7 Best Small Cake Pans Of 2023

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Baking a cake is a fun process and a good set of cake pans can make all the difference, whether you are using readymade cake mix or spending hours trying to make the perfect cake batter from scratch.

Using the right cake pan is the foundation of good cake making, without which you risk crumbling, sticking, and burning the cake edges.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are what help make your cakes and other baked goods moister and more beautiful.

So, what are the best small cake pans? The best small cake pans are sturdy, resistant to warping and denting, clean up easily, and release the cake effortlessly revealing an evenly browned bottom and edges.

Read on for a detailed buyer’s guide on how to choose the best small cake pans and our top picks of the 7 best ones:

Buyer’s Guide

When looking for the best small cake pan, there are a few things you need to consider, such as its type, shape, material, size, and design.

Types Of Cake Pans

Cake pans come in a variety of types, shapes, and sizes, and which one you choose depends on the type of cake you are making. The most popular types of cake pans include:

Round Cake Pans

A round cake pan is a standard choice for baking and the perfect starting point for a budding home baker. Although they come in several sizes, the most popular cake pan size is 9 inches.

Rectangular Cake Pans

Another traditional cake pan type, you can buy rectangular cake pans in several different sizes.

They are suitable for making larger cakes since they can hold up to 3.4 liters of dough and often come with lids, making it easier to move them around.

Square Cake Pans

Square cake pans are, you guessed it right, square-shaped, and come in many different sizes. They are suitable for home bakers and, similar to round and rectangular cake pans, provide an ideal canvas for cake decorators.

Springform Cake Pans

Springform cake pans come with a removable bottom and adjustable clamps on the sides, making it easier to remove the cake out of the mold without creating a mess.

They are the perfect choice for cheesecakes, ice cream cakes, and crumb cakes.

Tube Cake Pans

Tube cake pans, also called angel food cake pans, are ring-shaped with high sides that can either be straight or tapered.

They have a tube in the middle and are great for angel food cakes, chiffon cakes, and pineapple upside-down cakes.

Bundt Cake Pans

Bundt cake pans have a hole in the middle for baking upside-down cakes that are turned over to be removed once they have cooled down.

They either have domed or angular bottoms and are ideal for baking Bundt cakes, coffee cakes, and rum cakes.


A good cake pan, regardless of the shape and size, must be sturdy, durable, and resistant to warping and denting. In addition to that, it must also be safe and free of toxic substances.

A large majority of cake pans are made using metal-either aluminum or coated steel-and while there are options available in ceramic and glass, we suggest sticking to metal since it is more durable and conducts heat more efficiently.

You must avoid using thin, flimsy metal pans since they conduct heat too quickly, resulting in the cake cooking completely on the outside before the middle is done.

By the time the middle part of the cake is cooked, the outside will have turned dark and dry, or may even be burnt.


The size of the cake pan is a significant factor that will directly affect the quality of the cake, depending on the type of cake you wish to make and the recipe you are following.

Cake pans come in a variety of sizes, ranging from very small ones to incredibly large ones big enough to feed a party.

The best small cake pans are typically 9 inches big since that is the standard size for baking and what most recipes call for.

However, you can find several variations in both round and rectangular cake pans, from 6-8 inches, and up to 10 inches.

Easy To Release And Clean

Two of the defining features of a good quality cake pan are that it releases the cake effortlessly and is easy to clean.

Imaging baking the yummiest cake only to find out that it isn’t coming out of the pan after cooking, creating a crumbly mess and ruining all your time and effort.

To avoid that, many cake pans these days come with a non-stick coating that not only releases the cake like a charm but can also be easily wiped clean with a soft sponge.

That being said, non-stick cake pans can be easily scratched if you use a metal utensil on them, most aren’t dishwasher safe, and the coating may wear off over time.

For these reasons, you won’t find non-stick cake pans in most professional settings, where seasoned bakers prefer using metal cake pans that are properly prepared using oil, butter, or parchment paper.

The 7 Best Small Cake Pans

A good-quality small cake pan is one of the few essential kitchen items every baker must have.

Whether you’re planning to impress people with your cake-making skills or just want to bake a perfect cake for your loved ones at home, you need a good cake pan that can make the entire process easier.

Here are our top picks of the 7 best small cake pans for perfect and evenly baked cakes, every single time!

RankProductBest Feature
1.Fat Daddio's Round Cake PanMade of anodized aluminum material for an ideal baking surface.
2.USA Pan Bakeware Round Cake PanFeatures a patented Americoat coating.
3.Chicago Metallic Professional 3-Piece Round Cake PanGreat for baking multi-layer cakes.
4.Cuisinart 9-Inch Chef's Classic Round Cake PanNo fear of warping thanks to its curved edge design.
5.Calphalon Nonstick Bakeware Rectangular Cake PanReleases cakes 2x better than other bakeware.
6.Hiware Springform Pan Set of 3Leak-proof construction best for making cheesecakes.
7.Wilton Perfect Results Premium Fluted Tube PanUnique design allows you to be creative.

1. Fat Daddio’s Round Cake Pan

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Fat Daddio’s is a sturdy but lightweight professional-grade cake pan that cooks every cake perfectly with an even, brown exterior.

It is made of anodized aluminum that seals the metal’s natural pores, making for a more durable material.

