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7 Best Izze Flavors Of 2023

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Sugary sodas now have worthy opponents as flavored sparkling waters and juices have picked up their game. Izze is one of the most notable of these fizzy beverages, with a variety of flavors to choose from. 

But what are the best Izze flavors? Most would agree that clementine is the most popular Izze flavor, with apple, grapefruit, blackberry, cherry lime, peach, and pomegranate following next on the list. Of course, this is all subject to personal preference.

Looking to stray away from unhealthy sugary sodas but unsure where to start? We’ve got you covered with our list of the 7 best Izze flavors. Read on to find the right flavor for you!

Izze Sparkling Juice

Izze is not a soda. Izze is popular brand of sparkling juice, inspired by European style sodas and sparkling waters.

Offered in a variety of flavors, Izze is a great alternative to sodas. It has less sugar, fewer calories, and none of the preservatives and other artificial flavors used in most sodas. 

Izze’s fizz comes from sparkling water, not carbonation. They are not a sparkling water company because they use more juice than water. 70% juice, to be exact! This is also why Izze is not considered a soda. 

A higher juice to water ratio makes Izze more flavorful than flavored sparkling waters. They use natural flavors and do not add any additional sugar.

This means all the sugar is in the form of fructose, not sucrose. Fructose is the name for the naturally occurring sugars found in fruit.  

Izze is also gluten-free and preservative-free. They use mostly natural ingredients, making them one of the healthier options for sweet fizzy beverages.

Some of the flavors feature other fruit juices as well. This makes all of Izze’s options nice and balanced. 

What Makes Izze So Popular?

Sodas tend to be full of sugar and potentially harmful ingredients, while flavored sparkling waters are often bland and tart.

Izze’s products land right in the middle. They feature the robust flavor and sweetness of sodas but are much healthier.

This makes Izze a great option if you are trying to kick your soda habit, but still need something with pronounced flavor. While Izze still has sugar, the absence of preservatives and the source of the sugar make Izze much healthier than sodas. 

There is no way to know exactly which flavor you will like the best, although we hope our descriptions below will help you. While we cannot tell you what to look for in the best Izze flavors, we can tell you what all the fizz is about. 

The Flavors 

Izze’s flavorings come from all-natural ingredients, mostly fruit juices. 

Some of their sparkling juices use juice concentrate, but these days we know those are not always as terrible as people say. A concentrate is really just a reduction, as long as nothing was added. 

The flavors selected by Izze are all popular flavors and there is a good amount of variety.

They are all fruit-based flavors, and all tend to go really well with the fizziness from the sparkling water. Some more tart, while others are sweeter. There is definitely an option for everyone. 

The Quality Ingredients

As we mentioned, Izze only uses fruit juices to flavor its sparkling juices. They do not add any additional sugars, relying on the sweetness of the fruit to work the magic. Izze’s products are also gluten-free and made without preservatives. 

Most of the Izze flavors have less than a dozen ingredients, the majority of which are all-natural.

Considering the flavor packed into their juices, it is even more refreshing to know they are moderately healthy when compared to other juices and sodas. 

The 7 Best Izze Flavors

We did some research and taste testing to bring you the absolute best Izze flavors, ranked.

1.ClementineLight, crisp, sweet
2.AppleTart and sweet
3.GrapefruitSweet, sour, and tart
4.BlackberryTart, strong flavor
5.Cherry LimeBalanced, refreshing but strong flavor
6.PeachSweet, floral, light
7.PomegranateBalanced cocktail

We hope that one of these flavors will brighten your day and put some sparkle in your smile!

1. Clementine

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Izze’s clementine flavored sparkling juice is undeniably the crowd favorite. Clementine is a type or orange known to be lighter and crisper.

A perfect choice for sparkling water. Clementines also have a wonderful natural sweetness. 

Although this drink is delicate and refreshing, it’s also packed with bright flavor and will beat your average sparkling water any day.

The citrusy orange flavor from the clementine juice is delicious and makes this drink one of the sweeter options on this list. 

2. Apple

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Izze’s apple flavored sparkling juice is a close second amongst Izze drinkers. You can smell the apple when you crack it open.

