11 Absolute Best G Fuel Flavors [Updated 2023]

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Grabbing an energy drink when you need it should really be a simple task. G Fuel is just one of those energy drinks that you come across. 

But the problem is there are so many brands and so many flavors out there that it has become nearly impossible to make a choice.

Maybe you’ve heard they have good energy drink powders that are great when paired with fitness routines, but you have no idea what flavors will be tolerable and what flavors you really may want to avoid. Where do you even start looking?

What is the best G Fuel flavor? The best G Fuel flavors will vary by personal taste, but Blue Ice and Fazeberry are some of the most popular options out there. Other popular flavors include Sour Blue Chug Rug, Bahama Mama, Rainbow Sherbet, Strawberry Shortcake, Tropical Rain, Ragin’ Gummy Fish, and Hype Sauce.

There are a lot of different options to choose from. While you may want to start with the popular favorites, it’s always worth branching out to find your personal top picks.

In this guide, we will talk you through the best and most popular G Fuel flavors on the market, sharing with you the options that you really might want to try out first.

If you don’t know where to start, just take a look at these and you really can’t go wrong. Stick with us to learn the best G Fuel Flavors and more. 

Choosing the Best G Fuel Flavors

If you’re looking for sugar-free drink options, but need more energy than something like Zevia can supply, G Fuel is a popular choice.

In our reviews, you will find G Fuel flavors of every palette. There’s quite a variety and we made every effort to choose different flavors to give plenty of options as well.

Keep in mind that you will want to consider your own preferences when looking at flavor options for G Fuel. We also want to point out that we are specifically looking at G Fuel powder flavors and not cans of energy drinks. 

Here are some things to know and consider before you pick out a flavor of G Fuel to try. 

What is G Fuel?

G Fuel has been around since 2012. Their goal was to provide an energy formula that was healthy and effective. Their original startup just had 3 flavors, which were Blue Ice, Fruit Punch, and Lemon Lime. Blue Ice remains a fan favorite to this day. 

While energy drinks were their first creation, they now offer so much more than that. Their original goal was to fuel gamers with energy but now they cover “casual gamers, content creators, everyday Joes, and esports pros” (their words, not ours). 

No matter what version you try, you will find that G Fuel options are sugar-free, fortified with vitamins and antioxidants, filled with high-performance energy boosts, and focus-enhancing. They provide energy with no sugar, no crash, and no gluten. 

While we are looking at the G Fuel energy powder, they have quite a few different products available Here are a few of them:

  • Energy powder crystals
  • Energy packs
  • Energy boxes
  • Energy tubs
  • Energy drinks in cans
  • Hydration formula
  • Shaker cups

On top of their energy formulas and hydration formulas, they also have some fun bundles as well as logo gear like shirts, backpacks, hats, and more. They have a broad and unique offering overall. 

G Fuel Powder Vs. Can

In our guide, we will be focusing primarily on G Fuel energy powders. They do have far more options, including cans, protein bars, and more.

So why did we choose to focus on powders and what is the difference between the powder and the can? 

The primary difference between the two is that G Fuel powder comes in a canister with a scoop and you mix your own drink when you want it. The can comes pre-mixed and ready to pop open and drink. 

As a quick comparison, a can of G Fuel contains more caffeine while mixing a drink with the powder contains slightly more calories. If you look at the nutrition label, you will also find that the powder contains significantly more Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin B12. 

While both the can and the powder contain these elements, the powder is significantly higher per serving. There are quite a few more ingredients in the can, in order to make it a canned beverage ultimately. 

Ultimately, we feel like the powder is more beneficial as a whole. While it doesn’t have as much caffeine in it, it still works really well and contains far more vitamins and nutrients that are necessary. 


One thing you will certainly want to consider in your endeavor into G Fuel is the taste.

Reviews will come in handy for this. As you may expect you will want to consider whether the flavor is really as advertised and whether it has an odd aftertaste or anything else which could sour your drink (and not in the good way).

Of course, much of your decision will also come down to your personal preferences.

