9 Best Hand Mixers For Cookie Dough in 2023

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If you are one of those people who want fresh homemade cookies but don’t want to make the cookie dough by hand, a high-quality hand mixer is what you should invest in. 

But what is the best hand mixer for cookie dough? The best hand mixer for cookie dough should have the right shape and a comfortable handle and be light enough to hold. The mixer should also be powerful enough to mix such thick substances as cookie dough. Multi-speed options and mixers with dough hooks, beaters, and whisks are ideal.

There are many aspects to a hand mixer. In this article, you will learn not only how to pick the best hand mixer so that it fits your needs and preferences but you will also get to know what are the 9 best hand mixers for cookie dough. 

Choosing a Hand Mixer for Cookie Dough

Mixing cookie dough takes time and effort. But you can easily get the job done with a good hand mixer.

So long as it is powerful enough to deal with the dough and has the needed attachments, this handheld device can be a life-saver for those who like to make cookies from scratch often. 

While some people think that hand mixers are inferior to their ‘stand’ counterparts, many brands have proved the opposite. And today, buying a hand mixer instead of a stand mixer is simply a matter of preference. 

Moreover, hand mixers have a range of benefits to make one want to buy them. Compared to stand mixers, these mixers are lightweight and portable.

Additionally, they are easy to use, store, and clean. And they get the job done beautifully if you manage to pick a good one!

So, how do you choose the best hand mixer for cookie dough? Here is what you should consider. 


It is so annoying when your hand mixer, with the dirty whisks on, topples over the counter every time you switch it off to add another ingredient into the mixing bowl. 

Some hand mixers are shaped in a way that they can easily rest on the bowl while the mixer is turned off and you are adding the rest of the ingredients. However, this shape ‘nuance’ is not very common. 

For this reason, we recommend paying attention to the shape of the hand mixer. Make sure the back side of the mixer (when held in the mixing position) is wide enough to hold the device when you try to make the mixer stand on it.

If it is not wide enough, the mixer will continually topple over and create a mess in your kitchen. 

The Handle

It is important to have a nice grip on the mixer. The handle should be thoughtfully designed to allow you to hold the mixer comfortably without getting tired. 

Handles with an ergonomic design, as well as the ones that are slightly angled, minimize hand fatigue. And as mixing cookie dough can take some time, you definitely need this feature on the hand mixer you are buying. 

If the handle is not ergonomically designed, it should at least be rounded and not square to provide a convenient grip. 


You should feel the weight of the hand mixer when you are not tired as even the most lightweight mixer feels heavy after a few minutes of holding it. 

When it comes to the weight of the mixer, things get slightly confusing. You should make sure that the mixer is not so lightweight as to feel flimsy and cheap. But it shouldn’t be unnecessarily heavy either. 

The mixer should certainly be heavy enough to not topple over when you try to make it stand while the attachments are covered in batter or dough. 

In a word, the mixer should be heavy enough for you to be able to control it and it should be light enough for you to be able to hold it for at least 5-7 minutes (this is how long it takes to reach stiff peaks for a meringue).


Compared to stand mixers, hand mixers are already very compact. However, even among hand mixers, there are bulkier options. 

If you are opting for a hand mixer to be able to store it easily and carry it with you whenever needed, look for the more compact options. You will certainly find many hand mixers that are on the smaller side. 


Don’t judge a hand mixer until you have seen the attachments. Make sure it comes with all the necessary beaters in pairs. 

If your job is to find a hand mixer for cookie dough, make sure the mixer has dough hooks or beaters. It should also have balloon whisks or French whisks for mixing eggs whites, cream, thicker liquids, etc.

Some hand mixers also come with blending rods.

The quality of the whisks also matters. They are usually made of stainless steel, although some hand mixer attachments may also have rubber details to minimize sound and better the performance. 

If you want a very versatile hand mixer, buy one that comes with a blender attachment. Transforming a hand mixer into a hand blender is a matter of seconds.  

Speed Settings

One of the key features of hand mixers is the speed variations. The speed settings differ from mixer to mixer, ranging from 3 to 10 speed levels

The more speed levels the mixer has, the more control you will have over the substance you are mixing. 

If you can test the speed levels of the mixer before buying, test not only the highest speed but the lowest speed too.

It is important for a hand mixer to be slow when needed as this is a function that comes in handy in many mixing tasks. Not everything needs to be mixed aggressively


The power of hand mixers differs from item to item. The wattage of the mixer motor decides its power and mixing quality. We recommend shooting for at least 150W – or more if you know you will need a lot of power and use it frequently.

If the mixer isn’t powerful enough, it won’t be able to tackle heavier and thicker substances, including cookie dough. 


As opposed to stand mixers that people often leave on the kitchen counter, hand mixers are usually stored away. 

If you like all your kitchen devices and tools to be stored away neatly, choose a hand mixer that comes with a storage case.

