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Shakeology Flavors Ranked

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Shakeology combines the best of superfoods, flavor, and smooth, rich shakes that can help people achieve their fitness and nutritional goals. 

If you want to try Shakeology but don’t know where to start, then we have just the guide for you! 

What are the best Shakeology flavors ranked? The best Shakeology flavors are classics like chocolate, café latte, vanilla, strawberry, and all of their vegan counterparts too. You can also opt for combos like the barista whey combo, triple whey combo, and much more!

Read below to learn more about Shakeology, its nutritional content, and a ranking for the best to worst flavors! 

What Is Shakeology?

Shakeology is a meal supplement shake that’s designed to help you achieve your weight-loss and muscle gain goals. 

It is manufactured by Team Beachbody, a fitness company that focuses on health, fitness, and weight-loss products.

Shakeology claims to deliver results and aid your fitness goals. They claim to provide you with nutritional formulas that are designed to encourage weight loss, muscle gain, and general fitness

The fitness industry, especially when it comes to supplements, is very saturated and there is little room for innovation

C.E.O, Carl Daikeler, and his partners created Shakeology out of a need to unify all the benefits offered by a multitude of different fitness products already available on the market. 

Rather than coming up with a boring and plain nutritional supplement, they concentrated on providing value to its customers by balancing all the benefits of typical supplements with a focus on flavor, consistency, and quality

Shakeology launched with much success — the company claims to have sold over 25 million bags of its various flavored products over the years!

Who Is Shakeology For?

Unlike other fitness brands that are usually focused on a niche, Shakeology expands its horizons by offering a product that is suitable for the needs of many different individuals.

Whether you are an avid fitness enthusiast, a delivery worker, or a mom of two, Shakeology will provide all the nutrition you need without you having to go through an assortment of products. 

This makes it easy for you to replace multiple supplements that you have stashed away in your cabinet. You can just shop for one unified product that you can use on the go or at home!

Shakeology is designed to taste like a classic shake. It has the same consistency and richness as quality shakes, but without the added calories. 

You can even customize your shakes by preparing them differently at home. Just add water or milk — or get creative and make a smoothie

That’s right, Shakeology can also be mixed with fruits and vegetables to give you an additional boost of nutrition

Another important point to consider is that even with the vegan variants, Shakeology will taste great. They will provide the same smooth and thick consistency, too. 

Shakeology is made from a mix of local and exotic high-quality ingredients that provide the benefits of all the superfoods that your doctor wants you to add to your diet. 

So, if you feel dull and need an energy booster that doesn’t load your body up with sugars or added caffeine, you may have a better experience with Shakeology! 

The company also gives its customer a bombastic guarantee. The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee where you can try the product at home. If you don’t like Shakeology, you can get a full refund — no questions asked!

Combos And Single Flavors

Shakeology provides a subscription service where its products are automatically delivered supplements to your doorstep — and the best part is that you get full control over the delivery!

The company also offers a range of “combos” with multiple flavors to choose from.

But before we get into the combos, let’s talk a bit about their original flavors!

Shakeology offers a range of different flavors and variants. For example, the company offers a classic chocolate flavor that is also available in a vegan variant

You have the option to shop for just single flavors or an assortment of combos that contain a mix of different flavors. 

The best part is that you can also choose the appropriate serving size, so if you aren’t completely sold on the brand, you can try their samplers first!

Shakeology Flavors Ranked, From Best to Worst

Here are all the flavors and combo boxes offered by Shakeology!

Keep in mind that these rankings are based on reviews and opinions which vary from person to person.

If you want to get a better idea of the company and its full range of offerings, then we encourage you to try out all of these flavors to see what works for you! 

1.Chocolate Whey Best flavor
2.Chocolate (Vegan)Best flavor
3.Cafe Latte WheyBest flavor
4.Vanilla (Vegan)Best flavor
5.VanillaBest flavor
6.Cafe Latte (Vegan)Best flavor
7.StrawberryBest flavor
8.Barista WheyBest flavor combo
9.Triple WheyBest flavor combo
10.Chocolate & Vanilla WheyBest flavor combo
11.Triple (Vegan)Best flavor combo
12.Barista (Vegan)Best flavor combo
13.Chocolate & Vanilla (Vegan)Best flavor combo
14.Chocolate & Tropical Strawberry (Vegan)Best flavor combo
15.Cookies & Creamy (Vegan)Worst flavor
16.Tropical Strawberry (Vegan)Worst flavor

Best Shakeology Singles

Our list starts with all the best single flavors offered by the brand. Below that, you will find all the best combo boxes, followed by the worst Shakeology flavors. 

1. Chocolate Whey Shakeology

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This is an essential flavor from Shakeology. 

If you love a great foundational flavor that tastes good on its own and can also be mixed with other ingredients to make delicious beverages, then start here!

You get a classic chocolatey flavor that tastes premium and produces high-quality and thick shakes. Just add water, milk, or any other base of your choice.

Check out the recipes on the description page to see what you can make with your chocolate Shakeology! 

2. Shakeology Chocolate Vegan

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This vegan variant is the perfect nutritional supplement for people with dietary restrictions. We love this flavor for how good it tastes even with vegan-friendly ingredients!

Many people think that vegan or specific diet-based food products are made with a sacrifice of flavor, but you will be completely blown away by just how good this vegan chocolate Shakeology tastes. 

Oh, and don’t worry, it provides the same nutrition as the other non-vegan variants!

3. Café Latte Whey Shakeology

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For people who can’t get through the day without a hot cup of calorie-loaded specialty coffee, here is a tastier and healthier alternative. 

Ditch your regular barista order and opt for Shakeology’s café latte flavor!

