Best Liquid IV Flavors – Every Flavor Ranked

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Hydration is key and drinking water is an essential part of living. It regulates body temperature, prevents infections, keeps joints lubricated, delivers nutrients to the cells, and keeps your organs working properly.

While there is nothing like water, it can oftentimes be a bit boring. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to keep yourself hydrated, such as with the Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier which comes in several delicious flavors.

So, what are the best Liquid IV flavors? Liquid IV comes in 9 delicious flavors and, out of the lot, the top spots are reserved for favorites such as lemon-lime, passion fruit, acai berry, and strawberry.

Read on as we rank every Liquid IV flavor based on customer reviews from their website as well as Amazon to help you choose!

What Is Liquid IV?

Liquid IV is a US-based wellness company that has taken the world by storm, and rightfully so. It creates a range of hydration beverages that not only taste great but also offer several health benefits for the whole family.

The Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier is a powder mix that contains 3x the amount of electrolytes in most sports drinks and works faster to cure dehydration than water alone.

It uses a breakthrough process called Cellular Transport Technology (CTT) which enhances the rapid absorption of water and other key nutrients into the bloodstream.

Normally, when you drink fluids, they pass through your entire digestive system before your body can absorb the water, quite a lot of which is lost during this process.

With CTT, a precise ratio of sodium, glucose, and potassium is used to create an osmotic force that allows the water to be absorbed by the bloodstream earlier on in the digestive system.

Liquid IV comes in small handy packets and is incredibly easy to prepare. All you have to do is mix one packet with 16 oz. of water to create a healthy hydration solution.

There are a variety of nutrients in a single pack of Liquid IV, such as potassium, vitamin C, and B vitamins. The nutrients may vary slightly depending on the flavor, but you should expect low calories and 0% fat. 

What Are The Ingredients In Liquid IV?

The Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier is made with a handful of clean and premium ingredients that include:

Mined saltSodium is an essential component in CTT which, when combined with sugar in the correct ratio, accelerates the absorption of water into the bloodstream
DextroseA form of glucose that is the most absorbable of all the sugar compounds, which increases the absorbability of the other ingredients
Vitamin CFocuses on restoring body tissue and boosting the immune system
Vitamins B3, B5, B6, and B12Help convert food to energy and are known to support healthy cellular function
Stevia Leaf ExtractOrganic, zero-calorie sweetener that is one of the reasons Liquid IV tastes so great
Potassium CitrateAn essential component of CTT that maintains a proper fluid balance in the body and helps carry nutrients to the bloodstream
Natural FlavorsFlavors extracted from fruit, vegetables, roots, and other natural sources to create a delicious taste and aroma
Citric AcidDerived from natural sources, it helps stabilize the flavor and color of the powder
Sodium CitrateA salt found within citric acid that provides just the right amount of tartness to balance out the sweetness of the product
Silicon DioxideA compound made of natural materials to maintain a smooth consistency of the powder
Dipotassium PhosphateA water-soluble electrolyte that is another essential component of CTT and a great source of potassium

Pros And Cons Of Liquid IV

Before you introduce Liquid IV into your diet and lifestyle (if you haven’t already), it is important to weigh its pros and cons and how it can affect you. 

Following is a breakdown of the pros and cons of Liquid IV:

Available in many flavors and customizable packetsMore expensive than water
Convenient and super easy to prepare and useContain a good share of sodium
Dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free, and non-GMOThe taste may not be for everyone (but that shouldn’t be an issue due to the several different flavors available and since you’re sure to love at least one!)
Contains more nutrients and electrolytes than most sports drinks
Good option for having after intense activity that depletes the body of electrolytes and dehydrates it
Innovative and responsible packaging

Health Benefits Of Liquid IV

Liquid IV offers several benefits other than helping you stay hydrated, such as:

Focus And Concentration

Our bodies are dependent on water to keep working as they should. The Hydration Multiplier works to enhance thought and memory processes by helping supply water to the brain.

This further leads to boosted focus and creativity.

More Energy

One of the main reasons for feeling lethargic is dehydration as it causes you to be lazy, sleepy, and low on energy. Drinking Liquid IV helps replenish this lost energy and increases cognitive performance.

Less Stress And Anxiety

At times, dehydration may lead to increased stress, anxiety, and nervousness. This could be linked to the higher level of energy degeneration in our brains due to lower water levels.

Liquid IV can help you stay hydrated and, in turn, more relaxed.

Healthy And Glowing Skin

The health of your skin is a clear reflection of your hydration levels. The better hydrated you are, the more glowing your skin will be.

Dehydration, on the other hand, can cause dryness and dullness, making pores and wrinkles more prominent. Liquid IV can help restore that healthy glow in your skin.

How To Use Liquid IV

To use Liquid IV, mix a single stick of the powder with around 16 oz. of water, as per the directions on the package. You may use chilled water to turn it into a delicious juice-like beverage. Mix thoroughly before drinking.

You may take as much as you need according to your hydration needs. It is safe for both children and adults and is a gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free product, making it suitable for people with these particular sensitivities.

However, since Liquid IV has high sodium content, it may not be suitable for you if you have a history of high blood pressure, diabetes, or kidney or cardiovascular conditions.

If that is the case, it is advised to either limit your consumption or completely steer clear from using it. If you are unsure, it is best to consult your physician for professional medical advice.

