9 Best Low-Sodium Crackers Of 2023

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Compared to other snacks such as chips and chocolates, crackers may seem rather innocent and trick you into munching more than you probably should.

Be careful, though, since they can be high in sodium, low in fiber, and made with refined grains.

Luckily, not everything is created equal and you can find healthy crackers that are low in sodium!

So, what are the best low-sodium crackers? The best low-sodium crackers do not contain excessive amounts of sodium, have minimal added sugar, are rich in whole grains and fiber, and do not contain artificial colors or preservatives, and on top of all that, they should be delicious.

Read on for a detailed buyer’s guide on how to choose the best low-sodium crackers and our top picks of the 9 best ones!

Are Crackers Healthy?

Crackers can be a healthy snacking option if you choose the right variety to keep your fat, calories, sugar, and sodium content in check.

Always read the food labels to determine both the serving size and nutritional values of your favorite snack.

Portion size plays a huge role in avoiding health complications such as weight gain, high blood pressure, and water retention. Therefore, it is important to control your portions to avoid consuming more calories and fats.

Since the market is filled with a variety of snacks, including crackers, you will come across different types, with some focused solely on taste.

Be mindful when choosing the best one and go for something that offers a balance between taste and nutrition.

Eating crackers that are high in sodium can have adverse effects on your health, especially if consumed in huge amounts. 

Ways To Reduce Cracker (And Other Snacks) Intake

While you can find healthy versions of crackers that are low in sodium and processed ingredients, too much of anything can be bad for you, even if it is healthy.

If you love crackers and find that, like most of us, you tend to eat too much of them, there are a few sneaky ways that can help reduce your intake.

Be mindful about where you store them and try to keep them away from plain view. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

Do not keep crackers, or any other snacks, on the kitchen counter as that is the worst possible place to store them. You will be tempted to grab a pack, even when you are not as hungry!

Instead, keep them in high cabinets or low cupboards, or basically, anywhere you have to work a little harder to get to them. This way you will be less likely to indulge mindlessly.

Also, try to keep them in their original bag or box as the nutritional information on the packaging will be a regular reminder of how many calories and fats you are consuming.

Lastly, avoid eating crackers directly out of the container as it can be easy to lose track of how many you are eating. Simply take out a few crackers on a plate and enjoy them as is, with soups and salads, or with your choice of healthy toppings.

Some popular healthy cracker toppings include:

  • Hummus and veggies
  • Ricotta cheese and olives
  • Yogurt and cucumber
  • Smashed black beans and salsa
  • Low-fat cream cheese, tomatoes, and herbs
  • Egg salad
  • Mashed avocado and mango
  • Pesto
  • Salsa
  • Guacamole

Buyer’s Guide

When choosing the best low sodium crackers, there are a few things you need to consider to ensure you are buying the best snacking option that is a treat both in terms of flavor and nutrition:

Low Sodium

The first thing to check when buying low sodium crackers is to check for the sodium content.

A huge chunk of the population consumes way more sodium than the daily recommended intake, leading to serious health issues.

Salt is used to enhance the flavor and since sodium can be found in almost all processed foods, it is important to try and choose crackers, and other snacks, that have less sodium. Look for crackers that have 180mg or less sodium per serving.

Whole Grains

Crackers that are made with whole grains contain more fiber which, as part of a healthy diet, helps improve blood cholesterol levels, lowers the risk of heart disease and obesity, and helps you keep fuller for longer.

Look at the nutrition label and choose crackers that have more fiber compared to other brands. Choose ones with at least 3 grams of fiber.

Little Or No Added Sugar

You may assume that salty crackers would contain no added sugar since they are a savory snack, but that is not the case. Sugar is a common ingredient in most processed foods, including most crackers.

Typical added sugars you will find in crackers and other snacks include sugar, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, malt syrup, and dextrose.

Since most Americans already consume a high-sugar diet, keep the added sugars in check, especially if you are looking for a healthy cracker to munch on.

