15 Best Vegan Crackers Of 2023 – The Ultimate List

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There’s something so comforting and delicious about sitting down to a snack of crackers, dips, and other delicious little nibblies.

It’s a quick and easy way to fill yourself up that doesn’t require any prep work, cooking, or much cleaning up after you’re done.

But what if you’re following a vegan diet? Are you still able to have crackers?

Luckily the popularity of the vegan diet has created an incredible variety of vegan cracker options for you to choose from so you will never feel deprived while sticking to your plant-based lifestyle.

So, how do you choose the best vegan crackers? The best vegan crackers will be certified vegan and will avoid animal products and byproducts such as honey, whey, or eggs. Make sure that they’re also a flavor and style of cracker that you enjoy!

Read on to learn what to look for when choosing the best vegan crackers for all your snacking needs and the ones that make our best-of list!

How To Choose The Best Vegan Crackers

When it comes to choosing the best vegan crackers there are some things to look out for. Check out the following Buyer’s Guide to help you pick the best vegan crackers for your budget, kitchen needs, and taste buds.

Define Your Version Of Vegan

While most of us are familiar with the broad concept of veganism as a style of eating that doesn’t include animals or animal byproducts such as eggs or dairy, some vegans also don’t eat honey.

Since honey is a natural sweetener, you may see it used as a refined sugar alternative in a lot of organic or all-natural brands.

If you are a vegan who doesn’t eat honey, you will want to make sure you read your labels carefully since it may be used in some otherwise vegan crackers.

Check If The Label Says Vegan

Since plant-based vegan eating is such a popular trend, many companies will proudly display the fact that they are vegan right on the front of the package.

Now, not every vegan cracker is going to write that it is vegan right on the label, but this can be a quick and easy way to tell if your cracker is or isn’t vegan without having to read through the entire ingredient list.

But, if your favorite cracker brand doesn’t state that it’s vegan on the front of the package, don’t give up hope just yet. You can flip it over and read through the ingredients to see whether it includes any animal by-products.

Carefully Read Your Labels To Look For Animal Products

If your cracker brand doesn’t display that it is vegan friendly on the label, then you will want to carefully read through the ingredient list to make sure that it doesn’t include any common animal byproducts.

The most common non-vegan ingredients you’ll tend to see in crackers include:

  • Butter
  • Casein
  • Whey
  • Lactose
  • Cheese flavoring
  • Honey
  • Cochineal or carmine (a red food dye)
  • Lard
  • Eggs

Decide If You Want Organic Vegan Crackers

There is often a lot of overlap between people who enjoy a plant-based, vegan lifestyle and those people who like to support organic agricultural practices as much as possible to support the health of the planet.

While being certified organic isn’t necessarily required, it will make sure that your vegan crackers are as pure as possible and free from pesticide contaminants.

Organic foods are often grown in nutrient-rich soil, which can make the final product more nutritious and flavorful.

If organic food isn’t in your budget, no problem! You can still find absolutely delicious and nutritious vegan crackers if that’s what you’re looking for.

Choose Your Cracker Style

This suggestion has less to do with avoiding animal products and more to do with choosing your style of cracker.

Some people like a flaky (kind of buttery) cracker, others like a crisp and crunchy cracker, while still others enjoy a seedy cracker.

There’s no right or wrong here, it just comes down to choosing the style that you like best or that goes well with the snack, dip, or platter that you’re making.

You can also choose a variety of cracker styles and enjoy all the different textures and flavors.

If you like a flaky, buttery-style cracker, just make sure they are using a non-dairy fat source to get that lovely texture.

There are some great plant-based shortenings and oils out there that can give crackers that richness, without the animal products.

Choose Your Vegan Cracker Flavor

This criterion is another fun one because you get to choose whether you want a plain cracker, a cheeze (vegan style cheese!) flavored one, garlic & herbs, or anything else that piques your fancy.

There are so many styles and flavors of crackers on the market that you can really have a lot of fun trying all the different types out there to narrow it down to your favorites.

The 15 Best Vegan Cracker Brands

Now that you know what to look for in terms of the best vegan cracker brands, you can check out the choices below to find the one that best fits your dietary requirements, taste preference, and budget.

Crackers are a staple in most households because not only are they delicious, they are incredibly versatile.

If you’re following a vegan diet, there are loads of amazing cracker brands that you can choose from that will still fit with your dietary preferences.

You can find everything from vegan versions of popular crackers to super healthy, all-natural seed crackers and everything in between.

They’re all crispy and vegan, so you can choose your favorite based on price and flavor or just try a whole variety to find the one you like best.

Here are our top picks of the 15 best vegan brands that you can pick up for all of your snacking and cooking needs!

