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5 Best Off-Brand Frosted Flakes

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Frosted flakes are a popular breakfast item around the world with Kellogg’s being the default choice for millions of people. But if you are bored with eating the same frosted flakes and want to change things up by going with off-brand cereal, then we have just what you need!

What are the best off-brand frosted flakes? There are several frosted flake options that provide a range of textural and flavor benefits! We recommend brands like Malt-o-Meal’s Frosted Flakes, Post’s Fruity Pebbles, EnviroKidz’s Frosted Flakes, Wellsley Farms Frosted Flakes, and Magic Spoon’s Frosted Flakes.

Read below to learn more about the invention of frosted flakes, their characteristics, and how the original frosted flakes compare to off-brand flakes.

The Magic of Frosted Flakes – A Brief History 

Frosted flakes, previously marketed as “sugar frosted flakes” were invented in the early 1950s by The Kellogg Company as a way to boost the sales of breakfast cereals by introducing a new kind of cereal in the market.

Frosted cereals are simply a combination of sugar-coated and non-sugar-coated cornflakes. The sugar that cures over the flakes during the manufacturing process gives them a frosted appearance, hence their name.

When frosted flakes first entered the market, they caught the imagination and taste buds of many people, especially children who fell in love with the idea of having a sweeter and more visually pleasing breakfast cereal as opposed to the “boring” cereals already present in the market.

Frosted flakes quickly become a hot-selling product in North America and people even started to substitute regular cornflakes with these almost “magical looking” frosted flakes! But the real genius behind this invention was its simplicity. 

In reality, Kellogg’s only had to add one additional step in their manufacturing process to make frosted cereals which shows the ingenuity of the company and its ability to revitalize an existing market by anticipating customer expectations and demands. 

For decades, Kellogg’s has been at the frontier of frosted cereals and has expanded its product line of frosted flakes to include a variety of flavors. However, several off-brand frosted flakes offer arguably better flavors, textures, and nutrition than the original frosted flakes.

Before we get into the top off-brands that sell frosted flakes let’s take a look at how traditional frosted flakes are made.

The Process of Frosted Flakes

Frosted cereals start as regular cornflakes. Corn kernels arrive at the factory and are washed and added to a large pressure cooker that processes the kernels using flavorings and water. 

After 2-3 hours the cooked kernels are then transported into a dryer where the grains are left to dry before they can be mixed with wheat grains. 

Wheat grains are similarly treated and cooked except that they take less time to cook than corn kernels. Once both kernels are moderately dry, they are mixed and then sent off to a milling machine. 

The milling machine uses two heavy-duty rollers that compress and break the kernels to give them their iconic flat and flake-like shape. Interestingly, even at this stage, the flakes don’t taste good as they still need a bit more processing to give them their iconic crunchy texture and flavor.

The compressed flakes are transferred into a large industrial oven that cooks the flakes and drastically reduces the moisture content in them. This process gives the flakes crispiness and also lends flavor!

Next, the processed flakes are divided into two batches. The first one goes through a flavoring machine that adds the flakes to a rotating drum with a nozzle that sprays the required flavoring on the flakes. 

The second batch goes into a drum that sprays the flakes down with a mixture of sugar and water, making frosted flakes! These flakes are then dried to cure the sugar coating on them and are mixed with non-sugar-coated (but flavored) flakes and then packaged! 

5 Best Off-Brand Frosted Flakes

The term “frosted flakes” may have been coined by Kellogg’s but there are several different brands that sell their own versions of these iconic flakes.

off-brand frosted flakes

Here are our top picks for the five best off-brand frosted flakes in the market:

RankBrand NameFeatures
1.MoM Brand Frosted FlakesPromoted as a better-tasting alternative to other cereals; Money-back guarantee with the slogan “Love it or it’s free!”; Known for healthy malt-based products.
2.Post Cereal – Fruity PebblesVisually appealing cereal targeted towards children; Made with rice flakes instead of corn; Fortified with up to 10 vitamins; Contains a combination of fruit and artificial flavorings for delicious taste.
3.EnviroKidz Amazon Lightly Frosted FlakesMade with organic ingredients; Flavored with reduced cane juice instead of sugar; Produced by Nature’s Path, a company focusing on organic cereals; Free from preservatives, artificial flavors, and colors.
4.Wellsley Farms Frosted FlakesHigh-quality flakes that rival top brands; Flavored with natural ingredients; Free from high-fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, and flavorings; Large 3lb box with a money-back guarantee;Contains 10 vitamins and minerals.
5.Magic Spoon Frosted FlakesGrain-free, GMO-free, low-carb, and sugar-free variety; Suitable for people with gluten sensitivity; Made with natural ingredients; Flavored with allulose and monk fruit instead of sugar; High protein content.

