9 Best Airbrushing Kits For Cake Decorating [2023]

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Airbrush guns are essential tools when it comes to cake decorating. With these magic wands, you can create anything your heart desires.

Why should you get an airbrushing kit? Airbrushing kits help bakers turn their cakes into works of art by improving their decorating skills and allowing them to work with professional precision. Airbrushing guns are also easy to clean and can be used for just about any decorating task imaginable.

So, have you already mastered the simple cake decoration techniques with piping bags and icing spatulas, and are ready for a new challenge?

Or you are a professional that is looking for a great airbrushing tool? Either way, you’re in the right place.

In the following text, we will present to you our top picks for the best airbrushing kits for cake decorating and explain what to look for when making your final choice.

Airbrushing Kits – Buyer’s Guide

If royal icing just doesn’t scratch your creative itch and you’re looking to expand your horizons with beautiful food, then an airbrushing gun is exactly what you need.

There are few things that you should consider when buying an airbrushing kit. Since these kits can be quite an investment, it is recommended to do your research. Here are the most important aspects of airbrushing kits.

The Compressor

There are two essential parts in the airbrushing kit – the airbrush (the gun itself) and the compressor. The compressor pumps the air that distributes the color. 

It is important to have a compressor that has high air pressure. Otherwise, it will not distribute the color evenly. The best option may be to choose a compressor that has a way to adjust the pressure to your preferences.


There are two main ways of controlling an airbrush – single-action or double-action. It depends, of course, on how much control the decorator has. 

Single-action comes down to the simple use of the button. The airbrush turns on  as you push the button and it turns off as you move the finger from the button.

It is similar to spray paint. Bottom line, you have a little control, but you can set the amount of paint by using the knob. 

When it comes to dual-action, by pressing the button you turn on the airbrush. When you pull the button back, you increase the paint flow, or decrease it or stop it by sliding the button forward.

This means you have more control, but it is more complicated to use, especially if you are a beginner.


This refers to the place where the airstream is mixing with the paint. There are two variations.

One of these is internal mixing. The good side of the internal mixing is that the paint is mixed better and the end result will be a smooth paint.

On the other hand, it is a bit harder to clean, and it can clog if you use thicker paint.

External mixing does a better job with thicker paint and is easier to clean. But, the paint might be uneven, so it’s not very suitable for detailed paint jobs. 


The feed refers to the method for getting the paint into the airbrush. There are three main ways to do this:

  • Siphon – The bottle that contains the paint is placed lower than the nozzle. The air draws the paint up, which then atomizes into a sprayable consistency. Since it takes a lot of pressure, it’s hard to do a more detailed paint job with this one. This type of feeding is perfect for painting large areas that don’t require a lot of detail.
  • Gravity – As the name implies, the bottle is placed above the nozzle and uses gravity to its advantage, so it doesn’t require as much air pressure. Therefore, you can use it for detailed paint jobs. However, it is slightly hard to clean and the bottles are usually very small, so you can’t fit a lot of paint in the gun at once.
  • Side – As the name implies, the bottle is placed on the side, so it’s kind of a combination of siphon and gravity feed. You can use it at any angle and fit more paint in the bottle, and it is easier to see what you are doing because the bottle doesn’t get in the way. But, they can be harder to clean.

These may seem like trivial differences at first, but they actually make a world of difference for the final product and ease of use during the process.

9 Best Airbrushing Kits For Cake Decorating

Now that you know all there is to know about choosing the right airbrushing kit for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best ones available on the online market for your consideration.

RankProductKey Features
1.Master Airbrush Pro Set3 nozzle sizes, dual-action
2.Master Airbrush Multi-Purpose KitGravity-feed airbrush, guide booklet
3.PointZero Airbrush Decorating Kit 3 airbrushes, 12 food paints
4.ZXMT Portable Airbrush KitPortable, cordless, compact
5.Paasche Airbrush SetMulti-purpose, extra durable
6.Timbertech Airbrush KitPortable, precise air pressure adjustment
7.U.S. Cake Supply Airbrush Kit3 air pressure settings, 12 food paints
8.Master Airbrush Portable KitPortable, compact, dual-action
9.Master Airbrush Pro Cake Decorating Kit3 airbrushes, 12 food paints

We’re sure you’ll find the perfect airbrushing kit to elevate your cakes to the next level!

1. Master Airbrush Pro Set

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The multi-purpose option from Master Airbrush is our first choice and seems to be a highly-rated crowd favorite.

This set is a great choice for beginners or students as well as professionals and advanced decorators.

