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Can You Freeze Papa Murphy’s Pizza?

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There’s something so convenient about a take-and-bake pizza like Papa Murphy’s. They’re perfect for those busy nights when you want something warm and comforting, without a lot of effort or ridiculous delivery fees! 

But what happens if you pick up a pizza to bring home for dinner and someone else already has it on the table? Or what if you decide to pick up a few Papa Murphy’s pizzas to have on hand for when life gets busy?

How long do they last in the fridge? Can you freeze them for later?

So, can you freeze Papa Murphy’s pizza? While the company doesn’t officially recommend freezing their pizzas, if you want to do so, make sure you double wrap them to keep them as fresh as possible. You’ll also want to let them thaw in the fridge overnight before cooking.

Read on to discover whether you can freeze a whole uncooked Papa Murphy’s pizza, whether you can freeze your leftovers, and the best way to do so for freshest results. 

How Long Does Papa Murphy’s Pizza Last In The Fridge? 

If you decide to bring home a Papa Murphy’s pizza it’s worth knowing that they recommend you bake your pizza within 24 hours of purchase.

You don’t want to push it much past the 24-hour mark since the dough and toppings can start to spoil

Say you pick up several pizzas so you have some food on hand for busy days. You have a couple of options to keep your pizzas fresh and ready to eat.

First, you could cook all the pizzas and then freeze the cooked slices separately for a quick grab-and-go snack. 

The other option you have is to freeze some or all of your Papa Murphy’s pizza before you cook it. This method is a little more labor-intensive, but I’ve provided all the details below. 

Can You Freeze A Whole Uncooked Papa Murphy’s Pizza? 

If you have an extra Papa Murphy’s pizza or two kicking around and you know you won’t be able to bake or eat them within 24 hours of buying them, then you might be wondering whether you can freeze them whole.

While Papa Murphy’s doesn’t officially recommend freezing, you can do it in a pinch.

You want to make sure that your pizza is completely wrapped up tightly in plastic wrap to prevent freezer burn.

Papa Murphy’s suggests double wrapping your pizza for the best and freshest results. You’ll also want to eat your pizza within 2-3 months so that it doesn’t get freezer burn

How To Freeze A Whole Uncooked Papa Murphy’s Pizza

If you decided to stock up on Papa Murphy’s pizza, then you’ll want to freeze your extras since they recommend baking them within 24 hours of purchasing. To properly freeze your whole Papa Murphy’s pizza, follow these instructions. 

  1. Place a length of plastic wrap on your kitchen counter. 
  2. Put the Papa Murphy’s pizza in the middle of the plastic wrap. 
  3. Wrap the plastic around the entire pizza then rip it off and seal it up. 
  4. Rip off another length of plastic wrap and place the already wrapped Papa Murphy’s pizza in the middle. 
  5. Wrap the plastic wrap around the pizza, covering any spaces that may have been missed on your first wrapping. 
  6. Pull the wrap tight and make sure no part of the pizza is exposed to air. If any pizza is exposed you run the risk of developing freezer burn.
  7. Find a permanent marker and write the date and type of pizza on a piece of masking tape. Stick it to the plastic wrap so you know when you froze it, how long it’s good for, and what type of pizza it is. 
  8. Place your pizza in the freezer and use it within 2-3 months for the best results. 
  9. To thaw your pizza, place it in the refrigerator overnight then allow it to sit on the counter for one hour before baking as directed. 

As you can see, it’s relatively quick and easy to prepare your Papa Murphy’s pizza for the freezer. Just make sure you double wrap it in plastic to keep it fresh and cook it up within 2-3 months so it doesn’t get freezer burn. 

Can You Freeze Part Of An Uncooked Papa Murphy’s Pizza? 

Another option you have if you don’t want to cook your whole Papa Murphy’s pizza is that you can freeze part of the uncooked pizza for later.

While this isn’t an official recommendation and it likely won’t taste exactly the same as it would if you cooked it fresh, it’s a good way to keep it from going to waste.

Just like freezing a whole Papa Murphy’s pizza, you’ll want to make sure you double wrap all the slices to keep them from developing freezer burn.

And you’ll want to eat the pizza within 2-3 months for the best taste. After that, it may dry out and just not taste as great.

To thaw your pizza, you can place it in the fridge overnight before baking it. You’ll then want to let the pizza sit on the counter at room temperature for an hour before placing it in the oven. 

How To Freeze A Part Of An Uncooked Papa Murphy’s Pizza

While I don’t fully recommend this method of storing your Papa Murphy’s pizza, it can be done if you’re unable to cook your pizza and freeze the leftovers appropriately (see below for those instructions).

To freeze part of an uncooked Papa Murphy’s pizza, follow these steps:

  1. Spread some plastic wrap onto your countertop. 
  2. Place the pizza pan/slices in the middle of the plastic wrap. 
  3. Fold the edges of the plastic wrap over the top of the pizza and pull them tight. 
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 to make a second layer of plastic wrap around the pizza. You want to make sure none of the crust or toppings are exposed to the air since this can cause freezer burn. 
  5. With a permanent marker, write the date, contents, and type of pizza on a piece of masking tape and stick it to the pizza.
  6. Place the pizza in your freezer and consume it within 2-3 months. 

To thaw your pizza let it sit in the fridge overnight. Before baking, place it on the counter for 1 hour and then cook as directed

Can You Freeze Leftover Papa Murphy’s Pizza? 

One of my favorite ways to store leftover Papa Murphy’s pizza is to bake it and then freeze it. This method is super handy because you can portion your pizza out into slices so you only need to thaw as many as you can eat in one sitting. 

For the best results, I would recommend baking and then freezing leftovers instead of freezing an unbaked pizza.

Since Papa Murphy’s pizzas aren’t designed for the freezer, the crust and other ingredients just might not hold up as well if you put it in there unbaked. 

However, if you want to purchase a couple of pizzas and cook them up, you can keep leftovers in the fridge for 3-4 days and then any remaining can be frozen and stored for 2-3 months.

It’s super easy to do and it won’t take as long to thaw and enjoy. 

Follow the instructions below to properly freeze your leftover Papa Murphy’s Pizza. 

How To Freeze Leftover Papa Murphy’s Pizza

Once you’ve eaten your fill, separate out any amount you can reasonably eat in the next 3-4 days and place it in the fridge in an airtight container. The rest of the pizza can be frozen using the method below. 

  1. Let your pizza cool fully. You may even want to refrigerate it overnight before freezing. 
  2. Once your pizza is cool, separate it into one or two slice servings.
  3. Individually wrap each slice in plastic wrap. Make sure that no pizza is left exposed to air. 
  4. Place 1-2 slices into a medium-sized freezer bag. Gently press out all the air and then seal the bag. 
  5. Write the date, contents, and type of pizza on the outside of the bag or on a piece of masking tape. 
  6. Place the pizza slices in the freezer and consume them within 2-3 months for best results. 

To thaw your pizza, you can set it on the counter at room temperature for 1 hour and then reheat it in the microwave or oven. 

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