The 7 Best Dishwasher Safe Cooking Utensils

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Our cooking utensils stand up for us in every situation. They stir and they scrape, they whisk and they sift, there is no limit to what we can ask for from a cooking utensil. It seems like we can never keep up with keeping them clean in time to use them again! 

We prefer dishwasher safe cooking utensils because let’s face it, the dishwasher is far more convenient than making time to wash things by hand and the dishwasher promises extra-hot sanitization in the cleaning process. 

When you’re perusing your cooking utensils at the store, do you check to see if they are dishwasher safe or do you just buy what you like and deal with the consequences when they arrive? 

Dishwasher safe is the way to go because you know that those utensils will be reliable and will hold up against any challenge. But what are the best dishwasher safe cooking utensils? The best dishwasher-safe cooking utensils are those that won’t rust or start to fall apart after a few cycles in the dishwasher. Stainless steel and silicone are generally the best materials to look for.

In this guide, we will share with you a number of cooking utensil sets that are dishwasher safe that. We’ve dug and researched and tried out the options and narrowed down the playing field to give you a helping hand. 

Keep reading to learn the best dishwasher-safe cooking utensils available. 

The Best Dishwasher Safe Cooking Utensils

We have a large selection of cooking utensils to share with you. Each option will include a full set of cooking utensils and each set we share will be dishwasher-safe. 

We understand it can be overwhelming to sort through a multitude of options, which is why we have done the work for you. We’ve done all of the research to remove that burden you’re your shoulders. 

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Here is our rendition of the top 7 dishwasher safe cooking utensils. 

1. Home Hero 11 Silicone Kitchen Utensil Set

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This 11-piece set has a little bit of anything you could possibly need for your kitchen.

The handles are stainless steel and the utensil piece is silicone on each piece. These are high-quality utensils built to last. 

Key Features

  • 11-piece set
  • BPA-free
  • Non-scratch protection silicone

This set is lightweight and durable with a sturdy handle that can handle intense use without breaking.

These are sleek and look great while also working great for your kitchen needs. The set comes with all of the basics plus salad tongs, potato mashers, and even a skimmer. 

The materials used to make these utensils are food-grade, FDA approved materials and this set comes at a great price considering all of the pieces and the quality that they provide. Use these utensils for years to come – or gift them to someone! 


  • Company offers a money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied
  • Use with any type of pots and pans with no worries about scratching your nice stuff
  • Equipped with a hanging hole so you can store in whatever way works best for you. 
  • High-grade silicone materials withstand high heats with no melting


  • The handles are hollow and may hold water or liquid that will come out
  • Inconsistent quality in that some of the silicone heads are not well-sealed to the handles and fall off (without breaking)

2. REMIHOF 6-Piece Silicone Kitchen Utensil Set

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This 6-piece cooking utensil set from REMIHOF has a little bit of everything in unique style. It will grace your kitchen with all of the basic cooking utensil needs in fashionable and quality form. It’s available in a few different color options as well. 

Key Features:

  • 6-piece silicone and stainless steel set
  • Ergonomic handle designs with finger grooves on the grips
  • BPA-free

These utensils can easily be a static statement piece in your kitchen. They are modern and sleek in design with an overall build that is meant for comfort and style. Each piece also has the hook in the handle for hanging so you can store them how you please. 

These utensils are made with FDA-approved silicone material that will withstand heat up to 410 degrees as well as 430 stainless steel on the handles. These are sturdy and safe and you should have no worries about bending or breaking. 

The grip is also made with an eco-friendly material that is durable and lasting. 


  • Non-scratch silicone material is safe for every pot and pan type
  • The silicone materials are both heat and stain-resistant
  • Company provides a risk-free warranty to guarantee your satisfaction
  • A great selection of utensils to fit the majority of kitchen needs


  • The soup ladle is inconsistent and could potentially be lopsided
  • Set is very large with extensively long handles that could be awkward while you get used to them

3. Klee 11-Piece Heat-Resistant Silicone Kitchen Utensil Set

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Klee’s 11-piece cooking utensil set is sweet and simple. Give your kitchen a modern look that is totally understated with these red or black silicone utensils that have stainless steel handles.

This set comes with a good variety of utensils for your kitchen. 

Key Features:

  • 11-piece silicone and stainless steel set
  • Choose from either black or red
  • BPA-free materials

This set has a slight bit of elegance in its simple design that could please anyone and work well in any kitchen. The silicone utensil piece is sturdy and flexible to provide you with the maximum efficiency cooking in your kitchen. 

The silicone is FDA-approved and withstands heat up to 446 degrees. The handle is ergonomically designed with a hanging loop for easy storage purposes. These are comfortable and sturdy with quality that is hard to beat for a great price. 


  • Flexible silicone utensils won’t scratch your nice and expensive pans
  • Ergonomic design with handles that are 13” inches long and durable
  • Company offers a satisfaction guarantee or a full refund
  • Elegant and modern look in a simple design


  • The potato masher is not very sturdy for potato mashing. 
  • Metal handles are hollow and might hold water in the dishwasher

4. Calphalon 5-Piece Nylon Cooking Utensil Set

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Calphalon is a trusted kitchen name that many kitchens have grown to know and love through the years for their high-quality kitchenware. This set is a bit on the pricy side for a 5-piece set but the quality is hard to beat. 

Key Features:

  • 5-piece nylon utensil set
  • BPA-free materials
  • Unique design of its own

With this set, you will find that Calphalon has created its own unique design with each set so that many of the pieces are multi-functional.

The spatula has a riveted edge and the perfect shape while the serving spoon is rounded just right to reach all sides of the pan while also being able to scrape and serve. 

