7 Best Manual Hand Mixers Of 2023

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Having a manual hand mixer around can save you a lot of time when mixing light mixtures. 

While electric hand mixers are great for mixing thick-consistency batters, when it comes to beating eggs, frostings, and more, using a manual hand mixer will provide better results.  

What are the best manual hand mixers? The best manual hand mixers generally feature a single-gear design and are built with durable but lightweight materials, such as stainless steel and hard plastics. Ergonomic design is also important to prevent any discomfort while mixing.

Read below to learn more about how you can benefit from manual hand mixers and a few great recommendations that you can buy today!

Manual Hand Mixers Vs Electric Mixers

When it comes to mixing heavy doughs and other thick batters, electric mixers fare better and can also save a lot of time and elbow grease.

These mixers are designed to be heavy-duty and are equipped with a powerful motor that can easily mix and knead any type of mixture you throw at it.

Electric mixers have come a long way since their inception. What were once bulky contraptions can now be found in virtually every kitchen!

These mixers evolved from manual hand mixers that use a gear-and-crank system to operate the mixing blades or whisk attached at the end.

Back then, the best way to mix anything was to use a whisk. This was a singular-design appliance that provided a lot of benefits but at the expense of the user’s considerable handiwork. 

It got the job done but it would more often than not leave the user exhausted, especially when mixing thick batters. Thankfully, not long after, the manual hand mixer was created to solve this issue.

This mixer would have all the features of a whisk but would be attached to rotating gears so that it can use mechanical energy to mix even the toughest of batters

The design of a manual hand mixer has largely remained the same, but nowadays you can find many hand mixers with updated technology that allows home cooks to be more efficient at mixing all sorts of batters. 

When Not To Use Electric Hand Mixers

The best use of electric hand mixers is when it comes to making dough or mixing thick and gluten-rich batters.

You might have seen these mixers being used in making pizza dough, cake batter, cookie dough, and more. That is because they are best suited and much more efficient in mixing heavier and voluminous dough-based mixtures.

In these situations, using a manual mixer just wouldn’t make sense because of the quantity and required workload. 

However, when it comes to simpler and lighter mixes, a manual hand mixer will be the most effective option. Sure, you can use an electric hand mixer to mix light batters as well but there is a catch.

When you choose to use an electric mixer to mix a lighter batter you are choosing convenience over quality because some batters don’t require that much (or vigorous) mixing. 

These can be tempura batters, pancake batters, egg-based batters, and more.

For example, when adding flour to a light batter, you would essentially want to just thicken the batter a little bit.

However, when you use an electric mixer for the job, you may inadvertently develop more gluten in the batter than necessary.

This same scenario can be applied when making pancake batter.

For example, while it would be great to aerate eggs to make stiff peaks using an electric hand mixer, when it comes to folding the eggs in the batter, it would be wiser to use a manual hand mixer that slowly incorporates the eggs. 

What’s the difference? Using a manual hand mixer in the above cases can result in smoother mixtures that incorporate less air and gluten than if you were to use an electric mixer.

Of course, when it comes to mixing and kneading dough, using an electric hand mixer would not only be advised but would also make logical sense since you would want to create gluten to bind the dough as quickly as possible. 

Manual hand mixers still have a huge role to play in the kitchen even though they can be thought of being obsolete. The truth is, many professional bakers still find the manual mixer to be much more efficient and convenient in some situations.

As mentioned above, when using a manual hand mixer, you need to consider the following questions:

  1. Does the batter have a light consistency?
  2. Does the quantity of the mixture justify the use of a manual hand mixer?
  3. Is it more convenient to use a manual hand mixer in your situation or an electric mixer?

These questions will help you decide whether or not to use a manual hand mixer for a particular task. 

Now that you know the specifics of a manual hand mixer, it’s time that you look at a few recommendations. But before that, we have created a buyer’s guide to help you pick the best manual hand mixer for any small-scale use. 

Manual Hand Mixer Buyer’s Guide

This buyer’s guide will focus on a few key aspects that an efficient manual hand mixer must have. As mentioned above, these mixers are very task-specific so you need to pick the best one for your particular use. 

Here are a few important things to look out for:

Gear Design 

Manual hand mixers usually come with a simple gear design that helps produce mechanical energy. 

