9 Best Dragon Fruit Powders Of 2023

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Dragon fruit, also known as pitaya, is a delicious, beautiful, and healthy fruit, yet sometimes it can be hard to come by. 

Fortunately, dragon fruit powder has become popular and easily accessible with tons of different companies dehydrating and selling the fruit in this powdered form. 

With so many different powders on the market, a new problem arises: how do you decide on which dragon powder to choose? Fortunately, we have done the legwork for you.

So, what are the best dragon fruit powders? The best dragon fruit powders will be pure with just the fruit or other healthy ingredients, as well as organic, non-GMO, and contain no added sugars or preservatives. It’s also helpful when the powder comes in a sealable tub with a lid, as this will ensure the powder stays fresh for as long as possible.

Keep reading to learn more about dragon fruit powder and its different uses, the health benefits, the different things to consider before purchasing the powder, and the nine best dragon fruit powders on the market. 

What Is Dragon Fruit Powder?

Dragon fruit, also referred to as pitaya or strawberry pear, is a beautiful fruit that comes from a Hylocereus cactus. 

It is found in warmer climates like Asia, Mexico, South America, and Central America, but more recently can be found in many different places around the world.

It traditionally has a bright pinkish-purple outside that has spiky-looking leaves sprouting all around it with the inside being white flesh that has tiny black seeds. However, it can also have yellow skin.

Dragon fruit is a sweeter fruit and does not have much tartness to it and has been compared to a mix of a pear and a kiwi in taste.

Its texture is moist and spongy and it is traditionally eaten with a spoon. 

Now, dragon fruit powder takes this sweet and delectable fruit, freeze-dries it, and then takes that freeze-dried fruit and grinds it into a powder

The powder usually has a bright pink color that can be found on the outside of the fruit and its texture is naturally grainy or gritty, depending on the brand. 

Its texture can be compared to a collagen protein powder– grainy by not necessarily chalky. 

How Is Dragon Fruit Powder Used?

Dragon fruit powder can be used in a plethora of ways but is most frequently used in sweeter recipes—you will not see this powder in savory recipes. 

Dragon fruit powder works great in drinks. Add it to water for a refreshing juice-like drink or add it to a smoothie for both flavor and additional health benefits.

You can add it to flavor granola, to an acai or smoothie bowl, yogurt, or any type of food you traditionally include fruit in.

It works great in desserts, like tarts or custards, or can be used in raw treats like protein balls or bars. 

The only thing you want to make sure of when using dragon fruit powder is that it can be dissolved. This is why using anything that has some type of liquid is the best option.

Health Benefits To Dragon Fruit Powder

Dragon fruit powder offers many different health benefits that are worth incorporating into your diet. 

It is full of vitamins and minerals like vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, calcium, iron, and magnesium

It is full of antioxidants like flavonoids, phenolic acid, and betacyanin. 

Dragon fruit powder is high in fiber which is said to be great for your metabolism and digestive system.

Speaking of digestive systems, it also contains prebiotics which are a good bacteria to introduce to your system. This helps with keeping your gut healthy and your digestive system intact.

Because of these vitamins and other benefits, dragon fruit powder can be beneficial to your immune system and your overall health. 

Because of these different health benefits, it may be worth including dragon fruit powder in your diet.

Buyer’s Guide

Before you purchase dragon fruit powder, there are a few things to consider to ensure you are getting the highest quality powder:

No Added Sugar

One thing you want to stay away from is dragon fruit powder that has added refined sugar. 

Refined sugar is great in desserts or road trip candy, but when consuming a dragon fruit powder you want to reap the nutrition benefits and refined sugar can deter that from happening. 

If you need a bit of sweetness to your dragon fruit powder, look for one that has a more natural sugar like honey. Honey has its own health benefits, where sugar does not, so if you are looking to sweeten it up, go with that option. 

However, for the best quality of dragon fruit powder try to avoid any added sugar at all

Organic or Non-GMO

When picking out a dragon fruit powder, if possible, you want one that is either organic or non-GMO.

These labels mean the dragon fruit that was used for the powder does not contain any pesticides, additives, or are derived from genetically modified organisms—it means your powder is as natural as possible. 

Choosing either organic or non-GMO not only ensures the product is made with your health in mind, they also tend to taste better when they are made in this way.

No Weird Ingredients

You want to make sure there are no funky ingredients added to your dragon fruit powder. 

Some companies use unnecessary preservatives, additives, or dyes to these products for longevity and color. 

However, there are plenty of high-quality options on the market that do not require these other ingredients. If there are going to be any added ingredients, stick to natural items like honey. 

For the best quality dragon fruit powder, look for one that has only one ingredient: dehydrated dragon fruit powder


One last thing to consider before purchasing dragon fruit powder is the packaging it comes in.

Most of the options come in a resealable plastic bag that has an interior lining that is meant to keep the product as fresh as possible. 

