7 Best Glass Straws Of 2023

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Plastic straws are quickly becoming a thing of the past and glass straws are filling the gap left in the marketplace.

Not only are glass straws more environmentally friendly – and turtle-safe! – but they’re also better for your health and financial planning as well. 

Glass straws are reusable, especially if you treat them nicely, and so long as they’re good quality they are BPA and lead-free. They also don’t leave an unpleasant metal taste in your mouth like their competitors.

So what’s the best glass straw? The best glass straw should be long (or short) enough for your glasses, wide enough to handle thicker beverages, and made of a durable, nonporous glass like borosilicate. For some, it may be worth purchasing a set of different sizes for multiple uses, as well.

Glass straws are definitely worth the investment.

In this guide, we’ll go over what factors to consider when choosing glass straws and also review a few of our favorites.

Glass Straws: What to Look For

When you’re searching for the right glass straw, consider the following criteria:

Material: For glass straws, we recommend borosilicate. It’s durable and any colors should hold up well after many washes. Borosilicate performs well with hot or cold temperatures and is nonporous. It’s just about perfect for straws.

Length: Will they reach the surface of your favorite glass or be too tall for comfortable use?

You may even get a ruler out and measure a few of your glasses to have an idea of where your comfortable range is. Or you can look for sets of straws that come in different sizes so you don’t have to bother.

Width of opening: Are you going to be drinking water and other pure liquids, or thicker beverages like smoothies and milkshakes? It may seem like a small thing, but it can make a big difference.

Shape: Although not the most important factor, some really prefer a long and straight straw, whereas some like a little bend to help them sip.

Unless you’re trying to drink thicker substances like shakes, when you likely will want a straight straw, it really doesn’t matter which you prefer. Just pick whatever makes you happy or look for a set that offers both!

Pretty simple, huh?

7 Best Glass Straws

Now that we’ve gone over what to look for in a glass straw, let’s actually look at a few. We’ve done the research for you and came up with our three favorite glass straws:

1.ALINK Glass Smoothie Straws10" long, 10mm wide, clear
2.ALINK Skinny Glass StrawsColorful, 10.5" long, 7.5mm wide
3.Aquach Glass Drinking Straws9" long, 10mm wide, clear
4.Qisiewell Reusable Glass Drinking Straws14 straws, 3 lengths, 2 thicknesses
5.Pandeo Reusable Glass Straws9" long, 8mm thick, 6 colors
6.Bollovi Bent Glass Drinking Straws12 straws, 6 colors, shatter-resistant
7.AMZSockets Reusable Glass Straws6 straws, 3 colors, 9" long, 8mm wide

Whatever your drinking needs may be, we’re sure the right choice is within these options, so read on for more information.

1. ALINK Glass Smoothie Straws

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This set of 8 clear straws are 10 inches long with a wide, 10 mm diameter, making them perfect for smoothies and milkshakes.

You get an even split of 4 bent and 4 straight straws, plus two bristle brushes for cleaning, so it’s truly a perfect set.

Even with a wide diameter, these should still fit some tumblers, mason jar lids, and more. They’re even dishwasher-safe and, of course, made of food-safe borosilicate glass, so what more do you really need?

Key Features:

  • 10” x 10 mm 
  • Includes 4 straight and 4 bents straws
  • Comes with 2 cleaning brushes
  • Made from borosilicate glass, which is BPA and lead-free
  • Dishwasher-safe with a lifetime warranty

2. ALINK Skinny Glass Straws

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Colorful and skinny, this set of eight straws are great for pure liquids.

Like the other set from ALINK on our list, these bad boys are both straight and slightly bent and also come with cleaning brushes.

Their smaller size means they fit most lids and tumblers, which is a great plus.

With the colorful silicone tops to protect your teeth (especially if you have a habit of biting straws) this set is stylish and sweet. You can even remove the colorful tops if for some reason you don’t want them.

Key Features:

  • 10.5” x 7.5 mm
  • Includes 4 straight and 4 bents straws
  • Comes with 2 cleaning brushes
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe, even the color won’t chip off
  • Packaged in an attractive, safe box and makes a fun gift for anyone

3. Aquach Glass Drinking Straws

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This last set of 8 straws is the perfect length for at-home glass tumblers.

