7 Best Chocolate For Chocolate Fountains Of 2023

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Who doesn’t love chocolate fountains? They are absolutely mesmerizing, extremely fun, and an interactive activity for your guests to enjoy. And, today you can even make flavored and colored chocolate for themed parties or occasions!

All that being said, using one isn’t as straightforward as it may seem. Sure, pour in the chocolate and watch it go! But, it is crucially important to choose the right type of chocolate to create a smooth and creamy consistent flow.

But, what are the best types of chocolate for chocolate fountains? Pretty much any chocolate with a high-fat percentage will work perfectly. It will ensure the chocolate remains runny and doesn’t set at room temperature. Furthermore, it creates a luscious texture that is perfect for dipping.

In this in-depth article, we will be covering everything you need to know about chocolate fountains.

This includes how they work, the chocolate you have to use, and how to prep it. And, of course, we have included a list of our favorite basic melting chocolates that is easy to use and affordable!

Chocolate Fountains And How They Work

Today, we will start by looking at the actual chocolate fountain machine. By understanding how it works, you can easily prevent any problems from arising and even fix them.

Chocolate fountains work in a very specific way and definitely require specific chocolate (or at the very least chocolate consistencies) to function properly.

All chocolate fountains have an Archimedes’ screw. This is an ancient mechanism that is shaped like a large blade-like screw. This is what helps move the melted chocolate upwards and pushes it out of the top to run down.

The Archimedes’ screw is slowly turned with an electric motor at the bottom.

Usually, chocolate fountains don’t have adjustable speeds, so the screw only moves at the programmed setting.

The blade (or screw) is enclosed by a cylinder to help move the chocolate upwards and to make the entire fountain look more magical than mechanical.

Chocolate fountains also have domelike levels which help create the “fountain” effect. It also slows the dripping which will allow you to better catch the chocolate with your dipping item.

And finally, you have a delicious chocolate pond at the bottom of the screw. This chamber is what helps keep the chocolate melted at the perfect consistency to help make it flow much easier.

Which Chocolate Works Best for Chocolate Fountains?

If you have ever been up close and personal with a chocolate fountain machine, you would have probably seen that the consistency of the melted chocolate is much different than what it usually is at home.

Now, there are a couple of reasons for this.

The first is that the chocolate being used is special chocolate fountain chocolate. This chocolate has a much higher fat content which makes it much runnier and even smoother when it is melted.

The second reason for this thin chocolate consistency is that oil has been added to the melted chocolate.

As with the chocolate fountain pre-mixes, the high-fat content in the mixture makes it more luscious, runnier and helps prevent it from setting and clogging up the machine.

How To Use Chocolate Fountains

The most misguided idea about chocolate fountains is that they melt the chocolate chips. They do not! You have to first melt the chocolate before adding it to the machine.

As you will see from the products we have chosen today, some of them can be melted inside of the microwave. However, not all products are this easy and convenient to use. Then, you have to refer to some other methods.

The next best option for melting chocolate is by using a double boiler. This is a technique that slowly and evenly melts chocolate while preventing it from overheating and seizing.

To use this method, place the chocolate in a large heat-proof bowl. Then, fill a small pot with boiling water and place it over low to medium heat.

Next, place your chocolate-filled bowl over the pot and stir constantly. The chocolate will slowly heat and melt.

If you are using low-fat chocolate, it is at this point you can also add more oil to help achieve the best consistency for your fountain.

Here’s a great video that details how to use a double boiler!

You can melt regular chocolate in a microwave but only do so at a low heat setting and for very short intervals.

After every 15-20 second interval, remove the chocolate from the microwave and stir it for about a minute. This will help evenly distribute the heat and cool the chocolate a bit before reheating it again.

Buyer’s Guide

So, when looking at which chocolate to buy, first decide what route you want to take. By this we mean, do you want to add oil yourself or buy pre-made chocolate that is ready to be used in chocolate fountains?

Buy Chocolate With A High-Fat Percentage

Dipping chocolate for chocolate fountains has to have a high-fat content. Sorry, but there is no getting around this one!