While we can tell you what flavors are ranked as the best and most popular options, we can’t really tell you what your personal flavor palette will prefer in the end. 


One thing that you should be mindful of with just about any product you purchase is the ingredients. You will notice from our brief analysis above comparing powder to cans that the G Fuel energy powder is full of vitamins and nutrients.

But where are the flavors derived from? 

What you will find is that many of the flavors come from fruit and natural sources. This is not always the case, and it seems that every flavor still has some kind of energy additive, but you can pick your flavors by the ingredients you prefer to consume.

Wed recommend that you do a quick perusal of the ingredients for whichever flavors you decide to try so you can know and understand just what it is that you are drinking. 

The 9 Best G Fuel Flavors

Now that we’ve talked about just what G Fuel is and what you can expect, it’s time to get down to business. You came here to really bear down on the top flavors so that you can pick out 1, or 7, to keep in the pantry. 

We’ve searched and scoured the market. There are quite a lot of options to choose from but we’ve worked hard to narrow it down to the top 9 options available:

RankG Fuel FlavorFlavor
1.Blue IceTastes like a blue slushie; mildly sweet
2.Fazeberry Very sweet mix of berry flavors
3.Sour Blue Chug RugLike a sour Blue Ice; sweet and sour
4.Bahama MamaPineapple, orange, and coconut; light and citrusy
5.Rainbow SherbetCandy-like, with a balanced sweetness
6.Strawberry ShortcakeJust like a strawberry milkshake
7.Tropical RainBlueberry, kiwi, and raspberry; light and sweet
8.Ragin' Gummy FishGummy candy flavor; super sweet
9.Hype SauceRaspberry lemonade; tart and slightly fruity
10. Party Punch (Fruity Cereal)Fruity medley; reminds me of fruity cereals
11.Sour Blue Chug RugRaspberry and Blueberry; just the right amount of sour

Below, you will find the best G Fuel flavors, complete with all of the details you need to enjoy them. 

You’re in for a treat! 

1. Blue Ice

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For our first pick, we have one of the original flavor creations from G Fuel and it’s still one of their top-selling flavors across the board. If you’ve ever been a fan of the blue Gatorade or Powerade, this is a similar flavor to work with. 

The tub comes with 40 servings and the flavor is phenomenal. It’s not overly sweet but has just a hint of sweet flavor added to it. The most notable thing is the flavor is refreshing and simple with that touch of sweetness. Sweet enough to hit the sweet tooth, but not so sweet it turns you off. 

We like this option because it’s a nice derivation of energy without being fruity or minty. There can be a lot of fruity and ultra-sweet flavors out there but this one is not that. As with all of their energy powders, blue ice gives you focus, endurance, energy, and reaction with no crash. 


  • Slightly sweet flavor
  • Awesome taste
  • One of the original company flavors
  • A change from fruitiness 


  • Some people feel you have to use extra powder to get a good flavor.

2. Fazeberry

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Next up is another common favorite of G Fuel and you really can’t go wrong with this if you like berry flavors. It’s sweet and packed with essential berries like pomegranate, strawberry, and blueberry. If you look at the label, they tell you the flavor was inspired by Faze Clan. 

This berry flavor of G Fuel was actually made with 19 different fruits, which means you get the sweet, berry flavors but you also get the antioxidants from the fruits as well. If you get a whiff of it when you open it up, it will smell mostly like strawberries, which is the dominant flavor as well. 

It has a nice, sweet flavor with a berry blend and it’s a fun and attractive red color as well. If you like fruity flavors, you will love this but if you aren’t a fan of berry flavors, you might not like this because it is strongly berry and strongly sweet as well. 


  • Sweet flavor
  • Mix of berries
  • Hint of strawberry aroma
  • Fun, red color


  • Very sweet, which turns some users off.
  • Getting the water to powder ratio perfect might take some effort. 

3. Sour Blue Chug Rug

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We saw you wrinkle your nose the instant we said sour. Stop that!

