9 Best Garlic Keepers Of 2023

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Garlic keeper is certainly not a ‘must’.

However, once you learn why it is so good to have one, it basically becomes one. You’ll start looking for the perfect garlic keeper to fit your cooking space. 

But what is the best garlic keeper? The best garlic keeper should be made of terracotta or other porous materials. Terracotta garlic keepers absorb both moisture and odor. Non-porous materials don’t; however, so long as the garlic keeper allows proper ventilation, it will keep the bulbs fresh. 

In this article, you will learn what are the best garlic keepers and how to find the perfect garlic keeper that will look nice on the kitchen counter while making the garlic last longer. 

How to Choose a Garlic Keeper

We’ve all suffered from the same terrible realization: the garlic went bad. It seems garlic lasts for ages, until it suddenly doesn’t. That’s where garlic keepers come on the scene.

If you are wondering why you need a garlic keeper, here are a few valid reasons. Knowing why they’re useful will also help us illustrate what features you’ll need in the next sections.

First off, you need to keep garlic somewhere dark and cool. Not cold, as many people think. Keeping garlic somewhere cold will cause the bulbs to sprout. 

A beautifully designed garlic keeper is the perfect place for garlic so long as you store it away from sunlight and heat sources. 

Secondly, garlic should be kept away from moisture. Storing it in a garlic keeper that is vented, and which in certain cases absorbs moisture, keeps the garlic nice and fresh. 

Lastly, you always have a bulb of garlic at hand. If you are someone that can’t imagine cooking without a clove of aromatic garlic, a garlic keeper is a life-saver.

You don’t have to go to the pantry or open the fridge every time you need to add garlic to the dish. 

Although many people underestimate the power of garlic keepers, there is a range of options on the market.

To choose a garlic keeper, you should keep the following considerations in mind:


Every material has its pros and cons. Terracotta garlic keepers, for example, are often the best. Being a type of fired clay, terracotta is a (usually) unglazed porous material. It easily absorbs moisture, preventing garlic from getting moldy. 

Terracotta keepers will also absorb the garlic odor, making these crocks a good choice for people who don’t want the garlic smell lingering in their kitchen. 

With this being said, baked clay crocks don’t look very elegant and sophisticated. If the ‘unfinished’ look of terracotta garlic keepers is not something you like, then you may have to consider other materials.

Ceramic garlic keepers are also widely popular. You can find both glazed and unglazed ceramic garlic keepers on the market. 

Unglazed ceramic keepers are prone to chipping and cracking. They also get stained easier. Glazed ceramic, on the other hand, looks neater and doesn’t chip or crack easily. You can’t stain it either. 

Stoneware is another non-porous material often used for garlic keepers. Like ceramic keepers, stoneware keepers don’t absorb moisture and garlic odor. 

You can also find plastic garlic keepers on the market. These are lightweight. But what most people don’t like about plastic keepers is that they don’t look as presentable as ceramic ones do.

Additionally, plastic garlic keepers don’t absorb moisture. 

Metal garlic keepers are not very popular. But they are good for people who like the vintage look of storage tins. 


Ventilation is key when it comes to proper storage conditions for garlic. Garlic keepers, no matter what material they are made of, should be vented. 

This is especially important for nonporous materials.

When buying a garlic keeper, make sure there are enough ventilation holes on it and they are big enough to provide sufficient airflow. 


The size and capacity of the garlic keeper matter too. If you are looking for a garlic keeper for only a bulb of garlic that you can keep on the kitchen counter and use it up within a day or two, a crock on the smaller side will work. 

But if you use garlic very often and need a keeper that will fit a few bulbs, look for something bigger.

When making a purchase, look for real photos from real buyers. This is the best way to see how many bulbs of garlic fit in the keeper advertised. 

You should also consider where you will be storing the garlic keeper. If you will be keeping it on the kitchen counter where you don’t have much space, opt for compact-sized garlic keepers. 


There are so many good-looking garlic keepers on the market that it may be hard to choose one. 