At a slighter smaller 9 inches in length, they’ll work comfortably for the majority of glasses and tumbler lengths.

And at 10 mm in diameter, you don’t have to think about whether it’s a smoothie or an iced tea day.

Aquach also seems to know the perfect ratio of bent to straight straws is 50:50 and this set even comes with three cleaning brushes (in case you lose a couple).

Key Features:

  • 9” x 10 mm
  • Includes 4 straight and 4 bents straws
  • Comes with 3 cleaning brushes
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Resistent to both low and high temperatures

4. Qisiewell Reusable Glass Drinking Straws

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This 16 piece set comes with 14 straws of different sizes, lengths, and shapes, so that all your needs will be met.

Because they’re clear, they’ll blend in perfectly to any setting from home use to dinner parties.

These straws are so sturdy they’re even dishwasher-safe. Eco-friendly and completely plastic-free, these straws are an excellent and safe choice.

They even included stoppers for to-go cups!

Key Features:

  • 14 straws, 2 brushes, 2 thicknesses, 3 lengths, bent and straight
  • Clear for any occasion and setting
  • No taste
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly
  • dishwasher-safe
  • To-go cup stoppers included

5. Pandeo Reusable Glass Straws

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If you’re looking for a little more color in your life, you’ll love the next three selections we have for you.

These straws from Pandeo are on the smaller side at 8 inches. They are available in both curved and straight versions.

Made of high-quality borosilicate glass, these straws are not only lead-free and non-toxic but explosion and crack-proof as well!

Key Features:

  • 9″ x 8mm
  • 6 pack with 6 colors
  • Comes with 2 cleaning brushes
  • Explosion and crack proof
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures
  • Transparent and stylish
  • Available straight or bent

6. Bollovi Bent Glass Drinking Straws

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If the colors above haven’t satisfied your need for bright hues in your kitchen, then this pack from Bollovi certainly will.

As useful as they are pretty, these bent straws are dishwasher-safe, non-toxic, tasteless, and odorless.

They don’t just make a great accent to cocktails and summer drinks but are also a safe and cost-effective alternative to paper or plastic straws.

Key Features:

  • 12 straws, 2 brushes
  • 6 colors
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic
  • Shatter-resistant

7. AMZSockets Reusable Glass Straws

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These glass straws are for those of you who like a little more subtle color in your lives. This pack comes in mint, pink, and grey for a modern and stylish look.

They may look delicate, but these straws are made of reinforced borosilicate glass for a strong and durable finish.

Nevertheless, it’s always important to practice caution with glass of all types.

Key Features:

  • 6 straws, 3 colors
  • Reinforced borosilicate glass
  • Durable
  • Smooth edge with bent design

Do Glass Straws Break Easily?

We wouldn’t describe glass straws as being easily breakable, but they can certainly break.

Most glass straws, including all 3 of the ones that made our list of favorites, are made from borosilicate, which is the same material Pyrex is made from. It is not indestructible but it is very durable.

These straws are very resistant to temperature fluctuations, making them just as great for use in ice-cold drinks as hot drinks. They’re also safe for dishwasher cleaning, in terms of temperature.

However resilient this type of glass is, it can still break and chip. Most often, if a glass straw breaks, it’s because it was hit or dropped on the very tip, where it is the most vulnerable.

For safety’s sake, always take a quick look around the rim of your straw before sucking up your favorite beverage.

Always immediately discard any glass straw that has been chipped or broken. Even if you don’t cut yourself, glass dust is very dangerous if ingested.

How Long Do Glass Straws Last?

Glass straws can last indefinitely, or they may only last a single drink. This depends on both the quality of the glass the straw was made from, the manufacturing and design, and how the straw is cared for.

When you’re shopping for glass straws, always search for ones made from borosilicate as it’s the most durable and will promise you the longest life possible.

Finally, take care of your straws and they’ll last longer. Even if they’re dishwasher safe, use the cleaning brushes provided and handwash your straws whenever you can so they don’t have to rattle around.

Place them in a safe storage location when they’re not being used. Try not to drop them or smash them with cutlery or dishes. If you keep them protected, they’ll last for years and years to come.

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