7 Best Cake Turntables Of 2023

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The road to a perfectly decorated cake starts with the appropriate tools. You need to have all sorts of different accessories to make the perfect cake.

First, you should start with a cake turntable that is stable, rotates smoothly, and allows you easy access to your cake so you can decorate from all sides.

What makes for the best cake turntable? The best cake turntables are made from quality materials like glass, aluminum, or strong non-toxic plastic, are durable and sturdy, and will be the right size and height for your needs. Some even come with bonus accessories.

If you are interested in buying one of these essential tools, just keep reading.

How to Choose a Cake Turntable

Cake turntables are fantastic tools that allow you to decorate, display, and serve your cakes with ease. They’re particularly helpful for use with an airbrushing kit to create even color and seamless designs.

So if you’re on the market for the best cake turntable in town, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we’ve gathered a few things you may want to consider when you make your decision.

1. Material 

The material your turntable is made of directly affects the quality and performance of the product. You want a material that is sturdy, nice to look at for displays, and won’t fall apart after a few uses.


Plastic is a great choice if you’re a beginner and you don’t want to spend a lot of money in order to learn the basics.

It is light and easy to clean (most of them are dishwasher safe because they are detachable). So, basically, plastic is easy to maintain. 

But, they are not as sturdy as those made from aluminum or stainless steel. If you decorate large or heavy cakes, plastic may not be for you.

Metal – Aluminum or Stainless Steel

Cake turntables made from metal are durable and solid which means that they last for a very long time. They are heavier, which may make them either harder or easier to handle depending on the size of your cake.

Metal turntables are usually dishwasher safe as well but we would recommend hand-washing them.


Glass turntables are lighter than the metal cake turntables and are quite visually appealing, but they are not so sturdy.

They also may show frosting smudges easier and are better to use as the final display plate rather than the decorating surface.

We won’t cover glass turntables in our reviewed suggestions, but you can find our top glass pick here. This one has several different options for colored bases.


Wood makes for a beautiful centerpiece and certainly makes food pop much better than aluminum and plastic.

If you’re looking for something that not only helps you get the decorating job done but can also make for a gorgeous display of all your culinary creations, you may want to consider a wooden turntable.

Our suggestions below will not cover wooden revolving tables, as they tend to sit low and don’t always turn easily enough for decorating.

But if you like this idea, you can find out top pick for wooden turntables, usually called Lazy Susans, here. There are also a few beautiful marble options.

2. Height 

Height is something that many people overlook because they are focused on quality and durability. But height is extremely important.

This tool will be used for decoration, which means that you will spend a lot of time standing or sitting next to the cake turntable. 

For that reason, you need to find a cake turntable that is tall or short enough that when you put it on your counter or table, you can easily use it. This aspect might save you a lot of back and neck pain.

3. Size 

The size of the platform should be big enough that you can place the cake on top and still have some room to grab the platform to spin the cake turntable. 

The ideal size is usually a 12-inch platform for most bakers unless you are making huge cakes. In that case, opt for a larger platform. 

And, if your turntable is the exact size of your cake and there’s no room to grab the table to spin it, there’s really no point to having a turntable in the first place.

4. Non-Slip

Keep in mind that the bottom of your cake turntable can slide while you work, so it should have some sort of non-slip layer made of rubber, silicone, or felt that will keep it safely in one place if it is not heavy enough. 

On the other hand, a cake turntable should also have a non-slip layer on the top of the table to keep the cake from sliding off.

But keep in mind that this layer should not be too rough because it might ruin the bottom of the cake.

5. Locking Mechanism 

Some cake turntables have a locking mechanism in the form of a small lever that can stop the turntable from spinning. But, they’re not super reliable because they can break easily.

Nevertheless, if you set your mind to owning a cake turntable that has a locking mechanism, you should know that they do exist. 

6. Accessories 

This is optional, as well. You can buy just a cake turntable or the set that comes with various accessories like spatulas, scrapers, piping bag tips, etc. It’s up to your preference. 

7 Best Cake Turntables

Now that you know exactly what to look for and are equipped with your personal preferences to boot, here are our top picks for the best cake turntables and decorating kits on the market.

RankProductKey Features
1.Docgrit Cake Decorating KitBPA-free plastic, 31 decorating tools
2.Ohuhu Cake TurntableAluminum, 2 spatulas, 3 scrapers
3.Hankang Rotating Cake TurntableBPA-free plastic, 2 spatulas, 3 scrapers
4.Kootek Cake Decorating KitFood-grade plastic, 21 tools
5.RFAQK Revolving Cake StandAluminum, 18 decorating tools
6.Kootek Revolving Cake TurntableAluminum, 35 decorating tools
7.Puroma Cake Decorating KitFood-grade plastic, 21 tools

We picked options that also included several accessories, like icing scrapers and piping bags, so you can get the most out of your cakes. You’re sure to find your new best friend in the options below.

1. Docgrit Cake Decorating Kit

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What does this cake decorating kit include?

  • Cake turntable
  • 2 icing spatulas
  • 3 icing smoothers
  • 2 muffin cups
  • 2 reusable silicone piping bags
  • 1 pack of 50 disposable piping bags
  • 1 coupler
  • 2 icing bag ties
  • 12 numbered piping tips and a guide
  • 2 cake flower nails
  • 1 pair of cake flower scissors
  • 1 chocolate decorating pen
  • 1 icing washing brush

In other words, this kit contains absolutely everything that a beginner decorator needs in their kitchen. With all these tools, you can try out a million different techniques and find out which is your favorite.

With 50 disposable piping bags, a coupler, and 12 different decorating tips, you can try out many different patterns, but also you get plenty of piping bags to learn how to ice and frost your cakes properly.