These gears are what make the mixing easier. The better the gear system, the better and more efficient the hand mixer will be.

Remember, at the end of the day, a manual hand mixer is just a machine that rotates a pair of whisks. So, if you think about it, it all comes down to the gear design of the mixer!

For example, many hand mixers come with a crank and gear design where you have to rotate the crank to move the whisks through the gears. 

A singular gear would allow the machine to be more efficient while multiple gears could result in more wear and tear and an overall inefficient gear design. 

The best types of manual hand mixers have just one gear that is built using either stainless steel, aluminum, or hard plastics.

If you don’t plan on mixing heavier batters then you can perhaps get away with aluminum or hard plastic gear design but we would recommend that you get one that is made with stainless steel for all mixing tasks.

A stainless-steel gear system will last longer, be more efficient, and will potentially be able to easily mix viscous batters too.


One of the main reasons why many people prefer electric hand mixers over manual hand mixers is that manual hand mixers require a lot of handiwork and can take longer to mix batters compared to electric mixers.

The longer you hold the mixer, the likely you are to get tired. This is why having a comfortable and highly efficient gear system is key in picking a good hand mixer.

When it comes to comfort, always go with a manual hand mixer that provides grippy handles and comfortable contact points, especially when it comes to the crank.

For example, some low-quality manual hand mixers come without plastic handles which can make them a nightmare to work with, especially when you have to mix egg and flour batters.

The same task can be made much easier and bearable if you were to use a manual hand mixer with appropriate handles. 


When it comes to longevity, choosing a manual hand mixer that provides minimal resistance while rotating the gears is extremely important. This smoothness comes from using high-quality materials.

For example, a mix of ABS plastics and stainless steel could prove to be a great combination for a manual hand mixer.

This way, the mixer will be lighter yet tougher which may also allow it to last longer than other low-quality hand mixers.

You could also go with an all-stainless-steel design manual hand mixer, provided that you don’t mind the extra weight. 

We find that the extra weight of the mixer lends to the mixing capabilities, especially when it comes to mixing heavier-consistency batters.

As mentioned above, working with flour-based batters will give rise to gluten as you mix the mixture. As the mixture thickens, it will develop more and more resistance. 

This is where the sturdiness of the manual hand mixer comes in. The mixer should be able to easily process any level of consistency without requiring increasing effort

You can find this feature in all high-quality manual hand mixers that have either stainless steel or a mix of steel and hard plastic design. 


The added convenience that manual hand mixers have for small jobs is what makes them so great for many use-cases. 

Always go with a design that provides the most convenience for your use. For example, if you want a simple mixer that can help you out in small tasks then go with a manual hand mixer that is compact, light, and sturdy

This will allow you to easily clean and store the mixer away in a drawer when not in use and will save a lot of time.

The fact that you don’t have to take out a bulky machine just to mix a few eggs and flour is one of the things that makes manual hand mixers so convenient!

In the end, always remember, a hand mixer is not a replacement for electric hand mixers. Think of it as more of an additional tool that you can add to your arsenal when baking all sorts of goodies.

Rest assured, these hand mixers will prove their worth in many situations, so investing in one would be a good idea.

The 7 Best Manual Hand Mixers 

Speaking of investments, now that you know the many uses of manual hand mixers and the key aspects to look out for when purchasing one, it is time to check out our recommendations below! 

These mixers are hand-picked by us and have all the features that we have discussed in the buyer’s guide above.

From beating eggs to making light batters, all of these manual hand mixers are designed for everyday small-scale mixing tasks and more. 

RankProductBest Feature
1.OXO Good Grips Hand Mixer
A modern take on manual hand mixers. Great design, easy to use, and convenient for all types of mixing tasks.  
2.Norpro Easy Hand Mixer
Classic design, built to last with easy-grip handles. 
3.Prepworks by Progressive Manual Hand Mixer
ABS and Stainless-steel design, lightweight and efficient for all types of small mixing jobs.  
4.RSVP International (BEATR-RD)
12.5 inches manual hand mixer designed for everyday mixing and highly convenient to use. 
5.Fox Run Manual Hand Mixer Black
Best for mixing eggs, light batters, and whipping cream.  
6. Balevi Stainless Steel Push WhiskExtremely easy-to-use manual hand mixer designed for small and specific mixing tasks. Excellent for everyday baking.  
7. Buwico Manual Batter Mixer
Great design with batter-release function. Excellent tool to have in any kitchen.  

