7 Best Microwaves For Popcorn Of 2023

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Is there any better snack to settle in with than a big bowl of popcorn? You can enjoy it plain, add your favorite seasonings, or load it up with butter. The options are endless!

It’s perfectly crunchy and satisfying and you can enjoy a whole bowl without feeling super stuffed. 

There’s nothing quite as delicious as freshly popped popcorn, so having a way to prepare the best popcorn every time is key.

Cooking popcorn on the stovetop is fine, but it takes a lot of work and can be incredibly messy. Luckily, preparing popcorn in the microwave has never been easier.

But how do you choose a microwave to cook the best popcorn every time? You will want to look for microwaves that have a smart sensor, a pre-programmed popcorn button, a button to add 30 seconds to the cook time, a rotating turntable, a large interior, and a child safety lock.

Read on to discover how to choose the best microwave for popcorn and the 7 best brands to choose from!

How To Choose The Best Popcorn Microwave

When it comes to choosing the best microwave for popcorn there are a couple of things you want to look for. Check out this guide below so you can be perfectly equipped to choose a microwave that will pop the best popcorn around.

Look For Brands With A Smart Sensor

This cool feature is showing up on many new microwaves and it is pretty cool. The sensor detects the humidity levels of the foods that your cooking.

It can then adjust cooking time and temperature up or down depending on what it discovers so that you have perfectly cooked food every time. 

If you use your microwave for more than just popcorn, then this feature is going to be one of your best kitchen hacks since it takes the guesswork out of your cook time. 

Look For A Pre-Programmed Popcorn Button

When I was growing up our old school microwaves didn’t have the best track record when it came to pre-programmed buttons.

However, with the advancement of technology and the help of the above sensors, these popcorn buttons are becoming more accurate with every model

I still recommend that you don’t leave your popcorn unattended, since you want to stop the microwave as soon as the kernel popping starts to slow down. But these buttons are super helpful in stopping your popcorn from burning.

When you’re shopping for your best popcorn microwave, look for models that include the popcorn setting to help you get popping like a pro. 

Look For A 30-Second Or 1 Minute Time Add On Button

Sometimes, despite the advances in technology, the popcorn button may not go for quite as long as you need.

If you’re listening to your popcorn pop away and you notice that you’re getting to the end of your time, you want to be able to quickly and easily tack on another 30-60 seconds

Having a button you can quickly push to keep the microwave will keep that heat on your kernels so as many of them pop as possible.

If you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck, make sure you look for a microwave that has this convenient setting to pop your perfect corn. 

Look For A Rotating Turntable 

The trick to perfectly popping your popcorn in the microwave is to make sure that the heat is evenly distributed amongst the kernels. One of the easiest ways to do that is to buy a microwave that comes with a rotating turntable. 

This turntable slowly rotates as your popcorn cooks to ensure that one spot doesn’t get hotter than another and cause the kernels to burn

These turntables are also great because they can generally be removed and easily cleaned. Keeping the interior of your microwave clean of debris can help prevent burning and keep your popcorn tasting like popcorn and not leftover spaghetti. 

Look For A Large Interior 

Once it cooks popcorn expands quite a bit within its bag or cooking vessel. You want to make sure you have a microwave that is large enough to allow the bag to continue rotating even once it expands.

If it gets stuck that’s when the cooking of the kernels can become uneven and lead to that horrible burnt popcorn that ruins the entire bag and makes your house or office smell for days afterward. 

By purchasing a microwave with a large interior you can make sure your popcorn rotates and evenly cooks for a delicious treat every time

Look For An Easy-To-Clean Interior 

Keeping the inside of your microwave clean and free of debris and old food is key to perfecting your popcorn game. Old food can prevent the turntable from turning, leading to uneven cooking and possible burning. 

It may also impact the taste and flavor of your popcorn, depending on what is left in there.

Finding a microwave with an easy-clean interior also makes it a breeze to clean up and keep your microwave in great condition for the long term. 

Look For A Child Safety Lock

Many new microwaves come equipped with child safety locks. Depending on the model this may be an actual button or lock or it could be a code you enter before use. 

While it doesn’t directly impact your popcorn, it can prevent your kiddos from putting it (and other foods) in the microwave for too long.

This feature can help lower the likelihood of that burnt popcorn smell since kids can be notorious for putting things in the microwave for too long.

The Best Microwaves For Popcorn

Now that we’ve looked at what makes the perfect microwave for popcorn, let’s look at some of our favorite picks!

RankProductBest Feature
1.Amazon Basics Microwave Bundle with Echo DotBest overall microwaves for popcorns
2.Toshiba Microwave Oven with Smart Sensor Able to be programmed for time
3.BLACK+DECKER Digital Microwave OvenComes with child safety lock
4.GE Appliances GE Counter Top Microwave OvenSleek black stainless steel design
5.Farberware 1.1-Cu. Ft. 1000-Watt Microwave OvenInternal LED light
6.Panasonic Microwave OvenGreat compact option
7.Panasonic Counter Top Microwave Oven 2-in-1 FlashXpress BroilerComes with Smart Genius Sensor

1. Amazon Basics Microwave Bundle with Echo Dot

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This microwave and Echo Dot bundle is a popcorn lover’s dream.

