sugar for making caipirinha

The Best Sugar for Making Caipirinha

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Sometimes, there is simply nothing better than a simple chilled beverage. The caipirinha has a light and refreshing flavor that is perfect for just that. 

You might think that the caipirinha is a mojito, but they are actually quite different, which we will discuss further. Caipirinha is much sweeter with a hint of a tropical flavor without the tropical being overwhelming. 

This drink is great for any type of day and is both tasty and refreshing. Make caipirinha for your gatherings, meetings, parties, and so much more and everyone will be impressed with your drink-making skills!

Is there a right or wrong way to make a caipirinha? What ingredients and sugar for making caipirinha are the best to use in your drink? How can various types of sugar affect the flavor or the texture of your caipirinha?

The right way to make a caipirinha is with white sugar, as this is how it is traditionally made. However, if you want to add a unique flavor or texture to your drink, there are other sugars you can use instead. With that said, white sugar is absolutely the way to go for an authentic caipirinha.

In this guide, we will share with you the best sugar for making caipirinha and how different types of sugars may make your drink taste different to you. We will also cover the basics of how to make caipirinha and how it might compare to other related drinks. 

We hope that you will keep reading to find all of the relevant information in this guide we’ve compiled to help you have the most delicious and refreshing caipirinha. 

Your Guide to the Best Caipirinha

Making the best caipirinha is about far more than simply mixing a few ingredients for your adult beverage. It is a very simple drink to make but you should be familiar with the necessary ingredients and the overall process. 

While making caipirinha is relatively easy, if you use the wrong sugar it could affect your flavor or your texture and we’re quite sure you want your drink to be the best it can be! 

What is Caipirinha?

Caipirinha is a drink that was first made in Brazil. It is made with Brazilian liquor as well as sugar and lime. The liquor is known as cachaça, which is a hard liquor with a sugarcane base. This drink is the most popular alcoholic beverage and the liquor used in it is also the liquor of choice in Brazil. 


The sugar, lime, and cachaça result in a semi-tropical drink that is lightly refreshing with a citrus twist. While there is sugar in the drink and cachaça has a sugarcane base, the drink has the perfect tone of sweetness without being overly sweet as you might suspect. 

How Is Caipirinha Made?

Caipirinha is delightfully refreshing, particularly in the summer when you just want an ice-cold simple adult beverage that is light and delicious. It’s very simple to make, but does have a bit of a process to follow to ensure your caipirinha tastes great when you are finished!

 Trust us, your taste buds will thank you if you take the time to do it right! 

For a single cup of caipirinha, you use half of a lime sliced into wedges, 2 tsp of sugar, and 2 oz. of cachaça. Here are the basic steps to follow:

  1. Pour measured sugar into a cup.
  2. Squeeze lime wedges over sugar and then drop the limes into the glass.
  3. Mix together with a spoon, being sure to squash the lime wedges gently.
  4. Pour measured cachaça.
  5. Add ice if you prefer.
  6. Sip and enjoy!

As you can see, the process is definitely not complicated. Understand that while this is a seemingly simple process that takes very little by way of ingredients, you want to use the best products. 

In order to find cachaça, you may need to ask your local liquor store to order it for you. There are several drinks on the market that have a similar makeup to caipirinha, such as the mojito or Mai Tai, but they really are not the same. 

Additionally, the sugar that you use can make a significant difference. You can certainly use whichever sugar you have on hand and it will work fine but keep in mind that the sugar in this drink can directly affect the flavor and the texture. 

Next, we will discuss several types of sugar as well as how they can affect your caipirinha and we will break down which is our top recommendation. 

The Best Sugar for Making Caipirinha

If you want your drink to taste its best, you should plan to use the best ingredients. Choosing limes is quite simple and you can purchase those from most local grocery stores. Choosing sugar should be a bit more intuitive if you want the best flavor. 

sugar for making caipirinha

We will highlight certain types of sugars and cover what you can expect for your caipirinha with each type of sugar. From the sugar types, you can determine which brands are most available and will work for you. 

Dark Brown Sugar

Most caipirinha recipes call for sugar, but a common way to adjust the drink for flavor and texture is to use brown sugar. Dark brown sugar brings a rich flavor to your caipirinha that is light and subtle. 

With dark brown sugar, the sugar dissolves much more easily when you muddle the mixture which allows your drink not to have a thick or grainy texture when it is completed.

C&H Pure Cane Sugar

The dark brown sugar will add color to your drink, tinging it brown similar to a lightly brewed tea. 

While this sugar makes a delicious blend for caipirinha that delivers a unique and hearty flavor that is often preferred to other flavors by some, it does not make the traditional caipirinha flavor. 

Which type of sugar you choose to use may vary based on your flavor preferences. The caipirinha is made to be delightfully sweet and using dark brown sugar enriches the overall flavor while modifying the sweet flavor of the drink. 

Demerara Sugar

Demerara sugar is very similar to typical brown sugar. It is a pale amber sugar that is most often used as a light-brown sugar substitute. This type of sugar has a flavor that might remind you of toffee. 

Using demerara brings delicious toffee notes into your caipirinha and is a suitable option if you just want the added flavor. The sugar grains are fairly large and this sugar is a form of raw cane sugar. 

Demerara sugar

Because of the texture of the sugar and the types of grains, demerara can make your drink thick and slightly grainy as this type of sugar will not muddle as well as some sugars. 

This is a great sugar option if you want to give your caipirinha a deep, rich flavor rather than the ultra-sweet flavor that they usually have. Demerara tones the sweetness with notes of rich toffee flavors. 

Raw Sugar

Raw sugar is one of the most popular types of sugar to add to drinks to lighten a rich flavor. In the case of caipirinha, raw sugar would give the drink a bit of caramel flavor. 

In the Raw Turbinado Cane Sugar

Raw sugar is most commonly added to sugar and tea, but in the U.S. it is popularly used as the sugar of choice when caipirinhas. The drink is super sweet and this type of sugar maintains a certain level of sweetness while also manipulating the flavor. 

Again, this is not the traditional type of sugar used in caipirinha drinks but it is a great option. Raw sugar will also thicken your drink and may leave it a bit grainy as the sugar is coarse. 

White Cane Sugar

This one is your winner.

If you want the traditional delicious caipirinha made to be how it was traditionally meant to be made, use white cane sugar. The sugar and lime muddle gives the perfect syrupy texture that makes the drink very sweet. 

Domino Premium Pure Cane Granulated Sugar

Caipirinha was designed to be very sweet and syrupy and that is how Brazilians traditionally make it and drink it. Using white cane sugar will make your drink the traditional style. 

Keep in mind that these other sugar options shared can be great options depending on what type of flavor or texture you prefer for your drink. Have fun experimenting with different types or keep it simple and traditional with white cane sugar. 

Related Questions

We hope that the information provided in this guide is useful and informative. We invite you to take a look at our common questions for some additional information. 

Is There a Substitute for Cachaça?

Cachaça has a unique flavor and is made from the juice of fermented cane sugar. There is no true replacement for cachaça. However, if you are unable to find this type of liquor or have it ordered for your drink-making, you can substitute rum. This actually changes the drink but would be the most similar option. 

How is Caipirinha Different from a Mojito?

These drinks have very similar looks and flavors but they are made with different ingredients. The Mojito is made with rum which is originally distilled through molasses while the caipirinha is made with cachaça from distilled cane sugar. The sweetness of the two is really not comparable. 

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