7 Best Cheese Board Sets Of 2023

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Cheese is great for so many occasions – you can set out a cheese board as an easy Sunday afternoon snack, it could finish off a dinner party, or serve as a grazing board at a function.

You cannot go wrong with cheese, just about everyone loves it, and there are so many different cheeses to please a variety of tastes. 

In order to serve up the perfect platter of cheese, you need a good cheese board set. A good cheese board set is invaluable and will be your go-to for many different occasions.

What makes for the best cheese board set? The best cheese board are made from quality materials, visually appealing, and come with all the accessories needed to easily serve up different types of cheese. It’s a bonus if the cheese board has a compartment to store these accessories.

It might seem like a simple thing to buy, but choosing a good cheese board set should take some thought, in order to choose a high-quality set and one which sees to all of your cheese needs!

To pick the right one, read on to pick up some tips on how to choose the best cheese board set and the best ones on the market in 2021!

Buyer’s Guide – Best Cheese Board Set

Before choosing a cheese board set, there are a few questions to ask yourself. Below are some questions to keep in mind, in order to choose the best cheese board!


It is a good idea to choose a cheese board that comes with some accessories. The accessories not only help to cut and serve the cheese but will also be a matching set with the cheese board, and look better when laid out as well.

The accessories should be useful to use, such as knives and forks, but you could also look for sets that come with accessories such as condiment bowls and cocktail forks.

The knives and forks should be made from stainless steel so that they are long-lasting and remain sharp.

Type of Wood

When choosing a cheese board, you should look for one that is made from non-porous wood. Non-porous wood stops the cheese board from holding onto any flavors and odors, and is more hygienic.

There are a few hardwoods that are perfectly suited to be used for cheese boards, such as olive wood, acacia, hard maple, teak, and birch.

However, many people are choosing to use bamboo cheese boards now, as it is suitable to be used for this purpose and it is considered more environmentally friendly than many other wood options.


There are a few design features that a cheese board should have. The design features can be aesthetically pleasing, but they should be functional as well.

Some cheese boards feature grooves along the edges, which hold treats, fruits, and crackers. There are some that feature a convenient place to store the knives and forks as well.


The size of the cheese board will depend on how much cheese you are wanting to serve. If you need a cheese board just for the family, you don’t need one that large.

However, if you are planning to use the cheese board for parties and occasions, a bigger one would be better suited.

Consider what you will be serving with the cheese. If you like to serve up different condiments, crackers, and fruit with cheese, then you would obviously need a bigger cheese board to have more space.

Ease of Cleaning

It is a good idea to choose a cheese board that is easy to clean. You don’t want to be stuck scrubbing a cheese board after a party!

The cheese board should be made out of a durable material that cleans easily, and it should not have any hard-to-reach areas that make cleaning it a nightmare.

A cheese board set that can be popped into the dishwasher is also such a bonus, as it saves you having to wash at all. Just check to see that the cheese board set is dishwasher safe.

7 Best Cheese Board and Knife Sets

Below are our top picks of the best cheese board sets in 2021. You’re sure to find the cheese board set that suits your needs best from the list below!

RankProductKey Features
1.Blauke Bamboo Cheese Board SetHidden layer for storage, 3 knives
2.CTFT Cheese Board SetStorage drawer, 3 knives, chalk markers
3.Aoibox Bamboo Cheese Board SetKnife rack, 3 knives, cracker groove
4.Nest & Nook Cheese Board SetWave design for crackers, 2 knives
5.Vudeco Marble Cheese Board SetMarble and acacia, matching knife
6.Casafield Bamboo Cheese Board SetStorage drawer, 3 knives, cracker grooves
7.Hecef Cheese BoardAcacia, knife and cheese fork

1. Blauke Bamboo Cheese Board Set

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This bamboo cheese board and knife set is the ideal set to keep at home, for when you want to enjoy a cheese platter on the weekend, or for when you want to serve guests at a dinner party.

Hidden under the top serving surface is a slide-out storage tray, which holds 3 different cheese knives, all suited to cut and serve different types of cheese, and a cheese fork.

Made from natural and sustainable bamboo, the cheese board set is eco-friendly and food safe. It can be cleaned simply with some warm water and mild soap.

Other than the cheese board and the slide-out storage tray, the set includes a stilton knife, a cheddar knife, a parmesan knife, and a cheese fork.

The diameter of the cheese board measures 9.9’’, which is a decent size for a family and a small dinner party. The sleek and elegant design goes great on any table, and for almost any occasion.

2. CTFT Cheese Board and Knife Set

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This is the ultimate cheese board to serve up a beautiful platter for guests, with enough space to hold fruit, nuts, jams, crackers, and more.

This cheese board can be used for just serving cheese, or as a charcuterie board, a fruit platter, or a serving tray.

It is the ultimate board to keep in the kitchen if you love entertaining! 

Made to be space-saving, the cheese board has a hidden tool tray that includes four carving knives to make cutting and serving the cheese easy.

To make it even more unique, there is soapstone chalk included, which allows you to write directly onto the board, or onto the little signs provided, to name each cheese for your guest to choose from.

Included in the set are the bamboo cheese board, two ceramic bowls, two slate labels, 2 chalk markers, 4 cheese knives, and even a handy user manual to make the most out of your new cheese board.