Best Liquid IV Flavors – Every Flavor Ranked

The Hydration Multiplier range by Liquid IV has a variety of delicious fruity flavors to suit all kinds of taste buds.

From lemon lime to strawberry, acai berry, passion fruit, and pina colada, there are so many equally yummy options to choose from!

Here are all the Liquid IV flavors ranked from the most popular to least popular based on customer reviews on their website as well as on Amazon:

RankLiquid IV FlavorDescription
1.Lemon LimeA sunny mix of citrus flavors that is equal parts zesty and refreshing
2.Passion FruitAn invigorating flavor with hints of honey and berry
3.Acai BerryExotic, complex, and bold with wonderful notes of grape and honey
4.StrawberryTaste of ripe, juicy strawberries topped with whipped cream
5.WatermelonCrisp watermelon flavor with unexpected notes of rose
6.Concord GrapeDeep, bold notes of Concord grape
7.Pina ColadaJuicy notes of pineapple, featuring smooth hints of coconut cream
8.GuavaSweet and juicy Guava with notes of pineapple, citrus aromatics, and hints of hibiscus.
9.Golden CherryA lush and juicy flavor with tart notes

1. Lemon Lime

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The OG flavor for Liquid IV, lemon lime is the best and most sold flavor in the Hydration Multiplier range. True to its name, it is a sunny mix of citrus flavors that is equal parts zesty and refreshing.

Great as a workout buddy, it is similar in taste to the yellow Gatorade but has a bit of a salty kick, although not too strong.

It tastes distinctly more tart and less sweet compared to the other flavors on this list and is a perfect option for when you are going outside in hot weather.

It can also be described as a safe flavor, which is probably also the reason for its popularity, and is a good option if you are trying out Liquid IV for the first time and are not sure which one to choose.

2. Passion Fruit

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An invigorating flavor inspired by the Hawaiian lilikoi, passion fruit has hints of honey and berry and transports you instantly to white sand beaches and clear blue waters.

It is sweet and fruity, though not necessarily authentic passion fruit-flavored. Despite containing more salt and less sugar than other hydration drinks, it doesn’t taste too salty and has a strong flavor that leaves no aftertaste.

It is a great option for people who are trying to avoid sugary drinks but still want to keep themselves hydrated with something delicious and refreshing!

3. Acai Berry

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Acai berry is an exotic, complex, and bold flavor inspired by the fruit picked from Brazilian palm trees. It contains wonderful notes of grape and honey and offers a unique taste.

A nice alternative to plain water, it has somewhat of an earthy flavor with a hint of berry. Great for a smoothie upgrade, it neither is too salty nor too sweet and makes a perfect choice for your morning routine or afternoon pick-me-up.

It is mild, sweet, delicious, and great for people who want to keep themselves hydrated without a big punch of flavor.

4. Strawberry

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Who doesn’t love strawberries, right? From candies to jams, cakes, juices, and hydration drinks, strawberry flavor reigns strong.

One of the best-selling Liquid IV flavors, it tastes like freshly-picked ripe and juicy strawberries topped with decadent notes of whipped cream, giving it a hint of baked shortcake.

Sweet and fruity, similar to strawberry Pedialyte, it contains less salt and is a bit more layered. A refreshing drink to bring along on a hike, it is a good option to go for if you are worried about dehydration.

5. Watermelon

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Fresh watermelon itself is a dehydration buster and this watermelon-flavored Liquid IV is no exception. Each sip is bursting with crisp watermelon and unexpected notes of rose.

Super light and refreshing, this is a great choice for all watermelon lovers out there. It’s like drinking real watermelon juice without the fake taste and weird aftertaste.

Some users even compared it to a watermelon Jolly Rancher, and we all know how delicious that is!

It’s very sweet, but not sticky sweet like candy or sugary sweet like soda. It is the perfect balance of watermelon flavor with a bit of saltiness to help with dehydration.

6. Concord Grape

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Concord grape is a new, limited-edition flavor launched to activate your hydration goals. With bold notes of Concord grape in each sip, it is a definite mood booster.

It captures the essence of juicy grapes into a functional drink that works to hydrate your body much faster than water alone.

You can enjoy it any time of the day, during everyday errands or late nights, and feel good, hydrated, and energetic with a splash of grapy goodness!

7. Pina Colada

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If you like pina coladas and gettin’ caught in the rain…you’re definitely going to love this one!

With juicy notes of pineapple, featuring smooth hints of coconut cream, this refreshing drink is great to enjoy by the poolside on a hot, summer day.

Bringing summer dance vibes and a tropical party in your mouth, this flavor is a refreshing hydration option for whenever you are feeling down and dehydrated.

8. Guava

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Even if you’re not a guava person, this might change your stance on it! With citrus aromatics and hints of hibiscus, it offers an explosion of sweet and juicy guava flavor with notes of pineapple.

It has a sweet tropical taste that is super fresh and balanced with a dash of saltiness. Similar to lemon lime in its saltiness, which is accentuated in both flavors, it is super refreshing and has all the properties to quench your thirst!

9. Golden Cherry

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A lush and juicy flavor with tart notes of nostalgia, this is another limited-edition flavor that, although last on this list, is just as yummy.

A great option for brunch, it tastes similar to cherry-flavored Kool-Aid or a cherry Slurpee, but with a grownup twist.

A complex flavor offering that is distinctly cherry-flavored, it tastes especially good with ice-cold water. With no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or flavors, it’s like eating a bowl of golden Rainier cherries.

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