This model is a dual-action airbrush with gravity feed and internal mixing.  

It comes with three nozzle set (needles, air caps, and fluid tips) sizes:

  • 0.2mm
  • 0.3mm
  • 0.5mm

All these sizes allow you to make versatile decorations. You can use it to coat a large area or background, create a solid coating, add shading, or paint extra-fine details. It has settings for low, medium, or high viscosity.

The airbrush has a 1/3 oz. gravity fluid cup. The paint flow can be adjusted with the easy trigger adjustment fluid control knob.

The set also contains an airbrush quick disconnect coupler, a plastic storage case, an instruction guide, and a nozzle wrench. 

2. Master Airbrush Multi-Purpose Kit

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This multi-purpose high-performance airbrush kit contains everything you need to make a perfect cake, whether you are a student, beginner, or advanced artist.

If you are an absolute beginner, don’t worry, this set has got you covered. 

It includes a manual on how to airbrush as well as a guide booklet to help you master the skill of handling the airbrush. You will get additional information not only about cake decorating but also hobbies, crafts, fine art, etc.

This professional airbrushing set contains an airbrush, a 1/3oz gravity-feed fluid cup, a 0.3mm fluid tip, a 6ft braided air hose, and an air compressor with an airbrush holder. 

The air compressor is a 1/5 HP single-piston compressor, with a mounted airbrush holder, a handle for easier carrying, and a regulator with a gauge and water trap filter.

The airbrush model MAS G22 is a high-performance precision airbrush with a 0.3mm fluid tip set. 

Not only will you get all the tools you need for airbrush decorating, but you will also get the airbrush quick start user guide and airbrush resource center access card to guide you along on your airbrushing journey.

3. PointZero Airbrush Decorating Kit

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This decorating kit includes a compressor and three airbrushes:

  • PZ-276 (single-action external-mix, suitable for broad, wide patterns)
  • PZ-258 (dual-action internal-mix with 0.35mm nozzle for sharp details)
  • PZ-260 (dual-action internal-mix with a 0.3mm nozzle for sharp details). 

You will have the option of single or double-action and they are all suitable to airbrush cakes and make various patterns, fine details to wide coverage. That’s enough to satisfy a beginner’s wishes and a professional’s demands. 

The single-action external-mix airbrush is easy to use because all you need is to press the trigger.

On the other hand, double-action airbrushes with internal mixing provide more control over air and paint, and therefore it is a better choice for fine details. 

In addition, you will get 12 edible Chefmaster premium food coloring paints in 0.64oz bottles, so you can start your cake decorating right away. 

The Elite-125X compressor with 1/5 HP power and low noise is oil-less and a lightweight airbrush compressor that only weighs 8lbs. This means it will be easy to use around the kitchen.

The set also includes a tabletop stand, color cups, two glass bottles, paint pipettes, a 10” braided hose, nozzle wrenches, and instructional DVD for mastering the use of this tool.

4. ZXMT Portable Airbrush Kit

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If you need to use an airbrush for a shorter period of time or are tired of dragging the cables all around the kitchen, consider buying a portable airbrush.

This airbrush can be used with one hand and it is rechargeable and fully portable.

Of course, since it is portable, you can only use it for a limited period of time before you’ll need to plug it in to charge again.

When you fully charge it, you can use it for 30-50 minutes. After it gets empty, you can charge it with a USB charging cable via a computer, mobile charger, or power bank. 

The air pump is ergonomically designed for easy use by hand. Besides the mini compressor, the set contains a single-action airbrush with a gravity feed bottle, and a mini-screwdriver for assembling the set.

Not only can you use this set easily around the kitchen, but you can also carry it everywhere you go. The whole set is so compact that it can fit into your bag or backpack.

5. Paasche Airbrush Set

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While this airbrush kit isn’t made specifically for cake decorating, it is multi-purpose and will spray food coloring paints just as easily as any other paint.

This set includes an airbrush, 1oz storage bottle, 1oz bottle, 1/4oz metal cup, 6ft long braided air hose, hanger, wrench, manual, and lessons booklet.

The airbrush comes in three sizes:

  • 0.45mm
  • 0.65mm
  • 1.05mm

That way, with one set you can make decorations in various patterns and for various purposes.

This airbrush will help you achieve fine lines and wider patterns, from 1/16 inch to 1-1/2 inches, so you can pretty much paint anything that you imagine. 

You can use this airbrush for cake decorating, but also crafts, taxidermy, ceramics, tattoos, hobbies, tanning, makeup, etc. 