These utensils are made with a nylon material that is FDA-approved as food safe. The material is heat resistant up to 400 degrees and is specifically designed to work without scratching any of your cookware. 


  • Company offers a lifetime warranty on their product
  • Utensils are high-quality and built to last
  • The utensils are smartly designed to be ergonomic and multi-purpose
  • The utensils are non-stick as well and easy to clean


  • Spatulas are inconsistent quality, some melt much too easily (but remember that lifetime warranty!)
  • Utensils tend to stain easily

5. Oannao 11-Piece Silicone and Wood Kitchen Utensil Set

Check current price on Amazon.

This set is in a category all its own but well worth checking out. These pieces are designed with flexible silicone that holds up but also flexes as necessary and the handles are natural wood.

Everything about this set speaks safe, sanitary, healthy, and durable. 

Key Features:

  • 11-piece silicone and wood set with a wide variety of utensils
  • The materials are BPA-free, non-corrosive materials
  • Strong wooden handle for ultimate durability

Stop messing with those handles that bend or break while you’re hard at work in the kitchen and cozy up to this durable set that will not leave you disappointed. You will be pleasantly surprised at what this set can offer you. 

The set comes with many versatile options with some additional items like tongs and a basting brush. Additionally, this set comes with a canister for storage as well as hooks that you can easily use for hanging storage. 


  • No need to worry about melting with heat resistance up to 446 degrees
  • Will not scratch your nice pots and pans thanks to silicone headings
  • Made to last with sturdy and non-corrosive materials
  • The perfect mix of flexibility, style, and durability


  • Undersized utensils are shorter than most with small headers
  • The handles tend to come loose from the headers

6. Umite Chef 12-Piece Cooking Utensil Set

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This fun utensil set from Umite Chef has 12 well-selected pieces as well as a utensil crock for storage purposes. These come in a turquoise green color, a black color, or a bold colorful set.

You can enjoy some color with well-made utensils in your kitchen. 

Key Features:

  • 12-piece versatile utensils made with organic silica gel
  • Unique and colorful with color or black options available
  • FDA-approved silica that is BPA-free

This set is both fun and unique and has a variety of tools to fit your needs, including your everyday spoons and spatulas with the addition of a small spatula, tongs, and a basting brush as well. 

These come with a crock but are also designed with a hole for hanging purposes. These utensils are designed to be ergonomic and long-lasting while also being fun and stylish to brighten your kitchen space up. These are easy to clean and won’t scratch your expensive cookware. 


  • Heat resistant silicone up to 446 degrees
  • Pieces are designed to be durable and versatile for every kitchen need
  • Materials are easy to clean with stain-resistant surfaces
  • Made with anti-rust and anti-bacterial materials


  • The utensils are somewhat flimsy but not break
  • Dishwasher-safe but may retain water marks after dishwasher use

7. Asani 25-Piece Stainless Steel Kitchen Utensil Set

Check current price on Amazon.

Your kitchen won’t be lacking for anything with this 25-piece set that is optimally priced and includes every kitchen gadget you could possibly need. This is a great set for setting up a new home or gifting to someone who is. 

Key Features:

  • 25-piece stainless steel set with a variety of pieces
  • Durable pieces that cannot melt or bend
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty

This set takes the cake for a gorgeous set that delivers optimal functionality with sleek grace and design. This 25-piece set contains all of the essentials for a kitchen including a cheese grater, ice cream scoop, can opener, corkscrew, and measuring cups and spoons.

These are designed to last a lifetime but also designed to offer you sleek comfort. The stainless steel is beautiful and will look great in any kitchen. The handles are reinforced so you don’t have to worry about the heat. The only downside is stainless steel is not compatible with all types of pots and pans. 


  • Has every possible utensil you might need with a 25-piece set
  • Made with high-quality 430 steel that is durable 
  • Designed to withstand heavy use with no bending and corroding
  • Simple to clean and will not stain or stick


  • Quality does not appear to be consistent and could rust if not dried after washing
  • Ice cream scoop bends easily

Choosing the Right Utensils

With an overwhelming number of options, you need to understand what you are looking for. In this particular guide, we are specifically looking for utensil sets that are dishwasher safe but you should know the primary qualities to look for as you peruse your options. 

There are some standard characteristics that can make or break a utensil set and also determine whether or not it is worth the money. We wanted to provide you with some simple guidance of qualities to watch for. 

  • Durability – it would be a shame to spend money on utensils that will break or warp with only a few uses. Watch for durability and choose something that is designed to last for years to come. 
  • Selection – you can’t always get everything at one time but be sure the set you choose has a good selection of items and at least covers the basics. If you can find a set that has some of the unusual tools (like tongs and basting brushes) then that is even better. 
  • Compatibility – one of the things you should remember most is whether or not the set will be compatible with your cookware. You certainly don’t want to purchase utensils that will scratch your expensive pots and pans. 

Related Questions

We hope that you have found this guide to be a useful resource for selecting the best kitchen utensils for your kitchen. There is a variety to choose from and there is bound to be a suitable option for just about anyone in the ranks. 

We’ve compiled a question and answer section and invite you to take a look for additional information that might be useful. 

How Much Heat Do Utensils Need to Withstand for a Dishwasher?

Most dishwashers wash somewhere between 120 and 150 degrees. This is the optimal dishwasher range. Be sure whatever utensils you choose are suitable for such heat. Most utensils are suitable for much higher heat of 400 degrees and higher. 

What are the Primary Utensils to Look for?

Must utensil sets will include a ladle, spatula, spoon, and slotted spoon but some other great options to watch for are whisks, skimmers, tongs, pasta servers, and various forms of spatulas or spoons. 

When buying a set, you should look for a minimum of 5 pieces but you can purchase many sets that are 10+ pieces for similar prices. 

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