No Added Coloring And Preservatives

Artificial colors and preservatives are widely used in snacks such as crackers, chips, candy, and sodas, and they contain chemicals that are harmful to health. 

Therefore, look for crackers that are free of such unnecessary chemicals.

Avoid Added Starch

Also, crackers may contain rapidly digestible starches such as modified potato starch, potato starch, tapioca starch, and cultured corn starch, all of which are high on the Glycemic Index (GI).

Eating high-GI foods is associated with chronic diseases and heart complications, which is why it is best to avoid eating snacks that contain added starch.

The 9 Best Low-Sodium Crackers

Whether you serve them up on a party platter, with soup or salad, or eat them as is, crackers are a popular snack for people of all ages.

However, to ensure you can munch on them without worrying about your sodium intake, you need to make sure they are made with the right ingredients and aren’t loaded with salt and sugar.

With so many options out there, and so many different ingredients (most of which we can’t even pronounce), it can be difficult to pick the right snacks that are the perfect balance of taste and nutrition. 

Here are our top picks of the 9 best low-sodium crackers to help you choose!

RankProductBest Features
1.Triscuit Hint of Sea Salt Whole Grain Wheat CrackersMade with only 3 basic ingredients
2.Wasa Multi Grain CrispbreadHigh-fiber crackers used for weight loss
3.Premium Unsalted Tops Saltine CrackersSame classic saltine taste without the added sodium.
4.GG Scandinavian Bran CrispbreadLeast ingredients, lowest net carbs, and highest fiber content
5.Manischewitz Original Thin Unsalted CrackersMade simply with flour and water
6.Wheat Thins Whole Grain Low Sodium CrackersNutty whole grain wheat flavor
7.The Organic Pantry Flaxseed CrackersMade using highest-quality, all-organic certified ingredients
8.Ritz Hint of Salt CrackersContains only 25mg of sodium
9.Milton’s Craft Bakers Organic Himalayan Salt CrackersSubtle flavor of real pink Himalayan salt

1. Triscuit Hint of Sea Salt Whole Grain Wheat Crackers

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Made with only 3 basic ingredients (whole wheat, oil, and salt) these crackers by Triscuit are as pure as it gets and deserves the top spot on our list.

Recommended by many dieticians as one of the healthiest crackers you can buy, they come in several different bold flavors that all are low in sodium.

They are made with 100% whole-grain wheat and contain no added sugars or artificial colors and flavors. Baked to golden perfection, you can pair them with your favorite toppings and enjoy them in any way you like.

One serving, which is about 6 crackers, packs 3 grams each of fiber and protein and 50mg of sodium.

2. Wasa Multi Grain Crispbread

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Low in calories and jam-packed with fiber, these multigrain crispbread (a cracker and flatbread hybrid) by Wasa are sure to keep you satiated for longer.

With a pretty neutral flavor and an array of whole-grain flours such as wheat germ, bran, and whole-grain rye, they are the perfect accompaniment for any type of topping.

A high-fiber snack used for weight loss which is also low in sodium, it is perfect for people watching their salt intake.

One serving, which equals 1 slice of the crispbread, packs 3 grams of dietary fiber, 1 gram of soluble fiber, 2 grams of insoluble fiber, and only 65mg of sodium.

3. Premium Unsalted Tops Saltine Crackers

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Premium Unsalted Top Saltine Crackers have the same taste as classic saltine crackers, but without the added sodium.

They have a classic light flavor that goes perfectly with a variety of foods and is an incredibly versatile snack option.

With no cholesterol or saturated fats, these delicious low-sodium crackers add a delicious crunch to soups and stews and taste equally good with dips, toppings, and even on their own.

One serving, which equals about 5 crackers, contains no cholesterol or sugars and has only 60mg of sodium.

4. GG Scandinavian Bran Crispbread

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A great option if you’re looking for the least ingredients, lowest net carbs, and the highest fiber content, these Scandinavian crispbreads by GG are a 3-in-1 solution for weight loss.