Make sure the garlic keeper you are buying goes well with the aesthetic of your kitchen. Terracotta keepers are some of the best but they don’t go well with modern design kitchens. 

With heavier garlic keepers that are made of breakable materials, it is also important to consider the design of the lid of the crock.

You should be able to take it off and put it back on easily, without dropping it. Thus, make sure the lid is designed in a way that you can grab it comfortably. 

Ease of Cleaning

The ease of cleaning is another property to consider when buying a garlic keeper. If you want something that is easy to maintain clean, buy a garlic keeper that is dishwasher safe. 

Most ceramic and terracotta garlic keepers should be hand-washed. 

9 Best Garlic Keepers

Here are our top 9 choices for the best garlic keepers out there:

1.Mud Pie Garlic KeeperCeramic
2.Fox Run Garlic KeeperTerracotta
3.Hutzler Garlic SaverPlastic
4.Norpro Ceramic Garlic KeeperCeramic
5.Esschert Design Storage TinMetal
6.Vinkoe Kitchen Storage ContainerStoneware
7.Snips Garlic KeeperPlastic
8.KitchenCraft Garlic KeeperCeramic
9.Oregon Stoneware Studio Garlic KeeperStoneware

We have picked nine garlic keepers that will do their job of keeping the aromatic bulbs super fresh. No matter what your preferences are about this simple yet effective tool, you will certainly find an option that works for you. 

1. Mud Pie Garlic Keeper

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Key Features:

  • Wooden lid
  • Pierced holes for freshness
  • Fits 2 medium or 3 small bulbs of garlic 

The Mud Pie white ceramic garlic keeper is perfect for those who are into simple yet modern designs. The clean shape of this garlic keeper, along with the simple writing on it, and the wooden lid make it a great addition to any kitchen. 

While this garlic keeper is made of ceramic that is non-porous and can’t absorb moisture, it does have multiple vents around the keeper to provide proper airflow. 

The diameter of the lid of the Mud Pire garlic keeper is around 3 inches. While it may seem small for some people for the larger bulbs of garlic, remember that you can always divide the garlic into cloves to store it comfortably in the keeper. 

In the cases of small or medium-sized bulbs, this garlic keeper works perfectly. 

Hand-washing is recommended for the Mud Pie ceramic garlic keeper. 

2. Fox Run Garlic Keeper 

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Key Features:

  • Absorbs moisture and garlic odor 
  • Big ventilation holes
  • Fits multiple small or medium-sized bulbs 

As we have mentioned earlier in this article, terracotta is one of the best materials for garlic keepers to be made of. It is porous and will absorb not only the moisture but also the odor of the garlic bulbs. 

The holes on this garlic keeper are relatively bigger. These, in their turn, provide better ventilation and keep the garlic bulbs fresh. 

This garlic keeper, including the lid, won’t let any light in, further preserving the quality of garlic. 

The lid itself is nicely designed and won’t slip off your hands easily. The keeper also has handles.

Thus, while terracotta can break easily if you drop it, the chances that you will are not high as you can always have a good grip on this garlic keeper. 

Additionally, the opening is quite big and you don’t have to pick up the garlic keeper and shake out the bulbs every time. You can easily take a bulb out while the crock sits on the counter.

So, don’t be too concerned about breaking this terracotta garlic keeper. 

3. Hutzler Garlic Saver

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Key Features:

  • BPA-free plastic 
  • Fits one bulb of garlic 
  • Dishwasher-safe

If you need a small garlic keeper that will fit only one head of garlic and won’t take too much space on your cooking area, then this Hutzler garlic keeper is for you. 

This garlic-shaped plastic keeper has multiple vents at the bottom. These allow the bulb to breathe. As the manufacturer states, this garlic saver makes the bulbs last up to 45 days longer. 

The Hutzler garlic saver is made of plastic. It is lightweight and easy to clean. Additionally, it won’t break if you accidentally let it go off your hands. 

While many people may find this garlic keeper to be small, it has the ideal size for those who don’t use garlic in the preparation of every meal and it takes them days to finish a bulb. 

