11 Best BBQ Lighters Of 2023

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Lighting up the barbecue should be an easy task. But how many people are still using matches to light their grill because it’s what they know and are familiar with? Are you raising your hand?

There is certainly nothing wrong with using matches but having a reliable BBQ lighter can be so much easier! 

There are a lot of different types and styles of lighters out there from extra-long lighters to butane lights, and even BBQ lighting guns. You can choose or use whatever best meets your needs for lighting your barbecue.

The thing is, with so many options, it can be challenging to find the best one for you. 

What makes the best BBQ lighter? The best BBQ lighters will light consistently, reliably, and quickly. They should also be easy to use. It’s important to be sure your lighter type will work for the grill/smoker you have, as well.

Remember that there are several different styles. When it comes to finding the best one for you, it really depends on what you are looking for. As long as you don’t have to spend tons of time trying to get things lit. 

In this guide, we will share with you the 11 best BBQ lighters on the market. We’ve done a lot of work to narrow down the options and we’ve selected options to fill several different categories as well so you can find a lighter for whatever your barbecuing situation might be. 

Keep reading to learn about the best BBQ lighters and more!

Choosing the Best BBQ Lighter

Before we take a look at our options, let’s first take a look at how you can choose what is best for you.

For reference, here is a quick summary that tells you which type of lighter might is compatible with your barbecue grill/smoker type:

Lighter TypePellet GrillKamado GrillSmokerGas GrillCharcoal Grill
Lighter GunYesYesYesNoYes

This guide is not all-inclusive but it gives you a good indication of what to look for.

As you can see, some lighter types are more universal than others. Butane, refillable, and extra-long lighters will work with all major grill types. Lighter guns and electronic lighters will work for most, but utility lighters will only work if you have a gas grill.

Now, here are some things to consider before you make a decision. Know that many lighters are versatile but there are best practices as well. 

Type of Lighter

You see the various lighter types in our tables, which really covers different lighter designs.

However, there are three main ways that lighters operate and that’s what we’re referring to right here:

  • Butane
  • Arc 
  • Flameless

These are essentially the sources the lighters use in order to provide you with a flame.

A butane lighter is the most common and perhaps the most versatile. They are typically cheap and easy to use. They tend to work well even when it is windy outside. Some butane lighters are refillable, which is a nice bonus as well. 

Arc lighters use an electrical current to make a spark generate. They are low voltage and they don’t have that butane smell that some people really don’t like. Arc lighters work really great when you have a small space to work in. They are very safe but they do tend to cost a little bit more. 

Finally, flameless lighters are the safest option. There is no open flame whatsoever but they operate instead with a heating element that will ignite your item and create a fire or flame for you when needed.

These are common for gas grills but you don’t typically need a lighter for a gas grill either. 

Easy to Use

Another important thing to consider is how easy it will be to use the lighter in question. Does it light easily, is it hard to get going? Do you have to worry about charging it? These are all things to keep in mind. 

With that in mind, most lighters are simple to light but that is not always the case. You want something simple and reliable.

One thing to note is that most butane lighters tend to run out of fuel more quickly so you may need to have backups or refill options. 

The 11 Best BBQ Lighters

Now that we know a little bit about what to look for and what grill the various types work best for, it’s time to take a look at the options. We sorted through the choices to find not only the best overall lighters but also multiple different styles of lighters:

1.Bic Multipurpose LightersButane
2.Handi Flame BBQ Grill LightersButane
3.Scripto Aim 'n Flamell Utility LighterExtra-long
4.Power Practical Candle LighterElectric
5.RONXS Plasma Arc LighterArc (electric)
6.Hocety Butane Torch LighterButane
7.Skyflame Electric Charcoal Fire StarterElectric (gun)
8.JOBON Electric Arc LighterArc (electric)
9.Elite Brands USA Long Lighters PackButane
10.Yeuligo Torch LightersButane
11.Elite Brands USA Plasma Arc LighterArc (electric)

This hopefully will provide a good option for anyone looking for the best BBQ lighter, regardless of their needs. 

Below, you will find our top picks for the best barbecue lighters with full reviews so you can pick the very best one for you.

