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Highest Protein Drinks and Foods at Starbucks – Ranked [2023]

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Welcome to the world of Starbucks, where delicious drinks and delectable foods await to fuel your day!

If you’ve ever wondered what protein-packed options this beloved coffee chain has to offer, you’re in for a treat! From energizing beverages to satisfying snacks, we’ll uncover the best protein choices to support your active lifestyle or simply indulge in a nourishing and flavorful experience. 

So, join us as we answer the question: “What are the highest protein drinks and foods at Starbucks?” Get ready to sip, savor, and discover your favorite protein-packed delights from Starbucks’ delightful menu!

When Is a Dish or Drink Considered to Be High-Protein?

In practical terms, high-protein dishes or drinks are often those that contain a higher percentage of protein compared to the other macronutrients, namely carbohydrates and fats. It’s generally compared to the overall calorie count of the dish.

These items are especially popular among individuals who are looking to support muscle growth, maintain satiety, or follow specific dietary plans that prioritize protein intake, such as athletes, bodybuilders, or those on high-protein diets.

It’s important to note that what is considered high-protein can vary depending on individual dietary needs and health goals.

Some people may consider food to be high-protein if it contains around 20% or more of its calories from protein, while others might set a higher or lower threshold.

Ultimately, determining whether a dish or drink is high-protein is relative and depends on the context of an individual’s overall diet and nutritional requirements.

Does Starbucks Offer High-Protein Menu Options?

Yes, Starbucks does offer high-protein menu options for those looking to increase their protein intake or maintain a balanced diet.

Over the years, Starbucks has expanded its menu to cater to a wide range of dietary preferences and needs, including protein-rich choices.

Some examples of high-protein menu items at Starbucks include Protein Boxes, Sous Vide Egg Bites, and Protein Cold Brews.

These high-protein options allow customers to make choices that align with their nutritional needs and preferences, making it easier for them to enjoy a protein-rich meal or snack while on the go.

As with any food choice, it’s essential to consider your overall dietary needs and goals to ensure a balanced and fulfilling dining experience.

High Protein Drinks at Starbucks

There are MANY high-protein drinks available at Starbucks. After all, pretty much any drink with mainly dairy will be stuffed with it!

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That being said, we highlighted some of our favorites that should be available at most Starbucks around the world.

1. Pumpkin Spice Latte

The world-famous pumpkin spice latte is also a fantastic high-protein beverage you can try.

The drink contains condensed skim milk, pumpkin puree, and a variety of delicious pumpkin spices like cinnamon and nutmeg.

Each grande serving contains roughly 14 grams of protein.

2. Caffe Mocha

Who doesn’t love a well-made chocolate coffee latte? This blend is made from a delicious combination of espresso, cocoa powder, steamed milk, and sweetened whipped cream (for garnish).

Your average grande caffe mocha will contain 14 grams of protein.

3. Pistachio Latte

This famous latte is loaded with flavor that primarily comes from pistachio butter and non-fat condensed milk. This not only helps lower the calorie count but drastically increases the protein content as well. 

The cows-milk version of this drink contains 12 grams of protein in a grande-sized latte. You can substitute the milk for an alternative, but keep in mind that it will affect the overall protein content.

4. Starbucks Reserve Latte

This special treat contains 13 grams of protein in total, slightly higher than their average high-protein beverage.

This latte is made with a Starbucks Reserve brand espresso and steamed milk (which can be customized to your preferences). It’s sweet, earthy, with a subtle nutty undertone.

5. Cappuccino

If you’re looking for a caffeine boost while still getting your required protein portion, you can definitely make use of their world-famous cappuccinos, made with espresso, steamed milk, and frothy milk.

Each cup contains 9 grams of protein. But do keep in mind that, again, if you change the type of milk you use, the protein content will vary.

6. Matcha Tea Latte

For something a little more unique and nutrient-dense, you can always opt for their signature Matcha Tea latte.

This beverage is made with freshly brewed matcha tea, sugar, and steamed milk. Overall, a grande cup will contain about 12 grams of protein that comes from the milk and matcha.

7. White Chocolate Mocha

If you thought that traditional milk chocolate mocha is good, wait until you try the white chocolate version!

It’s very similar, but the addition of this type of chocolate (instead of cocoa powder) adds significantly more protein. Overall, each grande cup contains 15 grams of protein!

