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The Absolute Best Bread for BLT

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Is there a better-known and perfect sandwich than the classic American BLT? Crispy salty bacon, juicy and ripe tomatoes, crispy refreshing lettuce, complemented by spicy mayonnaise and enclosed in two slices of perfectly toasted bread. No wonder this sandwich has become a legend.

To make the perfect BLT sandwich, you need two perfect slices of bread. Here is where the usual discussion related to BLT begins.

What is the best bread for BLT sandwiches? The traditional BLT recipe calls for regular white bread. The majority of people choose white bread since it does not add strong flavors to the three main ingredients.

In other words, white bread is the most suitable option if you are looking for a traditional BLT sandwich. 

However, we believe that any food enthusiast would prefer to go outside the box and create a BLT masterpiece with an untraditional loaf of bread like whole wheat or even rye bread.

To say the least, we support the idea that original recipes should serve as nothing more than guidelines or foundation for a dish and you have every right to upscale the recipe into something that matches your personal taste and preferences. 

How to Choose the Best Bread for BLT

Food will always be a subject of personal preference which is why we cannot specify the perfect bread for BLT when it comes to sort or type.

Traditionalists will say that white bread is the only good type for the BLT sandwich while the people that love additional flavors will choose something more untraditional like Ezekiel bread, for example. 

Here is what makes a perfect BLT bread:

  • You need slices of bread that are thick enough to hold all the ingredients without becoming soggy or falling apart. 
  • Another important rule is to always toast the bread until golden brown
  • Choose bread that is soft.
  • If you want to get the most out of the central ingredients, choose a bread that has no added flavors.
  • We highly recommend choosing freshly baked bread instead of pre-cut packaged bread from the store. 

In general, we can accept that a white loaf is the best type for BLT since it was part of the original recipe but to us, it is all a matter of personal taste.

Disappointed? We understand that there is no better answer than a definitive one but in all honesty, no BLT sandwich would be better than the one you make with your favorite ingredients. 

The 5 Best Breads for BLT (Besides White Bread)

To make it up to you, we will discuss several alternative bread options that you should definitely try for your homemade BLT sandwiches if you want to go outside the box and put the white bread aside. 

best bread for BLT

1. Whole Wheat Bread 

Whole wheat bread is easily one of the healthiest bread options out there. Let’s say that a BLT sandwich can hardly be considered a truly healthy meal, right? Bacon…bread…you get the point. 

Well, you can really upscale the usual BLT by replacing regular white bread with whole wheat bread. This type of bread is made using the entire grain which is why it offers more in terms of nutrition. You will get more fiber and protein than from any other type of bread.

whole wheat bread

Whole wheat bread is also suitable for all kinds of sandwiches which is why it is widely popular when it comes to BLT. Not to mention the distinctive nutty taste of wheat in addition to the bitterness that comes with the aftertaste. 

Accompanied by some fresh ingredients, a whole wheat BLT sandwich promises to cause an explosion of flavors with every bite.  

2. Sprouted Bread (Ezekiel)

Sprouted bread is another type of bread that is produced through an interesting chain of processes. It is made with whole grains that have been left to sprout before finally being made into flour.

It is another type of bread that is incredibly rich in nutrients like fiber and protein, and certain examples like Ezekiel bread have become favorites to nutritionists. 

sprouted bread

While it is generally a suitable bread for sandwiches, we recommend it for BLT, in particular, since it tastes even better when slightly toasted.

It has an unusual nutty flavor that you cannot really match with anything else. 

3. Rye Bread 

Rye bread has to be the most curious type of bread in the world since it always varies in color and taste. Made from rye grain, its color depends on the type of flour that is being used and could vary from the whitest bread you have seen to dark brown. 

rye bread

People who prefer the traditional taste of a BLT sandwich should definitely avoid rye bread since it has a really powerful earthy flavor of rye. On the other side of things, it is the perfect bread choice for people who want something new. 

Try it. The first bite might surprise you, but it will quickly grow on you.

4. Sourdough Bread

Sourdough bread has been around for thousands of years with evidence from the days of Ancient Egypt. This yeasted bread has an interesting concept since it is made from fermented water and flour. 

As you can understand from the name of the bread, it has a moderately sour taste.

sourdough bread

Most people would not recommend sourdough bread due to the many holes inside but we believe that this bread adds up to the beautiful taste of the regular BLT. 

While certain bread types are more limited around the world, sourdough bread is always available in stores and bakeries which means that you have yet another reason to try a sourdough BLT sandwich

5. Ciabatta

It may come as a surprise but ciabattas, as famous as they may be today, were only invented in the 1980s. This makes them one of the most recent bread types in the world. 


Originally made in Italy, ciabattas are usually flat and broad, perfect for sandwiches which is why we highly recommend them for your BLT.

It will leave room for the central ingredients to shine with their taste but it will add up to the overall taste with its incredible crust

Related Questions

Where Does BLT Come From?

BLT is one of those sandwiches that have taken the initials of the main ingredients as their name. In this case, we have bacon, lettuce, and tomato.

The original recipe dates back over 100 years ago but it only rose to fame after the end of World War II when the listed ingredients became available for everyone. Of course, the BLT sandwich can be done according to your own taste and preferences and not the original ingredients. 

For instance, simple options that we see in modern recipes include a variety of other salads in place of lettuce, turkey instead of bacon, and so on.

Why Should You Toast Bread for BLT?

All original ingredients that make up a BLT sandwich have their own type of juice. From the tomatoes to the bacon, these fillings will easily penetrate the soft fresh bread and turn your BLT into a soggy nightmare. 

By toasting the bread even lightly, you provide enough crunch to stop the juices from soaking into the bread. Of course, it would eventually happen if you leave your sandwich for several hours but who does that anyway? 

You can use any known method to toast your bread but we highly recommend the stovetop method above all other alternatives. There is no better base layer than butter and if you haven’t tried it already, do it now! 

How Can You Improve Your BLT?

Although a regular BLT sandwich already has a perfect mixture of ingredients, there are those of us who want to experience new tastes and try out new combinations.

What is the one thing that literally makes any sandwich better? 

That is right, you guessed itcheese. Old-fashioned people who prefer the original BLT recipe may close their eyes when they see cheese being mentioned next to BLT but bear with us, it is an absolutely great idea. 

Plus, it is not as uncommon as putting avocado in your BLT sandwich which is becoming more and more popular. 

If you are looking for a way to boost the nutritional value of your BLT sandwich without adding more calories try adding an egg. Eggs are a staple ingredient for many of the most famous sandwiches known worldwide and there is no reason not to use them for a BLT too. 

To end things on a high note, we recommend spicing up your BLT with some hot sauce. Not much, just a few drops mixed with the mayo and you will have an entirely different experience without adding any major ingredients like cheese or eggs. 

If hot sauce is not on your list of favorite sauces, horseradish is an incredible alternative. It does not only add a spicy note but is incredibly healthy and beneficial for your body. 

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