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7 Best Splatter Guards – With Buyer’s Guide

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Don’t you just hate it when you’re cooking and oil, grease, water, or some type of substance from your cooking splatters at you? It’s awful! Then you have to worry about that stain on your shirt or that hot substance burning your skin. 

There’s a solution for that! A splatter guard, also commonly called a splatter screen, is a great tool to protect you and your kitchen from that popping grease and oil. Splatter guards can also be useful when you’re ready to drain the grease or oil from the pan you are cooking with. 

Splatter guards are a well-designed tool that can act in several ways, but ultimately they are meant to protect the surroundings of a pan. Every kitchen needs a splatter guard, but the question is which one do you buy?

How do you know which splatter guard is the best? The best splatter guard is one that is the correct size for your pan and is made from a durable material that can withstand heat.

In this buyer’s guide, we will discuss the characteristics of the splatter guard and what type of qualities you should look for as you search for the perfect splatter guard. 

Additionally, we will share with you our top 7 recommendations for the best splatter guards on the market. We will provide you with all of the necessary information you could possibly need to make a decision and then you can take it from there. 

Keep reading to learn all of the need-to-know details for selecting the perfect splatter guard for your kitchen needs. 

A Buyer’s Guide to Choosing a Splatter Guard

What Is a Splatter Guard?

A splatter screen is a simple tool that you use to cover your pots and pans when cooking. It’s a fairly self-explanatory tool as its duty is exactly what the name might suggest. The splatter guard is intended to protect you and the area near your pan from splatters. 

The splatter screen is most commonly used with cooking that involves boiling substances or hot grease and oil. Using the splatter screen is a better option than covering with a lid on certain things because covering the pot with a lid produces a steaming effect. 

splatter guards

Using the splatter screen allows you to fry or boil as you intend to while letting the steam escape. This protects as it should without holding in the steam and altering your cooking method. 

A splatter screen is a simple tool that is made with a metal or wire circle of some sort. The circle is then covered with a durable mesh material. Splatter guards can be made in various ways. They might have clips or handles on them or even just be the simple round screen. 

Uses & Traits of a Splatter Guard

A splatter screen protects from grease popping or ingredients boiling and popping. This often results in grease or other types of splatters spread all over your stove, countertops, and possibly even you. 

Is a splatter guard just for catching grease? Here are some great characteristics of a splatter guard. Some of these are obvious while some may surprise you. 

  • Keep your kitchen cleaner when cooking
  • Avoid hot grease and oil popping on you or your surroundings
  • Drain grease from a pan if necessary to continue cooking – recipes that call for browning hamburger often tell you to drain the grease and then proceed with your recipe. 
  • No stains on your clothes or in your kitchen from “pops” during cooking
  • Durable tool that holds up to tough jobs
  • Simple and easy tool to use

The splatter guard is such a simple tool but many kitchens neglect to add this tool to their arsenal. Whether you’re missing a splatter screen because you simply didn’t know of this wonder or because you didn’t think you needed one, now is the time to snatch one up. You will be glad you did! 

Splatter Screen Care

If you recall, we mentioned that the splatter screen is made with a mesh layer. As you can imagine, the mesh could potentially get messy. So you need to know how to properly clean the mesh in the easiest manner possible. 

Mesh can be challenging to clean and get all of the residue out of the tiny little holes. However, it really is not as hard as it might sound. We’ve put together a few simple steps for you to guide you through cleaning your splatter screen and getting that mesh free of grease and residue. 

  1. We recommend using your choice of liquid dish soap with baking soda for cleaning your splatter screen.
  2. Select a scrubbing sponge and a hard bristle cleaning brush.
  3. You can put your liquid dish soap and baking soda directly onto the splatter screen. Sprinkle the baking soda first and then add dish soap. Or you can mix the two together and apply the mix to your screen. 
  4. Scrub using the sponge and brush. 
  5. You may need to rinse several times and scrub some more.
  6. Rinse well, dry, and put away.
  7. If you own a dishwasher, rinse the splatter screen with hot water and toss it in the dishwasher (assuming your splatter guard is dishwasher safe). 

