5 Best Gouda Cheese Brands Of 2023

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Finding good Gouda cheese is always trial and error. You may have to try many brands and varieties until you find your favorite. 

So what are the best Gouda cheese brands? The best Gouda cheese should be made from high-quality milk and come securely packaged. The rest is a matter of preference. There are different types of Gouda cheese as far as the age and milk type are concerned. Depending on these factors, the flavor, texture, and uses of the cheese differ.

This article is for you if you have been looking for good Gouda cheese to give a try. Analyze your preferences and choose one of the five Gouda cheese brands we have picked as some of the best on the market. 

How to Choose Gouda Cheese

Gouda is one of the most popular and well-loved cheese varieties. It is made by replacing the whey of curdled milk with warm water.

Later, the water is drained. During this process, some of the lactose gets washed away. The curds that are left behind are then pressed to form round heads of cheese and soaked in saltwater. 

There are different types of Gouda cheese. And there are a few factors to consider before you make a purchase. 


Gouda cheese can be aged anywhere from 4 weeks to over a year.

Gouda cheese that is aged around a month is called young gouda. Cheese aged over 2 months is considered to be matured Gouda. Gouda cheese is old only when it has been aged over a year.  

Some people think that the best Gouda is Gouda aged over a year. Many others, however, like the taste of young Gouda. 

This is a simple matter of taste and preference, so we’ll go over the basic differences below to help you figure out where to start.

Texture and Taste 

The taste of Gouda has a lot to do with its age.

Young Gouda cheese has a very mild taste. Some may even say that young Gouda tastes sweet. Gouda that hasn’t been aged for too long is also very soft

Old Gouda, on the other hand, has a very rich and nutty flavor.

Aging not only makes Gouda cheese taste deeper and richer but also changes how the cheese feels in the mouth. Old Gouda cheese feels dense and smooth. The older Gouda gets the harder it becomes.

If you are a fan of the nutty undertones in Gouda cheese, you can buy smoked Gouda. You can, of course, purchase regular Gouda and smoke it yourself. However, purchasing it is certainly easier. 

Milk Type

Gouda cheese made from cow’s milk is by far the most popular. However, Gouda cheese can also be made from sheep’s milk and goat’s milk

Gouda from sheep’s or goat’s milk is perfect for those looking into new Gouda varieties.

The flavor of Gouda made from these milk varieties is unique as they taste different from cow’s milk. The latter is a commonly used milk variety and has turned into a familiar flavor. 

It should be noted, however, that neither goat nor sheep milk Gouda cheeses are excessively bold. They are just right to start experimenting with your cheese choices if you are trying to get out of your comfort zone. 


You can also choose Gouda cheese depending on what you are planning to use it for. If you want cheese that you could add it to hot dishes, such as cooked vegetables, rice, or pasta, go with aged Gouda. Old or long-matured Gouda cheese pairs nicely with wine too. 

Young Gouda cheese pairs well with beer. It is also good for eating as a snack with some crackers. Short-aged Gouda cheese is a great choice for sandwiches

As for smoked Gouda, you can use it both in cooking and on the cheese platter to go with wine. You can make smoked Gouda mac and cheese, carbonara, as well as up your mashed potato game by adding the smoky notes to it. 

Smoked Gouda pairs nicely with Zinfandel and Shiraz wines. Some people also enjoy the combination of smoked Gouda and fresh fruits. 


Gouda cheese can get pricey if it is aged. If you want rich-tasting Gouda cheese with well-developed nutty undertones, expect it to cost you quite some money. 

The price of the cheese also depends on the milk type it is made from. Gouda cheese made from regular cow’s milk is generally cheaper than Gouda cheese made from sheep’s or goat’s milk. 

Additionally, the price depends on the manufacturer.

If you are buying from a smaller brand that makes the cheese from top-quality milk, you are likely to pay more than when buying Gouda from bigger brands that can be found in any of your local supermarkets. 

Sliced or Whole

You can buy Gouda in rounds and wheels. Buying cheese in this form, especially when it comes waxed or nicely wrapped, provides the ultimate cheese experience.

You can cut the cheese into wedges yourself to put it on a cheese platter for a cozy evening with wine. 