High Protein Foods at Starbucks

When it comes to high-protein meal options at Starbucks, there is a boatload to choose from. But as always, first a disclaimer. 

Again, not all of these items will be available at every Starbucks in the world! Not even every Starbucks in the same state may carry the same items on their menu. 

The availability depends on location, popularity, consumer needs, and product (or ingredient) availability.

If you want to find out more about a specific item we’ve talked about today, it’s best to contact your local Starbucks to see if they have it in stock or what it contains (exactly).


Starbucks Protein Egg Bites are a delicious and protein-rich breakfast option that has gained popularity among customers looking for a quick and satisfying morning meal. These egg bites are made with a velvety blend of cage-free eggs and other wholesome ingredients, providing a balanced and nutritious start to the day.

The egg bites are prepared using a unique cooking method called sous vide, which involves slow-cooking the ingredients in a vacuum-sealed pouch in a water bath. This process helps to retain the moisture and flavor of the eggs and other ingredients, resulting in a smooth and creamy texture.

Starbucks offers several flavors of Protein Egg Bites, catering to different taste preferences. Our personal favorite is the Bacon & Gruyere option. This flavor combines the richness of Gruyere cheese with savory bacon, creating a delectable and indulgent breakfast option.

protein bites

For those seeking a lighter option, Starbucks offers the Egg White & Red Pepper variety, made with egg whites and roasted red peppers for a burst of color and flavor. These are naturally much lower in calories, but unfortunately also protein.

And finally, they often offer Kale and Mushroom Egg Bites as another “no-meat” option to choose from. This option is higher in calories and protein than the pepper alternative.

Again, your specific Starbucks may offer different Bite-flavors to choose from, if they even have this dish on the menu at all. But again, it’s best to check the app or message (or call) your local cafe.

Bacon & Gruyere Egg Bites300 calories19 grams
White & Red Pepper Egg Bites170 calories12 grams
Kale and Mushroom Egg Bites230 calories15 grams


Starbucks also offers several kinds of wraps. But two, in particular, stand out as amazing high-protein options.

The first is their Spinach, Feta, and Egg Wheat Wrap. It is a delightful and nutritious breakfast option that caters to those seeking a lighter and vegetarian-friendly choice. 

starbucks wraps

The combination of ingredients creates a harmonious blend of savory and zesty flavors, making each bite a delectable experience.

The egg whites provide a protein-packed foundation, while the spinach and feta add a burst of freshness and creaminess. The sun-dried tomatoes infuse the wrap with a sweet and savory kick, elevating the overall taste profile.

Perfectly portable and satisfying, this wrap is an excellent way to start the day with a nourishing and flavorful breakfast option from Starbucks.

The second, and a fan-favorite for meat lovers, are their Bacon, Sausage, and Egg Wrap. This delectable wrap features double-smoked bacon and savory sausage, creating a rich and smoky taste that appeals to meat lovers everywhere.

The cage-free scrambled eggs add a fluffy and comforting element to the wrap, while the cheddar cheese brings a delightful creaminess to each bite.

To enhance the texture and taste, the wrap includes sous vide potatoes that are tender and flavorful.

All of these scrumptious ingredients are carefully enveloped in a soft and warm flour tortilla, making it a convenient and filling option for a hearty breakfast on the go.

The meaty wrap is considerably higher in calories, but also protein. However, again, the spinach and feta wrap is an amazing vegetarian option that will still help you load up. Plus, if you need something a little extra, you can always order some Egg Bites on the side.

Bacon, Sausage & Egg Wrap640 calories28 grams
Spinach, feta, & Egg Wheat Wrap290calories20 grams


Starbucks is also well-known for its hearty and delicious sandwich options to choose from. We could find three high-protein options to choose from online.

But again, unlike the previous options we’ve talked about so far, these sandwiches are likely highly seasonal and regional. Turkey bacon may be available in Canada and the United States, but not so much in South Africa or Thailand.

starbucks sandwiches

Nevertheless, the three sandwiches we’d recommend trying are the Impossible Breakfast Sandwich, the Turkey Bacon, Cheddar, and Egg White Sandwich, and the Double Smoked Bacon, Cheddar, and Egg Sandwich.

