5 Best Teapot Warmers Of 2023

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Who doesn’t like enjoying warm tea with no rush? But the problem is, it cools off before you even finish the cup. This is when teapot warmers come in handy.

What is the best teapot warmer? A good teapot warmer should be sturdy and large enough for your teapot. Other aspects of a teapot warmer, including the design and the material it is made of, are a matter of personal preference. 

In this article, we have reviewed five of the best teapot warmers. No matter what type of teapot warmer you are looking for, you will certainly find an option that fits your preferences. 

Teapot Warmer: Do You Need It?

If you are a big tea drinker, then you certainly need a teapot warmer. Teapot warmers are also a staple in colder countries where the tea cools off before it even gets to the table. 

Teapot warmers are great for people who like to drink more than a cup of tea in one sitting. Putting the teapot on a teapot warmer saves you the trouble of reheating the tea, boiling more water, brewing more tea, etc. 

Teapot warmers come in a range of styles, designs, and materials. A nice teapot warmer will add so much to the table, making evening tea drinking warm and cozy.

Teapot warmers that match the rest of the tableware also look amazing at dinner parties, making the table so much more elegant.  

Teapot warmers are also convenient for people who enjoy drinking tea while working. You can do your job while having warm tea by your side for hours.

Teapot warmers keep the tea at the perfect temperature. They don’t burn it, but keep it warm and fresh-tasting for hours. 

So, a teapot warmer is an easy solution for keeping your drink warm and cozy. It provides an enjoyable tea ceremony without any interruptions of reheating the star drink of the occasion. 

Types of Teapot Warmers 

Teapot warmers can be classified according to the material they are made of. You can choose between glass, steel, cast iron, wooden, and ceramic teapot warmers. 

There are also teapot warmers constructed with a combination of two materials, such as wood and metal, wood and glass, concrete and glass, glass and stainless steel, etc. 

Teapot warmers can also be electric or candlelit.

Candlelit teapot warmers are great as it takes hours for a small candle to burn out. They are easy to use even if you decide to have a tea ceremony outdoors. Plus, let’s face it, candlelit warmers are extra cozy.

While you can find some cordless options, electric teapot warmers usually have a cord. These are convenient if you are planning to use the warmer at your desk. For a gathering of people around a table, the cord may get in the way. 

Electric teapot warmers are a good choice for people who for one reason or another try to avoid using candles (or open flames), or who may not remember to keep matches on hand.

Teapot Warmers: What To Consider

If you have made your mind to buy a teapot warmer, there are a few things you should consider. 


First of all, decide on the material of the teapot warmer. If you like tableware with stainless steel details, go ahead and buy a steel teapot warmer. If you are more of a simple ceramic or glass person, look into those options.

We recommend considering the material of the teapot when choosing a warmer for it. A cast iron teapot, for example, looks very good on a cast iron teapot warmer. 

If you are clumsy and you know you will be dropping that teapot warmer, however, don’t go with the glass or ceramic options. Make it easier on yourself.


There are all kinds of teapot warmers on the market. From simple and elegant ones to teapot warmers with an out-there design, you have a lot to choose from. 

You’ll feel extra snug and cheerful with a teapot warmer that goes with the vibes of your tea tableware set. 


If you travel a lot and want to carry your teapot warmer with you, you’ll need to choose a lightweight one. 

Compact stainless steel teapot warmers work best for this reason. Ceramic and cast iron teapot warmers, on the other hand, are not the most travel-friendly. 


Consider the size of the teapot warmer. Make sure it will fit your teapot nicely. 

But again, if you are planning on traveling with your teapot warmer, pick one that is not too bulky and won’t take much space in your travel bag. 

5 Best Teapot Warmers 

Here are five high-quality teapot warmers we’ve picked out for you:

RankProductBest Features
1.Sun’s Tea Ceramic Teapot WarmerFits most teapots, ceramic
2.Old Dutch International Teapot WarmerBest for heavier teapots, cast iron
3.Sun’s Tea Solid Teapot WarmerDishwasher-safe, candle warmer
4.Cozy Blue Smart Teapot WarmerWorks for teapots and mugs, glass
5.Rösle Teapot WarmerFolds for easy storage, stainless steel

Any of these teapot warmers will do the job well and serve you long. Just don’t forget to take the measurements of both the teapot and the warmer into account so your teapot will stay warm and cozy with no problems!

