How Long Do Oreos Last?

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It is easy to forget about a box of Oreos sitting in the back of the pantry for a while, only to find them and wonder whether or not they are still fine to eat!

Oreos can last for some time, but they will expire at some point.

So, how long do Oreos last? How long Oreos last will depend on whether they are kept in the original sealed packaging, or if the packaging has been opened. Unopened Oreos can last for a good few months, whereas opened Oreos can last for up to two weeks.

Oreos won’t necessarily spoil after this time, but they will not be fresh and the quality will begin to decline quite quickly, and they won’t be nearly as delicious as you’d hope!

Read on to find out more about how long Oreos last, and some storage tips to help them last longer.

How Long Do Oreos Last For?

There really isn’t a clear answer as to how long Oreos last for, as it depends on how they are stored, and whether the packaging has been opened or not.

The general rule is that Oreos kept in unopened packaging will last for up to a year, whereas opened Oreos will stay fresh for up to two weeks before they begin to decline in quality.

The best way to keep track of when to eat Oreos is to have a look at the best-by-date on the packaging. This isn’t the date when the Oreos will spoil, but when they will begin to lose their freshness and taste. 

Oreos will still be fine to eat after this date, but as explained, they might not be as tasty!

The reason Oreos can last for quite some time is because they do not contain any dairy. Not even the middle cream filling is made with dairy, which helps to extend the shelf-life quite a bit.

Can Unopened Oreos Expire?

Oreos definitely last for longer if they are kept in their original packaging, unopened, but this does not mean that they will last forever.

Stored properly, the Oreos will definitely be fine to eat within the best-by date, and then a few months after this as well. As long as you do not leave them for years past the best-by date, the Oreos should be fine to eat.

Unopened Oreos can expire, but this is very rare, and unless left for years, your Oreos should not expire.

Can Opened Oreos Expire?

Once you have opened a package of Oreos, the quality will begin to decline quicker than if they were left in the sealed packaging.

As long as they have been stored properly, and as long as they are still within the best-by date or at least only a little while passed, Oreos will last for up to two weeks once open.

However, they will only last this long if they are kept in an airtight container once opened, and not just left out.

You will probably throw Oreos out because they have become soft and declined in quality, rather than finding them to have expired or gone off.

How To Best Store Oreos

The way you store Oreos determines how long they last for, and the right storage can extend the shelf-life of the Oreos quite a bit.

The best way to store Oreos is to leave them in their unopened packaging, in a pantry cupboard that is cool, dry and out of direct sunlight.

However, you will want to open the Oreos at some point, and when you do, you will need to store them properly to keep them fresher for longer.

To store opened Oreos, keep them in an airtight container, or a sealable plastic bag, squeezing out as much air as possible before sealing.

When the Oreo packaging is opened, the Oreos become exposed to air, which causes them to go stale quickly. Storing them in an airtight container or a plastic freezer bag helps to slow down this process.

How Do You Know If Oreos Have Expired?

Oreos that have passed their expiry date might still be fine to eat for some time, but you should look for signs that they have gone bad, or that they are not fit for consumption any more.


Take a look at the Oreo to start. If it looks dull, or if there are any spots of mold on the surface of the Oreo, or in the cream filling, then you definitely need to throw it away.

This is quite rare for cookies such as Oreos, but it can happen, so make sure to give the Oreo a quick look-over if it has been in the pantry for some time.

Off Smell

An Oreo would have to be really long past the expiry date to have an off smell, but it isn’t impossible. This would likely happen if the Oreo has come into contact with another food source and bacteria has begun to grow.

Oreos should smell sugary, sweet, and delicious, and if they don’t, then it probably isn’t safe to eat them.

Soft Texture

Oreos should be quite firm and crisp, with a creamy filling. If the Oreo is soft, soggy and if it has lost its crispiness on the outside, then it has probably passed its best-by date.It might still be fine to eat, but it won’t be as enjoyable as you might have hoped.

Stale Taste

An Oreo that has been left out for some time, and which has passed its best-by date, will probably lose quite a lot of its flavor. At this point, it would probably have a soft, stale texture too.

The Oreo will not be as sweet, and it might even taste a little musty too. It could still be fine to eat, but it definitely is not tasty, and it is probably best to throw the Oreos away and purchase a fresh pack.

Can You Eat Expired Oreos?

You should be able to eat expired Oreos, especially if they are still in their original sealed packaging, and if there are no obvious signs of spoiling.

Most Oreo packaging comes with a best-by date rather than an expiry date, which indicates the timeframe in which the Oreos will be at their best quality, rather than when they will expire by.

This means the Oreos last for quite some time after this date.

It is fine to eat Oreos past their expiry or best-by date, but just make sure that you check for any signs that the Oreos might have spoiled or gone stale, as it is best to not eat them if they have.

Can You Freeze Oreos?

Freezing helps to extend the shelf-life of food, but when it comes to Oreos, which have quite a long shelf-life already, it might not be the best idea.

Technically, you can freeze Oreos, but freezing does do some damage to the texture and flavor of the cookies, and it won’t extend the shelf-life that much longer than keeping them packed away in a pantry might.

Thawing frozen Oreos, even if left to thaw in the fridge, will cause them to go soggy and soft, so they won’t be very enjoyable to eat.

One reason you might want to freeze Oreos is if you have a pack that is beginning to go stale. A recommendation is to crush these Oreos down and freeze them in a resealable plastic freezer bag, removing as much air as possible.

Label the plastic freezer bag with the date of freezing, and make sure to use the crushed cookies within three months. The crushed Oreos can be used as a base for a dessert, and work particularly well for a dessert that needs to be set in the fridge.

How Long Do Oreos Last?

Oreos last for quite some time, as they do not contain dairy, so they can sit in a dark, cool pantry for an extended period.

Kept sealed in the original packaging, Oreos can last for a year, if not more, and can last for a few months after the best-by date on the packaging.

Once the Oreo packaging has been opened, then they should be eaten within two weeks, as they will go stale after this.

As long as you know the signs to look for that Oreos have expired, then you should be able to safely enjoy a pack or two that you have found sitting in the back of the cupboard!

Related Questions

Can you get sick from eating stale cookies?

You should not get sick from eating stale cookies, as long as the cookies haven’t spoiled. Stale cookies are not bad or spoiled, they have just declined in quality and will be soft and likely less sweet and tasty.

What is the Oreo filling made of?

Oreo filling is made from sugar, corn syrup, artificial flavoring, palm oil and soy lecithin. The cream filling does not contain dairy, and Oreos are considered vegan-friendly. Only a few of the new flavors contain honey, which means that a few are not vegan-friendly.

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