This might say sour in the flavor elements but it is really good and another highly popular option across the board. It’s labeled as sour, and it is just a touch sour, but it is the perfect blend of both sour and sweet.

This flavor pulls together a raspberry flavor with just a hint of sour taste behind it. If you like ways to tone down the sweet flavor, this will do it for you. It’s not a sour that instantly makes you pucker or makes your eyes water, it’s a subtle sour from the raspberry. 

They do offer other sour flavors that are really sour when you try them out but this isn’t that. Just like with the other flavor options, you will get focus, energy, endurance, and some vitamins and nutrients from this delightful blend. 


  • A hint of sour flavor
  • Primarily raspberry flavoring
  • Blends together sweet and sour
  • Almost surprisingly delicious 


  • Some feel that this is just a sour version of Blue Ice.

4. Bahama Mama

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If you like that tropical and citrus flavor of a good Bahama Mama, you should definitely check out this flavor. It’s got a really robust blend of flavors like pineapple, orange, and coconut. It’s got a hint of sweetness with the tang of citrus.

While you might be working long hours, working out, or staring at a screen the flavors of this Bahama Mama blend will make you feel like you’re relaxing on the beach. They are delicious tropical flavors packed with all of the vitamins and nutrients as well. 

The ingredient list includes real fruits and not just an energy blend. As with every flavor, it seems, it does also contain energy additives, however. You can check the label to see precisely what you will find in this mix to make your decision.


  • Tastes like you’re on a tropical island
  • Perfect hint of citrus and sweetness
  • Pineapple, orange, and coconut
  • Light and refreshing


  • Some people notice a tangy aftertaste with this flavor, mostly a lingering coconut aftertaste.

5. Rainbow Sherbet

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If you’re looking at all of these flavors thinking why does everything have to be sour or fruity, we’ve got you covered! Forget the fruity flavors, overlook the sour notes, and step right up to look at this sweet dessert flavor called rainbow sherbet. 

You know that rainbow ice cream you loved as a kid because it was bright and fun and colorful? G Fuel took those flavors and colors and turned them into the perfect energy formula and flavor. 

This flavor is almost indescribable. The smell of the powder reminds you of candy, kind of on the verge of smarties. The flavor has a hint of sweetness, a tinge of sourness, and a really flavorful balance of it all.

It’s not fruity but rather has a candy-like flavor to it that isn’t overwhelming. It’s vibrant! When you mix it up, your drink will be a deep orange color. 


  • Vibrant flavors
  • Not fruity and not sour
  • Balanced sweet flavor
  • Tastes and smells like candy


  • Some people feel as though this flavor has a chalky taste or texture to it.

6. Strawberry Shortcake

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Next up, we have another dessert flavor if you’re looking for something to handle that sweet tooth. This one does have fruit in the flavors but it is not intensely fruity like a traditional fruit flavor might be for some people. It’s sweet and tastes just like dessert, making it another popular and sought after flavor with G Fuel. 

This strawberry shortcake flavor takes just as it sounds, like strawberry shortcake. You get the delightful sweetness of cake, mixed with fruity strawberries, and touch of whipped cream. It really doesn’t get much better than that does it? 

A lot of users mention mixing this particular option with milk, which gives you a unique way to change it up. It almost takes like a strawberry milkshake when you mix it up this way. It’s just sweet enough to make a difference without being overly sweet. 


  • Takes like a strawberry shake
  • Can be mixed with water or milk
  • Just a touch of sweetness
  • Tastes like dessert
  • Light pink when mixed up


  • Might have a slightly acidic taste to it.
  • Works best when mixed with milk but is good with water.

7. Tropical Rain

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Next up, we have another fan favorite that is all tropical without being just citrus tropical. This tropical blend is absolutely delicious and yet not too sweet. It’s light and refreshing in flavor and taste and people really enjoy the lightness behind it. 

This tropical blend includes flavors like kiwi, citrus, blueberry, and some raspberry. It’s very good and again light so it’s not overwhelmingly tropical or fruity when you sip it or gulp it. It’s described as having a sweet fruit punch taste to it. 

