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Are Dum Dums Vegan?

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Dum Dums are an iconic candy that is loved by so many. But sometimes it is quite tricky to know what certain candies contain, and if you are vegan, this can be quite concerning.

There are 16 different Dum Dum flavors, and their Mystery Flavor is made by mixing one batch with another. This means there is an overlap of ingredients, and knowing whether or not they are vegan-friendly can be tricky.

So, are Dum Dums vegan? If you have a look at the ingredients used to make Dum Dums, it can be concluded that they are vegan-friendly. However, there are a few ingredients that are worth taking note of, such as the sugars and the added flavors, just to make sure that they do suit your diet.

So, if you are wanting to enjoy some Dum Dums but want to make extra sure that they are vegan, take a read through the below to find out all there is to know, and whether they are a suitable candy for you!

What Are Dum Dums?

Dum Dums are one of the most popular candies around, and for good reason: They are delicious!

Dum Dums are available in 16 different flavors, but the flavors don’t always taste the same, as the flavors rotate often. Plus, there is the favorite Mystery Flavor.

The Mystery Flavor is made by mixing the end of the batch of one flavor with the beginning of the batch of the next flavor. So the machines are not cleaned between flavors and the machine just keeps running.

Originating in 1924, Dum Dums have been around for quite some time. They will definitely be around for longer!

Are Dum Dums Vegan? – By The Ingredients

To work out whether or not Dum Dums are vegan-friendly, we need to look at the ingredients used to make them.

This seems fairly straightforward, but there are actually a few different ingredients that are slightly concerning. You cannot always be so sure what they are made from, or where they come from.

Some ingredients are considered controversial.

They can appear vegan-friendly at first, but their origin or makeup can sometimes not be vegan after all. Dum Dums contain a few of these controversial ingredients, including sugar, coloring, and flavoring.

Here is a bit about each of these, and why they can sometimes be vegan, and sometimes not, so you would need to decide whether or not the inclusion of these in Dum Dums is okay for you:


Candies obviously contain sugar, and this is true for Dum Dums. Sugar in its pure form is vegan-friendly, but the way it is processed is sometimes not.

Sometimes, refined cane sugar is processed with bone char to give it a bright white color. The sugar itself doesn’t contain bone char, but it does come into contact with it during processing.

Since bone char is an animal product, not all vegans will be comfortable eating cane sugar that has been processed with it.

When it comes to Dum Dums, the type of sugar used is not specified. You’ll have to take a guess. It’s up to you if it’s worth risking.


Colorings used in certain foods can be tested on animals, so it helps to know the source and how they were made.

With Dum Dums, the food coloring source isn’t specified. However, most colorings used nowadays are not tested on animals. So you can try it with lower risk, if you’re comfortable.


The problem with flavorings, whether natural or artificial, is that the companies who make them do not need to specify the ingredients used to make them. They are usually considered trade secrets. 

However, natural flavorings are often labeled as animal-derived or not. Most flavorings should not contain animal by-products. So again, the risk here is low.

Are Dum Dums Vegan?

Now that you know the different controversial ingredients included in Dum Dums, and how they are classified, then it is fairly safe to say that Dum Dums are vegan – by most definitions.

There is a chance, however, that one or more of the ingredients has been processed or tested in a way that isn’t totally vegan, however.

Dum Dums do not contain any animal-derived ingredients as listed on the ingredients list, and it will be up to you to decide whether the controversial ingredients are suitable for your diet or not.

Are All Flavors Of Dum Dums Vegan?

The original Dum Dums flavors are all considered to be vegan, but you might have concerns about the other flavors in the line.

Some other Dum Dums include the Limited Edition, Bunny Pops, Heart Pops, and the Color Party. Even though these are all different, they include all the same ingredients as the original flavors, so they can be considered vegan.

You can happily enjoy some Dum Dums of all the varieties knowing that they are vegan and that you do not have to worry about any non-vegan ingredients.