However, if you are after quick solutions, you can buy pre-sliced Gouda cheese. These are ideal to use in sandwiches. 

Whether you are buying whole or sliced Gouda, the important thing is that you receive the cheese securely packaged. You will also likely pay more for the amount you receive for the convenience.

5 Best Gouda Cheese Brands 

Here are five Gouda cheeses you can give a try:

1.Sargento Gouda Cheese SlicesCow's milk, sliced, 7 oz
2.Smoky Park Smoked GoudaCow’s milk, smoked, 8 oz wedge
3.VAAN KAAS Dutch GoudaCow’s milk, aged, 7 oz wedge
4.Mill Dance Dutch GoudaCow’s milk, 10 lb wheel
5.Ewephoria Aged Gouda CheeseSheep’s milk, aged, 7.5 oz wedge

We don’t think you can go wrong with any of these, but choose an option that fits your preferences. If you don’t know which one to choose, focus on how you are planning to use the cheese and go from there. 

Worst case scenario, you just have extra cheese to eat as a snack. Any Gouda choice is pretty much a win-win!

1. Sargento Gouda Cheese Slices 

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If you are looking for Gouda cheese that you can use to make delicious sandwiches, then buying a pack of Sargento Gouda cheese slices is a good idea. 

There are 10 slices in a pack. The cheese is made from pasteurized cow’s milk and no artificial flavors or coloring. 

Pair this cheese with ham and apple butter for the best-tasting homemade sandwiches that you can put together within minutes. But sandwiches are not the only thing these Gouda slices are good for. You can serve them as an appetizer too. 

The semi-soft texture of the cheese and its mild nutty flavor will please even the pickiest cheese eaters. 

2. Smoky Park Smoked Gouda 

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For the smoky cheese lovers, this smoked Gouda by Smoky Park is the best option. Coming from Wisconsin, this cow milk Gouda cheese doesn’t fall behind its true Dutch counterparts.

The flavor of this smoked Gouda cheese is what makes it unique. Each golden piece of this Smoky Park cheese encompasses a rich smoky flavor with butterscotch and caramel notes. This flavor is the result of a long cold-smoking process, which makes the cheese taste even richer. 

You can pair this smoked Gouda cheese with fruits and smoked meat, or serve it with some bread if you don’t feel like doing anything fancy. Another great thing about this cheese is that it goes well with both wine and beer. 

Use this smoked Gouda cheese to make mac and cheese, quiches, creamy fondue, or a quick omelet for breakfast. 

3. VAAN KAAS Dutch Gouda 

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If you are looking for a cheese brand that will give you Gouda that is closest to true Gouda cheese made in the Netherlands, then VAAN KAAS is the brand to go for. 

This Gouda cheese is made following the traditional Dutch Gouda cheese recipes. And while this cheese is young, its flavor is not bland and the texture is not gummy. It tastes mild but tangy and creamy. 

It is the perfect topper for casseroles and cooked vegetables. You can also put a slice of this young Gouda cheese in your sandwiches to make them instantly taste better. 

4. Mill Dance Dutch Gouda 

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If you are a true Gouda fan and it is the only cheese that you eat and love, then buying a whole wheel of Gouda cheese totally makes sense. 

In this case, Dutch Mill Dance Gouda is a perfect option. Made from pasteurized cow’s milk, this creamy Gouda cheese will be of great use for sandwiches, snacks, and hot dishes. Additionally, it will pair nicely with grapes and apples on a cheese platter to go with wine. 

The butterfat content in this cheese is 48%. This is the secret of the creaminess of the Mill Dance Gouda cheese. 

The cheese comes waxed and in an insulated package. So, you are guaranteed to get a fresh wheel of creamy Gouda. 

5. Ewephoria Aged Gouda Cheese 

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If the idea of Gouda cheese made from cow’s milk doesn’t excite you and you feel like you have tried it all, then this Ewephoria aged Gouda is the best pick for you.

It is made from sheep’s milk and has been aged for 9 months. Yum!

A piece of this Gouda cheese feels like candy, with a nutty and sweet flavor. The caramel and butterscotch notes add up for a heavenly-tasting Gouda. 

Serve the Ewephoria sheep milk Gouda cheese for dessert with your favorite wine and grapes. 

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