The neutral and not-so-eye-catching design of the Hutzler garlic keeper will fit the interior of any kitchen. 

4. Norpro Ceramic Garlic Keeper 

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Key Features:

  • Glazed, kiln-fired ceramic 
  • Fits 3 to 4 garlic bulbs
  • 4 vents on both sides

The Norpro ceramic garlic keeper is a real find for people who like vintage-looking kitchen items. The blue details on white elevate this garlic keeper making it look more expensive than it actually is. 

As this ceramic garlic keeper is glazed, it won’t chip or stain easily. The four relatively big holes on both sides will provide ventilation and keep the bulbs in a good condition. 

This garlic keeper is ideal for not only garlic but also for shallots and ginger. Thus, even if you are not a big garlic fan, you can purchase this keeper for other reasons. 

5. Esschert Design Garlic Storage Tin 

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Key Features:

  • Fits multiple heats of garlic
  • Well-ventilated
  • Tight-sitting lid

If you are looking for a garlic keeper that is on the bigger side, then this Esschert storage tin is for you. 

While the material is non-porous and not good at absorbing odor or moisture, it does have holes at the lower part of the keeper to provide proper ventilation for the garlic bulbs. 

You can keep multiple heads of garlic in this garlic keeper and they will stay fresh for up to 4 weeks.

The lid closes tightly and has a comfortable handle, making this storage tin secure and user-friendly. 

6. Vinkoe Kitchen Garlic Keeper

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Key Features:

  • Bamboo lid
  • Large vents for airflow
  • Fits 2 medium-sized garlic bulbs

If you like bamboo details in your kitchen, then this Vinkoe stoneware garlic keeper is something to consider. 

There are 12 large vents on this garlic keeper. Thus, you can be sure that your garlic bulbs and cloves are well-ventilated and will stay fresh for many days. 

The bamboo lid protects the garlic from sunlight. It is easy to take off and put back on, without any unpleasant sounds of ceramic pieces touching one another. 

7. Snips Garlic Keeper 

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Key Features:

  • BPA-free plastic 
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Perfect for one large garlic bulb 

If you are looking for a simple garlic keeper that you can keep at hand while cooking, then this Snips garlic keeper is a great choice. 

Made of plastic and being easy to clean and store, this garlic keeper also looks cool with its half-white and half-transparent design.

Shaped like garlic, this simple kitchen tool will make your job easier at maintaining the garlic bulb and cloves fresh for longer than you’d expect them to last. 

The three vents on the upper part of the keeper will keep the garlic fresh. 

The only drawback of this plastic garlic keeper is that you will need both hands to open it. And we all know that in the process of vigorous cooking, you don’t always have both of them clean. 

The good thing is though, this garlic keeper is dishwasher-safe and even if you get it dirty often you can also clean it within minutes. 

8. KitchenCraft Garlic Keeper 

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Key Features:

  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Fits multiple heads of garlic
  • Tight-sitting lid

For those looking for a very good looking garlic keeper, the KitchenCraft ceramic garlic keeper is it. 

With its pastel color palette and nice wooden lid, this garlic keeper will elevate your kitchen while doing its job – keeping the garlic fresh. 

The vents on the upper part of this garlic keeper are big enough to provide airflow but small enough to not let too much light into it. The tight-fitting lid, in its turn, keeps the smell of the garlic locked in the keeper. 

This KitchenCraft garlic keeper is also good for people looking for something with a larger capacity. 

9. Oregon Stoneware Studio Garlic Keeper 

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Key Features:

  • Hand-made
  • Glazed stoneware
  • Fits up to 4 garlic bulbs

If you are willing to pay a higher price for a handmade garlic keeper, then this Oregon Stoneware Studio crock is worth your pick.

The high price on this garlic keeper is compromised by its very attractive design and capacity to hold up to 4 heads of garlic. 

The overall size of this garlic keeper is perfect. It is big enough for a few heads of garlic but not too big as to take up a lot of space on the kitchen counter. 

There are five vents on this garlic keeper to provide ventilation. The only drawback is that this handmade garlic keeper requires gentle hand-washing. 

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