7 Best Mango Juice Brands In 2023

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A glass of freshly squeezed mango juice in the mornings is a heavenly pleasure. But a lot of work, too. High-quality store-bought mango juice is there for a quick yet flavorful solution.

But what are the best mango juice brands? The best mango juice is manufactured from organic fruit, without the use of GMOs, lots of sugar, or artificial coloring. Some people prefer buying mango juice made without preservatives too. 

In this article, we will tell you about the 7 best mango juice brands you can purchase your favorite tropical drink from. You will also learn what criteria to consider when purchasing mango juice to suit your needs and preferences. 

Choosing the Best Mango Juice 

Mango is an extremely healthy fruit. It is packed with nutrients, including vitamins A, E, K, C, and such minerals as potassium, copper, magnesium, etc.

Mango is also very high in antioxidants and comes with such health benefits as a stronger immune system, good heart health, and improved digestion.

However, not everyone has access to fresh mango all year round. Some don’t have time to cut fresh mango or make fresh mango juice.

But everyone likes to have a glass of delicious mango juice in the mornings. This is when store-bought juices come in handy. 

But you need to be careful with commercially manufactured fruit juices as they may contain too much sugar and added preservatives.

When trying to find mango juice that will provide you with at least some of the benefits of freshly squeezed mango juice, here’s what you need to consider. 

Organic or Non-Organic

When there is a choice between organic and non-organic juices, organic certainly wins.

It means the fruit for the juice was grown without the use of artificial fertilizers and GMOs. Opting for a brand that produces organic mango juice is certainly recommended for the best flavor, quality, and nutitional benefits.

Sugar Content 

The sugar content of fruit juices is often left unnoticed. But it is an important aspect of the juice to consider as when looking for a healthy fruit drink sugar is surely not what you need. 

But don’t confuse natural fruit sugar with added sugar with no nutritional value and lots of calories.

As it is a common practice for manufacturers to load juices with sugar for flavor, closely inspect the ingredient list and nutritional value of mango juice before your purchase it. 

Artificial Colors

All-natural mango juice has a delicious orange color. However, some brands still use artificial colors to make the juice look picture-perfect.

And while added coloring can make the juice look more appealing, it can also alter its taste. A juice free of artificial coloring is certainly a better and more natural choice. 


Commercially manufactured mango juice may contain preservatives. These are chemicals that make the juices shelf-stable as well as enhance the flavor. 

While the preservatives added by reputable manufacturers are safe, some people still prefer fruit juices with no preservatives. 

Flavor Blend 

You can buy mango juice that comes blended with other fruit purees for added flavor and vitamins. 

If you are tired of plain mango juice, try mango juice blends that include apple, orange, banana, etc.

Bottle Size 

You may not think of the bottle size of mango juice to be an important criterion. However, it is good to buy mango juice that you will be able to finish within a few days. 

All-natural preservative-free mango juices are especially susceptible to spoilage. Thus, if you are the only one drinking it in your house, buy mango juice that comes in smaller bottles. This will provide you with the freshest-tasting mango juice. 

7 Best Mango Juice Brands in 2021

Whether you are looking for organic, all-natural, or preservative-free mango juice, you will find an option that works for you in our list of the 7 best mango juice brands. 

RankProductKey Features
1.Goya Foods Prism Mango Nectar100% natural juice, 15% vitamin A
2.Langers Mango NectarNo corn syrup, artificial additives, or GMOs
3.Nantucket Nectars Orange Mango JuiceAll-natural mango and orange juice, vitamin C
4.Canoa Natural Fruit PureesCane sugar-sweetened juice from mango pulp
5.Naked Juice Mighty MangoSugar and preservative-free mango juice blend
6.Lakewood Organic Biodynamic JuiceFresh pressed organic mango nectar
7.Jumex Mango NectarAll-natural mango juice with vitamin A

1. Goya Foods Prism Mango Nectar 

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If you don’t mind added sugar in your mango juice, then Goya Foods Prism Mango Nectar might become your favorite mango drink. 

This 100% natural juice made with mango puree and natural citric and ascorbic acid (vitamin C), is a refreshing tropical drink for the entire family.

It comes in a family-friendly carton that is shelf-stable until you open it. The best part about this juice is that each serving contains 15% vitamin A you need on the daily basis.

You can drink this mango juice as is or use it to make desserts, tropics-inspired sauces, and salad dressings. 

However, keep in mind that this drink does contain modified corn starch.

2. Langers Mango Nectar 

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If you have high standards for your mango juice, then Langers mango Nectar is one option to meet your expectations. 

This mango juice is made with Alphonso mangoes. These are one of the most high quality mango varieties. Alphonso mangoes are seasonal.

They have a rich and creamy texture, juicy pulp, and what is more important, they are not fibrous. 

Langers Mango Nectar is from concentrate but doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners and corn syrup that is high in fructose. It also doesn’t contain artificial flavors and colors.

The juice is also made without the use of preservatives and GMOs. 

3. Nantucket Nectars Orange Mango Juice

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Get mango juice with a twist with this Nantucket Nectars juice.

This juice is a blend of delicious mango and vitamin-packed orange. It can make a great new alternative to the plain orange or apple juice you are used to drinking in the mornings. 

This juice can also be a healthy snack for when you are craving something sweet but don’t know what. A serving of this mango juice blend contains 220 calories and 50% of the vitamin C you need daily. 

Nantucket Nectars orange mango juice is so refreshing and energizing that you can use it to cut down on your coffee intake and aim for a healthier lifestyle. 

4. Canoa Natural Fruit Purees – Mango 

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Canoa Natural Fruit Puree is perfect for a family that loves mango juice. A large gallon of this delicious juice will make a great addition to breakfast tables and lunch. 

The juice is sweetened with natural cane sugar, contains citric acid for enhanced flavor and shelf stability, and vitamin C to boost your immune system. 

You can use this mango juice to make smoothies, desserts, and cocktails. You can also make mango-flavored ice cream using Canoa natural mango puree. 

5. Naked Juice Mighty Mango 

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The ultimate most natural mango juice. Naked Juice Mighty Mango features a flavorful blend of mango, apples, and oranges.

The juice also contains banana puree and a hint of lemon for added freshness and shelf-stability. 

This juice is perfect for anyone that is trying to keep their sugar intake at bay, as it contains no added sugar. Just the natural sugar from the fruits, which is 35 grams per bottle.

Each bottle of the Naked mango juice contains 180 calories and no fat. The bottle is of the perfect size and shape for on-the-go drinking if you need a burst of vitamins and flavor throughout the day. 

Naked Juice Mighty Mango doesn’t contain any preservatives. 

6. Lakewood Organic Biodynamic Juice 

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Freshly squeezed mango juice comes with lots of health benefits.

However, not everyone has the time for it. If this is the case for you, then Lakewood organic Biodynamic Juice is your best bet. 

It contains juice and puree that is pressed from whole ripe organic mangoes. These are biodynamic mangoes that have a higher nutritional value than mangoes grown with chemical fertilizers.

This mango juice has a richer flavor, as it also contains puree from organic apples and grapes. A serving of this juice contains 150 calories and aids in maintaining healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels and supports your immune system. 

7. Jumex Mango Nectar 

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Jumex Mango Nectar may not be the best option for those trying to give up on sugar.

But it is certainly a good choice for those trying to get rich mango flavor in a commercially manufactured drink.

This juice is made with mango puree from concentrate and is naturally free of trans fat and cholesterol. 

The juice comes in convenient cans that you can grab and go. Each can contains 150 calories. The best part about Jumex Mango Nectar is that it contains vitamin C and iron. 

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