1. Bic Multipurpose Lighters

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Let’s start off with one of the most common and most popular solutions. These butane lighters have been around for forever and many households have used them time and time again.

It’s a multi-purpose option that incorporates several safe guards and is also very easy to use. 

This package is disposable but Bic does have some refillable options out there if you like the brand. These butane lighters are safe and quality inspected. They last really well and are easy to light and use. 

The wand is long so you get plenty of length and it is also durable. These even have a little hook you can use for storage purposes. The handles come in fun colors. The fuel cartridges for these lighters are made in the U.S. 


  • Fuel cartridges made in the U.S.
  • Fun handle colors
  • Long lengths on the lighter for safety
  • Safety mechanisms in place 
  • Reliable and long-lasting


  • With the safety mechanisms, it is sometimes a pain to actually light these and takes a bit of coordination.

2. Handi Flame BBQ Grill Lighters

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If you like the simple design of most butane lighters but you want something that will be refillable, this is a great option. It also comes in a bulk package so you will have plenty of lighters for every need you could have. 

These are multi-purpose lighters so you can use them for grill lighting and anything else. They work great for camping and other needs as well. The wands are nice and long and made to be durable so you can count on them to last. 

The flames are long-lasting so you have time to actually get things lit before they go out. These are completely refillable with the proper cartridges and they meet all DOT regulations as well. This is just the wands so you will need to purchase the butane to fill them initially. 


  • Refillable so you don’t have to just keep tossing wands and replacing them
  • Long wands that provide additional safety
  • Multi-purpose use for just about anything you need
  • Compatible with all DOT regulations
  • Fuel supply window lets you know when you need a refill


  • Butane fuel is sold separately from the lighters and not provided.
  • May not all hold up over time

3. Scripto Aim ‘n Flamell Extra Long Utility Lighter

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Here is another multi-purpose butane lighter but this one is designed with an extra-long wand. If you’re working with lighter fluid or gas or perhaps you just have a tight space inside your grill to light, these can come in really handy for you.

This brand is a popular American utility lighter brand and they are reliable and highly-rated across the board. 

These extra-long lighters are great for fireplaces, campfires, and just about any type of grill. They operate on butane heat and really fall into that category as a mufti-purpose lighter more than the traditional utility lighter. 

This is a simple option but the wand is 7-inches which gives you more security and safety overall when you need some extra length. 


  • 7-inch wand for extra-long length
  • Simple and easy to light
  • Versatile for many different uses
  • Affordable butane lighter
  • Fun handle that is neon green in color


  • Can be tricky to work and does not always produce a strong flame.

4. Power Practical Candle Lighter

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This option gives you a combination of both the extra-long lighter as well as a flameless lighter. It can be used for lighting candles or lighting grills or any other lighting needs really. This one is an electric lighter that is rechargeable using a USB port. 

It’s very simple and safe, while also being extremely effective. If you don’t want to mess with a real flame or butane, this is a great alternative. This lighter uses plasma technology. It has a sure and steady flame that you can depend on. 

The Power Practical lighter does come in different colors if you’re one who appreciates a little variety in life. This lighter is safe and effective but also easy to use. It will charge up quickly and a single charge will last for many uses so you don’t have to worry about charging it daily or anything like that. 


  • Extra-long wand
  • Electric lighter that is rechargeable
  • Includes safety features for turning on
  • No flame but a solid and reliable light
  • Angled head makes it easier to reach where you need to light 


  • The lid cover doesn’t actually attach so it falls off easily.
  • The safety process for turning on requires the same action for turning off, which is sometimes a nuisance. 

5. RONXS Plasma Arc Ligher

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Do you have a grill that requires squeezing into a small space to light or perhaps lights at an awkward angle? Maybe it seems like it’s never easy to reach and light that spot.

An arc lighter can be a really great solution here. Arc lighters have an arc so you can easily maneuver them wherever they need to go. 

This simple solution is a reliable choice that is highly-rated across the board. It’s not super long but the neck of the lighter is long and flexible so you can turn it or angle it however you need to. This particular option is battery-operated and charges with a USB. 