The apple taste is not as intense as the scent, but it is still clearly the star of the show. 

Izze uses a combination of Granny Smith and Macintosh apples to make the perfect juice for this cider-like beverage.

This creates a nice blend of tart and sweet. Some may find this flavor slightly sour, while others may find the hints of citrus balance out the apple perfectly. 

Some people claim that this flavor is the least fizzy, but we did not notice much of a difference during our taste tests. Most who find the clementine flavored Izze too sweet will really enjoy their apple option. 

3. Grapefruit

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Grapefruit is probably one of the most popular fruits to pair with sparkling waters and juices.

This makes sense when you consider the delicate balance of sweet, sour, and tart offered by grapefruit. It is a light fruit that blends perfectly sparkling water.

Being a type of citrus fruit, it is also very refreshing and crisp. A great partner for sparkling water.

While Izze’s grapefruit option is nowhere near as sour as other grapefruit flavored beverages, it is still on the sour end compared to the other flavor options offered by Izze. 

Apple juice and white grape juice are used to balance out the tartness, making the grapefruit flavor more subtle. This option is the closest to a sparkling water, versus a sparkling juice, as far as flavor intensity. 

Grapefruit fans will likely enjoy this flavor, while those who prefer sweeter citrus will want to stick to the clementine option. Even if you do not like grapefruit, we recommend giving this one a try. 

4. Blackberry

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Blackberry may seem like an odd choice for a sparkling juice, but we recommend you give it a try.

The aroma of blackberry bursts from the can as soon as you open it and the blackberry flavor is easy to detect.

Izze also used apple and white grape juice to balance out the natural tartness from the blackberries.

This flavor is one of the tarter options, second only to the grapefruit and pomegranate flavored options.

Izze blackberry is the strongest flavored option, an attribute that some people applaud and others dislike.

One thing we noticed was that the first few sips did not do justice to the wonderful blackberry scent. However, like a wine that just needs to breathe, the blackberry really opened up after a while. 

Some people notice a bitter aftertaste after drinking this one, but we didn’t notice in in our taste tests.

5. Cherry Lime

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Izze’s Cherry Lime flavored sparkling juice is one of their newer options.

Unfortunately, this means that the only way you can buy it on Amazon is in their sunset pack, which includes peach, clementine, and pomegranate.

This clever mix of citrus and cherry is not what you expect it to taste like.

There is no cough medicine flavor from the cherry, and the sourness of the lime actually cuts the tartness of the cherry, creating a nice sweetness. 

The cherry and lime are delicately balanced, and this option is just as light and refreshing as the grapefruit and peach options, but as deeply flavored as the blackberry and clementine options. 

Izze uses sour cherries, key limes, and purple carrots to create this unique flavor. Key limes are sweeter than Persian limes and are a wonderful compliment to the cherry flavor. 

6. Peach

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Peach is another fruit well-suited for flavoring sparkling water. It has a delicate sweetness that is light and becomes almost floral with the sparkling water.

The peach aroma in the fizz is very pleasant, making this option the best smelling option. You almost just want to use it as a candle!

Some peach flavored juices taste more like candy or fruit than real peach.

Izze’s peach option tastes like fresh peaches. They use just a touch of white grape and apple juice to add depth and sweetness, but you would not know unless you read the label. 

Some people complain of an aftertaste similar to the one they experienced with the blackberry flavor offered by Izze.

We did not detect this during our taste tests, but we did make sure to have every flavor nice and cold before we tried it. That may account for the lack of aftertaste. 

7. Pomegranate

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Izze’s pomegranate flavored sparkling juice came out around the same time as the cherry lime option, and we think it is just a matter of time before it climbs the ranks.

The popularity of pomegranate is increasing around the world and Izze did a great job capturing it. 

Pomegranate can be very tart and sweet but Izze balanced out those flavors with pineapple and carrot juice.

They also added white grape, apple, and cranberry juice, making this option more of a juice cocktail than the others. 

Even with all the other fruits, the pomegranate flavor is still in charge. Pomegranate goes well with the fizz and you won’t have to take all the time it takes to cut up a fresh pomegranate just to taste its unique flavor.

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