How to Pick a Splatter Guard/Screen

You will see as you dig into our reviews of the 7 best splatter guards that there is a vast variety of types of guards. You can find them with various materials, shapes, and functions. Some guards are even multi-functional. 

As you peruse the guide, determine which type of qualities you would prefer for your splatter screen. Keep in mind that while all of these products are meant to effectively reduce splatter they have many variables and you could potentially prefer specific characteristics in your kitchen’s splatter screen. 

Here are some common characteristics that you might want to pay attention to as you select your splatter guard. 

  • Size – Most splatter screens are made to be a one-size-fits-all type of screen. However, it is possible to buy screens that have ridges to fit various sizes or to buy varying sizes as well. When a screen is made to a certain size, it can typically be used for any pan up to the size associated with the screen. 
  • Material – Not all splatter screens are made of the same materials. The typical splatter screen has stainless steel with a mesh covering. However, there are multiple options. Some screens now eliminate the mesh and cover with stainless steel that has holes for steam release while even others are made with silicone for the majority of the product. 
  • Durability – You want to ensure that your splatter screen Is going to last. You want a strong and durable screen that won’t warp or fall apart through use, storage, and washing processes. 
  • SplatterProof – Not all splatter guards effectively reduce splatter equally. Some reduce splatter better than others and some hold in steam rather than releasing the steam as needed. This is a design characteristic that you may want to specifically watch for to ensure you are accomplishing your purpose with whichever splatter guard you choose. 

The 7 Best Splatter Guards Reviewed

Finding the best of any item can sometimes be a long and complicated process. There are so many resources online and tons of options to try to sort through. Trying to narrow it down and ultimately find the best just takes way too much time. 

oil splatter

That’s why we have done all of that work for you. We’ve sifted and sorted and read and reviewed and we’ve narrowed down the options to the top 7.

RankProductKey Features
1.OXO Softworks Stainless Steel Splatter Screen Grooved for several pan sizes, foldable handle
2.BergKoch Grease Splatter ScreenHanging hook, extra-fine mesh
3.Kristie’s Kitchen Splatter GuardSet of 3, stainless steel
4.FOXEL Splatter Screen Splash GuardExtra wide rim, foldable handle
5.Frywall Splatter Guard5 colors, food-grade silicone
6.ExcelSteel Silicone Splatter GuardNon-slip grip, food-grade silicone
7.UrbanWare Premium Splatter GuardFine mesh, dishwasher-safe

We will share our recommendations of the top 7 splatter guards available as well as all of the important information you should know for each one. 

1. OXO Softworks Stainless Steel Splatter Screen

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OXO Softworks Stainless Steel Splatter Screen

The OXO Good Grips splatter screen has a unique design that makes it stand out. This is a very versatile option that is quite affordable.

The splatter screen has dips so that it can easily work for any size pan. The handle is foldable and adjustable to make this option great for just about any job. 

Key Features:

  • Fits pans up to 13 inches wide
  • Grooved to fit various sizes
  • Foldable handle

This grooved splatter screen covers up to 13-inch pans total but the grooves are set at 8, 10, and 12 inches. The groove sets were designed to fit average pan sets in so that they can be used for any type of job you might need. 

This splatter screen is dishwasher safe and the foldable handle makes it simple to store without having to find room for an obnoxious handle sticking out. This screen is made of stainless steel rather than a mesh cover, making it quite easy to clean. 

What makes this product even more convenient is that OXO offers a lifetime limited warranty!


  • Easy to clean stainless steel material rather than mesh covering
  • Proper weight distribution so that the handle does not cause tilt
  • Controls splatter well and is easy to clean up
  • Dishwasher safe material
  • Lifetime limited warranty


  • Foldable handle is slightly bulky
  • Holes are a bit large and do not contain as much splatter as expected. 