The airbrush uses hardened stainless steel needles that are long-lasting and prevent clogging.

The airbrush itself is also chrome-plated for extra durability. The cleanup is easy and simple because all you have to do is to spray the paint cleaner through the airbrush. 

6. Timbertech Airbrush Kit

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The Timbertech airbrush kit AG-130K  has three sets of 0.2mm, 0.3mm, and 0.5mm needles which allow you to paint anything.

You can use it for a wide range of applications, not only for cake decorating but also for hobby painting, fine art, nail art, temporary tattoos, crafts, etc.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, student, or professional, you will be able to handle this tool and make beautiful art.

The airbrush compressor is a powerful 1/6 HP compressor that has an automatic stop function, a pressure regulator gauge, and a water trap filter.

It is portable, compact, oil-less, and lightweight with a carrying handle. It provides dry, clean air and precise air adjustment. 

7. U.S. Cake Supply Decorating Airbrush Kit 

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This set contains everything you need to start bringing your imagination to life.

The set contains an airbrush, a compressor, food color paints, and a detailed user guide manual.

Everyone can use this kit. Just add a couple drops of color, turn the compressor on, pull the trigger, and start painting.

It can be used for many different sweet foods, including cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and chocolate. You can let your imagination go wild.

The compressor has three airflow control settings (low, medium, and high), an airbrush holder, and a 6ft hose.

The maximum air pressure is 15psi and air delivery is up to 13 liters per minute. The single-action airbrush with the gravity feed bottle itself has a 1/16oz cup and a 0.4mm fluid tip. 

Besides the food coloring chart and 12 vibrant food colors, the set contains the detailed user guide manual that has tips and techniques for airbrushing and designing.

8. Master Airbrush Portable Kit

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This kit is made from high-quality materials that will provide you the precision you need to make fantastic cakes with accurate spray control.

The airbrush has a gravity feed bottle and a dual-action design that lets you control the color and the air pressure.

You can control the width of the line and the opacity of paint without turning off the airbrush and stopping the process to reset your airbrush gun.

The set contains an airbrush, compressor, airbrush holder, power adapter, 6ft air hose, and guide on how to airbrush. The airbrush model G22 comes with a 0.3 fluid tip set and a 1/3oz gravity fluid bottle.

The C16-B black mini air compressor is portable, compact, lightweight, and comes with a maximum air pressure of 25psi and 15psi air pressure on demand.

It shuts off automatically when it is not in use. The compressor has a mounted (removable) airbrush holder. 

It also has a pressure adjustment button alongside the power switch button so you can control the air pressure yourself.

Besides the tools, the set also contains a booklet that includes instructions, maintenance tips, practice exercises and ideas, and much more. 

9. Master Airbrush Pro Cake Decorating Set

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This airbrushing kit has everything that a professional baker needs to make amazing culinary artwork.

The compressor is a powerful but quiet single-piston compressor with two cooling fans, which can help you avoid overheating when you work for too long.

It even has an airbrush holder for two airbrushes and a carry handle for easier handling. 

The kit includes three amazing airbrushes:

  • G25 dual-action – gravity-feed model with a 1/16oz cup and a 0.2mm tip
  • E-91 single-action – siphon-feed model with a 2-3/4oz bottle and a 0.8mm tip
  • G-22 dual-action – gravity-feed model with a 1/3oz cup and a 0.3mm tip

With three airbrushes in the set, including single-action and dual-action, gravity, and siphon feed bottles, you are set to go and make all types of decorations.

From large surfaces with little to no details to very small and detailed decorations, this set is sure to carry you far. 

The paint kit contains twelve food color paints, including metallic silver and gold, to get you strted decorating right off the bat!

Related Questions:

What PSI Is Best for Airbrushing?

The compressor air pressure is extremely important because both low pressure or high pressure can give you really bad results.

The airbrushes usually range between 10psi to 25psi. For cake decorating, choose the compressor that has a knob to adjust the pressure. Try to move within the range of 18-25 psi. 

How to Clean the Airbrush Gun?

The best way of cleaning any part of an airbrushing kit is according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Usually, all you need is warm water and sometimes a cleaning brush.

Every time you use the airbrush, you can clean it by pouring water into a fluid cup and pressing the trigger until all the paint is pushed out.

But, if your paint is clogged, you can use a cleaning brush to push it through. After that, you can clean it out with water. 

If the airbrush needs additional cleaning, it is usually written in the instruction guide what kind of cleaning fluid you should use. Some kits even contain the cleaning fluid recommended for cleaning their products. 

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