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The 5 Best Herb Freezing Trays Of 2023

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Freezing herbs is the best way to preserve them for use later on. You might have bought a huge bunch of rosemary from the grocery store, or have an abundance of thyme growing in your garden, and you do not need to let these herbs go to waste.

Spring is the best time to start preserving herbs, as they are usually cheap and easy to come by, and grow really well during this period.

Herb trays are the best tool to use to preserve herbs until you are ready to use them, so which are the best herb trays to use? The best herb trays are those that are dishwasher safe, made from silicone, and are stackable so you can make a variety of herb ice cubes.

Of course, these aren’t requirements, but that is what separates the best herb trays from the bunch. Keep reading to see our picks for the 5 best herb freezing trays.

The 5 Best Herb Freezing Trays

To ensure that your herbs are kept protected and preserved when frozen, you should look to buy one of the below herb freezing trays, which are some of the best around:

1. Chef ‘n SpiceCube Herb Freezer Tray

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This ice cube was created specifically for the purpose of protecting herbs and freezing them safely. The herb keeper will preserve herbs properly, keeping them fresh while frozen.

Each tray can be filled with fresh herbs, and the lid needs to be pressed down to seal the container, to make it airtight and moisture-free to stay protected in the freezer.

To make using the herbs easier, each lid can be removed separately, so you can either remove the herbs in one cup or add in more herbs to another cup.

The herb freezing tray is dishwasher safe and can be cleaned easily by running under cool water. Being airtight, there is no chance that moisture or bacteria can enter into the containers and contaminate the herbs.

The herbs will be kept fresh for a longer period and can be used in soups, stews, sauces and much more all year round, so you don’t have to worry about seasonal availability.

2. LEVO Herb Block Silicone Storage Tray

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The Levo Silicone Herb Block Trays are the best solution to storing herbs, herb oil, and butter infusions.

Use the tray to increase the shelf life of herbs and infusions, and protect against spillage by including a secure lid in the design.

The lid also helps to keep out any other odors from the fridge or freezer, protecting the taste and texture of the herbs it holds.

Each cube holds a single serving, and each cube can be pressed out individually to have quick and easy access to one serving of herbs.

To help track the freezer life of your herbs, the lid is dry-erase safe, so you can easily write down the date of freezing, and wash it off when you are putting in a new batch of herbs.

With 10 individual cubes, there is more than enough space available for a good amount of herbs to be frozen safely.

3. Korlon 3 Pack Silicone Ice Trays With Lids

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The Korlon silicone ice trays are made from premium food-grade silicone that will not deteriorate or crack in the freezer.

There are 21 ice cubes in each tray, and each can be separated individually for easy removal.

The silicone molds are separated by PP lids, which means you can stack the three ice cubes on top of each other in the freezer for easy and convenient space-saving storage.

Not only are the Korlon silicone trays good for freezing herbs, but they can be used for baby food, cocktails, and normal ice.

The silicone material and the lids keep the fresh herbs protected in the trays and will not allow any additional moisture or air to come into contact with the herbs, as well as protecting the herbs from any outside odor contamination from other foods in the freezer.

You can place stickers or use removable markers to indicate the date the herbs were frozen on the lid, which helps you track when you should use them by.

4. Food Grade Flexible Silicone Molds With Lids

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These ice cube trays are made from safe silicone and PP materials and are 100% BPA free.

They are non-toxic, safe to use and environmentally friendly, everything you would want to store your herbs in.

Each ice tray has 21 cubes, and are the perfect size for smaller portioning of herbs. The bottom of the ice trays is created with soft silicone material which is durable and flexible.

To remove the herbs from the trays, you will only need to gently push from the bottom and the herbs will pop out.

The easy to remove cover isolates the herbs from spillage, odors, and moisture, keeping them as pristine and fresh as possible while in the freezer. The ice trays can be stacked one on top of the other in the freezer and will not stick to each other.

Being 100% dishwasher safe, they are easy and hassle-free to clean. They will be a great addition to your herb-freezing collection.

5. Wetong 2 Pack Silicone Ice Trays

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These uniquely shaped silicone ice trays to store herbs are great for freezing more portions than normal. Both the ice cubes and the lids are made from food-grade silicone and are 100% BPA free.

The covered ice trays are softer silicone, which allows for the herbs to be released easily when pushed up from the bottom. The stackable trays can fit into all sizes of freezers and fridges.

The removable cover stops the herbs or other contents from absorbing other odors in the freezer and prevents extra moisture from contaminating the integrity of the herbs.

With a smooth silicone surface, the silicone trays and lids can be easily cleaned and can be washed in the dishwasher.

To freeze lots of smaller portions of herbs, this is a great buy.

How To Freeze Herbs In Freezer Trays

Having herb freezer trays to use is the first part, the next is knowing how to properly prepare and store your herbs in these trays.

In a few simple steps, your herbs will be ready to be frozen and used again at a later stage.

  1. Grab your herbs and rinse them thoroughly. Make sure to remove all dirt from the stems and leaves, and look in any hidden areas for small insects and dirt. It is a good idea to double wash the herbs to ensure they are perfectly cleaned.
  2. Place the washed herbs on a single layer of kitchen towel, and gently move the towel around to absorb any excess water. Unroll the towel and leave the herbs to air dry for 20 minutes.
  3. Using the tool of your choice, strip the herbs down. This involves removing the leaves of the herbs from the stems. There are some herb stripping tools you can purchase which makes the process much easier.
  4. You can then chop up any bigger herbs to make them small enough to fit into the herb freezer trays.
  5. You can either mix your herbs with butter, oil or freeze them alone in water.
  6. Place the herbs into the individual trays, making sure to leave enough space for the lid to fit on securely when it is time to freeze.
  7. Try to label the herb tray with the dates of freezing, so you know when you need to use the herbs by to ensure they are fresh as possible when you use them.

Related Questions

Is it better to freeze herbs in oil or water?

While you can freeze herbs in either water or oil, oil is definitely the better option. The oil will help to preserve the taste and flavor of the herbs as they freeze, and the frozen oil will melt quicker than what frozen water does.

Use neutral-tasting olive oil or vegetable oil to freeze the herbs in, to ensure that the herbs do not absorb any unnatural flavors from the oil. 2 tablespoons of oil should be enough to freeze a few cubes of herbs.

Can you freeze herbs that have been dried?

It is not a good idea to freeze already dried herbs, especially if you plan on using them often. Regular freezing and opening and closing of the freezer door could cause condensation, which could ruin the structure of the dried herbs and can lead to a loss of flavor.

Fresh herbs freeze much better than dried herbs. There is also no need to freeze dried herbs if you will use them within a few months, as they have a much longer shelf life than that of fresh herbs.

Herb Freezing Trays

It would be such a waste to let fresh herbs from your garden or the grocery store go to waste, and you never know when you might need some thyme or rosemary to boost a meal.

Storing the herbs in a freezer tray can help preserve them for much longer, and it is really handy to store some herbs in the freezer for when you might need them for a meal.

There is some great herb freezing trays to choose from that will keep the herbs protected and safe in the freezer, and which are made with food-safe materials, that make them great to use for the whole family.

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