The 3 Best Baobab Powders Of 2023

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Supplementing your diet with superfood powders is a great way to easily get more nutrition into your life. While there are some fancy “everything and the kitchen sink” powders out there, it’s also important to consider products that have a single, very powerful ingredient, such as baobab.

Reading nutritional labels has become something of an advanced skill, so seeing a single item on the list can be a relief. Especially if that single item happens to boast nutritional value that can match some of the most complicated supplements on the market. Baobab is simple, yet effective. 

So what are the best 3 baobab powders? Our favorite product comes from the socially conscious company Terrasoul, but we’ve done some extra research to present you with the 3 best baobab powders on the market, and plenty of information to convince you to try some for yourself immediately.

What is Baobab?

As far as fruits go, the baobab is truly original and very interesting. It is the world’s only [known] fruit to self-dry naturally, on the tree. The tree is native to Africa and certain parts of Australia and can grow to nearly 100 feet tall.

Growing in areas that have frequent or seasonal droughts and high temperatures, the trees store water in their trunks, like camels store water in their humps. This allows them to live hundreds of years, despite climate uncertainty. 

The fruits will ripen like a normal fruit and can be picked and eaten as such. They’re large and have a citrusy flavor.

If they’re not picked, however, instead of naturally dropping off the tree and spoiling, the fruits will stay on the tree for up to 6 months just bake in the sun.

The outer skin will turn into a shell similar to a coconut and the inner fruit will be completely dry, eliminating the need for freeze-drying, dehydrating or baking in any way.

In most parts of the world where Baobab trees do not grow, it’s most commonly available in powder form (similar to maca powder).

How much baobab powder a day: the serving size for baobab powder will vary based on the manufacturer. Of our top 3 choices, the recommended daily serving ranges from 2 g to 12g, so it’s best to read the directions of the powder of your choice and always err on the side of conservative if you have a sensitive stomach.

Health Benefits of Baobab

Baobab is primarily known for its high volume of vitamins C and B6, as well as the minerals iron, potassium, calcium and niacin.

There’s also a healthy supply of fiber, even in the powdered form. As with most fruits, baobab is also an impressive provider of antioxidants, which are known to be incredibly important to preventative health and fast healing.

Baobab has been used in ancient healing traditions since the dawn of time. Natural remedies for protecting and healing from viral infections are particularly popular in African cultures, and baobab has been used to treat malaria, tuberculosis, dysentery and just about any cause for fever or digestive distress. 

Baobab as a Prebiotic

Most people these days have heard of the benefits of probiotics for good gut health, but prebiotics are just as important and not nearly as well marketed.

Probiotics are the good, healthy bacteria that live inside your gut and help digest your food and keep you clean and healthy. Prebiotics are what these bacteria love to eat. 

Prebiotics are indigestible fiber that ferments in your intestine and colon and feeds your probiotic bacterial colonies. Baobab fruit powder is almost 50% fiber and a fantastic source of healthy prebiotics. 

Baobab for Skin and Hair

Baobab is also sometimes found as an oil, mainly because the vitamin C and antioxidants make it highly beneficial for your skin and hair health. When used topically, it can help reduce the effects of the sun and pollution on your skin and offer premium protection and repair, reducing visible signs of aging.

How to Use Baobab Powder

You can simply add baobab powder to your daily green juice or smoothie, but it actually tastes quite nice on its own, so adding it to a glass of cold plain, carbonated or coconut water is just as refreshing.

It also tastes delicious as a tea, but it’s always best to protect the nutrition as much as possible by not adding it to boiling water. A spritz of lemon and a drizzle of honey goes very well with baobab powder. 

You can add the powder to treats like fruit salad or ice cream, or even add it to your baked goods recipes. Blend it with some cream cheese or cottage cheese for a refreshing zest to your morning bagel.

The citrus-like flavor is highly versatile, and you can add it to savory recipes as well. Try some in your salad dressings, marinades or pasta sauces. Just try to subject it to as little heat as possible, so add it at the end of your cooking process.

The 3 Best Baobab Powders

Sometimes a product just needs to get the job done, but if you’re going to be searching for a health supplement to keep you alive and well for as long as humanly possible, you want to be sure you find a product that is of the best quality with few down-sides.

These are the 3 best baobab powders currently on the market.

1. Terrasoul Superfoods Organic Baobab Fruit Powder

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Terrasoul is always one of our favorite brands to recommend because they truly care not just for their customers, but for the entire manufacturing process.

They work closely with their suppliers to ensure all the best practices are followed, keeping the people and environment that support the ingredients as happy and healthy as the customers who buy their products. 

Key features:

  • The ripe fruit is harvested and the pulp is dehydrated at a very low temperature, maintaining as much nutrient density as possible
  • Certified organic, non-GMO, gluten-free and even raw

Biggest drawbacks: The powder doesn’t dissolve perfectly in liquids, so you’ll have to be careful about adding it to water or juice if you’re squeamish about texture, or you can use it in many other recipes that don’t require a perfect dissolution.

2. Limitless Baobab Fruit Powder

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Buying products to make you healthy is the primary concern here, but this company has a social conscious as well, which is an added bonus for your shopping habits.

For every bottle of baobab powder they sell, they provide 8 meals to people or families in need. Health for everyone!

Key features:

  • Mixes well with liquids, despite the high fiber content, it won’t turn into a paste
  • Product is ethically and sustainably sourced from organic trees in Africa, and allowed to naturally dry so no added heat or freezing is required

Biggest drawbacks: The suggested use seems a bit contradictory at first, having 2 different serving sizes for use in water vs a smoothie, but since there’s no real risk of overdose, you could simply have 2 glasses of baobab infused water over your day to get the same amount of nutrition as you would in a single smoothie, but without as much risk of thickening up your water.

3. Amina Baobab – Superfruit Powder

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While the company doesn’t have as many feel-good vibes surrounding the marketing as the previous two products, the packaging does a great job at helping to educate customers about the fruit itself, the nutritional benefits and even interesting and unique ways to incorporate the powder into your everyday life.

Key features:

  • Tastes great in warm drinks and dessert bars, this powder is as versatile as it is healthy
  • Includes a yummy baobab juice recipe right on the package, as well as multiple suggestions for how to use the product in a variety of interesting and tasty ways

Biggest drawbacks: It’s not certified organic or notably sustainably sourced, which is a bit of a let-down after the positive stories of the previous two products. 

Related Questions

Is baobab good for weight loss?

Baobab is a great source of fiber, which is a dieter’s best friend. It can help move waste out of your body effectively and also help you feel more satiated and full for a longer period of time.

By incorporating a low-calorie supplement like baobab powder into a well-balanced diet, you may find yourself naturally less hungry, even if you’re restricting calories responsibly.

Is baobab good for diabetics?

Again, as a rich source of fiber, baobab powder can help regulate blood glucose levels, which is great news for diabetics.

It also has a nice profile of polyphenols that will help to balance your uptake of sugar, adding to the benefits for diabetics, but certainly not providing an alternative to a well-balanced diet, exercise plan, and medication when required. 

Does baobab oil lighten skin?

Baobab oil has been shown to improve skin health in many ways, including evening out skin tone. It can help reduce signs of aging, such as wrinkles and chronic bruising, and, together, all the benefits might lighten the appearance of damaged skin, but it won’t affect a person’s natural skin tone. 

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