This material also accelerates the cooking time, as well as the cooling time after the cake is ready

With no harmful chemical coatings, it is the best non-stick pan that releases cakes easily and is incredibly easy to wash.

It also has rolled edges that stick out slightly from the side of the pan, making it much easier to hold it securely with bulky oven mitts.

2. USA Pan Bakeware Round Cake Pan

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The USA Pan Bakeware round cake pan is made of aluminized steel and is a solid choice for all kinds of cakes.

This highly rated cake pan features a fluted design and a patented Americoat coating.

This particular coating is a non-stick PTFE, PFOA, and BPA-free silicone coating) that makes for an incredibly easy and effortless release and cleanup, even for beginners.

All you need is hot water, some mild soap, and a gentle scrub brush or sponge to clean it. In addition to that, it is also resistant to warping and comes with a lifetime warranty, making it super reliable and durable.

3. Chicago Metallic Professional 3-Piece Round Cake Pan

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Whether you want to bake a single-layered cake or a tiered one, Chicago Metallic Professional’s 3-piece round cake pans are the best option for you.

The set includes 3 round cake pans that are 6 inches, 8 inches, and 10 inches in size.

They have a non-stick coating designed for the effortless removal of cakes and other baked goods.

Made from heavy-weight carbon steel, they offer superior thermal conductivity to evenly disperse heat and weight for consistent baking results.

4. Cuisinart 9-Inch Chef’s Classic Round Cake Pan

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One of the best budget buys, the Cuisinart Chef’s Classic round cake pan is a great option for both amateur bakers as well as professionals.

Constructed using heavy gauge aluminized steel, it offers a Whitford Xylan non-stick coating that makes for even heating and easy release and cleanup.

A sturdy option that is still light enough to handle, it had rolled edges that make it easy to move around and carry.

Thanks to its thick edges that make it resistant to warping due to overheating, this cake pan produces evenly baked cakes with very little doming.

5. Calphalon Nonstick Bakeware Rectangular Cake Pan

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If you’re looking for a small classic rectangular cake pan, look no further.

The Calphalon Nonstick Bakeware rectangular cake pan is 9×13 inches in size and is specially designed for baking single-layered cakes.

The interior of this pan has interlocking non-stick layers that deliver a smooth release of the cakes up to 2x better than other bakeware.

Made with a heavy gauge steel core that is resistant to warping, it can distribute heat evenly throughout to ensure perfectly baked cakes that are always evenly browned.

6. Hiware Springform Pan Set of 3

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This set from Hiware gives you 3 non-stick springform cake pans that come in three different sizes: 4, 7, and 9 inches

With a leak-proof construction, these cake pans are ideal for creating all kinds of beautiful single-layered as well as three-tiered cakes.

Equipped with a non-stick surface that helps release the cakes easily without creating a mess, this set also comes with an icing spatula and icing smoother for cake decoration.

Besides using them in the oven where they can withstand temperatures up to 450°F, you can safely put these cake pans in a pressure cooker as well.

7. Wilton Perfect Results Premium Fluted Tube Pan

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The Wilton Perfect Results Premium Fluted Tube Pan is 9 inches in size and lets you unleash your creativity thanks to its unique design.

It is suitable for making small, pretty cakes, and due to its non-stick reinforced coating, they do not stick to the surface while baking.

Its heavy gauge construction allows for even heat distribution and its convenient handles make it easy to take it in and out of the oven, even while wearing oven mitts.

Tips For Using A Small Cake Pan

To enjoy the full benefits of the best cake pans out there, you must remember a few baking tips and tricks:

  • If you are just starting out, you do not need to buy the complete range of cake pans in all shapes and sizes. Instead, you should invest in a few of the most basic ones, such as a round, square, or rectangular one. Once you master using them, you can move ahead to other types as well.
  • Opt for light-colored cake pans instead of dark-colored ones since the latter make cakes browner. While this may not be that obvious in large cakes, it will have a much bigger effect on small cakes.
  • Do not wash the cake pans immediately after using them. Instead, soak them in water to let the cake residue soften and loosen up. You may then use a mild cleaner and a soft cloth to gently clean them without scratching the outside of the cake pan.
  • When choosing the best cake pan, always measure the size of your oven before buying them. Make sure that they are compatible and the cake pan doesn’t touch the walls of the oven while baking.

Related Questions

Now that you know how to buy the best small cake pans, the features to look for, and our top picks of the 7 best ones, here are a few additional questions we thought you might have.

What is the best way to get the cake out of the pan?

If you are using a good quality cake pan, it shouldn’t be a problem trying to release the cake out of the pan.

All you have to do is wait for the cake to cool off before attempting to remove it. This is a crucial step since a just-baked cake will fall apart if you try to take it out.

Most of the time, the recipe you are using to bake the cake will specify how long to wait, but if it doesn’t, wait for at least 15-20 minutes before gently flipping it out of the cake pan.

How can I prevent the cake from sticking to the pan?

Depending on the type of cake you are baking and the cake pan you are using, most recipes will specify how to prepare a cake pan before using it.

Some call for greasing the cake pan, others may require you to grease and flour, and some may require no preparation at all.

Despite preparing the cake pan, if you are still worried about the cake sticking to it, you can always just line it with parchment paper.

This guarantees that your baked goods won’t stick to the surface, and it also makes the cleanup process super easy.

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