Dum Dums Ingredients List

All of the different Dum Dums do include the same ingredients, and the only difference would be the flavors and colors used.

The Dum Dums ingredients list is as follows:

  • Sugar
  • Corn Syrup
  • Citric Acid
  • Malic Acid
  • Salt
  • Artificial Flavors
  • Added Colors (Red 40, Yellow 6, Yellow 5, Blue 1)

These ingredients are all considered vegan. But you might have your own preference when it comes to the controversial ingredients such as sugar, artificial flavors, and added colors.

Are Dum Dums Dairy-Free?

Yes, Dum Dums are dairy-free. They are not made with any ingredients which contain dairy or come into contact with dairy.

There is also dedicated equipment used to make Dum Dums which does not expose the candies to any dairy. This is listed on the Dum Dums allergen list.

So you can trust that they are dairy-free and suitable for those who do not have dairy in their diet.

Are Dum Dums Gluten-Free?

The Dum Dums allergen list also notes that Dum Dums are gluten-free. They do not contain wheat or gluten.

Those who are gluten-intolerant can enjoy Dum Dums, but it is always best to triple-check first!

Are Dum Dums Kosher?

Dum Dums are OU Kosher certified. This is listed on the Dum Dums website. The Dum Dums packaging should also show the Kosher symbol next to the net weight symbol, so be sure to check!

Are Dum Dums PeanutFree?

Dum Dums do not contain any peanut products and are manufactured on machinery that is dedicated to Dum Dums alone, so there should be no cross-contamination.

However, as peanut allergies can be severe, it is always best to check this again just before having a Dum Dums.

What Ingredient Would Make A Candy Non-Vegan?

It might be easy to assume that candies are vegan, as they do not obviously contain animal products. But the truth is that there are multiple ingredients that candies might contain which are not suitable for a vegan diet.

The worst culprit is gelatin. Gelatin is used to make jellies set and make candies chewy. While it might give the candy a great texture, it is often not vegan.

Gelatin is made by boiling ligaments, tendons, skin, and sometimes bones from pigs or cows down to form the protein. This means it is obviously made from animal products, and therefore it is not vegan.

However, there are some gelatin products that are sourced from non-animal products. It is definitely worth checking for this when looking at a candy made with gelatin.

Other ingredients include sugar, which could be processed using bone char, and colorings and flavors, which sometimes can contain animal by-products, or which might be tested on animals.

Once you start looking for these non-vegan ingredients, you will notice there are a large number of candies that aren’t actually vegan-friendly!

Review – Are Dum Dums Vegan?

Dum Dums can be considered vegan-friendly, as they do not contain any obvious animal by-products or ingredients, and they are classified as vegan by many.

However, as many candies do, Dum Dums contain certain controversial ingredients such as sugar, coloring, and flavors. These sometimes can include animal by-products, but it’s up to you to decide whether they are fine for you.

The good news is that all flavors of Dum Dums are considered vegan, even the limited edition flavors and the Mystery Flavor.

Dum Dums are also considered gluten-free, dairy-free, peanut-free, and Kosher, so they are suitable for a wide range of diets, and almost everyone gets to enjoy their great flavor!

Related Questions

Do Dum Dums Contain Gelatin?

Dum Dums do not contain any gelatin, which is a relief for those who try to stay away from gelatin, especially when it is made from animal products.

Gelatin is usually found in chewy, soft sweets. Dum Dums are hard candy lollipops and do not contain this.

Are Dum Dums Free From Egg?

Dum Dums are not made with any egg. They are made with very few, simple ingredients.

Are Skittles Vegan?

Skittles are a popular candy, and they are considered to be vegan-friendly. They are made using both natural and artificial colorings, flavors, and sweeteners, but these do not contain any animal by-products.

It is always good to check beforehand though, especially when trying out new flavors. There’s always a chance things could change.

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