The 7 Most Decadent Chocolates Of 2023

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Decadence is a word that many chocolatiers would love to add to their product description, but simply can’t. Decadent chocolate only describes the truly exceptional, uber creamy, and irresistibly smooth luxury chocolates.

What are the most decadent chocolates? Decadent chocolates can be solid chocolate bars, truffles, or chocolate bonbons. Either way, they should always be made from high-quality (preferably sustainable) ingredients, have a melt-in-your-mouth feel to them, and be a bit extravagant.

Today, we will have a look at truly exceptional decadent chocolate products and what makes them so good. We have even included a handy buyer’s guide which will help you review other products that catch your eye!

What Is A Decadent Chocolate?

A lot of people think that “decadent chocolates” are a category of chocolates. In actuality, it is merely a term used to describe a bar of chocolate that is unbelievably good!

While there isn’t a specific category of chocolates associated with this term, they do have certain characteristics.

For one, these chocolates are usually incredibly easy to eat. This means that they aren’t too sweet or too bitter.

Now, as you can imagine, those flavors are incredibly relative and will be different for every person. On average, decadent chocolates are often milk chocolates or semi-sweet dark chocolates.

Furthermore, these chocolates usually have a creamy mouth feel. Creamy chocolate is usually made using a lot of cocoa butter or milk powder. This gives them that melt-in-your-mouth feeling. They are luscious, to say the least!

And, another big characteristic of decadent chocolates is their high-calorie count. But, that makes sense because by adding creaminess and sweetness, you are automatically adding more calories.

And finally, these chocolates are also usually a bit extravagant and often luxurious. This can refer to the quality (which they are almost of the utmost highest), the ingredients it contains, the flavors, and even the packaging.

Some may refer to artisanal gold-leaf chocolate as decadent, whilst others look at a creamy Lindt chocolate bar as such.

At the end of the day, while there are certain characteristics of a decadent bar of chocolate, it’s all in the mind!

Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a specific decadent chocolate bar may be very difficult, but we can help you choose a high-quality one at the very least.

Below are some crucial factors to take into consideration before purchasing any decadent chocolate slab for you or your loved one.

Reputable Brand

As often as we can, we only try to buy chocolates from reputable companies. This at the very least means that they should be certified as using sustainably sourced cocoa.

Other worthy certifications would include being GMO-free, gluten-free, and kosher.

All of these factors will make your bar a lot more pleasurable knowing you aren’t contributing to a crumbling cocoa industry.

Furthermore, it is always beneficial to support smaller chocolatiers instead of large corporate companies. Not to mention these chocolates tend to be a lot more flavorful and creamy.

Well-Balanced Flavors

A bar of chocolate with well-balanced flavors is any one that isn’t overly sweet or bitter. This also applies to flavored chocolates.

Often when manufacturers flavor their chocolate slabs, they use essences, which don’t have a prominent flavor. However, you also don’t want too much flavor that takes away from the cocoa itself.

Gauging whether or not a chocolate is well-balanced in flavor, it really comes down to you knowing your preferences and reading reviews.

Trust us, people can be brutally honest and overly critical. But, sometimes that is exactly what you want and need!

Creamy Texture

This is incredibly important—probably the most important sign of a decadent chocolate! A creamy texture that completely dissolves in your mouth is what you should be going for!

Now, creamy textures can come from a simple block of solid chocolate, however, fillings usually do the best job. These can be liquor fillings, ganaches, caramels, sauces, and anything else that is creamy, runny, and flavor-packed.

Form Of Chocolate

Fillings bring us to our next point. Often the creamiest chocolates are your bonbons and truffles. These are absolutely divine!

While there is nothing wrong with a slab, these bite-sized treats are not only romantic but incredibly luxurious and sophisticated.

And, what we love about bonbons and truffles are their extremely wide variety of available flavors—an endless amount really! The flavors can be kept within the caramel and chocolate family, but can also go into liquors and fruits.

A Touch Of Extravagance

What says decadence more than a theatrical element! Again, bonbons and truffles are the best forms of chocolate that can give you that.

For example, a surprise oozy filling dripping out after your first bite. Or, some gold leaf flakes peeking through the dark bar of tempered chocolate.

Even if it is simply a box of colorful bonbons that are beautifully presented—it’s the tiny things that can make a big impact!

The 7 Most Decadent Chocolates

Now that we know what we’re looking for when picking out chocolate, let’s take a look at our top picks for the most decadent chocolates!

