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5 Best Portable Toasters [2023]

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Don’t you just hate it when you’ve booked accommodation for a relaxing getaway, just to arrive there without any toaster in sight?

And while it may sound silly to some people, being able to make your own toast is an easy way to save money on your trip (or spend it on more useful things). Plus, it’s a great way to ensure you start your day off with a simple yet delicious breakfast.

So, is there a type of portable toaster you can buy instead? The closest you can get to a “portable” toaster is a small or mini version, either 1-slice or 2-slice.

Today, we will walk you through an in-depth buyer’s guide for this unique appliance. Then, we’ve also compiled a list of our favorite options that are affordable, highly functional, and somewhat aesthetically pleasing. But most importantly, they are all compact and easy to transport.

What Is a Potable Toaster?

Okay, so to be completely honest, the term “portable toaster” is always thrown out there like it’s an actual thing, like a portable blender

But to date, we haven’t been able to find a cordless or battery-operated toaster that is truly, in our opinion, portable.

So, what are we talking about then? Just because there is no such thing as a portable toaster doesn’t mean your need for one goes away. Whether it’s visiting a bare-bones cabin or AirBnB, if you want toast, you should be able to still have it.

Obviously, the next best thing would be something like a mini or small toaster. These are super easy to transport, don’t take up a ton of space (in your boxes or suitcase), and still work great! If, of course, you find a great quality one. But that’s where we come in.

These may not be super advanced in technology, but they will certainly get the job done. Now, you can still have crunchy toast on your next vacation, no matter where you go.

If you have power, you can have a toast!

And if you are someone that moves around a lot or has limited kitchen space (like when you live in a Van), these toasters are also an amazing solution!

Buyer’s Guide for Portable Toasters

Now, you may think “A toaster is a toaster,” right? Wrong!

best portable toasters

Especially when it comes to mini toasters, there are many options out there that work better as an aesthetic piece than a functional appliance. 

“Well, if it breaks, I’ll just buy a new one.”

You could do that, but there are many issues with this mindset. First, you are throwing away money. Instead of buying one good product that might be a little more pricey, you are willing to keep purchasing toasters over and over again. In reality, this could end up costing you more in the long run.

Secondly, it’s super wasteful! If you buy a good toaster, it can last you decades! Buying multiple cheap appliances just contributes to cheap labor, cheap materials used, excess trash, and depletion of our resources to make them. Don’t do it!

Preaching aside, let’s look at the main factors to consider before buying a mini or small portable toaster.


First, and arguably one of the most important factors for today, is the size of the toaster. Obviously, a 6-slice toaster isn’t very portable. It’s bulky and will take up half of your suitcase!

You will most likely be looking for a 1-slice or 2-slice toaster instead. In our opinion, 2-slice toasters are better. You can make more slices at a time which will save you a ton of time, especially if you are making for more than 1 person.

Then, you also have to consider the actual size of the 1 or 2-slice toaster. If you have ever seen a SMEG 2-slice toaster, you know that it’s massive! Yes, it has a lot of wonderful features, but it measures at 12.2 inches wide, 7.7 inches deep, and 7.75 inches high. As we said, massive!

You can get a basic 2-slice toaster for half the size.

But the exact size you end up deciding on really depends on your portability limitations. If you travel with an overnight bag, the smaller the better. If you are traveling with a massive suitcase, you have more wiggle room for a larger option.


This is something few people take into consideration. But trust us, you won’t know how much you use a function until it’s no longer there.

If you prefer frozen bread that needs to be thawed, you should consider buying a model that still has a “defrost” setting.

You should also always look for options that can adjust the level of toasting. There is nothing worse than having to re-toast a slice of bread 10 times!

This factor will also differ from person to person, depending on your needs and preferences.

Aesthetic and Price

These are minor factors. And when it comes to portable toasters, unless you are permanently featuring them in a home-like space (like a vacation home or Van), their look doesn’t matter. Functionality should come first. It’s a bonus if the toaster looks good as well.

And when it comes to the price, never break your budget. There are MANY great options out there that work well and are affordable. You just have to look.

