appeal to your dietary needs.

Made from natural ingredients and free of artificial color or flavors, Three Wishes is an excellent choice for the health-conscious individual looking for an overall better breakfast option. 

This product is packed with protein and has just 3g of sugar per serving. It comes in a delicious chocolate-covered strawberry flavor with crispy loops that will not get soggy as soon as you add milk to it.

Just like Magic Spoon’s fruity cereal, these loops are also vegan, kosher, non-GMO, and also grain-free, making them the best breakfast treat for individuals with sensitive tummies.


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Malt-o-Meal is known for producing healthy breakfast and snacking products and we think that their Tootie Fruities breakfast cereal will completely outshine branded fruit loops. 

They are made from natural ingredients and unlike other brands that use artificial flavoring and colors, Malt-o-Meal keeps it real with natural ingredients and a keen focus on balancing flavor and nutrition.

These fruit loops are not loaded with sugars and provide an arguably crunchier texture. They don’t immediately soak up milk and are an excellent choice for both children and adults.

Try this crunchy, colorful, and delicious cereal once and we bet that you will find them to be a far better value than other fruit loops cereals – and this isn’t something that we are claiming! Malt-o-Meal is so confident in its product that they also offer a “love it or it’s free” taste guarantee! 

5. Post OREO Loops

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Post OREO Loops

Want to change things up without sacrificing flavor? Then we highly recommend that you try Post’s Oreo loops. While they offer a very different appearance, they are arguably tastier than regular fruit loops and are a fantastic option for children who love chocolate-flavored cereal.

These loops are an excellent alternative when you want to deviate from your regular morning routine and try something new and exciting! It is crunchy and delivers the same great Oreo cookie flavor that everyone loves – what’s not to like? 

Related Questions 

Do Sugar-Free Fruit Loops Taste Bad?

All breakfast cereals contain some type of sweetener to enhance the flavor of the product. It is important to note that without sweeteners every type of cereal will taste bland! 

Instead of regular sugar, manufacturers may use cane sugar, or fruit-based sweeteners to flavor their product. This means that they will taste more or less the same as regular fruit loops. 

Which Cereal Brand Is the Healthiest? 

This is a difficult question to answer because everyone’s dietary needs are different. 

Some might require a high-carb cereal that can provide them with energy that lasts at least until lunchtime while others may opt for a protein-centric cereal that provides them with a high serving of protein to help them meet their dietary goals. 

Always check the labeling and nutritional information before buying a cereal brand to see if it fulfills your individual needs. 

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