These bags are fine and do keep the dragon powder fresh; however, you have to be extremely careful when opening and closing the package. 

If you do not get the seal all the way closed your product can lose its quality. It also raises the chances of items like dust or bugs infiltrating the bag. 

If you have glass jars or containers that you like to transfer things like flour or sugar into, you could get an extra one for your dragon fruit powder and transfer it over.

This would be the safest way to keep the quality of your dragon fruit powder.

The other option the dragon fruit powder comes packaged in is a plastic tub with a sealable lid that can be fully removed. To ensure the quality of your dragon fruit powder, this is the better option of the two

These plastic tubs become completely sealed when turned shut and are more reliable that a plastic resealable bag. 

These tubs can also be cleaned and repurposed once you are finished with your dragon fruit powder making them have multiple uses, where the resealable bags cannot be reused.

The 9 Best Dragon Fruit Powders Of 2021

Here are the 9 best dragon fruit powders on the market!

RankProductBest Features
1.Soulmate Organic Freeze-Dried Dragon Fruit PowderBest overall dragon fruit powder
2.Koyah Organic Freeze Dried Pink Dragon Fruit PowderOrganic and non-GMO
3.Wilderness Poets Freeze Dried Dragon Fruit PowderDeeper purple color
4.Nutrition Restore Certified Red Dragon Fruit PowderNo added sugars or preservatives
5.Suncore Foods Premium Pitaya Supercolor PowderBeautiful bright pink color
6.Source Nutrition Organic Dragon Fruit PowderGreat affordable option
7.Pitaya Plus Organic Freeze Dried Red Dragon Fruit PowderBest designed packaging
8.Micro Ingredients Organic Freeze-Dried Pitaya PowderCertified vegan
9.Pink Drink Powder Pitaya Dragon Fruit and Honey RefresherComes with an added bit of honey

1. Soulmate Organic Freeze-Dried Dragon Fruit Powder

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The first dragon fruit powder on our list is the Soulmate Organic Freeze-Dried Dragon fruit powder. 

This dragon fruit powder is not only non-GMO, but organic as well.

This means you are getting the highest quality powder with this brand. 

It comes in a plastic resealable package that keeps it nice and fresh in your pantry. 

Soulmate suggests that this powder can also be taken by the spoonful for both a quicker and more effective absorption of the many different nutrients and minerals it includes.

With this high quality powder, and the relatively low price point, the Soulmate Organic Freeze-Dried Dragon fruit powder is one of the best on the market.

2. Koyah Organic Freeze Dried Pink Dragon Fruit Powder

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The Koyah Organic Freeze Dried Pink Dragon Fruit Powder is one of the most expensive on our list, but also has the highest quality powder.

Coming straight from Vietnam, this high quality dragon fruit powder is both organic and non-GMO.

Not only does it come from a trusted source, but the process of making this powder is also simple and only requires the necessary steps.

This ensures that the Koyah pink dragon fruit powder does not lose any of its health benefits in the grinding process.

Koyah is also extremely transparent with their consumers as they put their powders through heavy metal testing and have posted the results with their product. This makes this company trustworthy and worth buying products from. 

Though it is one of the more expensive powders on our list, the Koyah Organic Freeze Dried Fruit powder is of the highest quality in both sourcing, producing, and included ingredients. 

3. Wilderness Poets Freeze Dried Dragon Fruit Powder

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Wilderness Dried Dragon Fruit powder is an excellent option if you are looking to just try out dragon fruit powder. 

It comes in a smaller package, so if you are new to the powder, you can give it a try before committing to a bigger package.

It has just 11 servings in each package so it is not too much of a commitment!

Compared to other dragon fruit powders,Wilderness Poets is more on the purple side than pink.

So, if you are using it to dye food and not flavor, this would be a good option for a deeper purple color.

It does not have any added ingredients, just freeze-dried dragon fruit, so it is a good option if you want the purest dried dragon fruit experience. 

One thing to be wary of is that this powder is made in a facility with nuts and nut products so there is a possibility of cross-contamination.

4. Nutrition Restore Certified Red Dragon Fruit Powder

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Another excellent dragon fruit powder on our list is the Nutrition Restore Certified Red Dragon Powder.

It is a gorgeous bright magenta color that has the potential to transform any dish it is added to and is one of the brightest on our list. 

Nutrition Restore dragon fruit powder is certified organic, non-GMO, and has no added sugars or funky ingredients like preservatives.

It is also third-party tested to ensure the dragon fruit powder is always of the highest quality. 

This powder also comes in a reusable tub that can be cleaned and used to store other ingredients like nuts or other supplements once you have finished your dragon fruit powder. 

In addition, it comes with over 50 servings making this powder last.

Nutrition Restore also will send you a list of their exclusive and fun recipes to use your dragon fruit powder in so you will have many different ways to utilize this bright and beautiful powder.

