7 Quietest Microwaves Of 2023

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Microwaves are super useful appliances but one of the most common complaints with them is how noisy they can be.

Almost every type of microwave works the same way but can vary when it comes to noise. 

Nowadays most people are opting for quieter options. This demand has caused manufacturers to come up with new ways to suppress operational noise and to come up with design innovations where microwaves are built to be less noisy.

What are the quietest microwaves? Low-noise microwaves are designed a bit differently than regular options in the market. These types of microwaves will either have a thicker, sound-dampening chassis or may include features such as a “soft-closing” door or a mute button for turning off beeping sounds.

Read below to learn more about low-noise microwaves, how they work and a great buyer’s guide and recommendation list for you to look through!

What Makes Microwaves Loud?

Before we get into the recommendations, let’s first explore the reason why microwaves are so noisy in the first place. 

Microwaves are nothing short of magical. They heat food better than any other type of appliance and are arguably the quickest way to prepare meals too. 

The noise you hear from the microwave comes from different sources. The foremost of which is the magnetron, a device that literally changed the way we prepare food in homes

Did you know? The invention of microwaves, like many other scientific discoveries, was based on a mistake?

An American physicist named Percy Spencer happened to come across the discovery when he was experimenting with a magnetron, a high-powered vacuum tube device that generates microwaves through electricity and magnets. 

While not immediately apparent, he noticed that a candy bar in his pocket quickly melted when he stood in front of the magnetron while it was operational. 

This led him to conclude that the cause of this was microwaves!

He soon started to experiment with different types of food to see how this unique invisible radiation could be used to heat food.

It turned out that the magnetron generated microwaves in an erratic pattern where it would spread out the waves in multiple directions. 

Spencer quickly moved the setup into a self-contained box with a generator, and thus the first microwave was created! 

So, what is the sound that comes out of the microwave when it is operational? 

Many components can cause a microwave to be loud, some of which are:

  • The magnetron
  • Cooling fan
  • The mechanical turntable
  • Feedback beeps

As stated, these appliances use a very high-powered magnetron to generate microwaves that are also usually paired with a cooling fan to cool down the device and keep it from malfunctioning. 

This is primarily the cause of most of the sound that is generated from a microwave. 

Furthermore, the mechanical turntable used to rotate the cooking plate inside the microwave can also generate a lot of noise, especially with a heavier plate. 

Lastly, the audio feedback system, which consists of button beeps and timers, is also one of the biggest contributors to noise.

Just try heating food in the middle of the night when everyone is asleep and you will know exactly what we are talking about!

Other things may also contribute to the loudness of microwaves like cheap stiff doors with hard latches.

Again, these types of microwaves can be especially annoying to work within small households or if you are more inclined towards midnight snacking. 

Of course, microwaves don’t need to be loud! 

Manufacturers are more than aware of the decibel levels that microwaves can generate.

However, they might choose to willingly let go of this factor to bring down costs and to become competitive with other products that are more or less the same in terms of noise.

But that doesn’t mean quieter microwaves aren’t commercially available! 

Buyer’s Guide

Microwaves don’t have to be loud and the quieter models don’t necessarily have to be expensive either. 

If you are in the market for quieter microwaves then you’re in luck! We have compiled a great recommendations list for you to choose from. 

But before you make a purchase decision, here is a quick buyer’s guide to help you pick the best and quietest microwave with the most value!

We have divided this guide into different sections, each will discuss an important feature that the microwave must have to be deemed purchase-worthy.

Here is what you need to look out for:

Chassis Design

As explained above, the bulk of the sound from a microwave is generated by the magnetron and its associated components. 

While there might not be a way to eliminate the inherent sound of the magnetron, manufacturers can use a thicker chassis to block or dampen the sound of the magnetron and cooling fan while it is operational

Please note that this feature is just one part of what makes a microwave quieter. Having a thicker chassis will significantly lessen the sound of the appliance but may make it heavier too! 

If this is a meaningful tradeoff, then we highly recommend that you pick a brand that offers a better-designed chassis. The recommendations below cover lots of different brands with great designs and quieter microwaves!

Also note, that the door design of the appliance matters a lot too. Having a stiffer and cheaply-built door will cause a lot of noise, especially when closing and opening. 

Some manufacturers offer a “soft” door feature where you can easily close and open the door without slamming it into the microwave. 

Mute Functionality 

Having a mute switch on your microwave will make a ton of difference, especially if you are prone to midnight snacking.

One of the most annoying things about these appliances is that they make a lot of interface noise. While these sounds are important, they aren’t necessary. 

If you are someone who is well-versed with microwaves and how they function then it is highly likely that you will be able to use one that doesn’t make beeping sounds

Feedback is more important for elderly users or for interfaces that don’t have a digital screen on the microwave. 

Some designs are completely manual too. These microwaves have knobs instead of switches which further eliminate noise. Instead of pressing a button, just turn the knob to the appropriate setting and cook away! 

Please note: Manufacturers may be required (by law) to have some sort of feedback sound when the appliance finishes an operation.

So, you are likely to come across models with either a ding sound or a beep for certain events; like when the microwave is done heating.

Pro tip: If you want to avoid all interface sounds then you can also halt the microwave or turn off the power supply just before the timer ends to bypass the loud beeping. 