You can put both the mixer and the attachments it comes with in the storage case and not worry about the cord getting tangled or the beaters and whisks getting lost. 


Hand mixers have a wide price range. How much the mixer costs depends on the brand, its quality, functions, etc. 

If you want a high-quality hand mixer to serve you long, it is best to spend a little more than you may have planned but be sure that you have made a good investment. 

But if you need a temporary replacement for an expensive stand mixer you are saving up for, you can certainly find a good-quality mixer at a reasonable price. 


Although hand mixers are usually stored away in a kitchen cabinet, the design of any kitchen device is something we never overlook. 

Hand mixers come in a range of styles. You can choose hand mixers with chrome, matte, or metallic finish. You can also pick a bright-colored hand mixer to add a pop of color to your kitchen. 

In any case, it is best to make sure that the mixer goes well with the rest of your kitchen devices and fits the overall atmosphere and style of your cooking area. 

Other Features 

One of the features that will make you buy a hand mixer you are on the fence about buying is the swivel cord. This makes the hand mixer convenient for use for both left-handed and right-handed people. 

Cool operation and quick-cool down are other great features that add up the value of hand mixers. 

A slow start feature is something many people are looking for in a hand mixer.

With this feature, the mixer starts working slowly and gets faster gradually. This prevents the mess that is often created when working with very liquid-y substances. 

Some mixers also have such added features as a turbo boost button. 

If you are too picky, you may also look for a hand mixer that operates as quietly as it is possible for this device. 

9 Best Hand Mixers for Cookie Dough 

We have collected 9 best hand mixers that will get the job done when making the perfect cookie dough recipe, as well as all of your other ‘mixing’ needs. 

RankProductBest Features
1.Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Hand MixerBowl rest feature
2.BLACK+DECKER 5-Speed Hand MixerTurbo boost button
3.Dash Smart Store Hand MixerSlim designer
4.VonShef Hand MixerLight & ergonomic
5.Cuisinart 5-Speed Hand MixerSmooth start feature
6.DmofwHi 5-Speed Hand MixerStainless steel attachments
7.Utalent Multi-Speed Hand MixerTurbo speed feature
8.Braun MultiMix Hand MixerVertical motor design
9.Cuisinart Electronic Hand MixerSwivel cord

We’ve also included a full review below so be sure to keep reading for more information about these fabulous cookie dough hand mixers!

1. Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Hand Mixer 

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Key Features:

  • Power: 250W
  • Attachments: Traditional beaters (2) and a whisk 
  • Number of speed levels: 6

The Hamilton Beach 6-speed hand mixer is one of the best electric mixers on the market. 

As you can control the speed of the mixer, you can use it for different cooking needs. Paired with the right attachments, you will be able to tackle any mixing task, including mixing cookie dough. 

This hand mixer is easy to store as it comes with a snap-on storage case. Once you’re done with the mixer and have cleaned the attachments, put them in the case and snap it on the mixer leaving the cord inside. As easy and neat as can be!

What makes this hand mixer different is its bowl rest feature. No more falling mixers and no more mess on the kitchen counter. Simply rest the mixer on the edge of the bowl whenever you turn  the device off. 

2. BLACK+DECKER 5-Speed Hand Mixer

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Key Features:

  • Power: 250W
  • Attachments: 2 helix beaters, 2 dough hooks, one wire whisk
  • Number of speed levels: 5

The BLACK+DECKER hand mixer looks like a kitchen tool from the future with its helix beaters made with reinforced nylon.

These beaters, as the manufacturer claims, perform two times better than regular beaters. You can also use the two dough hooks to mix cookie dough.

As this mixer has 5 speed levels and a turbo button, you have lots of control over what is going on in the mixing bowl.

The mixing speed is easily controlled with the button located comfortably on the handle. With this button, you can slowly increase the mixing speed, thus preventing the liquid from splattering all over your kitchen. 

This hand mixer comes in a range of colors. So, if black is not your color, you can certainly pick a ‘happier’ option. After all, cookie making is fun, but when you are making it with a bright-colored mixer, it becomes even more entertaining. 

3. Dash Smart Store Compact Hand Mixer 

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Key Features:

  • Power: 150W
  • Attachments: 2 stainless steel beaters
  • Number of speed levels: 3

The Dash Smart hand mixer is the most compact mixer you can find. The slim design of this mixer sets it apart from the rest of the hand mixers you can find on the market. 

What’s the secret, you may be wondering? The beaters on this hand mixer snap into the handle for easy and convenient storage. The mixer itself is not bulky at all which makes it possible to fit this device even in a drawer.

While this hand mixer has only 3 speed levels and doesn’t have any attachments other than the 2 stainless steel beaters, it can mix anything from egg whites to cookie dough. 

The beaters are easy to clean. You can either wipe them clean or wash them in the dishwasher. While this compact hand mixer comes in a few colors, the aqua one will speak to those who love retro vibes in their kitchen. 