Made from bamboo, the cheese board is easy to clean and durable, and will last you through many different dinner parties!

3. Aoibox Bamboo Cheese Board Set

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This bamboo cheese board set is made from 100% natural bamboo, making it eco-friendly and food-safe.

Along with the cheese board is a standing knife rack to hold the different stainless steel cheese knives with bamboo handles.

The four different cheese knives are suited for almost all types of cheese and fit easily into the knife holder on the side of the board.

On the side of the cheese board is a groove to hold crackers in, which can also be used for other treats too.

The total set includes the cheese board, knife box, a small ceramic bowl, and 4 stainless cheese knives which are a cheese fork, a hard cheese knife, a spatula, and a plane knife. This is all you need to get serving up some great cheese to guests, family, and friends.

The bamboo wood is safe to use and easy to clean, and you will definitely use this cheese board often in your home.

4. Nest & Nook Cheese Board and Knife Set

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This might not look like your usual cheese board, but it is wonderfully effective at holding and serving cheese and different condiments.

Made from gorgeous, sustainable acacia wood, this cheese board is an eco-friendly option, while still being a wonderful option for serving up cheese.

It is a clean hardwood, which makes it food-safe for continued use.

The large size of the cheese board makes it ideal for a party, and it makes for quite a beautiful display on a table.

The unusual design of the cheese board is actually wonderfully practical, with the wave on the side being ideal to hold crackers, and the two slits being useful to hold the cheese knives when not in use.

Designed to look great on the table, and to be practical when serving the cheese, this is a wonderful cheese board set to keep in the kitchen.

The unique design really does add to the overall use of the cheese board set and makes it look like a unique piece as well.

5. Vudeco White Marble and Acacia Wood Cheese Board Set

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This modern-looking cheese set is the perfect serving plate to use at dinner parties, laid out on the table with an assortment of cheese and condiments.

The board measures 10″ in diameter, so it makes a decent size for use at home or at dinner parties.

White marble and acacia look beautiful together, and the accompanying stainless steel knife with a marble handle finishes it all off perfectly.

Easy to clean, you can simply wipe the board down with warm water and soap. The cheese board is not suited to be placed in the dishwasher or left to soak in water.

Each cheese board is handcrafted using polished white marble and sustainably harvested acacia wood. Each board is unique.

The marble does not absorb smells as other woods do, and there will be no stains or marks left behind on the board once the food has been left to sit. The marble board and the marble-handled stainless steel knife make a beautiful set.

6. Casafield Organic Bamboo Cheese Cutting Board Set

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This high-quality cheese board set includes the bamboo cheese board and four stainless steel serving utensils which fit into a drawer that pulls out from under the cheese board for easy storage.

Superior craftsmanship can be seen on this bamboo board with the ridges along the side of the cheese board which can hold crackers, fruits, and condiments.

Hidden within the cheese board are the four stainless steel utensils, which can be used for slicing, spreading, and serving. Each stainless steel utensil has a matching bamboo handle to make the set complete!

The organic bamboo board and handles of the utensils are made from premium sustainable, all-natural bamboo which is free from toxins and chemicals.

Space-saving and quite a pretty cheese board set, you will definitely make some good use out of this cheese board, whether you are serving up some snacks at home or having guests over.

7. Hecef Cheese Board

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If you are looking for a simple cheese board set to use at home for yourself and the family, this is the ideal set for you.

Made from premium Acacia wood, this board is quite beautiful. It has rich contrasting colors and a natural luster that will really make your table look stunning.

Acacia wood is durable and easy to maintain just by seasoning the wood with some mineral oil like you might with a cast iron pan every now and then.

Acacia wood is also more hygienic than other materials and is less likely to split or warp over time. This means you can use this beautiful cheese board for years without any change.

The set includes the beautiful acacia cheese board, a cheese knife, and a cheese fork. It might be simple, but it is a great set to keep at home for when you want a simple serving solution for cheese or other snacks.

Related Questions

What Cheese Should I Use to Make a Good Cheese Board?

What makes a good cheese board depends on the types of cheese you enjoy!

Some good cheeses to include are a soft cheese, such as camembert or chévre, semi-soft cheese such as gouda, semi-firm such as gruyère or manchego, and firm cheese such as aged cheddar or white cheddar.

What Can I Use Instead of a Cheese Board?

If you are looking for an alternative to a cheese board, there are a few other things you could serve up. A mezze platter always goes down well, or a fruit and cured meat board is also often a hit at parties.

Vegetable or fruit platters are always a good idea as well. Just grab some snacks, fresh fruit, and crackers, and place them on a serving board!

What Type of Meat Goes onto a Cheese Board?

The best type of meat to place on a cheese board would be cured meat. An assortment of Italian meats such as prosciutto, salami, and pepperoni are best.

Pair these with some toasted baguette slices, crackers, olives, and condiments and you’re ready to go!

The Best Cheese Board Set

A good cheese board set will never go to waste in your home. Whether you use it to serve up some gorgeous platters to guests, or if you are wanting to create a snack board for dinner at home, a cheese board will be your best option.

Choose from the above list of cheese board sets and use the buyer’s guide to help you choose the one which would be best for you!

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