Remember, magnetrons are power-hungry devices that need a lot of input to generate microwaves.

Sure, most modern microwaves do not require that much energy due to efficient cavity magnetrons but they can still rack up 600W-2000W of power depending on the size and model of the microwave. 

More wattage equals more power but consequently, more noise too. So, if you want a quieter microwave then you might have to go with a smaller size with low wattage compared to the bigger models.

When in doubt, always check the manual or the back of the microwave for more information about its wattage. Some brands may even list dB levels (sound levels) for their products.

An average microwave can produce 50-59 dB of noise. For comparison, a typical human conversation is measured around 55-65 dB.

The 7 Quietest Microwaves 

Now that you know why microwaves are noisy and the best things to look out for when purchasing a quieter microwave, it is time to make a purchase decision!

Here are our best picks for the 7 quietest microwaves in the market!

RankProductBest Feature
1.COMFEE' Countertop MicrowaveMute function to turn off audio feedback. Great value with Eco savings.
2.Toshiba Microwave with Smart SensorHigh-powered and efficient microwave with mute functionality and humidity sensors. 
3.Breville Microwave with Soft CloseEquipped with a soft-close door that greatly reduces overall noise. Great for everyday use.   
4.Panasonic Microwave OvenDurable and high-quality chassis, designed to suppress operational noise.
5.Commercial Chef Countertop MicrowaveStainless steel front with built-in presets and soft push-button door release.  
6. Panasonic Compact Microwave1200W microwave - Quiet, efficient, and highly convenient! 
7. LG Black Stainless-Steel Series NeoChef™Excellent design, quiet function, and highly efficient for heating or cooking food quickly.  

1. COMFEE’ Countertop Microwave

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Our first recommendation is the Comfee Countertop Microwave that is designed to be both quiet and highly efficient. 

This type of microwave is built for late-night snackers. It has a dedicated mute button that turns off all the interface and feedback sounds from the keypad and timer. 

This function will come in handy when you need to quickly heat a meal without waking everyone in the house. It also has eco-functionality where you can save a lot of electricity by limiting the power the microwave draws in its standby mode.

2. Toshiba Microwave with Smart Sensor

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Toshiba has built a microwave that is perfect for modern-day use.

This microwave has a beautifully designed and sturdy chassis that minimizes noise.

You also get a mute button that will turn off all the sounds in the appliance. 

The microwave also has a built-in smart sensor that can detect humidity and heat food accordingly. It also has built-in presets that cover all the most commonly heated dishes like frozen pizza, frozen veggies, rice, and more. 

If you are in the market for a new low-noise and smart microwave, then this is a great option!

3. Breville Microwave with Soft Close

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This microwave solves an age-old problem with microwaves: it eliminates the loud thud that you hear when you close the door of the appliance!

Equipped with a soft-close feature, you don’t have to worry about waking pets or people just by closing the door on the microwave.

The chassis is also made using high-quality materials which ensure that the microwave is as quiet as possible while operational.

Cook or heat meals without a hassle with this highly efficient and spacious microwave that is built for everyday use!

4. Panasonic Microwave Oven

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Panasonic combines its years of expertise and great design in this everyday microwave that is built to last a long time. 

Not only is this microwave made with high-quality materials but it also has a reinforced chassis that will keep all the loud operational noise at bay.

This model also has a “quick 30” button that allows you to easily set up the appliance and heat food without pressing more than one button! It is perfect for people who like a traditionally designed microwave with modern features!

5. Commercial Chef Countertop Microwave

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This microwave has an elegant design with a stainless-steel front.

It has a high-power magnetron but is quieter than other models of the same category. Plus, it also features a useful child-lock feature too!

It has a push-button style door that easily and softly opens the door of the appliance without needing to push on it aggressively.

The door also closes without making a loud thud which will come in handy when making popcorn in the middle of the night! 

If you want to play it safe and need a typical microwave in a great overall package then this is the model to buy today. You also get lots of built-in presets that will help you heat food with just a single press of a button!

6. Panasonic Compact Microwave

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Panasonic’s brand is synonymous with quality and you get the best of both worlds with this super quiet and highly-efficient microwave that has a power rating of 1200W. 

This means that you can easily heat any type of food in a matter of seconds instead of minutes.

Remember when we said that high power means more noise? Well, this microwave solves that problem using a thick, high-quality, and sound-dampening chassis! 

The interior is designed to withstand stains, spills and is perfect for cooking small to large meals.

It also has a dedicated digital screen with an easy-to-use keypad as well. This size is perfect for people who don’t want a large, clunky appliance hogging up all the counter space. 

Just plug it in and use the presets or manually set the timer and get heated food without a hassle! 

7. LG Black Stainless-Steel Series NeoChef

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The LG NeoChef is your answer to a modern microwave that is built with one specific purpose in mind: efficiency.

This microwave has a smart invertor that will regulate the power of the magnetron depending on how you use it.

You can heat different types of food with different levels of heat without overcooking or over-drying it, thanks to the built-in smart sensors!

This unit is also quieter due to its inverter technology. Overall, this appliance is designed to be extremely minimalist and will easily fit in any modern kitchen.

If not for its quiet functionality, you should seriously consider buying this appliance solely on how elegantly it is designed! 

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