5. Suncore Foods Premium Pitaya Supercolor Powder

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Suncore Foods Premium Pitaya Supercolor Powder is an excellent choice if you are looking for a powder to specifically dye your food. 

Suncore Foods advertises this powder as a beautiful super dye.

It’s able to transform the colors of your chia seed puddings, smoothies, or popsicles to a beautiful bright pink color.

However, just because it is advertised as a dye does not mean it is of lower quality.

It has just one ingredient: red dragon fruit powder and it is still organic and non-GMO.

Therefore, you can still use this powder in any food for flavor, it just specifically dyes food beautifully. 

It comes in a plastic resealable bag which has the potential to get a bit messy, so if that is an issue or a concern for you, try transferring it into an airtight jar.

6. Source Nutrition Organic Dragon Fruit Powder

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Source Nutrition Dragon Fruit Powder is one of the most affordable on our list.

It also is a fantastic choice if you want to try the dragon fruit powder without spending a lot of money or buying a large container. 

Unlike some other powders on our list, Source Nutrition is organic. However, it is not non-GMO.

This could be why it is a bit cheaper than some of the others; however, the quality does not suffer one bit. 

Source Nutrition uses the finest dehydrated dragon fruit and they do not add any sugar or other additives or preservatives; you get a pure dragon fruit powder when you purchase this brand. 

Source Nutrition also promises that its packaging will result in a long shelf life. The stand-up resealable bag will keep your dragon fruit powder usable for months at a time.

7. Pitaya Plus Organic Freeze Dried Red Dragon Fruit Powder

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Pitaya Plus Organic Dragon Fruit Powder is the option for you if you care about aesthetics, as this packaging certainly has the best design. 

It is colored bright red and magenta and has drawn dragon fruit on the front with an easy-to-read label.

If you have your supplements and other foods on display in your home, this would make an excellent addition to your shelf.

Not only is the packaging pleasing to the eye, but the quality of the powder is also top-notch. It is both organic and non-GMO and made only with dehydrated dragon fruit.

The powder comes in a very fine texture making it extremely dissolvable in any food you choose to include it in. 

Pitaya Plus Dragon fruit powder is also certified vegan, kosher, and gluten-free therefore almost any diet or lifestyle can safely consume it. 

Pitaya Plus is also an amazing company to support as they source this fruit ethically and provide the people of rural Central America well paying jobs to work for them, in turn helping the economy by increasing job opportunity.

When you purchase this dragon fruit powder, you can be proud of the company you are supporting.

8. Micro Ingredients Organic Freeze-Dried Pitaya Powder

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The next dragon fruit powder on our list comes from Micro Ingredients. 

This dragon fruit powder comes in a very fine consistency.

Sometimes it is so fine that when you open up your packaging you will find that the dragon fruit powder has formed into clumps.

Do not worry, this is not a bad thing! The clumps easily fall apart when touched.

The packaging comes with a scoop to perfectly measure each serving, and the scoop is excellent at breaking apart the powder. 

Micro Ingredients dragon fruit powder works great in many different foods like smoothies and lemonades but can also be taken by itself. That’s right—simply take a scoop of the powder and pour it directly into your mouth. 

Micro Ingredients promises this helps with ensuring you get a higher concentration of the health benefits, quicker absorption of the ingredients, and it is easier on your digestive system.

This is made possible by the high-quality ingredients in this dragon fruit powder. It is non-GMO, organic and certified vegan, and 100% pure dragon fruit. 

9. Pink Drink Powder Pitaya Dragon Fruit and Honey Refresher

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This last one on our list is an excellent option if you need a little sweetness to your dragon fruit powder.

This Pitaya Dragon Fruit and Honey Refresher Powder has a bit of honey in it to give it a hint of sweetness

It also has a bit of lemon and strawberry in it to give it a well-rounded taste without being overbearingly sweet. 

If you prefer your drinks, powders, or supplements with sweetness this is the best dragon fruit powder on the list for you.

It also tastes the best by itself mixed with just water and does not need a lot of other ingredients for a full-bodied taste.

Though the powder tastes great by itself, it still works well in smoothies, desserts, and other drinks. 

Its bright pink color makes any food it is added to a unique and beautiful color unlike anything else!

What Other Fruit Powders Out There Are Similar to Dragon Fruit Powder?

If there is any reason you do not like dragon fruit powder or are allergic to it, there are a few other powders that offer similar benefits. 

Also, like dragon fruit powder, these other types of powders make excellent natural food dyes if you are looking to change the color of your drinks or desserts. 

Some different types of powders include pomegranate powder, blueberry powder, pineapple juice powder, and blackberry powder.

If you are looking for a powder that provides a similar flavor and color to dragon fruit powder, Nubeleaf Organic Red Raspberry Powder is a fantastic option. 

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