Tea Latte Vs Milk Tea

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While tea can be a simple beverage, there are some different types that could cause some confusion. Two that often get confused with one another are tea lattes and milk tea.

What are the differences between tea lattes and milk tea? Tea lattes and milk tea are made with similar ingredients, but they are two different beverages. Milk tea is a fairly broad term that covers various types of tea drinks which include milk, whereas tea lattes are a specific type of beverage.

To learn more about these two tea beverages, and how to tell them apart, read on for all the information you need!

What Is A Tea Latte?

Tea lattes are a type of milk tea, which are similar to cafe lattes, although they are made with a strong tea brew instead of a coffee shot.

A tea latte is made from strong-brewed tea, which could be green tea, matcha, or breakfast tea, which is added to steamed milk. It is usually served hot, but tea lattes can be served cold too.

They offer a great alternative to cafe lattes for those who like the milky froth and creaminess of lattes, but who prefer tea and are trying to avoid too much caffeine.

What Is Milk Tea?

Milk tea is a broad term given to various types of tea-based drinks which include milk. Tea lattes actually fall under this category, but they are more of a specific beverage than the term milk tea.

Simply, milk tea is a type of tea that has milk added to it. The preparation and tea used depend on personal preference and vary from region to region.

Milk is added to tea to reduce the astringency of tea, mostly with black teas, and to help make the tea creamier and more balanced.

Tea Latte Vs Milk Tea – Difference In Ingredients

Tea lattes and milk tea are both made with very similar ingredients – milk and tea, but the specific tea does differ, and the amount of milk used varies, as well as other ingredients added in.

Tea lattes are mostly made with strong-brewed tea, which can be regular breakfast tea, matcha, or green tea, and these shots of tea are added to steamed, frothed milk. A sweetener can be added to preference, such as sugar or honey. Flavored syrups can also be added if desired.

Milk teas come in different forms, and most consist of a specific type of tea, whether a breakfast blend or a black tea, blended in with some milk.

However, various types of milk teas contain different ingredients. Hong Kong milk tea contains black tea and sweetened condensed milk or evaporated milk, and Boba tea contains tapioca pearls. 

So the ingredients included in milk tea depend on what you are having, whereas tea lattes are made with similar ingredients each time.

Tea Latte Vs Milk Tea – Difference In Taste

Tea lattes are becoming more popular because they offer a more mellow, lighter version of cafe lattes, and they feature the flavor of tea and the creaminess of steamed milk.

Various syrups added to tea lattes can alter the flavor slightly, such as vanilla syrup or caramel syrup, but it will still have a strong tea and milk flavor. The flavor will also depend on the type of tea used, whether a strong black tea, a green tea, or matcha.

Milk teas have a more varied taste, as it covers a whole lot of different tea beverages. A normal cup of milk tea is usually made with a breakfast blend and some milk, along with some sweetener, and it will have a mellow, slightly astringent, sweet flavor.

Boba tea, a type of milk tea, comes in a variety of flavors, and the tapioca pearls used can also be flavored too. Hong Kong milk tea also has a strong tea flavor, but is much sweeter with the inclusion of condensed milk or evaporated milk.

Tea lattes and milk tea both share the flavor of tea and creamy milk, but added ingredients can alter the flavors slightly.

Tea Latte Vs Milk Tea – Difference In Preparation

Milk tea can be prepared in a variety of ways, depending on the type of milk tea beverage. A simple cup of milk tea is made by steeping a tea bag or tea leaves of choice in hot water and then adding in a small amount of milk, and maybe a sweetener.

A tea latte is made by making a shot of strong-brewed tea of choice, and then steaming milk until hot and frothy. The milk is then poured over the tea, and it can be sweetened with some honey or sugar. A syrup may also be added and stirred in for flavor.

Tea Latte Vs Milk Tea – How To Choose

There is no clear guideline on how to choose between a tea latte and milk tea, especially because a tea latte is a type of milk tea.

The best way is to try out the different options and decide which one you prefer best. You have likely had a simple cup of tea with some milk at home already, and if this is something you enjoy, then try out a tea latte, either making your own or ordering one at a cafe.

If you want something a little more interesting, then Boba tea is worth a try, or a Hong Kong milk tea with condensed milk is a good option, especially if you like some sweetness!

Tea Latte Vs Milk Tea

Tea lattes and milk tea beverages are both made with brewed tea and some milk, but the preparation and flavor vary between the two.

Tea lattes are made by adding steamed milk to a strong-brewed tea, whereas milk tea is a broad term that covers a whole range of tea beverages that are made with milk.

Try out the different milk tea options, and a tea latte, to find the one that you love best!

Related Questions

Is a tea latte the same as a regular cup of tea?

A tea latte is not the same as a regular cup of tea, as a tea latte is made with steamed milk, whereas a cup of tea is usually made with cold milk.

Which tea has low caffeine?

If you are looking for a low-caffeine tea to enjoy, especially for a tea latte in place of a cafe latte, then look to try a green tea latte, which has a lot less caffeine when compared to a cafe latte, or even a latte made with black tea.

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