2. BergKoch Grease Splatter Screen

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BergKoch Grease Splatter Screen

The BerkKoch grease splatter screen is your typical design for a splatter screen. It is made with high-quality stainless steel and durable mesh material.

This screen will work for a pan up to 13 inches in diameter and has resting feet for stability on your pan. 

Key Features:

  • 13-Inch splatter guard
  • Hanging hook for storage
  • Extra-fine mesh 

This splatter guard is a great option that seriously stops the grease splatter, saving your kitchen and your clothes from any possible splatter. This was designed to be a heavy-duty product while also being lightweight and easy to use. 

This is your simple design that is a state-of-the-art choice for a splatter guard. Additionally, it is available for a really great price that won’t break the bank. There’s no need to worry about steaming effects because the mesh effectively allows steam to vent out. 


  • Includes a lifetime warranty
  • Contains approximately 99% of splatter
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Resting feet for a stable hold


  • Handle tends to melt near the pan
  • Screen burns and discolors but continues to work effectively

3. Kristie’s Kitchen Splatter Guard

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Kristie’s Kitchen Splatter Guard

The splatter guard from Kristie’s Kitchen is a unique design that is fun and effective.

These splatter guards are designed to look similar to pan lids so they effectively fit your pans with no bulky handle that sticks out and never quite fits into the cabinet. 

Key Features:

  • Set of 3 splatter screens – 8, 10, and 13-inch sizes
  • Knob-top handle design
  • High-grade stainless steel mesh

This is a fun set that is designed for the ultimate splatter-free experience. Splatter will not escape these due to the fit of the screen. They set on your pan just as if you were using a lid. These can even double as pan strainers and are easy to use for that purpose as well. 

This company strives to provide excellent products and they actively listen to customer feedback to provide the best possible product they can. Because the handle is a knob, you can even use the large splatter screen when working with a wok. 


  • Unique design that holds in all splatter
  • Versatile with 3 sizes
  • Handle allows compatibility with a wok
  • Backed by a company guarantee
  • Handle does not get hot when in use


  • Be careful reaching for handle when in use for any stray steam or splatter
  • Advertised as dishwasher safe but tends to rust in the dishwasher

4. FOXEL Splatter Screen Splash Guard

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FOXEL Splatter Screen Splash Guard

The FOXEL splatter screen is a delightful option with a secret capability that makes it the most versatile option we are going to share with you.

This splatter screen has a wide rim of stainless steel with a center mesh lining. 

Key Features:

  • 11-inch splatter guard 
  • Foldable handle design
  • Extra-wide rim 

Are you ready for the secret of this splatter screen? With the wide rim and centralized splatter screen, you can actually steam items on top of the screen while you are frying in your pan under the screen. The screen effectively releases steam while holding in grease making this tool super versatile. 

This screen is made with durable and strong materials. It will not bend or break easily and holds up to tough use and storage. Additionally, because of the design of this screen, you could use it as a sift or sieve while cooking if needed. This is our top pick for versatile function. 

They also provide a money-back guarantee and you can return it within 365 days if you are not satisfied with the product


  • Effectively stops grease from splashing while allowing steam to get out
  • Wide rim protects you and your surfaces for whatever use
  • Designed to be an extremely versatile kitchen tool 
  • Easy to clean
  • Money back guarantee


  • Works best on pans 9-11 inches
  • Dishwasher safe but prone to rust in dishwasher

5. Frywall Splatter Guard

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Frywall Splatter Guard

The Frywall splatter guard offers another unique design that has not been seen yet in these reviews. This splatter guard actually made a streamline debut on the TV show “Shark Tank”.

You can purchase this splatter guard in your choice of 5 colors and it is also available in smaller sizes so you can get one in every size if you’d like. 

