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11 Best Toasters for Camping – With Buyer’s Guide

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Planning to cook outdoors for a camping trip? Then you will need the right tools for the job! 

Camping toasters are a convenient and useful tool for making toast on the go, but with so many options in the market, which one should you get?

What are the best toasters for camping? Camping toasters come in different styles. You can either go with a versatile toaster that can not only toast bread but also cook food in a pan, or you can go with a simple rack toaster that can hold and toast up to four slices of bread at a time. 

Read below to learn more about toasters for camping, our buyer’s guide, and our recommendations for the best outdoor toasters! 

What Are Camping Toasters?

Ever wondered how people toasted slices of bread before the invention of electric toasters? Well, that is where camping toasters come in. 

Camping toasters don’t use any electricity but are powered using butane stoves that heat the toaster which in turn toasts the bread slices.

The best thing about camping toasters is that they are highly portable. You don’t need to lug them around and some of them can even be disassembled! Just throw the toaster in your bag and you don’t have to worry about feeding yourself or your loved ones in the wilderness.

Camping toasters are available in different designs. There are primarily two types of camping toasters:

  1. Rack Toasters
  2. Pan Toasters

Rack Toasters

Rack toasters will trigger a lot of nostalgia for many camping aficionados. Rack toasters have been around for decades and have been the default choice for many campers because of their simplicity and portability.

This toaster has a simple setup, a perforated stainless-steel base holds four metal sections with a “J” shape that keeps the bread slices in place. Each side is tilted towards the center so that the flames can reach the slices from underneath. 

The reason why this toaster design is such a hit is because of how easy it is to use. The rack comes in one piece but some designs also give you the option to fold the rack so that it is even more portable. The entire rack can be put over a burner.

The base has plenty of surface area which gives the structure stability and allows the flame to come through from the middle instead of the sides. 

The result is a mini campfire that cooks the bread one side at a time. The rack design can toast bread in 5 minutes per side. A disadvantage of using this toaster is that you will need to flip the bread which can be dangerous since there is an open flame at the center.

Fortunately, some rack toasters come with tongs that you can use to safely flip the bread or take it off the toaster. We think that this type of toaster is best for people who want a lot of bread slices – for example, you can toast up to 8 bread slices in 10-12 minutes!

But please keep in mind that this toaster heavily relies on the strength of the flame. If the flame is weak then the bread may not toast well or take longer. If it is too much then you will likely end up burning the slices.

This is why we recommend that you use rack toasters with a controlled butane or propane gas burner. Put the empty toaster over the burner and then adjust the flame accordingly before adding the bread slices.

Pan Toasters

Pan toasters work using the same principle but are much better suited for not just toasting bread but also cooking eggs, meat, vegetables, and more! 

The pan toaster design was introduced as a portable sandwich maker for campers. The idea behind this toaster is simple. The two halves of the pan lock in place using clamps. Some pan toasters also feature a secondary lock that compresses the sandwich to toast each side of the bread equally.

Just put the pan over the flame and let it heat for a bit. Then apply grease and start assembling your sandwich. The bread comes on first, followed by the rest of the ingredients of the sandwich. Top the sandwich with another slice of bread and seal the pan shut! 

These pans are made from stainless steel that can heat up very quickly. In most cases, you will need about 5 minutes to toast the bread and cook the sandwich. Just flip the pan and cook on the other side and voila! Your sandwich is ready.

If you don’t want to make a sandwich then you can also use the pan to just toast bread. Just like the rack design, you will have to flip the bread manually to toast the other side, but you can also get a pair of tongs with this toaster that can make things much easier. 

The benefit of going with a pan toaster is that it is ideal for all types of cooking. Sure, you might end up toasting 1-2 slices of bread at a time compared to the 4 in the rack design, but you can use this pan to make a range of food items. 

Quick dishes like eggs, bacon, cheese, and more can easily be cooked in this toaster. You can even make a quick pizza too! Since the pan shuts completely and traps steam inside, you can use the steam to melt the cheese and cook toppings efficiently. 

Buyer’s Guide for Camping Toasters

Now that you know all about the types of camping toasters, it’s time to dive a bit deeper into their qualities and features! 

This buyer’s guide is designed to help you pick the right toaster for your needs. To make this guide easier, we have divided it into different sections, each of which will discuss an important feature that the camping toaster must possess to be useful.

Here is what you need to look out for:

  1. Build Quality
  2. Accessories
  3. Portability and Cleaning

Build Quality 

When it comes to camping toasters, build quality is everything. The toaster not only needs to survive under direct heat, but it should also be able to keep up with your camping needs. 

Let’s face it, when you are out camping, you are bound to throw your bag around on hard surfaces – which is why the toaster must be able to keep up with the rough and tough environment of the wilderness.

