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How To Open A Pillsbury Can

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Pillsbury baked dough products are a decadent weekend breakfast treat enjoyed in many households over a lazy breakfast or brunch.

Inside that refrigerated can is everything you need to produce fresh and fluffy baked treats in no time at all — just long enough to brew the coffee and set the table!

But is there a knack to opening a Pillsbury can with ease? First, remove the entire outer label, then press a spoon at various locations along the perforated seam. This should cause the can to pop open, but if not, you can grasp either end and give it a gentle twist. Have your baking sheet ready and the oven preheated before you attempt to open the can.

Let’s find out everything you need to know about how to open these cans of sweet, indulgent breakfast snacks!

What Is A Pillsbury Can?

Pillsbury has totally cornered the market when it comes to premade products to bake at home, and they now boast an impressive range of products.

While they now produce some pre-baked items, their forte has long been their much-loved canned dough products.

This is a simple but innovative concept — the dough is premixed in the factory, then tightly sealed in cans. This refrigerated dough will stay fresh for several weeks, ready for you to bake at home at your convenience.

Pillsbury makes several canned dough products, although their most popular is undoubtedly the famous cinnamon rolls. Their canned dough range also includes pizza dough, crescent rolls, corn rolls, and sweet biscuit dough.

Many of us don’t have time to bake at home as much as we would like, and Pillsbury canned dough products give us the option of freshly baked delights from the oven, without the hassle!

Simply take the canned dough from the fridge and open it, pop the dough on a tray in the oven, and enjoy the aroma of freshly baked dough wafting around your home!

Then all you need to do is add any desired toppings, pour the coffee, and enjoy!

Why Are Pillsbury Cans So Difficult to Open?

The reason why Pillsbury cans are so difficult to open is the same reason why the dough turns into such delightfully light and fluffy baked goods.

The team at Pillsbury very cleverly realized that premixed dough could be mixed, packaged, and then allowed to continue the fermentation process inside the can.

This is the same wizardry that makes bread and cakes rise and creates bubbles inside a can of fizzy pop!

Basically, the dough is packaged before it starts to rise.

The sealed cans are then gently warmed, activating the dough and causing lots of tiny bubbles of gas to be produced. These cannot escape from the dough or the can, and a buildup of pressure occurs.

Historically this did lead to many tales of exploding cans of Pillsbury dough, but nowadays the cans are much more tightly sealed.

This means that all that puffy doughy goodness is packed tightly inside the can, just waiting for you to bake it to perfection!

Tips And Tricks For Opening A Pillsbury Can

We’re not going to lie to you here — opening a Pillsbury can is a task that can cause huge frustration!

It comes as no surprise that if you type in “Pillsbury can” into your favorite social media channel, you’ll come across scores of hilarious videos of people trying to fight their way into these tightly sealed cans.

But while these escapades may be very humorous, in reality, it is hugely frustrating when your can of Pillsbury rolls doesn’t just pop open like it is supposed to!

The manufacturer’s instructions for their canned products sound relatively simple:

  • Pillsbury Refrigerated Sweet Biscuits: “Just pop, place, bake, and spread these sweet canned biscuits with icing.”
  • Pillsbury Crescent Rolls: “Unroll dough, separate into eight pieces.”
  • Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls: “Place cinnamon rolls on parchment paper.”
  • Pillsbury Cornbread Swirls: “Just pop, place, and bake.”
  • Pillsbury Pizza Crust: “Unroll dough on cookie sheet.”

Sounds pretty easy, yes? But what they fail to mention is the can is so tightly sealed — with good reason — that it can present a huge challenge just getting it open in the first place!

Luckily, Pillsbury cans have a clever design that makes opening them relatively simple once you’ve got the hang of it.

So, ignore all the stories of people slamming these cans against the counter and sticking knives in them to open them!

Once you understand how these cans are made, you will simply be able to pop them open and place the dough on a baking sheet.

Pillsbury cans consist of a thick cardboard tube, sealed at either end with a metal cap. The cardboard tube is covered in a thin layer of paper, onto which are printed the contents and cooking instructions.

Don’t attempt to try and remove this cap it is it as it is very tightly crimped in place. This keeps the dough secure inside the container, eliminating the problem of exploding cans.

Instead, follow our simple step-by-step guide to opening a Pillsbury can!

Step-By-Step Guide To Opening A Pillsbury Can

Pillsbury rolls and biscuits are supposed to be a treat, so let’s take the stress out of opening these delicious bake-at-home favorites!

Step 1: Preparation

Okay, so we know that you’re fixated on getting that can open, but don’t forget to get your baking tray ready first!

The dough quickly expands when it is released from the can and you will need somewhere to put it. It is also a good idea to preheat your oven at this point too.

Step 2: Remove The Label

At one end of your Pillsbury can is a peelable section of the outer label. Grasp this firmly yet gently, then slowly pull it to remove the label. Ideally, the entire label should come off, but don’t worry if a bit stays in place at one end.

Pro Tip: If you won’t be cooking all your Pillsbury dough straight away, remember to keep the label for future reference!

Step 3: Break The Perforated Seal

Take a look at the cardboard tube and you will find a line running around it in a spiral. This is a perforated seam, and it should be marked with writing indicating to press it with a spoon.

Many people find this next part tricky, but once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll never have a problem opening a Pillsbury can! Take a dessert spoon and hold it with the tip aligned with the perforated seam, and press firmly downwards.

If the can doesn’t pop straight away, move along the seam and try again. Repeat as necessary until the can pops open, releasing the dough.

Remember that the can is under pressure, so steel yourself for the gentle explosion of dough when you break the seal!

Step 4: Remove The Dough From The Cardboard Tube

Once the can has popped open, gently tear along the rest of the seam to fully expose the dough. It is a good idea to do this over or near your baking sheet, as the uncooked dough can be quite difficult to handle.

And that’s it — voila, you have opened your Pillsbury can! All you need to do now is follow the rest of the instructions on the label to create delicious, home-baked goodies for your family to enjoy.

Help, My Pillsbury Can Still Didn’t Open!

Our step-by-step guide is pretty good, but not entirely failsafe. There may be the odd occasion where your Pillsbury can doesn’t pop open, no matter how much you press that spoon along the seam.

So, what next? Don’t panic, we’ve got a great backup plan for you! Just don’t be tempted to cut into the perforated seam with a knife — this rarely works.

Instead, lift the tube and grasp one end in each hand. Twist the tube in the opposite direction of the spiral seam, and it should magically pop open! Carry on twisting and you can spill the contents out onto your baking tray.

Related Questions

Now we’ve got that pesky Pillsbury can open, let’s take a look at some other common questions relating to our favorite premade dough products!

How Long Are Pillsbury Rolls Good For?

An unopened can of Pillsbury rolls can last for up to 5 months in the refrigerator. However, once the can has been opened, the dough will be good for around 4 days — after this, it will start to become dry and crumbly.

Cooked Pillsbury rolls are at their very best when eaten warm from the oven, but they will stay good to eat for 2-3 days if stored in an airtight container.

Can You Freeze Pillsbury Rolls?

Pillsbury rolls can be frozen, but it is preferable to cook the dough first. Uncooked Pillsbury dough may lose some of its light, fluffy texture if frozen, although it will still be edible when cooked.

Cooked Pillsbury rolls can be frozen, and this is a great way to preserve any leftover dough! This means that you can cook a large batch or the entire contents of a tube in one go, and freeze any that are uneaten.

However, cooked Pillsbury rolls don’t have a particularly long storage time in the freezer — it is recommended that you eat them within 30 days. This is because they are highly susceptible to freezer burn and drying out when frozen.

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