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The 9 Best Substitutes For Cheese Whiz

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Although there are new and exciting revelations in the world of cookery every day, some old favorites simply never go out of fashion.

Cheese Whiz is one of those, having stood the test of time and graced pantry shelves for nearly 70 years! 

But what if you have run out of this versatile seasoning—what is the best substitute for Cheese Whiz? You can use other cheesy alternatives such as Velveeta, provolone, or Easy Cheese as substitutes for Cheese Whiz. If you are looking for an ingredient with a flavor as close as possible to Cheez Whiz, then the best option is to opt for a mature cheddar cheese as a base for a homemade sauce.

Got a favorite recipe that normally includes Cheese Whiz, but your cupboard is bare? Don’t panic, these substitutes will make sure your dish still tastes delicious!

Let’s take a look at the 9 best substitutes for Cheese Whiz and how to use them!

What Is Cheese Whiz?

Cheese (or Cheez) Whiz is one of those guilty pleasures that we know is probably not all that good for us, but we just can’t seem to stay away from it! 

Cheez Whiz is an imitation soft cheese product, designed to bring the flavor of cheese into households, but with a longer shelf life than the real thing.

It has undergone many changes since it was first developed in the early 1950s, but the basic principle remains the same.

Sold in glass jars, Cheez Whiz is described as many different things—cheese sauce, cheese spread, or cheese dip. Whatever you want to call it, it is basically a thick, semi-liquid substance that is packed full of cheesy flavor.

You will hear conflicting opinions on whether Cheez Whiz contains real cheese or not; after all, even the manufacturer Kraft has changed the spelling of the word “cheese” in the name! 

The reason for this confusion has arisen from a change in the way the product was made several years ago.

The original form of Cheese Whiz, developed in 1953, listed “American cheese” on the ingredients list. In more recent times, the formula for Cheez Whiz was changed, and the ingredient list no longer mentioned cheese.

However, according to a Kraft spokesman, Cheez Whiz does include cheese in the recipe. The reason that it is no longer listed as an ingredient is due to regulatory changes that mean the individual parts of cheese must be listed separately.

And if we look at the label, we will see the main components of cheese (milk and cheese culture) are included there.

Cheez Whiz also contains a large amount of oil; it is the third highest ingredient on the list. This bumps up the fat content considerably, and a 2-tablespoon serving contains 80 calories.

It goes without saying that Cheese Whiz should be enjoyed in moderation, as this highly processed and calorific food is not all that good for us!

What Does Cheese Whiz Taste Like?

So now that we know that Cheese Whiz truly is cheesy, what else is in the flavor-packed sauce? 

It will come as no surprise to find out that Cheez Whiz is highly processed, and contains a lot of artificial ingredients.

But what many people don’t realize about Cheese Whiz is that the main flavor comes from two highly popular kitchen seasonings: mustard and Worcestershire sauce!

Both of these additions pack quite a punch, transforming this cheesy spread from something bland into the sauce we know and love today.

Both mustard and Worcester sauce perfectly complement the cheesy taste, which is why Cheese Whiz is so intense and rich in flavor.

The overall flavor of Cheez Whiz is that of strong, well-seasoned cheddar cheese. It is relatively thick in texture when cold, but becomes smooth and silky when heated through.

When you heat Cheese Whiz, something incredible also happens to the flavor! The reason that many people dislike this sauce is that they have only ever tried it cold.

Cold Cheez Whiz tends to be a bit stodgy and bland, whereas when heated the flavors are transformed into something delicious, and very moreish!

What Is Cheese Whiz Used For?

When Cheese Whiz was first developed, the American manufacturers were trying to find a simple way to recreate a classic British dish: Welsh rarebit.

This popular winter warmer consists of a savory melted cheese sauce served on a hot slice of thick toast.

Kraft successfully found a way to make a shelf-stable cheesy sauce that could be served in many different ways, including the famous Welsh snack.

Many people think of Cheese Whiz as a substitute for melted cheese or a replacement for homemade cheese sauce. While it can be used in both these ways, it is also a stand-alone ingredient that has a place in many chefs’ hearts!

The reason for this is that the umami-rich flavor of Cheez Whiz can be used to transform many dishes, and a little bit goes a very long way.

It can be used on the buffet table, served as a warm dip for vegetables, or spread onto crackers. It is also delightful as a cheesy topping on grilled sandwiches or hot toast.