It’s a safe and powerful tool that does not use a real flame. It comes in several different color options that can be fun as well. The handle has an LED display so you know the battery levels and whether it’s powered on as well. 


  • Arc design allows you to get into tight spaces
  • The neck is long and flexible
  • Does not have a flame so it is very safe
  • Uses a US for charging
  • LED display makes it super easy to maintain


  • There are no added safety measures or safety catch

6. Hocety Butane Torch Lighter

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If you like the design of the arch lighters but prefer to have a real flame or a butane lighter, check out this option here.

It’s a butane lighter with a jet flame and it works really well. It has a simple handle that is comfortable and the neck is flexible to your needs. 

This lighter comes in several colors and the butane is refillable when you need it. It’s a quality and durable lighter that puts off a blue flame and lights easily when you really need it to. You can even adjust the fuel so that the flame is the length or size that you want it to be. 


  • Butane lighter with an arc head
  • Long neck that is flexible to your needs
  • The fuel for the flame is adjustable


  • The flame doesn’t always last for very long and may have to be re-sparked if it takes too long to light your BBQ.

7. Skyflame Electric Charcoal Fire Starter and Lighter

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You’ve probably heard people rave about their lighter guns. Let’s be honest, they are pretty cool!

They can sometimes be hard to find but we found this awesome option that is highly-rated. It does cost a little more than a traditional lighter. 

The electric gun works nicely for egg-style grills but can also be used for pellets, charcoal grills, smokers, and more. It is made with an aluminum heat shield that protects the user from an open flame but produces enough heat to get a good light going. 


  • Heats faster overall for things like wood, charcoal, and pellets
  • Quick and effective lighting solution
  • Protected by a heavy aluminum heat shield


  • The cord is not very long so you will have to be able to plug it in close to the BBQ grill/smoker. May be best for inside grills (Korean BBQ style).

8. Jobon Candle Electric Arc Lighter

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Simple and safe, this arc utility lighter is really easy to use. It was designed for simple candle lighting but it can also work just fine on a grill.

It’s a shorter lighter so it might not reach those extended or hard to reach places. 

This lighter is battery-operated and has all of the safety elements, including a safety switch.

It does not easily overheat and it even has protective elements to prevent over charging and short circuiting. It’s a handy tool when you just want something simple. 


  • Safety switches in place
  • Simple and effective
  • Protected from short circuiting


  • Not very long.

9. Elite Brands USA Long Lighters

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This next option is another long butane lighter. It’s a multi-purpose option that is well-liked and will take care of your lighting needs quite easily.

These are butane lighters and they are also refillable, so if you like them you can use them again and again.

These simple lighters include safety switches that are easy to manage. They hold a lot of fuel so the fuel lasts longer overall. They do come filled with butane so they are ready to go without having to purchase the fuel. 


  • Refillable and come filled and ready to go
  • Made in the USA
  • Come in fun colors


  • Inconsistent for a quick light.

10. Yeuligo Torch Lighters

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This next lighter is pretty unique. It’s a small lighter but it’s handy and useful at the same time. It’s a small torch that uses butane and emits a blue flame.

The neck is flexible so you can bend it and move it to your needs. 

This little lighter is windproof so you don’t have to worry about the wind making it impossible to hold a light. It has all of the necessary safety elements and it is designed to be re-used and refilled over and over. It can even go on your keychain. 


  • Designed to be small and portable
  • Neck is flexible and versatile
  • Refillable so you are always prepared


  • It is a touch on the small side so be prepared for that.

11. Elite Brands USA Plasma Arc Lighter

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Finally, we leave you with this handy and simple electric arc lighter. This one is an arc based on the technology and not the neck design.

It’s a small pole so you can reach into tight spaces and it has no open flame so it is safe and effective to use. 

This lighter is rechargeable using a USB charger. There are several different color options to choose from.

This handy lighter won’t be affected by wind and it’s small enough to take wherever you might need to use it. 


  • Flameless lighter that is easy to use
  • Long, simple lighter
  • Rechargeable with USB


  • The charge doesn’t last all that long.

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