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How to Reheat a KFC Pot Pie (The Right Way)

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Who doesn’t love to indulge sometimes? KFC’s famous pot pie is the perfect balance between unhealthy fast food and a home-cooked meal – it’s still delicious and satisfies a craving, but it’s not near as bad for your body as some other options out there. If you find yourself with leftovers of this amazing dish, we’ve compiled a guide on how to best reheat it.

So, you get yourself a nice serving of KFC’s pot pie, and you don’t manage to eat it one go. How do you reheat a KFC pot pie? You could just throw it in the microwave, but it may get soggy and less than delicious.

We recommend using the oven set to 350 to reheat your pot pie while maintaining it’s original crispness and flavor. Keep reading to learn exactly how to do this.

Also, be sure you use an oven-safe container like these disposable ones from Amazon.

If you have questions, we have the answers. We too love this dish, and we have had to reheat it many times. The fact is – it’s entirely possible to reheat a day-old KFC pot pie and achieve the same taste as if you’d only just bought it. However, it has to be done correctly.

To preserve the yummy factor of your favorite KFC dish, read on to learn how to best reheat it.

Reheating a KFC Pot Pie

Why should all fast food be considered unhealthy? KFC’s pot pie is an easy meal that you don’t have to make yourself, it’s incredibly delicious, and it’s also among the healthier options the famous fast food joint offers.

Pot pies, in general, are a loved dish. They come in many varieties, and a chicken pot pie is one of the most popular options.

Chances are, you’ve made one at home and loved it, so it’s fortunate that such a popular fast-food restaurant lets you off the hook when it comes to cooking your beloved meal. 

There is nothing wrong in indulging every now and again – after all, who doesn’t love a night when you pick up takeout and relax?

One of the better parts of takeout is that the portions are usually large, so you may end up with two meals for the price of one. This is often the case with this KFC pot pie.

The issue, if one can call it that, with pot pies is that they don’t tend to reheat well – at least not in the microwave. Pot pies come with a filling, so it’s only natural that when subjected to reheating, the outside tends to become soggy and loses its taste.

You don’t want that to happen.

This is why it’s recommended that you reheat your pot pie in the oven, and when you do it correctly, you will be surprised that the taste is so similar to what you’ve experienced right after purchasing your meal.

However, when it comes to KFC’s pot pie, there is yet another reason why it absolutely cannot be reheated in the microwave.

This pot pie is sold in a foil pan. This completely rules out the use of the microwave if you are to keep it in its original container. You may, of course, attempt to move the pot pie from the foil pan to a microwave-safe dish, but you might end up making a mess and ruin your pie in the process.

This is why, when it comes to reheating a KFC pot pie, there is only one surefire method – the oven.

How to reheat a KFC pot pie?

  • Preheat your oven to 350 F, and cover the dish with aluminum foil during the later portion of reheating. Allow it to reheat for up to 20 minutes.

This is the short answer – but if you want to truly ensure the best possible taste, we recommend that you check out our in-depth guide on reheating a KFC pot pie the right way.

In-Depth Guide to Reheat a KFC Pot Pie

You know by now that you’ll be using an oven to reheat your KFC pot pie, but we want to make sure you truly know all the steps that will lead you to a mouth-watering meal. There is no reason why leftovers would have to taste any worse than they did originally – it’s all about solid reheating.

reheat a kfc pot pie

Here’s a step-by-step guide on reheating a KFC pot pie:

  1. Preheat your oven to 350 F.
  2. We don’t recommend moving the dish from its original container. However, if you want to, be very careful and preferably use a spatula for scooping it out.
  3. You can place the container inside another oven-safe container (like these from Amazon) if you want.
  4. Begin reheating without any lid on top of the dish. 
  5. Once the crust is starting to get dark, cover the pot pie with aluminum foil.
  6. Heat for up to 20 minutes.
  7. If you want, by the end of the reheating process, you can sprinkle some cheddar on top of the pot pie.
  8. Enjoy your delicious meal!

If you follow our method to a T, we can guarantee that you will be more than happy with how your KFC pot pie tastes.

The texture will be preserved, you will be safe, and the taste will be contained along with nutrients as opposed to being eradicated by the reheating process.

The bottom line is, no matter if you’re heating a KFC pot pie, shepherd’s pie, or any other pie, the best way to do it is in the oven.

We know that 20 minutes may seem like a long time when it comes to reheating leftovers. If you’re normally used to reheating in the microwave, then this will truly feel like a slow process.

However, other than the container being unsuitable for the microwave, there are many reasons not to reheat KFC’s pot pie – and pot pies in general – in the microwave.

Reasons Why You Should Not Reheat Your Pot Pie in a Microwave

You really should resist the temptation of reheating pot pies in the microwave. Here are a few reasons why:

  • The microwave may make the crust soggy.
  • You may end up with a pot pie that is warm on the outside, but cold on the inside.
  • The filling may fall out and make a mess.
  • The crust will be gummy as opposed to crispy.
  • In the case of KFC’s pot pie, it comes in a foil pan, which makes it entirely unsuitable for the microwave. Please do not reheat it in that way.

Now that you know how to reheat the pot pie, you may still be wondering about a different aspect: how do you properly store it? How long can you store it for? We care about your health and your enjoyment of food, so we’ve got you covered there too.

In general, it’s worth noting that fast food does not keep very well. While some fast food joints provide meals that can last for literally years, it doesn’t mean they taste very well after a day or two.

If possible, once you purchase your KFC pot pie, you should aim to eat it within the next day or two. That way, it will still taste great when reheated – just as good as it did on day one.

Pot pies can be frozen, but since KFC’s pot pie is already cooked, you may not be satisfied with the results. The crust may turn out soggy or dry. You can still give it a shot, but ideally, you will want to reheat your pot pie on the next day without storing it in the freezer.

If you ever make a pot pie from scratch, you can safely freeze it as long as the crust is uncooked. This will allow for the best preservation and taste. Alternatively, you can freeze unformed crust and the filling separately, which is likely the best option when it comes to freezing pot pies.

How to Preserve a KFC Pot Pie

If you find yourself with leftovers or even choose to buy an extra pot pie for the next day, you can safely store it to eat within a few days. Here is how:

  1. Wait for your pot pie to cool down completely.
  2. Cover it with foil or place it inside an air-tight container. You do not have to remove it from its foil pan – we actually recommend that you allow it to stay there.
  3. Place it in the refrigerator. 
  4. For the best taste, eat it within a maximum of 2 days.

Related Questions

We hope that our guide answered most of your doubts when it comes to reheating your KFC pot pie. However, if you still find yourself with lingering questions, we’re here to help.

Can You Reheat a KFC Pot Pie Multiple Times?

In theory, you can. It’s worth noting that each time you reheat it, the taste may be a little less pronounced, and the crust may lose its crispy qualities. If you don’t think you’ll eat an entire portion, it’s better to cut it and scoop out what you want to eat. Scoop with a spatula to minimize the mess.

How to Freeze a KFC Pot Pie?

If you absolutely insist, you can try to freeze your KFC pot pie. We recommend placing it in an air-tight container (like my favorites from Amazon). Only do this once it’s completely cooled down. Ideally, you should still eat your pot pie within a maximum of 1-2 weeks. The cooked crust does not keep as well as uncooked crust does.

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