1. MoM Brand Frosted Flakes

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MoM Brand Frosted Flakes

Malt-o-Meal or MoM has been a prominent name when it comes to healthy malt-based products but the brand is also known for innovating breakfast cereals. Malt-o-Meal sells its own version of frosted flakes that it touts to be a better-tasting product compared to other cereals. 

They are so confident with how well their product tastes they added a marketing slogan on every packaging that reads: “Love it or its free!”, a sort of money-back guarantee that allows users to turn in the cereal if they don’t like it.

With such big claims and an improved overall product than before, we think that MoM frosted cereal is an excellent contender. 

2. Post Cereal – Fruity Pebbles

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Post Cereal - Fruity Pebbles

If you have children who demand a tastier and visually appealing breakfast cereal, then we highly recommend that you check out Post Cereal’s Fruity Pebbles – a serious contender in the overall breakfast flakes industry that is almost guaranteed to win kids over.

The cereal contains rice flakes and is colored using natural colorings – the cereal is also fortified with up to 10 vitamins making it a sensible breakfast item that isn’t all about the sugar rush! Fruity Pebbles also contains a combination of fruit and artificial flavorings that give it an irresistibly delicious flavor.

An important point to consider is that these flakes are not made from corn and are instead rice flakes which can be easier to digest for some people and can be a great alternative to regular cornflake products in the market. 

3. EnviroKidz Amazon Lightly Frosted Flakes

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EnviroKidz Amazon Lightly Frosted Flakes

EnviroKidz may be an obscure brand since it isn’t as popular as The Kellogg Company and other big names in the breakfast cereal space, but they have an excellent contender that rivals the quality and flavor of top-tier frosted flakes.

The biggest selling point of these flakes is that they are made using organic ingredients and are an excellent alternative for the health-conscious and environment-friendly consumer. Instead of sugar, these flakes are flavored using reduced cane juice which is applied in the same way as sugar over the cereal.

These flakes are produced by Nature’s Path, a company that focuses on producing a range of organic cereals and a variety of snacks. This product is free from preservatives, artificial flavors, and artificial colors which makes them one of the best alternatives to regular frosted flakes!

4. Wellsley Farms Frosted Flakes

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Wellsley Farms Frosted Flakes

If you truly want to try off-brand frosted flakes then we highly recommend that you go for Wellsley Farms Frosted Flakes! These flakes are produced using advanced processes that produce high-quality flakes that can easily contend with all the top brands. 

Unlike other brands, these frosted flakes are flavored using natural ingredients and are free from high-fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, and flavorings. It also comes in a large 3lb box with a money-back guarantee! 

The thing that makes these flakes stand out is that they also contain a mix of 10 vitamins and minerals that make them one of the healthier options in the market. 

5. Magic Spoon Frosted Flakes

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Magic Spoon Frosted Flakes

With a name like Magic Spoon, we bet that most people (especially kids) will gravitate towards this product – but that’s not only why you should opt for these off-brand frosted flakes!

These frosted flakes are one of the few grain-free, GMO-free, low-carb, and sugar-free varieties on the market! Not only do they taste as great as any of the other classic cereals in the market, but they are clearly a healthier choice, especially for people with gluten sensitivity.

They are made using natural ingredients and contain no sugar and are instead flavored using a combination of allulose and monk fruit – this means that they won’t cause a sugar crash that is usually associated with frosted flakes. 

They are also a great source of protein, with each serving providing about 13g of protein and the best part is that they are an ideal breakfast choice for both adults and children!

Related Questions 

Are Frosted Flakes Vegan?

Most varieties of frosted flakes are vegan since they usually only contain corn, sugar, malt flavor, and salt. But there are a few frosted flakes that may contain additional coloring ingredients that may not make them suitable for vegans.

Always check the back of the packaging for more information about labeling and allergens!

Are All Generic Brand Cereals the Same as Store-Brand Cereals?

Generic brand cereals made by relatively smaller companies provide more or less the same nutrition, flavor, and quality as big-brand cereals in the market. According to Consumer Reports, off-brand cereals are just as good as store-brand cereals – and they can even be cheaper which adds to their overall value!

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