We recommend only going with stainless steel which is both durable and viable for long-term use. See, some toasters are made from a light composite material and while this does make it lighter, it also significantly reduces the structural integrity of the toaster.

In other words, if this super lightweight toaster is tossed in your bag, then chances are that it will break the moment that you take it out after a rough trekking trip. 

The only time aluminum is acceptable for toasters is when you use a pan-style toaster that has elongated aluminum handles. Other than the handles, the part that receives direct heat must always be made from food-safe stainless steel.


Accessories are a nice-to-have feature. They aren’t required for most toasters, but having them can make things a lot easier. For example, many rack toasters come with metallic tongs which can be used to handle the toasts without burning your fingers.

Remember, safety comes first when camping! Always go for camping toasters that offer convenience and safety! 

A locking mechanism is another great feature that can make things much easier for you. For example, some pan toasters come with a locking handle that can keep the food in place without you having to put pressure on the pan. 

These types of toasters are ideal because they work in the same way as electric sandwich makers where each half can be locked to ensure that the food makes full contact with the heated surface.

You should also look for grippy handles. Trust us, camping pans can get very hot and can even scald your fingers if you don’t use them properly. Most camping toasters come with a handle made from Bakelite or other heat-resistant materials. The handle keeps the heat away and also allows for a great grip.

Portability and Cleaning

Camping toasters are useless if they aren’t portable. When you are out and about, portability is one of the biggest factors that can make or break your trip. Some people pack light, which means that they have enough space to keep rigid objects like a rack toaster.

But many others tend to pack their bags to the brim, which leaves very little room for rigid objects. This is where portable designs come in.

See, most rack toasters can also be folded, which can make them infinitely easier to carry. Both foldability and detachability are important features. Detachable cookware is extremely important because it can allow you to fit the toaster in your bag in a way that saves space.

This means that instead of packing around the toaster, you can simply detach the entire structure and store it in different places, or even different bags.

The final feature that every toaster must possess is an easy-to-clean design. You wouldn’t want to put a dirty toaster in your bag! Food particles can get stuck in the toaster and if they are not cleaned, they can go bad and create a foul odor in your camping equipment. 

Rack toasters, for example, can be difficult to clean. Since there are a lot of perforations at the base, the food particles will likely get stuck in between which can make cleaning it a nightmare. But an easy fix for this is to pack a sponge with an abrasive surface and a bit of dishwashing liquid.

Another option is to go with a pan toaster that is coated with a non-stick coating. This is by far the best option for campers who intend to not just toast bread but also cook breakfast or lunch using the pan. 

Nonstick pans are very easy to use and can be cleaned without any extra equipment. All you need is clean water, some soap, and a small piece of cloth. Just remember to go with a high-quality food-safe nonstick pan for the best experience!

11 Best Toasters for Camping

It’s time to make a purchase decision! We have picked the best toasters for camping that can fit the needs of every type of camper. Each product below is picked according to our buyer’s guides so you don’t have to worry about their quality or features!

ProductBest Feature
1.Stainless Camping ToasterA classic rack toaster that can toast up to 4 slices of bread at a time. Comes with a pair of tongs!
2.Camping Sandwich ToasterEnjoy making sandwiches over a campfire? Then this is the toaster to get. Comes with an elongated handle made with heat-resistant materials.   
3.CAMPINGMOON Bread Toaster for CampingLightweight, simple, and very portable. The best option for people who want to toast or roast food. 
4.IZSOHHOME Camping Sandwich Toaster
A great toaster design that is suitable for campfires and butane burners.  
5.Glacier Stainless Steel Toaster for CampingCollapsible and handheld! Designed with a large surface area that can diffuse heat evenly to toast bread and cook food.   
6. Folding Camp Stove ToasterAn inexpensive toaster that is easy to use and carry.
7. Improved Camp Stove ToasterA rack-style toaster with an updated design that allows for even better heat diffusion. 
8.Ibili Classica Foldable Tin Plate Bread ToasterA highly versatile, easy-to-use, and easy-to-clean toaster that can be used for multiple cooking applications.
9.Propane Bread Toaster with Foldable DesignA foldable rack toaster that is easy to clean. Can toast up to 4 slices at a time. 
10.Chinook Plateau Folding ToasterA highly portable and flat toaster that can fold. Comes with a carrying case.  
11.Rome Industries Campfire ToasterThe best toaster for people who like making big sandwiches. Easy to use and clean!   

1. Stainless Camping Toaster

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Stainless Camping Toaster

This is a classic rack toaster that is sure to ignite nostalgia in avid campers. This type of rack toaster is very easy to use and can toast up to 4 slices at a time. It’s made from high-quality stainless steel that is also food-safe.

Just put the toaster over a burner and toast bread on the go! The best part is that this toaster comes with tongs that you can use to safely flip the bread and even take the toaster off the burner! 

