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Is Snapware Microwave-Safe?

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The microwave is an indispensable tool that has made it super easy, quick, and simple to heat and even cook certain foods. For that reason, it is very important to know how well they work with popular storage containers such as Snapware.

So, is Snapware microwave-safe? Yes, both plastic and glass Snapware containers are microwave-safe and can safely be used in the microwave to reheat your favorite foods.

In addition to being microwave-safe, they are also refrigerator and freezer-safe and are one of the best brands of storage containers out there.

Read on to find out more about Snapware plastic and glass containers, how to tell for sure if they are microwave-safe, a few safety tips for reheating your food in the microwave, and more.

Is Snapware Safe to Use in the Microwave?

Snapware is a popular brand of high-quality food storage containers designed to help keep your food fresher for longer.

They are made keeping efficiency and durability in mind and their various features such as airtight seals and leak-proof lids make them a great choice for storing and organizing your leftovers.

Snapware containers come in various shapes and sizes and are available in different materials including glass, plastic, and a mix of both.

While both glass and plastic are great choices, they each have specific characteristics that make them more suitable for certain situations. For instance, glass is known for its durability and resistance to stains and odors, whereas plastic is more lightweight and portable.

Glass containers are generally safe to use in the microwave provided that they do not have any metal parts or decorations.

Most plastic containers manufactured these days are microwave-safe, although to be sure, it is always best to check the label on the specific container or its packaging as microwave safety can depend on the type of plastic used and the particular brand in question.

When it comes to Snapware, both its glass as well as plastic food storage containers are microwave-safe.

The glass containers are made with Pyrex® tempered glass that can withstand temperature changes and the plastic ones are also made with good quality plastic that doesn’t melt or release harmful chemicals into your food when heated.

How to Check if Snapware Is Microwave-Safe?

When using Snapware containers in the microwave, it is very important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and safety tips.

Since the features and characteristics of Snapware storage products can vary depending on the materials used to make them, it is best to check the product labels as well as the manufacturer’s instructions for the most accurate information.

Here are simple ways to determine whether or not your Snapware container is microwave-safe:

1. Check the Label

When checking for microwave safety for your storage containers, the best way is to check the labels on the product or its packaging. They usually contain all the information you need and are a certain way to determine whether or not something is safe to be used in the microwave.

If your Snapware container is microwave-safe, it will have the microwave-safe label and logo which indicates that the USDA and the FDA consider it safe for use inside the microwave. It means you can safely use it to microwave your food without the risk of breakage due to thermal shock.

The microwave-safe label found on most food storage containers is usually an icon of a microwave with wavy lines on it or simply the text “microwave-safe”. 

microwave-safe logo

When it comes to plastics, certain types of plastics can easily melt or release harmful chemicals into the food when heated. For this reason, it is very important for it to be BPA-free. The good thing is that all plastic Snapware containers are BPA-free as approved by the FDA.

2. Manufacturer’s Instructions

Every product comes with instructions from the manufacturer on how to safely use it. This includes everything from its usage, cleaning, maintenance, as well as disposal.

When using Snapware products, make sure to review the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines on how to use the specific product so that you can make the most of it without causing you any harm or the product any damage.

With regards to microwave usage, Snapware has clear instructions from the manufacturer about whether or not the particular product can be safely used in the microwave, and if it can, how you can do so.

In conclusion, although most Snapware glass containers are microwave-safe, it is very important to check the particular product’s labeling and manufacturer’s instructions to be sure.

As far as plastic Snapware containers are concerned, use them in the microwave only if they are explicitly labeled as microwave-safe to ensure maximum safety.

Tips for Using Snapware in the Microwave

Snapware is an inexpensive brand of transparent glass and plastic containers that can give its competitors a serious run for their money. Available in different materials and sizes, Snapware food storage containers are durable and affordable and are one of the best food storage solutions in the market.

Not only can you use Snapware containers to store your meal prep and leftovers but also heat the food in the same container using a microwave. However, when doing so, there are a few tips and tricks that you must follow to make sure it is done in a safe manner and you get the best results.

Here are some of the top safety tips for using Snapware containers in the microwave:

  1. Always check the labels and manufacturer’s instructions for microwave safety. This is particularly important when using plastic containers.
  2. Use glass Snapware containers instead of the plastic ones when heating foods at high temperatures as they are better designed to handle the heat.
  3. Snapware containers come with airtight, leak-proof lids that make food storage and transport a breeze. They are also microwave-safe, but to prevent pressure build-up and to help release steam, it is best if you remove the lid completely or leave it slightly open.
  4. If you wish to use the lid to prevent any splatters, make sure only to use Snapware’s microwave-safe lids to prevent the lid from popping off.
  5. Follow the recommended times for reheating or cooking foods in the microwave. If you are unsure about the time, use short intervals and keep monitoring the food to prevent overheating or overcooking.
  6. Depending on the type of food you are reheating in your Snapware container, give it a nice stir to make sure it heats up evenly.
  7. Although most Snapware containers are designed to be transferred immediately from the fridge or freezer to the microwave, it is best to let the frozen food defrost before putting it in a high-powered microwave.
  8. Use oven mitts or a towel when removing Snapware containers from the microwave because even though they are microwave-safe, they can become hot to the touch.
  9. Once the food has been reheated in the microwave, allow it to cool down a little before you start eating. If the food is too hot, it can burn your mouth.

Can You Cook Food in Snapware Containers Using the Microwave?

Yes, you can cook, heat, and reheat food in Snapware containers using the microwave provided that the containers you are using are certified microwave-safe.


Compared to heating or reheating, since cooking involves putting the container in the microwave for longer and probably at a higher temperature, it is best to use Snapware glass containers that are designed to withstand a higher level of heat.

Just make sure to follow the safety guidelines and cook appropriate foods that are suitable for microwave cooking. You can mix, marinate, and cook the ingredients all in one container and have a perfect lunch or dinner ready with minimal hassle.

Related Questions

Now that you know whether or not Snapware containers are microwave-safe, along with some useful tips and tricks to use them in the microwave safely, here are a few additional questions we thought you might have:

Is Snapware Dishwasher-Safe?

Yes, other than being microwave-safe, Snapware containers are also dishwasher-safe, making them incredibly easy to clean and maintain. You can check both the plastic and glass containers for the dishwasher-safe label and put them in the dishwasher for a quick and easy cleanup.

Is Snapware Oven-Safe?

Snapware sets that are made with Pyrex tempered glass are usually safe for both the oven and microwave. Plastic Snapware lids and containers, on the other hand, should not be used in conventional or convection ovens.

To be sure, always check the labels on the packaging along with the manufacturer’s instructions on how a particular product must be used.

Is Tupperware Microwave-Safe?

Plastic Tupperware is safe to use in the microwave as long as it is labeled as microwave-safe. The symbol looks like a few wavy lines and is usually found on the bottom side of the container.

If not, check the packaging that the container came in. If you cannot find the microwave-safe symbol anywhere, it means that it’s probably not safe to use in the microwave and shouldn’t be used for that purpose at all.

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