Regular chocolate doesn’t thin out enough to work in a chocolate fountain. Furthermore, it won’t give you the creamy and soft texture you want for dipping.

So, you have to look at couverture chocolates. These products contain about 36-39% cocoa butter (fat).

This is enough to create a smooth product with a runny consistency once melted. The higher the cocoa butter percentage in the chocolate, the less likely it is to set at room temperature.

On a side note, the chocolate percentage on the front usually indicates the amount (percentage) of cocoa solids, not cocoa butter. The product states specifically the amount of cocoa butter the product contains separately.

Choosing A Chocolate Flavor

There are no limitations to which chocolate flavor you want to use. As long as it has a high-fat percentage, you can use it! And, what makes this even better is that you can also buy flavored chocolate or flavor it yourself.

But, let’s start with the basic flavors. You can buy white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate.

White Chocolate

This chocolate is the sweetest and arguably creamiest chocolate type you can buy. But, its overwhelming sweetness can cause it to not pair well with just any ingredient.

White chocolate pairs best with similarly sweet ingredients, cheese, and fruit like oranges or strawberries.

And, because it doesn’t contain any cocoa solids (which makes the chocolate brown), you can easily color this chocolate to red, blue, yellow, and anything else you’d like.

Milk Chocolate

Technically, milk chocolate is any chocolate with less than 35% cocoa solids. If white chocolate contains cocoa solids, it instantly becomes milk chocolate.

This chocolate has a sweet flavor with a darker feel to it—it is definitely not as sweet as white chocolate.

Milk chocolate is the perfect chocolate to use that will pair with any dipping ingredient. Unfortunately, though, you cannot color it.

But, you can still flavor it with flavoring extract or concentrates. So, you can make citrus-flavored or mint-flavored milk chocolate.

Semi-Sweet Chocolate

Any chocolate with over 35% cocoa solids is classified as dark chocolate. However, there is naturally a wide range of flavors between 35-99%. So, new categories have sprung up to help further break down chocolate types.

Semi-sweet chocolate contains between 35-50% cocoa solids. The chocolate still has a sweet flavor profile, but also a definitive bitter flavor. The intensity of the bitter flavor increases as the percentage increases.

So, 50% chocolate will be much more bitter than 35% chocolate.

Bittersweet Chocolate

This dark chocolate contains above 50% cocoa solids. Now we move into a noticeably bitter chocolate flavor.

This chocolate still pairs well with most dipping items, but we would stay away from other bitter ingredients like blue cheese or kumquats.

Unsweetened Chocolate

This chocolate isn’t often used for dipping fountains. This is because it contains at least 95% cocoa solids and is basically just bitter. You won’t be able to dip a ton of things in it without being overwhelmed with the tart taste.

However, the option is there if you can execute it properly.

Cost Of Chocolate

It can be very difficult to estimate how much chocolate you will need for a party, especially when it is being used in a chocolate fountain.

What we can say, is that a 2-pound bag of chocolate will be enough for about 10 people. So, you can use this as a guideline on how much to buy and how much it will cost you.

If you have a party with 100 people (like at a wedding for example) you can buy about 10 bags (2 pounds each) or 20 pounds of chocolate.

Now, brand names will also very much affect the price of your chocolate. And no, not all chocolate is made the same. With chocolate, there is a big difference between a high-quality fountain melting chocolate and a low-quality one.

So, we would say never spring for the cheapest option. The flavor will be lacking and the consistency won’t be luscious. But, you also don’t have to go break open the piggy bank.

The 7 Best Chocolates For Chocolate Fountains

Without further or do, here are the 9 best melting chocolates for your chocolate fountain. All of these are great quality and flavorful chocolates that are easy to use. They will give you an unbelievably smooth drip and a creamy rich texture.