It is designed to attract coffee lovers and provides a very refreshing coffee flavor without including the added sugars, preservatives, and other chemicals that make these caffeinated beverages less healthy. 

4. Vanilla Plant-Based Vegan Shakeology

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Shakeology’s plant-based vanilla flavor doesn’t just cater to the diet-conscious. It also benefits anyone who is looking for a superb and healthier alternative to supplements. 

Since this product can provide the same great flavor and consistency as the non-vegan variant, you can easily enjoy it in several ways. 

Make smoothies and even desserts at home and get all the benefits of superfoods in one tall glass! 

5. Shakeology Vanilla

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Vanilla is a very common and basic flavor that every brand offers — but Shakeology takes it a step further!

Get hints of actual vanilla beans with a flavor that tastes premium and authentic.

This flavor provides the perfect base for multiple beverages.

If you have the time, we even recommend making Shakeology ice cream! 

6. Café Latte Plant-Based Vegan Shakeology

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This vegan Shakeology flavor will help you curb your appetite and increase your general well-being — all without the need for expensive supplements. 

You get the same great flavor inspired by authentic Arabica coffee beans.

The best part is that you can get all the benefits of regular coffee without a ton of added caffeine! 

7. Shakeology Strawberry

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Everyone loves strawberries and Shakeology has taken special precautions to not mess up this classic flavor. 

Instead of a candy-like and artificial flavor that you would expect from other brands, Shakeology takes things to the next level by offering a remarkably authentic strawberry flavor. 

This makes it super easy to make thick and delicious strawberry shakes at home.

Don’t forget to top it up with slices of fresh strawberries for an even better experience! 

Best Shakeology Combos

Here are all of the best Shakeology combos available on a single or monthly subscription! 

8. Barista Whey Shakeology Combo

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This is easily the best-selling combo the company offers right now and is a treat for chocolate lovers. 

The combo is also perfect for anyone who enjoys chocolatey coffee flavors. Get a winning combo of caffe latte, chocolate, and vanilla! 

Although Shakeology has very low amounts of caffeine in its products, these will still give you a burst of energy. They will keep you satiated and on your feet throughout the day – all with just a focus on better nutrition! 

9. Triple Whey Shakeology Combo

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If you want to start your journey with Shakeology then we can’t recommend this combo enough. 

It introduces all the best flavors from the company: chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry – the holy trinity of basic flavors! 

The best part is that you can mix and match these flavors and make them your own by using them in several delicious beverages. 

10. Chocolate & Vanilla Whey Shakeology Combo

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Can’t go wrong with a classic! 

If three flavor combos are too much for you, then Shakeology also offers two classic flavors that you can enjoy either as a one-time purchase or a monthly subscription. 

This is arguably the best way to acquaint yourself with the brand. Since these combos are covered by their 100% money-back guarantee, you can try them out without any hesitation! 

11. Triple Plant-Based Vegan Shakeology Combo

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This is for all the vegans out there!

Get a combination of vegan vanilla, chocolate, and tropical strawberry. 

Although we would’ve loved a classic vegan strawberry flavor instead of the tropical strawberry variant, this is still a great deal and should be a great start for your fitness journey. 

12. Barista Plant-Based Vegan Shakeology® Combo

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Want the same great barista offering but in a vegan package? You got it!

You get a combination of vanilla, chocolate, and caffe latte – all vegan based!

It’s the best way to introduce yourself to the world of Shakeology without sacrificing vegan nutrition or your macros. 

It’s 100% gluten-free and you can enjoy these shakes in several different ways too! 

13. Chocolate & Vanilla Plant-Based Vegan Shakeology Combo

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This plant-based offering of two of the most classic flavors known to man is a must-have for anyone who wants to get healthy. 

These flavors offer the same nutrition, flavor, and consistency as their non-vegan variants.

This means that you can enjoy the same smooth and thick high-quality shakes without worrying about gluten or non-vegan ingredients! 

14. Chocolate & Tropical Strawberry Plant-Based Vegan Shakeology Combo

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This combo is at the bottom because of the addition of the tropical strawberry flavor.

We think that this particular flavor doesn’t provide an authentic taste — you get a mix of berries with a hint of strawberries instead of a balanced sweet and delicious flavor. 

The silver lining here is the addition of the classic vegan chocolate flavor, though.

We encourage you to try out the tropical strawberry flavor and form your own opinion. You may just end up enjoying the tropical flavors! 

WORST Shakeology Flavors

Again, keep in mind that this list is based on people’s reviews and opinions — which means that while we did the research, it’s still pretty subjective. If these are some of your favorite flavors, we’re not here to yuck your yum!

15. Cookies & Creamy Plant-Based Vegan Shakeology

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Cookies and cream seems like an excellent flavor on paper, but it is perhaps one of the most lackluster flavor offerings by the company. 

It has a chocolate-y and vanilla-y flavor with hints of chocolate cookies that don’t taste authentic.

Shakeology is perhaps trying to mimic the ice-cream-based cookies and cream flavor that most people are familiar with, but we think it misses the target.  

This flavor is relatively new in the lineup. The fact that it isn’t even yet offered as a part of any combo should raise some red flags. 

16. Tropical Strawberry Plant-Based Vegan Shakeology

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Like we said earlier, we think the tropical strawberry flavor is either a hit or a miss — it’s up to personal preferences. 

This product combines multiple berries and throws in a light flavor of strawberries that results in a shake that is neither tropical nor strawberry-like. 

If you enjoy tropical flavors in fruit juices or other products, then you might warm up to this offering.

But for people who want stronger, versatile, and delicious flavors (or a more true strawberry flavor), we think you should opt for other better Shakeology flavors. 

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