2. Camping Sandwich Toaster

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Camping Sandwich Toaster

If you have been looking for a toaster that you can use directly over a campfire then check out this toaster! Made from high-quality steel and equipped with a non-stick coating, this product is the best toaster for anyone who loves making sandwiches on the go.

It comes with an elongated aluminum handle that is lightweight but sturdy. The handles come with a heat-resistant handle that you can use to easily flip the pan! This pan toaster can also be used to make all sorts of easy breakfast and lunch dishes too.

3. CAMPINGMOON Bread Toaster for Camping

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CAMPINGMOON Bread Toaster for Camping

Here’s an easy-to-use and simple camping toaster that you can use for not just toasting slices of bread, but also for roasting! 

This is a simple flat toaster that can be placed over a butane burner. While the toaster can toast one slice of bread at a time (or 2 smaller slices), it is ideal for people who want versatility in their toaster. Since the base of this toaster has perforations, it can also be used to roast food directly over the flame.

This means that you can cook not just bread but also meat like bacon, chicken, and more. 

4. IZSOHHOME Camping Sandwich Toaster 

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IZSOHHOME Camping Sandwich Toaster 

This is a tong-style toaster that works in the same way as the pan toaster listed above. This toaster features two racks that are held together by a handle. Just bring the handles together and squeeze them to secure the food and cook as needed!

This is a very simple, lightweight, and easy-to-clean sandwich toaster that can be used either over a burner, or even directly over a campfire. 

5. Glacier Stainless Steel Toaster for Camping

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Glacier Stainless Steel Toaster for Camping

If you have complaints with heat distribution then we highly recommend that you go with this toaster.

It features a flat stainless-steel bottom with a rack on top. The base has perforations that can allow heat to pass through, but unlike other toasters, the base heats up evenly which leads to a better cooking experience. 

Forget about cold spots with this toaster! Since the heat distributes evenly, you can toast bread or even cook food over it without turning it every 5 seconds. 

6. Folding Camp Stove Toaster

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Folding Camp Stove Toaster

If you want portability, then check out this amazing camping toaster that can fold in on itself! This is a classic rack toaster with a perforated center that allows heat to pass through. It’s cheap, effective, and it is very easy to carry as well.

This toaster can toast up to 4 slices of bread at a time and since it’s lightweight and durable, it can be thrown in your bag and taken on adventures! We highly recommend this type of toaster for anyone who wants to quickly toast multiple pieces of bread for their family during a camping trip. 

7. Improved Camp Stove Toaster

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Improved Camp Stove Toaster

The new and improved stove toaster is an excellent option for people looking for a cheap and effective camping toaster. 

This toaster features a rack design and is very easy to use. Just like other rack toasters on our list, this one is also made from high-quality materials and can withstand the roughness of the wilderness too! 

It can toast up to 4 slices of bread at a time, and the improved design allows for an even toast instead of a light toast. The grooves on this toaster are large enough to toast sandwiches too. Just put the toaster at the center of the burner and cook your food just the way you like it!

8. Ibili Classica Foldable Tin Plate Bread Toaster

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Ibili Classica Foldable Tin Plate Bread Toaster

Simple, elegant, and versatile. This is the toaster for the professional camper that needs versatility in their camping gear. This toaster has a flat design with a perforated surface which allows for even heat distribution. 

The Ibili Classica Toaster can be used to toast slices of bread or even cook meat! The toaster is easy to clean and is made from high-quality food-safe materials. The base of the toaster is large enough to sit comfortably over any burner too!

9. Propane Bread Toaster with Foldable Design

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Propane Bread Toaster with Foldable Design

Here’s a detachable rack toaster that anyone can use! This toaster features a flat stainless-steel base with perforations. Each side of the toaster has a groove where you can attach the stands to hold the bread. The best thing about this toaster is that it is completely detachable.

If you are going on a private camping trip then you don’t have to pack the extra stands! At full capacity, the rack can toast up to 4 slices at a time and can easily fit over any burner. 

10. Chinook Plateau Folding Toaster

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Chinook Plateau Folding Toaster

This folding toaster is a great value-add for anyone who intends to camp consecutively. The toaster has a flat and foldable design which makes it very easy to store. It also features a flat surface that can distribute heat evenly. 

It can also be used to cook food like vegetables, meat, and more. It also comes with its own storage bag which makes it even easier to take with you on any camping trip!

11. Rome Industries Campfire Toaster

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Rome Industries Campfire Toaster

Whether it’s plain white bread or sourdough bread, this toaster can toast anything with ease! Made from high-quality materials, we think that this is the best toaster for all types of toasting or roasting applications. 

It comes with an elongated handle that will keep the heat away from you. This type of toaster can be used directly over the campfire or you can also use it over any portable gas stove too. The best thing about it is that it is easy to clean and can be stored very comfortably with your camping equipment!

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