5 Best Portable Toasters

Without further ado, let’s look at our favorite portable mini toasters, which can all be found on Amazon. 

As always, we’ve included a wide variety so you are almost guaranteed to find an option that suits your needs.

RankProductKey Feature
1.ISILER 2-Slice Multi-functional Compact ToasterVery small single-slice compact toaster with simple technology, easy-to-clean tray, and convenient cord storage.
2.ISILER 2-Slice Multi-functional Compact ToasterAn aesthetic and multi-functional  2-slice toaster with a small compact design.
3.Elite Gourmet ECT2145 2-Slice ToasterVery compact 2-slice toaster with 6 toasting settings and most impressively, a countdown timer.
4.KETIAN Long Slot 2 slice Toaster With CoverThe elongated design makes it less thick and chunky and ultimately, easier to pack. Plus, it comes with an actual carry bag!
5.Mueller Retro 2-Slice ToasterAesthetic retro 2-slice toaster with 7 toasting settings and 3 button functions.

1. MyMini Single Slice Toaster With Extra-Wide Slot

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mymini single slice toaster with extra-wide slot

First up, we have one of the smallest single-slice toasters you will be able to find. This toaster measures 9.49” W x 3.74” D x 6.22” H.

It can be used to toast a variety of bread types as well as waffles, bagels, and hot pockets.

The technology it uses is pretty simple and can only adjust the “toast” level. But it does come with an easy slide-out tray that catches all of the crumbs.

You can also conveniently store the cord in the bottom of the toaster, making it even more compact.

This is truly one of the best portable toasters for small spaces and single servings. And the price isn’t half bad either! Trust us. You won’t regret this choice!

2. ISILER 2-Slice Multi-functional Compact Toaster

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isiler 2-slice multi-functional compact toaster

Next on our list of compact toasters is one that’s a little bigger, measuring 9” W X 5” D X 7” H. That’s because this is a 2-slice toaster, not a single-slice option. And while we love the green-blue hue of this option, it also comes in gray, pink, and yellow.

This 2-slice mini toaster is perfect for families on the go and can toast virtually any type of bread. It also has a defrost and reheat setting, with 7 adjustable toasting levels. 

As with most toasters, it comes with a convenient crumb tray that is easy to clean too. And, because the metal elements are made with stainless steel, you don’t ever have to worry about rust.

3. Elite Gourmet ECT2145 2-Slice Toaster

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elite gourmet ECT2145 2-slice-toaster

This is not the prettiest toaster out there. But again, pretty shouldn’t be a deciding factor.

This 2-slice toaster is impressive when it comes to the compact size. It’s only 7.5” W X 7” D X 10.6”H.

It comes with 6 toasting settings, a reheat and defrost function, as well as an easy cancel button. It also has a specific function just for toasting bagels!

What makes this mini toaster even more impressive is the LED display countdown timer. This enables you to see exactly how much time you have to prep other elements.

You can also opt for their single-slice toaster or their 4-slice toaster, both being surprisingly compact for their features.

4. KETIAN Long Slot 2 slice Toaster With Cover

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ketian long slot 2-slice toaster with cover

The closest toaster we could find to “portable” was this option that comes with a carry bag. 

But besides that, it’s still pretty compact. The unique design allows two slices of toast to fit beside each other. This makes the toaster roughly 15.75”D X 5.51” W X 7.48” H.

Now, this may seem very large to some, and it could be. But in certain situations, you may not be able to fit a thick, beefy toaster in your bag. This elongated design makes it easier to pack.

Other than the design, this toaster has 6 settings, can defrost, reheat, and effortlessly cancel.

5. Mueller Retro 2-Slice Toaster

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muller retro 2-slice toaster

Last but not least, we have a 2-slice compact toaster that is not only functional but comes in 4 different retro colors too. The design is simple, but the technology is impressive.

First, it measures 11.5” W X 6.5” D X 6.9”H. It has 7 toasting functions, can reheat, defrost, and cancel at the touch of a button, and has a removable crumb tray with bottom storage.

So, if it looks good and works well, why isn’t it higher? Simply because it’s more expensive.

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