1. OXO Good Grips Hand Mixer

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A great take on an age-old design, this manual hand mixer combines the best of modern design and simplicity in a great way.

If you are looking for a modern manual hand mixer then look no further. This design offers a great gear and crank system that delivers speed, efficiency, and comfort

The entire gear system is enclosed to protect it from the batter, water, and other ingredients that may depreciate the gears in this machine.

It also has a smooth and soft plastic handle that offers a no-slip and comfortable mixing experience

The gear mechanism and blades of this mixer are detachable which makes it even easier to store and clean. (It’s dishwasher safe so you can wash this mixer with peace of mind.)

2. Norpro Easy Hand Mixer

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This classic hand mixer will last a long time. It is made with stainless steel and is designed to provide a much more efficient mixing experience. 

This mixer has a great weight, perfect gear design and will allow you to mix every type of batter that you can think of.

If you usually have smaller baking tasks at hand then this is the tool to buy! 

It also has comfortable plastic handles that provide better stability and comfort while mixing. The entire mixer comes in a one-piece design with a polished finish which makes it durable, easy to wash and store.

3. Prepworks by Progressive Manual Hand Mixer

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This manual hand mixer is made with a combination of durable ABS plastic and stainless steel.

It is lightweight but very durable compared to other plastic mixers that usually break after some use.

The gear system in this mixer is made with ABS plastic that is resistant to wear and tear as well.

Even the heaviest of mixes will not be able to weaken the gears or cause the gear ridges to depreciate, which adds to the longevity of this product.

It’s built to be used in multiple scenarios and is also highly convenient as you can easily clean it in a dishwasher and store it in a small drawer when not in use.

While it isn’t a large mixer, its size is enough for most medium-bowl mixing tasks and will come in handy when mixing different batters or aerating egg whites. 

4. RSVP International (BEATR-RD)

Check Current Price on Amazon

If you are looking for a classic manual hand mixer that does the job without requiring a lot of effort then you should definitely check out this awesome mixer. 

It comes with a stainless-steel body, measuring 12.5 inches, with a highly efficient gear system that won’t jam up even when mixing thick batters.

The mixer comes with acrylic handles which makes it very comfortable to grip and use too.

You can even move this mixer around when rotating the blades without causing it to choke or get stuck.

It is dishwasher safe and has a polished finish so you can clean this mixer without having to worry about any water damage. 

5. Fox Run Manual Hand Mixer Black

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This is our favorite mixer because it checks all the boxes mentioned in our buyer’s guide.

This mixer is 13.5 inches long and is made with stainless steel that will allow it to last longer than other inferior mixers

Its gear system is designed to be extremely smooth and is also resistant to wear and tear thanks to its sturdy design and high-quality materials.

It is also equipped with very comfortable grip handles that will allow you to easily mix any type of batter and even make homemade butter without getting tired or annoyed!

6. Balevi Stainless Steel Push Whisk

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You can not get any simpler than this.

If you are looking for an easy-to-use manual hand mixer that is easy to store and highly convenient then you should invest in this push whisk mixer. 

Its simple design is what makes it so great.

It dispenses with any moving parts and provides a more direct and convenient mixing solution than even crank-and-gear mixers.

It is perfect for everyday baking and will be indispensable for small tasks such as beating eggs or whipping cream. 

Made with high-quality materials and equipped with a very comfortable handle, you can use this mixer without having to worry about exerting too much effort or even after-use cleaning. 

7. Buwico Manual Batter Mixer

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This hand mixer is designed for all sorts of mixing tasks. 

Its design is also very different from the mixers that you may have seen on this list. However, this gives it an advantage.

This is because with this mixer design you can have improved mixing efficiency while putting in the same effort. 

Its multiple rotating blades can easily mix any ingredient and homogenize the mixture in a matter of seconds.

The design also comes with a release handle that will allow the batter to flow down the bottom vents making it great for pancake batters, waffles, and more. 

You can also get creative when it comes to this mixer. For example, it can also be used to make homemade butter. Simply mix cream until the butter forms and use the release handle to discard and separate additional liquid. 

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