There are also 2 reusable silicone piping bags so you don’t have to waste any bags once you’ve gotten the hang of it.

And learning how to use a piping bag will be as easy as possible because the kit also contains a guide to decorating cakes. You can easily learn how to make layers, spread a crumb layer, and use spatulas and scrapers. 

Besides all that, you will be able to make flowers with cake flower nails and scissors, and scribe letters and patterns with a chocolate decorating pen. Basically, you can make anything that pops into your head. 

When it comes to the cake turntable itself, it is made from BPA-free and food-grade plastic. It rotates smoothly and it has hidden ball bearings that provide the smooth spin.

The cake turntable has a silicone, non-slip base. It is a very stable turntable, especially considering that the base is 9.05 inches wide, 2.75 inches tall, and the platform is 10.8 inches in diameter. 

2. Ohuhu Cake Turntable

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This cake turntable is made from heavy-duty aluminum and is more durable and sturdier than plastic turntables.

The color is silver with a polished finish. It is 12.6 inches in diameter and 5.1 inches tall. 

The cake turntable has an anti-slip surface, so you can be sure your cake won’t slip and slide while you’re working on it.

It is also a very stable turntable because the wide base provides stability and it has rubber pads on the bottom to prevent slipping. The platform spins smoothly because of its stainless steel bearings and there’s no squeakiness or jerkiness.

In this kit, you will not only get a sturdy and durable cake stand, but you will also get various accessories to help you with decorating.

You’ll get three silicone decorating combs and two stainless steel scrapers to make perfect patterns and textures.

3. Hankang Rotating Cake Turntable

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This kit contains not only a cake turntable but also an angled icing spatula, a regular icing spatula, a scraper, and three decorating combs.

All of the pieces are made from BPA-free, eco-friendly, food-grade plastic and stainless steel. 

The spatulas are made from stainless steel and they help you even out and make your layers smooth. The icing smoother and decorating combs help you bring your icing to perfection. 

This rotating cake turntable is perfect for both right-handed or left-handed decorators. The turntable is simple, lightweight, easy to use, with removable parts.

It is made from durable plastic with stainless steel ball bearings for perfectly smooth rotation. The platform is 11 inches long and has embossed grid lines which make the cake decorating easier and more precise. 

This decorating kit has all you need for perfect at-home cake decorating – the cake turntable itself, the spatulas for making layers, and smoother and combs for making different patterns. 

4. Kootek Cake Decorating Kit

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This amazing decorating kit contains a cake turntable with:

  • 12 numbered cake decorating tips
  • 2 icing spatulas
  • 3 icing smoothers
  • 1 pack of 50 disposable piping bags
  • 2 silicone reusable piping bags
  • 1 coupler

So, bottom line, you will have everything you need for cake decorating, whether you’re a professional or beginner at cake decorating. The non-slip platform is 11 inches long and it is 2.76 inches tall.

Even though the cake turntable is made from plastic, it has stainless steel ball bearings for smooth rotation. The cake turntable is easy to clean and it is made of food-grade materials. 

In the kit, you will get reusable and disposable piping bags, both 12 inches long. You can use them along with 12 numbered decorating tips, which include different patterns – round, leaf, French, open star, closed star, rose, etc.

5. RFAQK Revolving Cake Stand

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This high-quality, heavy-duty aluminum cake turntable has a non-slip surface and rubber feet that provide great stability with no chance of your cake slipping or falling.

Interestingly, the platform surface has several guiding lines you can use so that you can perfectly center your cake on the platform.

The platform is 12.2 inches in diameter, is 4 inches tall, and has a 7-inch wide base. So, it is very stable, sturdy, and large enough for most cakes. 

The set has two spatulas – the angled one to decorate the top and the straight one to decorate the sides.

Besides spatulas, the set contains a lot more useful accessories like 35 disposable piping bags, 7 icing tips, a cake leveler and cutter, a reusable cake board, and three cake smoothers. 

If you are a beginner, you will be glad to know that this set also includes an E-book complete user guide for beginners. 

6. Kootek Revolving Cake Turntable

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This set is extremely sturdy because the only things that are made of plastic are the couplers. The cake turntable is made from aluminum alloy.

The icing tips, decorating combs, flower nail, and spatulas are made from stainless steel, while the piping bags are made from silicone.

The cake turntable has a non-slip silicone bottom that keeps the turntable steady in one place. The platform spins smoothly while it stands 4 inches tall on a 7-inch wide base, making it very stable. 

The cake turntable has a couple of lines on the platform, making a full circle that will guide you when you decorate. That way you can avoid putting too much icing on one side and making the cake uneven. 

The decorating combs are made in many different variations, so you can create 12 different patterns. All made from stainless steel, they are extremely durable and will help you decorate cakes even years into the future.

You’ll also get 24 icing tips in many shapes – round, leaf, petal, rose, closed star, drop flower, etc. Combine them with the flower nail and the silicone piping bag and let your imagination go wild while decorating your cakes. 

7. Puroma Cake Decorating Kit

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This set contains 70 pieces that will help with cake decorating.

It has a rotating cake turntable, an icing spatula, a silicone spatula, three icing smoothers, 12 icing tips, a reusable twist coupler, 50 disposable piping bags, and one reusable silicone piping bag. 

The cake turntable is made from food-grade plastic and has a flexible axis. The 11-inch long, non-slip platform is removable and easy to clean. 

The set is made from high-quality materials, which are rust-free and long-lasting. The two icing smoothers are 4.7 inches wide, and the third one is 4.3 inches wide. 

And having 12 numbered decorating tips and icing smoothers with different teeth in various shapes will allow you to make beautiful patterns and lines.

You can use the numbered icing tips with either the reusable silicone piping bag or 50 disposable piping bags. 

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