We’ve organized them into general categories for Ritz-style crackers, to flavored, to seedy so you can quickly compare your favorites.

RankProductKey Features
1.Back to Nature Crackers Classic Round CrackersButtery and crisp, vegan, mild flavor. Similar to Ritz crackers.
2.Ritz Original CrackersClassic buttery Ritz cracker. Vegan. Mild flavor. Crisp and flaky.
3.Simple Mills Almond Flour CrackersGrain-free, gluten-free, vegan, mild flavor, crisp and crunchy. Comes in snack pack sizes too.
4.365 by Whole Foods Organic Wheat SquaresOrganic, mild flavor, crisp and crunchy, bite-sized.
5.Let's Be Bessties! Organic High-Fiber CrackersOrganic, high fiber, vegan, made from rye- stronger flavor. Comes in original and Everything Bagel flavor.
6.Mary's Gone Crackers Super Seed Classic CrackersOrganic, gluten-free, seed-based cracker. Stronger flavor, crispy and crunchy.
7.The Humble Seed Grain Free CrackersGrain-Free, gluten-free, plant-based, vegan. Seedy cracker, moderate flavor, great crunch.
8.Back to Nature Gluten Free Rice & Seed CrackersCrispy, earthy texture, and balanced taste. Gluten-free, vegan, seedy cracker.
9.Back To Nature Rosemary Olive Oil Harvest Whole Wheat CrackersSubtle rosemary & olive oil flavor, crisp and crunchy, hardy, vegan, great for dipping.
10.Simple Mills Almond Flour Crackers Sundried Tomato & BasilGluten-free, grain-free, vegan, strong and bold flavor. Crisp and crunchy. Taste great on their own.
11.Simple Mills Almond Flour Crackers, Rosemary & Sea SaltGluten-free, grain-free, vegan, subtle and delicious flavor. Crisp and crunchy. Taste great on their own or with dip and toppings.
12.Ancient Provisions Vegan Cheddar Cheezish CrackersGluten-free, grain-free, vegan, cheesy taste without the dairy, crispy and hardy.
13.365 by Whole Foods Market, Almond Sunflower Vegan Cheddar CrackerGluten-free, grain-free, vegan, cheesy taste without the dairy, crispy and hardy
14.365 by Whole Foods Organic Water CrackerOrganic, classic water cracker style, vegan, mild flavor.
15.365 by Whole Foods Organic Golden Round CrackersOrganic, buttery and crisp, vegan, mild flavor. Similar to Ritz crackers.

1. Back to Nature Classic Rounds Crackers

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These crackers are an amazing choice for anyone who loves Ritz crackers, but is looking for a more natural version.

They have a buttery flavor with a hint of sea salt and a flaky, crisp texture that is perfect for dipping in soups or eating plain.

While they aren’t certified organic, they are non-GMO, so if that is important to you, it’s something to keep in mind.

They are made with simple ingredients including wheat flour, safflower oil, sea salt, and cane sugar for a delicious and natural flavor.

2. Ritz Original Crackers

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It was actually a little surprising to discover that the classic Ritz cracker was vegan!

The flavor is so buttery that we were certain there had to be butter in there somewhere.

But rest assured, these crackers are completely vegan!

These crackers are flaky and delicious with a rich, buttery flavor. They are the perfect crackers for snacking, appetizers, or quick meals.

The hint of saltiness takes them to the next level, while still keeping them mild enough to pair with almost anything.

As a bonus, they come wrapped in individual sleeves to keep them from going stale when you open them, so you’re guaranteed that crispy perfection with every bite!

3. Simple Mills Almond Flour Crackers: Fine Ground Sea Salt

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These crackers are fantastic because they have the perfect texture, the exact right amount of salt, and they taste incredible on their own or with other ingredients.

This brand is not only vegan but also grain-free and gluten-free as well, which makes it great for folks who are avoiding wheat and other grains.

We also love that this brand comes in snack pack sizes so you can throw them in your bag for a delicious snack on the go.

4. 365 by Whole Foods Market Organic Cracker Wheat Squares

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365 by Whole Foods certainly knows their way around a cracker and seems to have created a vegan cracker for every occasion.

These organic wheat squares are a great addition to any snack plate or pantry because they’ve got a perfect crispy texture and a mild flavor.

These bite-sized squares are seasoned with salt and just enough organic cane sugar to coax the natural sweetness of wheat into the foreground.

But it’s not overwhelming, which means they go great with virtually any dip, topping, or other treat.

They even suggest making mini peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with the crackers as a tasty little lunch box treat.

5. Let’s Be Bessties! Organic High-Fiber Crackers

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These vegan crackers are slightly different than the others on the list so far since they are more of a crispbread style.

They are super high fiber and made with organic ingredients with an incredible crispy texture that you can use in place of toast or as a cracker.

