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Do Canned Biscuits Go Bad?

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Canned biscuits are a convenient solution for making crispy and light biscuits without added effort. But do canned biscuits last a long time?

Do canned biscuits go bad? Yes. Canned biscuits can go bad if they are not stored properly or if not consumed within the indicated storage period. While you could extend their shelf life by refrigerating or freezing them, it’s best to follow the expiration date and storage instructions on the can for the best experience.

Read below to learn more about canned biscuits, the best way to store them, and some common signs of spoilage. 

What Are Canned Biscuits?

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Canned biscuits are not to be confused with canned food that can last a long time due to brining or other preservation methods! 

When we say canned biscuits, we mean the premade dough variety that is stored in cylindrical and pressurized cans, like this one

Canned biscuits have changed the way we bake and have been a convenient solution for beginners who want to bake 5-8 biscuits without going through the trouble of making the dough. 

Canned biscuits are made using perishable ingredients, which is why they are usually refrigerated at stores. Please keep in mind that unopened or opened canned biscuits can only survive up to 2 hours at room temperature! 

While manufacturers do add preservatives and stabilizers to enhance the shelf life of the biscuits, they are still highly susceptible to bacterial growth

The only factor protecting them from going bad in the can is the airtight casing and the cold temperature they are stored at. 

Remember, bacteria need moisture, air, and warmth to grow, so the best way to inhibit their growth is to store the biscuits in an insulated and pressurized airtight container.

Canned biscuits contain a fair proportion of water, flour, and sugar – three ingredients that are beloved by both humans and bacteria. 

These biscuits are usually pre-cut and greased. So, when you pop open a can, you can just take out the individual raw pieces of dough and bake them as you normally would.

However, the biggest problem with canned biscuits is storing an opened pack of raw biscuit dough. 

Raw Canned Biscuits – Storage Problems

Canned biscuits can easily last up to the expiration date if they are stored properly — but what about an opened pack?

Typically, you can expect a pack of canned biscuits to have up to 8 or more raw dough pieces or biscuits. The problem arises when you don’t want to bake all of the biscuits in one go.

What do you do with the rest? Well, you could refrigerate them, right? Yes and no! 

Refrigeration is a great way to keep the exposed biscuits fresh and safe for up to 3-4 days, but if you truly want to make them last for longer then you would have to use some clever storage techniques. 

First of all, the maximum storage time for exposed biscuits should not exceed more than 1 week, especially if you are using the refrigeration method. 

The reason for this is that not everyone can perfectly shield the biscuits from environmental damage. Accounting for different storage factors like humidity, exposure time, refrigeration efficiency, etc., can be impossible in a home setting. 

Refrigeration Method

Here is how to store opened and raw biscuits in the fridge:

  1. To store an opened can of biscuits in the fridge; first, remove all the biscuits from the can and discard the packaging. Take out a clean and dry Ziploc bag that is large enough to store all the raw leftover biscuits. 
    • You can also use a smaller bag and divide the biscuits into groups for easy storage. 
  2. Lay the zip lock bag flat on a baking tray and carefully place the leftover biscuits inside the bag. Make sure that you give each of them space. Do not overcrowd the bag and do not store them side by side! 
  3. Press the edges of the bag to release excess air and then seal the biscuits.
  4. Keep the tray with the bagged biscuits in the fridge at 40°F. Please use them within 3-4 days for the best experience! 

Freezer Method

The freezer method is by far the best way to store an opened or even unopened can of biscuits. Just make sure that the can is suitable for the freezer

Please check the back of the packaging for storage indications — most cans are not built to withstand freezing temperatures, which could compromise the quality of the biscuits when they thaw.

If the can doesn’t have a freezer-safe label or if the instructions don’t show how to store it in the freezer, then you might have to settle for the refrigeration method, especially for unopened cans. 

But if the can is suitable for freezing or if you have an opened can, then you may proceed with the freezing method!

The freezing method is ideal because it is the best way to preserve the biscuits for longer. Typically, you can expect a storage time of up to 1-2 months past the expiration date! 

But for safety purposes, we highly recommend that you consume the biscuits before the expiration date, regardless of the storage method.

Freezing the raw dough will draw out excess moisture from the dough and will even help you maintain the freshness of the biscuits too. 

Here is how to store opened and raw biscuits in the freezer (Note: We will use the double-freezing method for the raw biscuits to save space and maximize their shelf life):

  1. Lay out a large zip lock bag on a baking tray and put all the biscuits in the bag — just as you would if you were to bake them. 
  2. Put the tray with the biscuits in the freezer. Make sure that your freezer has enough room for the tray. You wouldn’t want the biscuits to move around or bump into each other when they freeze!
  3. Store the biscuits overnight at 0°F. 
  4. Take out the tray from the freezer and lift the bag. By now, you will have rock-solid pieces of dough that are individually frozen. Stack the biscuits over each other to save space! 
    • For this step, you will need to work quickly to minimize the defrosting time!
    • Ideally, you would want to do this without touching the biscuits. Just use the outside of the bag to guide the biscuits over each other. 
  5. Immediately store the biscuits back in the freezer and continue freezing them at 0°F until the expiration date — or 1-2 months after opening the can.

This method works best with no-frost freezers because they minimize the chances of freezer burn and will also keep the biscuits from getting overly moist. 

To thaw the biscuits, simply move them into the fridge compartment and defrost overnight. Do not refreeze thawed biscuits. Once you have thawed them, it’s best to consume them the same day! 

Canned Biscuit Storage Comparison Chart

Here is a summarized view of the storage time for canned biscuits:

Unopened CylinderOpened Cylinder
Room Temperature (68°F – 72°F)Store within 2 hoursStore within 2 hours
Refrigeration (40°F)Until the expiration date5 days or 1 week
Freezer (0°F)Until the expiration date (+1 month)2-3 months – or until the expiration date

Signs Of Spoilage 

Now, no one wants to eat a bad biscuit, or a bad anything — it’s definitely a “do not want” activity.

In order to preserve your peace of mind (and mouth), here are a few common signs of spoilage to look out for.

Black Spots Or Growths

Inspect all stored raw biscuits before you bake them! 

Check every side of the dough for black or green spots. These spots would either indicate mold or bacterial growth. If you notice any discoloration or dark patches around the dough then you would have to discard all of the biscuits! 

Crumbly Texture

If the stored raw biscuits have a crumbly texture, then this might indicate spoilage. Fresh, raw dough should be supple and very soft to the touch.

If you notice a substantial difference in the texture then it would probably be best if you discard all of them. 

Slimy Or Watery Layer 

Touch around the surface of the raw biscuit dough for slime, excess grease, or a watery layer. If you notice excess moisture along with an odor then this would indicate that the dough has gone bad. 

Please note that you could either notice some or all of these signs. But each one of them is serious enough to warrant a complete removal of the raw dough.

Related Questions 

Canned biscuits are easy to store if you know the right method! Now that you know how to properly store them and how to know if they’ve gone bad, here are some related questions.

Can baked canned biscuits be stored in the fridge or freezer?

Yes. Baked canned biscuits will require the same storage protocol as their raw counterpart. However, the storage time for these biscuits will vary greatly. 

Refrigerated baked biscuits will only last 2-3 days until they start to go bad and/or lose their texture.

Frozen baked biscuits may last up to 1-2 months but it would be best if you consumed them within the first month for the best texture and flavor. 

Can you bake frozen canned biscuits? 

The best way to get the most out of the baking time and quality of raw canned dough is to wait for it to thaw in the fridge. 

If you don’t have the time, then you could directly bake the frozen canned dough in the oven — but you will have to adjust the cooking time and technique accordingly!

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