RankProductBest Features
1.Sephra Belgian Semi-Sweet Dark Chocolate for Chocolate FountainBest overall chocolate for chocolate fountains
2.ChocoMaker Milk Chocolate Fountain Dipping CandyAble to be microwaved!
3.Wilton Chocolate Pro Fountain Fondue ChocolateHigh-fat content
4.Sephra Belgian White Chocolate for FountainsBest white chocolate option
5.Sarah’s Candy Factory Melting Milk Chocolate WafersSold in 3-pound bags
6.Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Flavored Melting WafersSuper versatile
7.ChocoMaker Dark Chocolate Dipping CandyWon't set at room temperature

1. Sephra Belgian Semi-Sweet Dark Chocolate for Chocolate Fountain

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We are starting this list off with a bang! Sephra is of one the most well-known dipping chocolate manufacturers.

These bitter-sweet dark chocolate chips contain 61.9% cocoa, giving you the perfect balance of bitter and sweet.

And, these chips are packaged in 2-pound bags. This is about the minimum amount of chocolate you need for a chocolate fountain.

And, even if you buy in bulk, the 2-pound bags will help with portioning and to preserve the shelf life of the batch.

This chocolate will melt smoothly and give a very runny texture. This not only makes it great for chocolate fountains, but also for dipping and coating confections and even in baked goods.

Furthermore, Sephra chocolate is certified gluten-free, kosher, and trans-fat-free. This just further solidifies that you are buying and using a great quality product.

2. ChocoMaker Milk Chocolate Fountain Dipping Candy

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So, as we have previously mentioned, some chocolates are already made with fat so that you don’t have to add it later.

This is one of those products and they often refer to them as melting candies.

These chips are very heat-stable and can be microwaved too!

This will reduce your prep time even further and you can instantly use them for dipping. They have a beautifully smooth and runny texture that will easily coat any item.

One thing to keep in mind is that this product does contain soy, but, it is completely gluten-free.

3. Wilton Chocolate Pro Fountain Fondue Chocolate

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It would be very surprising if Wilton didn’t have a melting chocolate!

These milk chocolate chips are ready to be used instantly and the high-fat content creates a luscious creamy melted chocolate.

And, you also naturally don’t need to add any additional oil to have the chocolate run better.

It is no surprise that this product is so highly sought after. So, if you ever come across some, make sure to grab a bag or two (or three) and stock up. They sell out quickly!

You can also use this product for glazes (especially mirror glazes), ganache frostings, and coating pastries, candies, and confections.

4. Sephra Belgian White Chocolate for Fountains

Check Current Price on Amazon

For our first white melting chocolate, we again go back to Sephra—they are just that amazing!

There aren’t too many white chocolate pre-mixed products on the market.

So, finding one, let alone this high in quality, can be challenging to say the least!

This Belgian white chocolate can very easily be flavored and colored. This makes it great for themed parties as we have mentioned.

And, as with all of their melting chocolates, the 2-pound bags make it easy to store and portion.

5. Sarah’s Candy Factory Melting Milk Chocolate Wafers

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If you are looking for a great-quality budget-friendly melting chocolate option, this is it!

And, while we won’t review each individually, there is also a white chocolate and dark chocolate option!

This product is sold in 3-pound bags, making them perfect for large groups and larger chocolate fountain machines.

They are incredibly easy to use and you won’t need to add more fat or oil at all. You can instantly use these chocolate wafers as-is—no mess and no fuss!

And, like with most melting chocolates, you can use these to coat other treats, make chocolate molds, glazes, and other decorations!

6. Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Flavored Melting Wafers

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So technically, this isn’t real chocolate. It is a mixture of ingredients like sugar and corn syrup with some chocolate ingredients inside.

However, this mixture will allow you to make a fantastic smooth and runny chocolate mixture that is perfect for fountains.

Trust us, you will barely notice the difference. And, what is still great about this product is that you can use it as you would regular chocolate.

You can use it whole or melted for baking products, to make chocolate decorations, chocolate molds, and glazes or coatings.

7. ChocoMaker Dark Chocolate Dipping Candy

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Last, but certainly not least, we have deliciously rich and bittersweet dark chocolate chips.

These have also already been mixed with fat so that they won’t set at room temperature.

They have a very thin runny consistency and are extremely smooth and creamy.

It is very easy to use and you can even place it in the microwave to melt! This reduces the amount of prep time and makes a lot fewer dishes to clean up later!

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