Made with natural and simple ingredients such as wheat bran, flax, and rye, they have a subtle nutty flavor that complements pretty much anything!

6. Mary’s Gone Crackers Super Seed Classic Crackers

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Mary’s is a classic vegan cracker that has been around for ages.

They’re certified organic and gluten-free, so they’re good for a variety of health needs and dietary preferences.

These super seed crackers have a rich and toasty flavor that’s perfect for dipping and won’t overwhelm whatever you want to serve them with.

7. The Humble Seed Grain Free Crackers- 6 Seed & Sea Salt

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Another option for people who enjoy a seedy cracker is this delicious vegan cracker from The Humble Seed.

It’s made with a blend of 6 seeds and lightly seasoned with sea salt for a mild flavor.

It tastes great with virtually anything you would want to combine it with and is the perfect vehicle for dips and other snacks thanks to the salty nuttiness it has.

You can even enjoy them plain if that’s your thing!

They are also gluten-free, which is perfect for anyone with celiac or gluten sensitivity.

8. Back to Nature Gluten Free Rice & Seed Crackers

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This pick is also gluten-free and vegan. It’s made from rice flour and has a delightfully crispy texture and a mild flavor.

It’s made from a hearty mix of sesame, black sesame, poppy, and flax seeds to make the perfect crunchy vegan cracker.

The ingredients are simple and natural so it won’t overwhelm whatever you decide to pair it with.

9. Back To Nature Rosemary Olive Oil Harvest Whole Wheat Crackers

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This next cracker from the Back to Nature brand isn’t gluten-free, but it is vegan.

It has a texture similar to a Triscuit and is made with premium ingredients like whole-grain wheat and extra virgin olive oil.

The delicious aroma of rosemary & olive oil flavor will make you crave these delectable crackers.

You can have them on their own and enjoy the rosemary flavor or feel free to pair them with some of your favorite dips and toppings.

You’ll love the crisp texture and subtle flavor of these vegan crackers!

10. Simple Mills Almond Flour Crackers Sundried Tomato & Basil

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If you’re looking for a super flavorful, deliciously crispy, delightfully vegan cracker then look no further.

These Sundried Tomato & Basil crackers from Simple Mills take crackers to the next level of awesomeness with their powerful, but natural flavor.

This brand gets its Tuscan-inspired flavor from real sun-dried tomatoes and fresh basil.

They are amazing to eat on their own or to pair with complementary flavors.

Since they have such a strong seasoning you might need to be a little more thoughtful about the things you pair them with.

Made with almond flour and seed base, they are natural, gluten-free, and absolutely delicious.

11. Simple Mills Almond Flour Crackers: Rosemary & Sea Salt

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These flavored crackers are a more subtle version of the Simple Mills crackers above.

They’re vegan and gluten-free with an amazing crunch and texture.

The subtle rosemary and sea salt flavor complements virtually anything you’d want to pair it with- or eat them on their own!

12. Ancient Provisions Vegan Cheddar Cheezish Crackers

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We bet you thought cheesy flavored crackers were off the menu for vegans!

However, these grain and gluten-free crackers from Ancient Provisions use nutritional yeast to give them that savory cheesy flavor, without any of the dairy!

They have a great crispy texture, a good amount of salt, and can be great served on any snack platter.

Or, you can enjoy a few on their own for a hardy and delicious savory snack!

13. 365 by Whole Foods Market, Almond Sunflower Vegan Cheddar Cracker

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Finally, another great cracker from Whole Foods that’s gluten-free and vegan and tastes like cheddar cheese crackers, without the dairy!

These crackers are great on their own or as a flavorful addition to any snack platter.

They have the perfect amount of crispiness along with a nutty, delicious flavor!

14. 365 by Whole Foods Market Original Organic Cracker Water

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This cracker is perfect for adding to a vegan charcuterie board or as a base for fancy hors d’oeuvres.

You can also certainly dip these crackers in hummus or guacamole, or even just eat them plain!

They have a subtle flavor and a crisp and crunchy texture that isn’t too thick.

If buying organic is important to you, they are certified organic and made with simple ingredients like wheat flour, barley extract, palm oil, and salt. They’re the perfect subtle cracker for all your snacking needs.

15. 365 by Whole Foods Market Organic Golden Round Crackers

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This delicious round Ritz-style cracker from Whole Foods signature brand 365 is certified organic.

It has that flaky, crisp texture that is perfect for snacking or dipping and a delicious buttery, salty flavor that just can’t be beaten.

Like all 365 products, they are made with simple ingredients for a pure and natural flavor that you’ll crave.

The buttery richness makes them perfect to crumble on top of casseroles for an extra level of luxurious taste and texture.

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