Made with just two nutrient-dense ingredients – wheat bran and oat bran – they are packed with fiber providing you with a wholesome treat.

Two crispbreads can provide you with a third of your daily recommended fiber intake. Also, what’s great about these nutritious crackers is that they aren’t just low on sodium but contain no sodium at all!

One serving, which equals 1 cracker, contains 4 grams of fiber, 2 grams net carbs, 20 calories, and 0mg sodium.

5. Manischewitz Original Thin Unsalted Crackers

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These are possibly the world’s most ancient crackers made simply with flour and water.

They are as simple as it gets and contain no sodium, sugars, flavorings, or colors.

The simple and clean flavor of these crackers makes them a versatile food item for dips, spreads, toppings, soups, salads, and so much more.

You can pair them with some butter and a light sprinkle of salt, or if you decide to go completely salt-free, you can enjoy them in their original form as well.

One serving of these incredibly crispy and light crackers contains 0mg sodium and cholesterol. 

6. Wheat Thins Whole Grain Low Sodium Crackers

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Crafted from high-quality ingredients, these delicious whole-grain crackers by Wheat Thins are toasted instead of fried and have a nutty crunch that keeps you wanting more.

They contain no cholesterol or high-fructose corn syrup and are a low-sodium snack perfect for individuals watching their salt intake.

Served with a dip, soup, or salad, or topped with some meat and cheese, these delicious crackers have a nutty whole grain wheat flavor that pairs wonderfully with other ingredients.

One serving, which equals 16 crackers, contains only 55mg of sodium.

7. The Organic Pantry Flaxseed Crackers

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Made using the highest-quality, all-organic certified ingredients, these flaxseed crackers by The Organic Pantry are organic, gluten-free, vegan, and paleo, and contain no added sugars.

Flavored using rosemary, marjoram, and basil, they are made with honest ingredients and offer pure nutrition.

They are also grain-free, soy-free, nut-free, dairy-free, GMO-free, oil-free, and cardboard taste-free!

Low in sodium and saturated fats, one serving, which equals 1 cracker, contains only 60mg of sodium.

8. Ritz Hint of Salt Crackers

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Ritz is a popular name in the world of crackers and has a wide variety of products for everyone; original crackers to flavored ones and these low-sodium options.

These hint of salt crackers taste the same as the original ones, the only difference being the sodium content.

Each serving, which equals 5 crackers, contains only 25mg of sodium.

They are the perfect crackers for snacks and appetizers and pair with almost anything from cheese, meat, fruit, and vegetables.

9. Milton’s Craft Bakers Organic Himalayan Salt Crackers

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With the subtle flavor of real pink Himalayan salt, these crackers by Milton’s Craft add a great flavor and elegance to a variety of dips and toppings.

They can be paired with several flavors such as hummus and fresh cucumbers, sharp blue cheese and fresh fruit, and savory smoked salmon with cream cheese. Yum!

USDA certified organic and suitable for vegetarians, one serving of these delicious crackers, which would be about 3 crackers, contains only 80mg of sodium.

Related Questions

Now that you know all about the best low-sodium crackers along with our top picks of the best ones, here are a few additional questions we thought you might have!

Do they make low-carb crackers?

Yes, just as there are several low-sodium options, you will also come across many low-carb options suitable for a ketogenic diet.

Some popular options include Julian Bakery Primal Thin Crackers, Innofoods Keto Crackers, GG Scandinavian Bran Crispbreads, and Keto Naturals Almond Flour Crackers.

What are other good low-sodium snack options?

A few great healthy and homemade low-sodium snacks include apple and peanut butter, trail mix, assorted veggies and dip, roasted chickpeas, fruit smoothies, kale chips, spiced popcorn, and yogurt parfait.

You can also find several low-sodium snacking options in the supermarket that include chips and biscuits.

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