Let’s start with the Impossible Breakfast Sandwich. This sandwich consists of a plant-based Impossible sausage patty, cage-free fried eggs, and aged cheddar cheese slices. All these elements are stacked on top of a heart artisinal sesame ciabatta bun.

Next up, we have the Turkey Bacon sandwich. As the name suggests, this sandwich boasts deliciously crisp turkey bacon slices, cage-free fried egg whites, and creamy reduced-fat white cheddar cheese slices. These ingredients are served on a delicious tender English wheat muffin.

This option is not only loaded with protein but lower in calories thanks to cleverly substituted ingredients (for example, low-fat cheese instead of full-fat cheese).

Finally, we have the Double-Smoked Bacon, cheddar, and egg sandwich. What makes this sandwich unique is the double-smoked bacon, which has been infused with hickory smoke. This sandwich is served with their signature buttery, flaky croissant.

Impossible Breakfast Sandwich420 calories21 grams
Turkey Bacon, Cheddar, & Egg Wheat Sandwich230calories17 grams
Double-Smoked Bacon, Cheddar, & Egg Sandwich500 calories21 grams


While the baguette sandwich options are rarely the most popular Starbucks food item, we had to include this delicious and refreshing dish.

Starbucks has a classic baguette option with Ham and Swiss Cheese slices. It couldn’t get any simpler than that.

But what makes this a truly high-protein option is the amount of ham slices they add. It’s truly a monster of a sandwich topped with a delicious Dijon butter spread.

Overall, this meal contains 480 calories (relatively low for such a heart dish) and 24 grams of protein!

Protein Boxes

And finally, most protein enthusiasts have heard about Starbucks’ protein boxes. Again, these vary significantly from store to store, and of course, region to region. But one thing is for sure: these boxes are stuffed with protein and will leave you feeling full and satisfied.

Here are the options you can choose from:

Egg and Cheddar Protein Box

The Starbucks Egg and Cheddar Protein Box is a nutritious and balanced option that offers a delightful combination of flavors and textures.

This protein box features two cage-free boiled eggs, perfectly prepared to provide a satisfying protein boost.

Alongside the eggs, you’ll find a full cup of fresh and vibrant mixed fruits, adding a refreshing and wholesome touch to the meal. Naturally, the type of fruit offered will depend on locality and seasonality.

The protein box includes multigrain muesli bread, which offers a nutty and wholesome taste, complementing the eggs and fruits.

As an added treat, the box comes with a delicious honey peanut butter spread that adds a touch of sweetness and richness to the meal.

Cheese and Fruit Protein Box

Next up, we have the Cheese and Fruit Protein Box.

This box is a delectable offering that brings together a delightful assortment of cheeses and fresh fruits for a satisfying and wholesome snack or light meal. This protein box features a trio of creamy and flavorful cheeses – Brie, Cheddar, and Gouda – each offering its own unique taste profile.

The Brie lends a buttery and mild flavor, while the Cheddar adds a sharp and robust note, and the Gouda contributes a smooth and slightly sweet taste.

Accompanying the cheeses are multigrain crackers, providing a crunchy and nutty element that complements the creamy cheeses perfectly.

To complete the box, you’ll find a full cup of fresh and juicy fruits, adding a refreshing and nutritious touch to the ensemble.

PB&J Protein Box

Finally, we end on a personal favorite, the peanut butter and jelly protein box.

The Starbucks PB&J Protein Box is a nostalgic and delightful twist on the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich, offering a satisfying combination of flavors and textures.

At the heart of this protein box is a timeless PB&J sandwich made with creamy peanut butter and sweet, fruity jelly, sandwiched between soft and wholesome bread. The familiar taste of this childhood favorite brings comfort and joy with every bite.

Accompanying the PB&J sandwich is a serving of string cheese, adding a savory and creamy element that complements the sweet notes of the sandwich.

For a touch of indulgence, the protein box includes chocolate-covered raisins, providing a delightful burst of chocolatey goodness that satisfies your sweet tooth.

To balance out the flavors and add a nutritious element, the box includes a full cup of fresh fruits and veggies. The Greek yogurt ranch dip pairs perfectly with the assortment of fruits and vegetables, adding a tangy and creamy flavor that elevates the snacking experience.

Eggs And Cheddar Protein Box470 calories23 grams
Cheese And Fruit Protein Box470calories20 grams
PB&J Protein Box520 calories20 grams

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