You can actually set it to automatically reorder popcorn when you run low AND you can save 10% on popcorn orders thanks to Amazon Dash Replenishment technology. 

As if these features weren’t enough, you can actually voice activate this microwave using the Amazon Dot.

If voice activation isn’t your style, it does include your standard preset buttons for popcorn and adding more cook time to your cycle. There is a child lock and a turntable to make sure you evenly cook your popcorn every time. 

Based on the interior of this model, the maximum size of popcorn bag you can use is 3 oz, which may be something to keep in mind if you like a larger serving.

It also says it is easy to clean and the voice-activation function can help keep the buttons clean if your fingers are dirty from cooking. 

2. Toshiba Microwave Oven with Smart Sensor 

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This microwave model has tons of great features, plus a couple extra bonuses!

It has a 1.2 cubic foot interior, a rotating turntable, a pre-programmed popcorn button, and an add time button.

It is ranked one of the best microwave sensors on Amazon and has an easy-clean interior. 

You can also program in your favorite time, which is perfect if you cook a lot of popcorn and have found the popcorn button is just a little bit off

As a bonus, there is an option to turn the timer sound off so you can use your microwave for late-night popcorn feasts without waking anyone up.

It is also eco-friendly and uses less energy than standard microwave models. It makes a great choice for the popcorn aficionado in your life. 

3. BLACK+DECKER Digital Microwave Oven

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If you’re looking for a slightly larger model, then this BLACK+DECKER microwave may be the perfect choice for you.

It has 1.4 cubic feet of space inside and comes with a pre-programmed popcorn setting, rotating turntable, and child safety lock.

However, this model is missing the smart sensor, so if you’re going to use your microwave for lots of other types of cooking you may want to choose a different one.

Reviews say it is easy to clean the inside with a microfiber cloth, even though it doesn’t specifically have an easy-clean interior. 

4. GE Appliances GE Counter Top Microwave Oven

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Right off the bat, this microwave is a bit smaller than the previous two options with an interior of about 0.9 cubic feet.

However, that should still be plenty of room to cook some perfect popcorn, so don’t let that put you off. It also comes in a sleek black stainless steel design.

It comes with those convenient popcorn and add time buttons plus a rotating turntable for even cooking.

There is also a child lock to prevent accidental activation. It doesn’t include a smart sensor, which could be important if you use your microwave for more than just popcorn. 

It doesn’t state whether the interior is cleans easily, but if you keep on top of it by giving it a quick wipe down after every use you should be fine. 

5. Farberware 1.1-Cu. Ft. 1000-Watt Microwave Oven

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This option from Farberware is a classic design with an easy pull handle.

It has lots of one-touch cooking options, including that quick and easy popcorn button.

You can also add more time with one touch. It has an internal LED light to make it easy to keep an eye on your popcorn as it cooks. 

The interior is also a good size, coming in at 1.1 cubic feet so you can fit a nice big bag of popcorn.

There is a child safety function that you can use to prevent accidental overcooking or use. It includes that important turntable to ensure your popcorn cooks evenly every time.

It also has smart sensor technology for optimal cooking power. This function is great if you plan to regularly use your microwave for popcorn and cooking meals.

It helps take the guesswork away and adjusts your cook time and temperature up and down depending on the humidity of what you’re microwaving. 

6. Panasonic Microwave Oven

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This microwave has a great interior size, measuring in at 1.2 cubic feet of space.

You will be able to make huge batches of popcorn to enjoy while watching your favorite movies.

It has a sleek stainless steel design and easy-to-use buttons.

There is a glass turntable for easy cleaning and even cooking. It also includes “preset popcorn” and “add time” buttons to make cooking a breeze.

There is a Smart Genius Sensor that ensures evenly cooked food every time thanks to its ability to adjust cook times and temperatures.

To help make the perfect bowl of popcorn it also has Inverter Technology. This patented Inverter Technology generates a seamless stream of power and delivers consistent, evenly prepared food without overcooking.

It includes a child safety lock to make sure there are no kitchen accidents or burnt bowls of popcorn.

As a bonus, the design is incredibly compact and can weigh up to 8 pounds less than conventional microwaves, while taking up less counter space. 

7. Panasonic Counter Top Microwave Oven 2-in-1 FlashXpress Broiler

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If you are looking for a microwave with all the bells and whistles, then the Panasonic Counter Top Microwave Oven is definitely the way to go.

This microwave does it all and then some.

It takes the previous microwave and adds even more great features.

It has a Smart Genius Sensor that can adapt your cooking and temperature based on humidity levels.

It has a turntable for easy and even cooking, plus the convenient popcorn and add time buttons to make popping a breeze. There is a child safety feature and the interior cleans easily with a damp cloth, to keep it fresh and free of debris. 

The inside has a 1.1 cubic foot capacity, so there is plenty of space for your popcorn. It has a sleek grey stainless steel design that would look great in most kitchens

Not only will you be guaranteed perfect popcorn, you will also be able to broil and get grill-like results right on your kitchen counter.

There is a wire rack that lifts food close to the infrared grilling element so that whatever you cook gets golden brown and crispy. 

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