We love the light and yet fruity blend overall. It could do well with the addition of some pineapple but there are some citrus fruits in the flavors to really bring it all together for a tropical flavor that is different from the Bahama Mama blend. 


  • Light and refreshing
  • Blueberries, kiwi, and raspberry 
  • Tropical flavors that aren’t overwhelming
  • Vivid and light combination that is also sweet
  • Tastes like tropical fruit punch


  • Can be a little strong to some palettes. Best when you use slightly less than a full scoop measure.

8. Ragin’ Gummy Fish

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The Gummy Fish flavor from G Fuel is one that has a lot of mixed reviews but still comes into the top rankings when it comes to their most sought after flavors. The key is to know just what you’re getting into when you go with this flavor. After all, it is named gummy fish so use that to set your bar. 

Overall, we think G Fuel got it right here providing something for the candy lover. If you’re a fan of any type of gummies or you like Swedish Fish, this is the flavor for you to try. It tastes just like the perfect combination of all of those gummy candies you can’t stay away from. 

It’s delicious and very sweet and there is simply no other way to describe the flavor than the title that has already been given to this particular blend. Considering this is sugar-free, it’s a really great treat, especially if you want that sweet candy taste. 


  • Tastes just like gummies
  • Super sweet
  • A top choice from G Fuel fans
  • Clean energy with no crash
  • Improved focus and reaction


  • Considering the flavor and expectations, it’s not as strong with a normal scoop mix.

9. Hype Sauce

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Finally, we leave you with a fairly new flavor that has done exceptionally well. If you like flavored lemonades, this is certainly a flavor that might catch your interest.

If this holds too much berry for you but you like lemonade, just know that G Fuel also has pink lemonade as well as regular lemonade and you are welcome to take a look at those flavors if they sound more up your alley. 

This hype sauce is a raspberry lemonade flavor and it is so good. It has a hint of sour and citrus with just a touch of fruitiness to really bring it all together. While it’s called hype sauce, a more detailed description of it would be “lemonade with a raspberry flavor.”

This is a new flavor overall so it hasn’t quite had time to build up to the hype behind the name but it looks to be promising and has been popular and welcomed across the board if you take a look at what others are saying about it. It is a bit tart with just a smooth dash of fruity. 


  • Tart and fruity
  • Raspberry lemonade flavor
  • A classic twist to lemonade


  • The flavor could still use some improvements to get it just right for the mix.

10. Party Punch (Fruity Cereal)

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The Party Punch flavor of G Fuel is an absolute fan favorite, especially among those that grew up eating fruity cereals as I did.

Although it is sweet, it has a nice balance of sweet and sour and even a little bit of tartness.

You’ll taste a host of different tropical fruits. Overall, this is absolutely one of my favorite g fuel flavors.

Although the flavor is absolutely delicious, you’ll also really love the boost of energy you get from this.

I also personally think that the sonic packaging is the perfect choice for this flavor, really connects the nostalgia for me.

11. Sour Blue Chug Rug

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Named after one of Faze Clan’s founders, Brian Awadis (aka “FaZe Rug”), this flavor is absolutely one of my favorites, probably because I’m a sucker for G Fuel’s sour flavors.

Blue Chug Rug is a fruit blend of mostly blueberries and raspberries, and although it is on the sour side, it also has a nice sweetness to it.

I personally don’t get much flavor fatigue with this one, probably because it just tastes so good to me.

Although I didn’t rank it at the top of the list, don’t hesitate to try out this flavor while it’s still available.


If you’re looking for the very best G Fuel energy powders, you will find them right here. These 9 options seem to be the fan favorites across the board and you really can find anything for just about any flavor preference here as well. 

Don’t forget that you will want to consider your own flavor preferences in coordination with these favorites to ensure that you get a flavor that is really right for you! 

If you want to go REALLY in-depth on what the best g fuel flavors are, this nearly-hour-long-video ranks every single gfuel flavor on the market; even flavors like: wumpa fruit, ragin’ gummy fish, lingonberry.

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