Many frustrated parents turn to Cheese Whiz in an attempt to get their children to eat vegetables. A little bit of this flavorsome sauce will transform bland vegetables, either drizzled over the top or served as a warm dip on the side.

Cheese Whiz can also be incorporated into many family dinners.

It can be blended into a cheese sauce for the ultimate macaroni cheese, stirred through the creamy mashed potato topping of shepherd’s pie, or used to make super-easy potatoes au gratin.

But forget all the healthy options, as it is the indulgent treats where Cheez Whiz really comes into its element!

Cheese Whiz is famous across Philadelphia, where it is served as a topping to the classic Philly cheesesteak sandwich.

In fact, it has replaced Swiss cheese as the topping of choice for this famous steak sandwich, as any Philadelphian will tell you!

Another highly indulgent way to enjoy Cheese Whiz is to serve the warmed sauce over hot French fries. It will ooze over the salty potato snacks, creating the perfect combination of flavors to satisfy the strongest cheesy carb cravings!

The 9 Best Substitutes For Cheese Whiz

So now we’ve got you all excited about Cheese Whiz, we need to turn our thoughts to what you can use as a substitute for this cheesy flavoring.

There are plenty of options available, so don’t be disheartened if your Cheese Whiz supply has run out!

Here are the 9 best substitutes for Cheese Whiz:

1. DIY Cheese Whiz

If you’re looking to recreate the authentic flavor of Cheese Whiz, you can do this easily at home with a few simple ingredients! This substitution will work best when using Cheez Whiz in a sauce, such as for macaroni cheese.

All you need to recreate the flavor of Cheese Whiz is some mature cheddar cheese, mustard powder, and Worcester sauce.

To avoid stringy lumps in your homemade Cheese Whiz, grate the cheese finely before adding it to the milky base of the sauce.

2. Mature Cheddar Cheese

A good quality mature cheddar cheese is very similar to Cheez Whiz in terms of flavor and will taste equally as good in a grilled cheese sandwich.

Make sure you opt for mature cheddar, as mild cheddar will not have the same intensity as Cheese Whiz.

3. Velveeta Cheese

Velveeta is a shelf-stable processed cheese product, also made by Kraft. It is designed to melt smoothly when heated, avoiding the stringy lumps that come from melting real cheese.

This substitute is ideal for making a cheesy sauce, but it does not contain the same flavorings as Cheese Whiz.

You may want to add in some extra mustard powder or Worcestershire sauce to create that authentic Cheez Whiz flavor.

4. Provolone Cheese

Before the arrival of Cheese Whiz, the cheese of choice for the famous Philly cheesesteak was provolone cheese.

This Italian semi-hard stretched-curd cheese is matured for a fuller flavor, and it melts perfectly around the delicious oozing steak and griddled onions.

5. Easy Cheese

Easy Cheese is cheese in a can! It’s a processed cheese product that can be sprayed onto food at the push of a button.

Unlike Cheez Whiz, Easy Cheese can be eaten cold straight from the can, perfect if you are looking for a quick and easy topping for crackers, nachos, and crudites.

6. Cheddar Cheese Powder

When using Cheez Whiz in a sauce, it can be difficult to find a substitute that creates the same smooth, velvety texture.

However, a generous spoonful of cheddar cheese powder will give an intensely cheesy flavor to any sauce, all without the stringy lumps that develop when you use real cheese.

7. Old English Cheese Spread

Another Kraft product (these guys really know their cheese!), Old English cheese spread is softer than Cheez Whiz and can be served cold.

This makes it ideal for cheese spread sandwiches, and it can also be served as a cold dip. Perfect for picnics and cold buffets!

8. Parmesan Cheese

The strong flavor of parmesan cheese means that it can be used as a substitute for Cheez Whiz, allowing you to use smaller quantities.

This gives you a healthier choice, as a little bit of parmesan goes a very long way!

9. Vegan Queso Cheese-Style Sauce

If you are vegan or following a lactose-free diet, finding a good substitute for Cheese Whiz can be a nightmare! However, a vegan cheese-style sauce can be a great dairy-free alternative to Cheez Whiz.

It will work perfectly as a topping for toast or hot sandwiches, and can also be added to mashed potatoes or any other cheesy recipe.

If you’re looking to make not only your own homemade Cheese Whiz but also a Philly cheesesteak sandwich to boot, make sure to check out this great recipe!

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