Key Features:

  • 12-Inch cone-shape guard
  • 5 color options to choose from, including red, orange, green, black, and gray
  • BPA-Free, FDA-approved silicone

This splatter guard is extremely effective with an interesting variance to other splatter guard options. This is a silicone cone that sits in your pan. The size of the cone catches grease splatters and prevents items from spilling out of the pan. 

While this splatter guard is at work you don’t have to worry about lifting it off and on and dealing with grease or popping when your food is uncovered. You have total access to the food you are making while still stopping grease and spillage. 


  • User-friendly with total access to food
  • Safe and versatile
  • Withstands temperatures up to 450 degrees
  • Easy to clean & dishwasher safe


  • Size-specific so may need multiple sizes depending on your pan usage
  • Too floppy for shallow pans

6. ExcelSteel Silicone Splatter Guard

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ExcelSteel Silicone Splatter Guard

Forget the boring stainless steel mesh designs that are simple and plain Jane and make your splatter guard bright with this red splatter guard that works simply and effectively. This is a silicone material splatter guard that effectively prevents splatters and doesn’t have the messy mesh layer. 

Key Features:

  • 13-Inch Splatter screen
  • Silicone materials
  • Non-slip grip

This splatter screen is uniquely designed with silicone material rather than the typical stainless steel or mesh. It works just as effectively as the everyday mesh splatter screen but adds some vibrancy and versatility to your kitchen. 

The frame is made of stainless steel to make this product durable and sturdy. The design of the splatter screen makes it easy to clean and use and it does not get too hot to handle as some comparable screens might. 


  • Durable design with stainless steel and silicone 
  • Very simple to clean and use
  • Heat-resistant handle and material
  • Effectively reduces splatter while cooking


  • No information available regarding silicone or stainless steel quality
  • Possibility of melting with extremely hot oil or grease

7. UrbanWare Premium Splatter Guard

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UrbanWare Premium Splatter Guard

The UrbanWare Premium splatter guard is another of your basic splatter guards that has the typical design and build you would expect.

This particular splatter guard is made with durable materials and is effective at protecting your area from grease and splatter. This is our best budget-friendly pick. 

Key Features:

  • 13-Inch splatter screen
  • Fine mesh weave material screen
  • Dishwasher safe materials

Just because it’s a budget pick doesn’t mean it’s not a quality option. This splatter screen is one of our favorites because it meets all of the splatter needs and criteria and does so with excellent quality. 

The company strives to make safe products that are easy and convenient to use. This screen perfectly releases steam while holding in nearly all grease and splatter. This screen also effectively works with sauces and liquids and does a great job of protecting the surrounding area. 


  • Non-slip handle allows you to easily lift and grip as needed
  • Includes legs that fit on your pan and prevent extra mess
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Versatile use that also works well for draining 


  • Screen can burn and discolor
  • Works best on large frying pans

Related Questions

This buying guide is intended to provide you with accurate and detailed information that will provide you with all of the necessary tools to select the best splatter guard for your needs. We hope that you find this guide to be helpful for your needs. 

Below you will find a question and answer section that provides additional information. We invite you to check it out to see if it could be advantageous for you. 

Do I Have to Use a Splatter Guard That is Exactly the Size of My Pan?

Most splatter guards are designed to effectively work on any pan size up to the determined size of the screen. Some splatter screens even offer grooves to perfectly fit alternative sizes.

You can purchase various sizes if you prefer but most likely you can use one size to fit most of your needs with effective results. 

One of the best things about splatter guards is they are typically versatile to any size or type of pan or deep-fry pot that you might need to use them for. The versatility of the product is one of its best features. 

How Can I Drain Items Using a Splatter Guard?

Not all splatter guards are designed to allow you to drain while using. However, if you have a splatter guard that will let you drain items it is quite simple to accomplish. Hold the screen tight to the pan and drain as needed. 

Be sure that you are safely handling the splatter guard and pan. You will want your splatter screen to be able to fit tightly against the pan without you having to try to hold or touch the hot rim area. 

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