1. Sun’s Tea Ceramic Teapot Warmer (Best Ceramic Warmer)

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If you like simplicity, this white ceramic teapot warmer might be the best pick for you.

This candlelit teapot warmer looks great with both ceramic and glass teapots. The heating plate is also ceramic. But don’t worry. It is heat-resistant and certainly won’t crack.

This teapot warmer has a wide base which makes it sturdy and very stable. It can fit teapots with a 4.5-inch base and 50 ounces of volume.  

You can use the Sun’s Tea ceramic teapot warmer even if your teapot is on the wider side. In such cases, however, you need to place it well so it doesn’t slip. But keep in mind that you can’t use a too-heavy teapot holding more than 50 ounces. 

The manufacturer recommends using this teapot warmer for thin glass teapots and metal ones if they are not too heavy. 

2. Old Dutch International Teapot Warmer (Best Cast Iron)

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Are you looking for the most durable and long-lasting teapot warmer on the market? Then this Old Dutch International cast iron teapot warmer is for you. 

This teapot warmer has a matte black color and a textured surface. The top portion is removable, which makes placing the candle easy. The removable lid of the teapot warmer works as a trivet too. 

Cast iron teapot warmers work especially well with cast iron teapots. However, they can also be used for ceramic teapots. 

The top part of this teapot warmer doesn’t have raised edges. Thus, you can use it for teapots with different base measurements so long as they are not too big. 

This cast iron teapot warmer is hand cast. It is certainly worth the investment as cast iron is one of the most durable and long-lasting materials for a teapot warmer. You can bet this warmer will have your back for years to come.

3. Sun’s Tea Solid Crystal Glass Teapot Warmer (Best Candle Warmer)

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Teapot warmers are meant to keep the tea warm. However, candle teapot warmers made of glass make the table look exceptionally good. 

The Sun’s Tea glass teapot warmer reflects light beautifully with its heart shape design. If you like romantic tea ceremonies post-dinner, this is the teapot warmer you need. 

While this teapot warmer is made of solid glass, the manufacturer recommends using it for thin glass or metal teapots.

It can fit teapots with a base diameter of 4.5 inches. As the heart pillars have raised edges, it is not secure to use this teapot warmer for larger teapots. 

However, the Sun’s Tea Solid Crystal teapot warmer is dishwasher-safe which makes cleaning it easy and effortless. For daintier teapots and even daintier table vibes, this teapot won’t disappoint.

4. Cozy Blue Teapot Warmer (Best Glass)

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If candlelit teapot warmers are not your thing, you can buy an electric one! This Cozy Blue smart teapot warmer is great to put on your desk to sip at warm tea while you work. 

While the frame of this teapot warmer is made of aluminum, the heating area is all glass which is very easy to clean. 

The Cozy Blue smart warmer works great for not only teapots but also mugs. This teapot warmer can be used for ceramic, glass, and stainless steel teapots. It also has two temperature settings – medium and high, and auto power off. 

This sleek, simple shape may not be as delicate as crystal-like glass or ceramic options, but it still maintains a bit of style. For a versatile, light, and chic warmer, this Cozy Blue electric model won’t disappoint.

5. Rösle Teapot Warmer (Best Stainless Steel)

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The Rösle teapot warmer is the most compact teapot warmer you will ever find. With its minimalistic design and sturdiness, this warmer is bound to find its way to your wish list. 

This teapot warmer is completely made of stainless steel. The three holders are also foldable. This makes the Rösle teapot warmer space-saving and travel-friendly. 

Don’t be concerned about the steel feet slipping. There is a non-slip rubber attached to them to make the teapot stable and secure. 

This teapot warmer is suitable for teapots with different base parameters, so don’t let the shape fool you.

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  1. Thanks for your article…I am addicted to my two teapot warmers, one ceramic and one cast iron. I did learn the hard way with the first one…basically the inexpensive ceramic one you recommend… NOT to try to use a larger candle, it overheats and cracks the warmer. AND the darned tea candles are not ideal, all too often they won’t re-light when only half burned, and it seems so wasteful anyway to discard the little cups that hold the wax.
    Unfortunately, the one electric one your article mentioned is listed on Amazon as out of stock, no more info, and also is corded. A rechargeable one would be most sustainable. I have searched for rechargeable electric tea candles, but those are only for light, not heat. Advice please?

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