7 Best Wood Grill Scrapers Of 2023

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If you enjoy grilling, then you should certainly have the right tools to keep your grill grates clean. Wood grill scrapers can be a great investment if you have decided to take care of your grill and do a good job of it. 

But what are the best wood grill scrapers? The best wood grill scrapers are the ones made of high-quality wood. The scrapers should also be comfortable to hold to make cleaning the grates as easy as possible. Top-quality wood scrapers have grooves that fit the grate perfectly and don’t burn and break off easily. 

In this article, you will find out why wood scrapers are better than their wire counterparts and what are the 7 best wood grill scrapers. 

Wood Vs Wire Scrapers – What’s The Difference?

There are a few different types of grill scrapers on the market. You may think that wire scrapers do a better job at cleaning the grill than the wooden ones just by looking at them.

While both types can be efficient in cleaning the grates from the food residue and buildup, there are a few differences between wood and wire scrapers. 

The wires on wire scrapers are typically made of stainless steel. While a good-quality wire brush can do a decent job at cleaning your grill, there are three reasons why wood grill scrapers might actually be better

Here’s why: 

  • Firstly, wood scrapers are safer. No matter how much you pay for a wire grill brush, there is always a risk of the wires breaking off. The pieces of wire left on the grill grate can get into your food.  
  • Secondly, wooden scrapers are more durable than wire scrapers. If you have been buying wire scrapers, you know that they wear out quite quickly. 
  • Lastly, with frequent use, wood scrapers adjust to the grill grates. While wire bristles can easily get in between the grates, cleaning the grill with a scraper that develops grooves to fit it perfectly will be more efficient. The more you scrape the grates with a wooden tool, the more custom-fit it becomes.

How To Choose A Wood Grill Scraper 

If you are buying your first wood scraper, here are the primary things to consider for a successful purchase. 

What it’s Made of

Of course, all wood scrapers are made of wood. However, the kind of wood matters. The level of hardness and strength differs from wood type to wood type. The durability of the scraper is partly decided by this factor.

It is best to pick scrapers made of hardwoods. Hardwood trees include oak, maple, beech, walnut, etc. 

Softwood scrapers, such as the ones made of pinewood, can work well too if they are well-constructed. 


The shape of the scraper matters too. It should be designed in a way that you can hold the scraper comfortably. 

The thoughtfully designed handle of the scraper is what can make the tedious job of cleaning the grill grates a little easier. 

7 Best Wood Scrapers 

We have picked seven wood grill scrapers you can buy to make your grill grates cleaner without running the risk of getting bristles into your food or being left with a half-melted scraper mid-season. 

RankProductBest Feature
1.Easy Function Grill Scraper Scalloped blade to fit any type of grill
2.Char-Broil Hot & Cool-Clean Combo Grill Brush Can be used for hot and cool cleaning
3. Mr. Art Wood BBQ and Grill Scraper Tool Double-edge design
4. Broil King Wood Grill ScraperPaddle-style handle for easy grip
5.Searious Grilling Wood Grill Scraper Tool Pre-cut grooves for fast cleaning
6.FEROS Safer Scraper MiniDurable bamboo material
7.Ultimate Cleaning BBQ Tool Solid hardwood material

1. Easy Function Grill Scraper 

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Key Features:

  • Scalloped blade
  • Top-quality pine wood
  • Can be used on stainless steel, porcelain, and cast iron grill grates 

The Easy Function grill scraper is our top pick for a reason. Its scalloped blade makes this scraper very user-friendly.

Unlike straight-edged scrapers, this one needs fewer scraping sessions in order to fit your grill grates perfectly. 

This scraper is made of pine wood. Although pine is considered to be a softwood tree, the thickness and the shape of this scraper give it durability.

In any case, this product comes with a lifetime warranty. If anything goes wrong with it, you can always get a replacement. 

2. Char-Broil Hot & Cool-Clean Combo Grill Brush

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Key Features:

  • Double-sided 
  • Natural wood and nylon bristles
  • Comfortable handle

This Char-Broil natural wood grill scraper will save you money, as it is a 2-in-1 tool.

Not only does it feature a well-designed wooden scraper, but it also has a nylon bristle brush attached to it. The latter is for cool cleaning, while the wood scraper can be used to clean the grill while it is hot. 

Unlike stainless steel bristles, these industrial-grade nylon bristles are safe and never get rusty

The wooden edge has slight curves. This means that you can customize it to any grill grate. All you have to do is to use the scraper consistently. 

3. Mr. Art Wood BBQ and Grill Scraper Tool 

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Key Features:

  • Two edges for scraping
  • One-piece ash wood 
  • Comfortable grip 

Mr. Art wooden grill scraper will steal your heart with its unique design. It has two edges – one sharpened and one grooved.

The grooved edge will help you clean the grill grate with ease even when the scraper is new. 

The sharpened edge works well for removing the charred remains of your food from flat grill tops

Mr. Art grill scraper has a comfortable handle to provide you with a good grip on the tool and ease the process of cleaning the grates.

This scraper is made of ash wood – light-colored hardwood. So, expect it to last you a lifetime

4. Broil King Wood Grill Scraper

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Key Features:

  • Paddle-style handle for easy grip
  • Pre-cut notches
  • Wedge-shaped scraper head 

The Broil King wood grill scraper is another great alternative to wire grill brushes.

At first sight, there is nothing special about this scraper. However, once you inspect the details of the design, it becomes clear that you can get perfectly clean grates with it. 

The pre-cut notches will work well on any type of grate and on any type of grill. The wedge-shaped head, in its turn, will get in between the grids and remove the dirt that has got stuck in there. 

5. Searious Grilling Wood Grill Scraper Tool 

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Key Features:

  • Pre-cut grooves for fast cleaning
  • Works for all types of grills
  • Comes with tongs and a bottle opener 

The Searious Grilling wooden scraper is the perfect gift for barbecue aficionados.

It comes in a set with wooden tongs which always come in handy when grilling. There is also a bottle opener on this scraper – a convenient tool and nice touch.

Being made of hardwood, the Searious Grilling wood scraper can undertake some serious cleaning tasks and stay completely intact. 

The pre-cut grooves will only make your job easier. Not only will they fit the grates nicely, but they’ll also save you time and effort in trying to customize the scraper for your grill. 

6. FEROS Safer Scraper Mini

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Key Features:

  • Can be used on sensitive surfaces
  • Sustainable bamboo material
  • Hang strap 

Though bamboo is not exactly wood, this Feros bamboo scraper is equally as good as the wood scrapers on this list. 

The unique shape of this scraper is what makes it stand out. This one-piece bamboo scraper is 4.5” x 3.25”. It is also half an inch thick, which makes this scraper extra durable. 

The scalloped edge will work on any grill grate and fit it better and better with each use. The tapered edges will make the cleaning process easy, as they can get into all nooks and crevices of the grate. 

7. Ultimate Cleaning BBQ Tool 

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Key Features:

  • Solid hardwood material
  • Straight edge 
  • Hang strap

The Ultimate Cleaning wood grill scraper has a classic design and will work efficiently without causing any health hazards. 

As this scraper is made of red oak, it is highly durable and bound to last a lifetime. As we have mentioned earlier in this article, hardwood scrapers are some of the best. 

The edge of this scraper is straight. It may take you around four grill cleaning sessions to develop grooves to fit your grates.

But once you do, this wood scraper will become your favorite grill cleaning tool. 

This wood grill scraper is quite large. As it is easy to hold with both hands, you won’t get tired of using this scraper after a couple of minutes. 

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