RankProductBest Features
1.Lindt Creation Dessert, Assorted Chocolate Gift BoxMost decadent chocolate overall
2.MAE Fine Foods Exotic Gourmet Chocolate BonbonsImported from France
3.Milkboy Swiss Alpine Milk Chocolate BarsMade using real Alpine milk
4.La Maison Du Chocolat Dark Chocolate TrufflesFrench hand-rolled truffles
5.No Whey Foods Vegan TrufflesBest vegan option
6.Andy Anand Delectable Handmade Artisanal TrufflesIncludes 16 delicious flavors
7.Godiva Chocolatier Dark Chocolate TrufflesMade in traditional Belgium style

1. Lindt Creation Dessert, Assorted Chocolate Gift Box

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We’ve decided to start our list with a well-recognized brand that is not only very high in quality but affordable and easy to find.

This 40-piece chocolate truffle box is quintessentially decadent!

Lindt has included flavors like Millefeuille, Chocolate fondant, Brownie, Crème brulee, Tiramisu, Carmel Eclair, and Meringue.

Needless to say, from this list you are all but guaranteed to find a flavor you will love!

And, if you are looking for a fancy gift on a budget, then this is it! The Swiss chocolate brand always produces extremely high-quality products at a very affordable price. This variety set will make the perfect gift for any occasion.

2. MAE Fine Foods Exotic Gourmet Chocolate Bonbons

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These are some of our favorite bonbons and we regularly buy them.

They are made using all-natural ingredients and fruit purees directly imported from France.

Furthermore, these bonbons are made using imported Belgium chocolate. Fancy!

The bonbons themselves have been beautifully crafted and decorated to showcase each flavor they contain. But, if you are looking for some other flavors to try, MAE has also released a “plain” bonbon range in varying box sizes.

Some flavors in this exotic range include key lime, raspberry, Hawaiian dream, banana foster, strawberry, and midnight mint. Just thinking about these flavors makes us drool!

3. Milkboy Swiss Alpine Milk Chocolate Bars

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Next, we move on to a chocolate bar.

This milk chocolate slab is made using real Alpine milk (from the Alps in Switzerland) and is made using traditional techniques.

This special brand focuses on also using traditional paper-cutting techniques from the region to produce the beautiful packaging.

This chocolate has also been certified as being gluten-free and for using sustainably sourced cocoa. Now, every bite can be completely guilt-free!

4. La Maison Du Chocolat Dark Chocolate Truffles

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While these chocolate truffles don’t contain a fruity filling, they are filled with an incredibly smooth and creamy ganache, dusted in wonderfully bitter cocoa powder.

When we say balanced flavors, we think of these bites!

These authentically French hand-rolled truffles are sure to add a touch of elegance to your table and are of exceptionally high quality!

5. No Whey Foods Vegan Truffles

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If you are looking for the perfect vegan decadent chocolate, then these are a must-try!

No Whey has creates uber creamy and flavor-packed vegan milk chocolate truffles that are allergy-friendly for the 8 most common allergens, gluten-free, dairy-free, and kosher certified.

Furthermore, they use non-GMO ingredients only without any artificial flavoring or colorings.

This truffle box contains delicious flavors like raspberry, fudge coffee, salted caramel, and Grand Marnier!

And arguably the best part of this pack is that for all of these incredible benefits and delicious flavors, you don’t even have to spend an entire fortune!

In fact, these are more affordable than some of the other “regular” truffles you will find online.

6. Andy Anand Delectable Handmade Artisanal Truffles

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This is a fantastic gift option that is shipped with a custom card.

So, you can wish loved ones a happy birthday, happy holidays, or add a romantic note to it. 

The box itself includes 16 delicious flavors including Irish cream, Champagne, Black Forest, Coffee, and Hazelnut to name a few.

But don’t worry, they have also included a beautiful flavor card that shows you which chocolate is which flavor. 

7. Godiva Chocolatier Dark Chocolate Truffles

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Godiva is also a very well-known chocolate truffle manufacturer and has quite a few flavor sets.

We personally love this dark chocolate one; however, you can also get sets of white chocolate and milk chocolate.

This dark chocolate truffle set includes flavors like spiced ganache, salted caramel, and sweet fruit.

They are all incredibly creamy and made in traditional Belgium style with only the finest ingredients.

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