4. VonShef Hand Mixer 

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Key Features:

  • Power: 250W
  • Attachments: 2 beaters, 2 dough hooks, one whisk 
  • Number of speed levels: 5

If you bake a lot and not only cookies, then the VonSHef hand mixer is certainly a good option for you. This mixer has 5 speeds, a turbo button, and comes with every attachment you will ever need. From whisking egg whites to kneading dough and mixing cake mixes, this device will do the job. 

The speed settings are easily operated with the thumb. You can also eject the attachments with a click and put them in the dishwasher. The stainless steel beaters and hooks of this mixer are very easy to clean.

The ergonomic design of the handle provides a convenient grip. As this mixer is also quite lightweight, your hand will not get tired after a couple of minutes of holding the mixer. 

5. Cuisinart 9-Speed Hand Mixer 

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Key Features: 

  • Power: 220W
  • Attachments: 2 beaters, 2 dough hooks, one whisk
  • Number of speed levels: 9

The Cuisinart Power Advantage Plus hand mixer has a timeless design. The silver lining on white, paired with the stainless steel attachments make this hand mixer look exceptionally elegant. 

If you want to have lots of control over the mixing speed of your device, then you will surely appreciate the 9-speed feature of the Cuisinart hand mixer. This mixer has 3 low start speeds, allowing you to avoid splattering batter everywhere.

The simple touch buttons, the swivel cord that makes this mixer easy to use for both right-handed and left-handed people, as well as the nicely designed handle, are some of the details that make this hand mixer worth the price. 

What makes this Cuisinart mixer even better is that it comes with every attachment you will need for your mixing tasks, including mixing cookie dough, as well as a spatula and a storage case. 

6. DmofwHi 5-Speed Hand Mixer

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Key Features:

  • Power: 300W
  • Attachments: 2 wired beaters, 2 dough hooks, 2 balloon whisks 
  • Number of speed levels: 5

If you are after the most powerful hand mixer that will deal with your chocolate chip-filled cookie dough with ease, give this DmofwHi hand mixer a try. 

Having a 300W motor, 6 speed levels, and all the needed attachments for mixing cookie dough, this hand mixer will be your best friend whatever baking task you undertake. The handle is also curved and rounded for a comfortable grip. 

The attachments that come with this mixer are all stainless steel. They are easy to eject with only one button and even easier to clean as you can put these attachments in the dishwasher. 

The DmofwHi hand mixer comes with a stand for both the mixer and the attachments. Thus, if you bake often and want to leave the mixer on the kitchen counter, you definitely can. 

7. Utalent Multi-Speed Hand Mixer 

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Key Features:

  • Power: 180W
  • Attachments: 2 dough hooks, 2 beaters, one whisk 
  • Number of speed levels: 0 to Max 

Are you looking for a compact hand mixer that will assist you in making cookie dough but won’t cause you a fortune? Then the Utalent hand mixer is an option to consider. 

Unlike other hand mixers with speed levels, this mixer goes from 0 to maximum speed with a single speed adjusting button. Once you reach the turbo, i.e. maximum speed, the power of the mixer reaches 300W. 

If you want to turn the mixer off without splattering liquid everywhere, all you need to do is to adjust the speed to zero and press the ‘eject’ button to remove the attachments. 

This Utalent hand mixer is very comfortable to hold not only due to its non-slip handle but also the design of the mixer that allows you to comfortably lean it on the bowl while mixing the cookie dough or any other liquid. 

8. Braun MultiMix Hand Mixer

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Key Features:

  • Power: 350W
  • Attachments: 2 dough hooks, 2 beaters 
  • Number of speed levels: 9

If you want to invest in your kitchen device collection and buy a hand mixer that will serve you long, then this Braun MultiMix mixer is probably the one. 

Its unique appearance, featuring an in-line vertical motor design, not only makes this mixer look extremely stylish but also puts the weight of the mixer on the bowl rather than on you. Thus, with this mixer, you will need to make less effort to mix cookie dough. 

The handle is also ergonomically designed and has a soft grip making it even more effortless to work with a mixer. The speed levels, which range from 1 to 9 and turbo, are set with the help of a single vario control speed dial. 

9. Cuisinart CHM-3R Electronic Hand Mixer

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Key Features:

  • Power: 220W
  • Attachments: 2 extra-long beaters
  • Number of speed levels: 3

Here is an option from Cuisinart likely to be on the affordable side. This 3-speed hand mixer has 220 watts of power which will allow you to mix cold butter let alone the cookie dough. 

Operating with a single speed control button, this hand mixer is very easy to use. What makes this hand mixer even more convenient is the swivel cord feature. Whether you are right-handed or left-handed, working with this mixer won’t cause any issues. 

The backend of the mixer is flat. Thus, it can stand on the table while you add the chocolate chips to the cookie dough. 

While this hand mixer doesn’t come with a few pairs of attachments but only a pair of beaters with no center posts, it can undertake a range of mixing tasks, from meringues to cookie dough.

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