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Can You Freeze French Onion Dip (And How to Thaw It)

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French onion dip is so delicious. You can use it with chips, crackers, vegetables, and so many more things. French onion dip is a fairly versatile dish that can be used just as a dip with your side of choosing or as a topping for certain dishes as well. 

Can you freeze French onion dip? Will it thaw and be any good? The answer to this question is very simple. Yes, you can freeze the dip. There are some tips for freezing it properly and there are some things to be aware of. 

We don’t want you to have to worry about the details, searching for answers or simply experiencing trial and error solutions. We’ve put together this guide that we believe will be a helpful source to guide you through freezing French onion dip. 

Enjoy your French onion dip fresh and then freeze any remaining dip and save it for a later date. This will be a great solution when you need a snack for an event or entertaining guests. 

Keep reading to get all of our need-to-know information and be on your way to freezing your French onion dip. 

Freezing Yummy French Onion Dip

Freezing items is no laughing matter. Sometimes freezing items can be a complicated process. Rest assured that freezing French onion dip is relatively simple. There are some minor things to be aware of, and there is also a thawing process involved. 

Dip can be a touchy item. You will want to make sure you pay careful attention and follow the steps we provide. This is an item that you cannot take directly from the freezer to serving. 

However, it can thaw in the refrigerator and does not necessarily have to thaw for an extremely long time. A few hours are typically sufficient for thawing time. 

This dip is such a universal piece. It is great for so many things. The dip is always functional for parties or entertaining or if you just want to snack on a simple treat and munch to your heart’s content. 

Here are some great options for using your French Onion dip. Don’t toss out the leftovers, you can absolutely put them to use! No waste needed in this scenario. 

  • Creamy French Onion chicken
  • Pork chops and gravy
  • Use as a dip for any side dish
  • Use as a sour cream replacement on your Mexican food or nachos
  • Add to mashed potatoes for great flavor
  • Use as a sauce on your sandwiches or burgers

As you can see, French onion dip is not limited to being used only as a dip. So the next time you’re thinking you won’t want French onion dip for a while reconsider before you throw it away. 

Let’s talk about some of the pros and cons of freezing French onion dip. 

The Pros of Freezing French Onion Dip

  • A great way to avoid waste
  • Using the French Onion dip is quite versatile
  • Thaws quickly with great flavor maintained
  • Enjoy various dishes aside from just using as a dip
  • Switch things up a bit and try something new
  • Easy to freeze and thaw, remembering the special tips

The Cons of Freezing French Onion Dip

  • Sour cream base can lead to a change in consistency (not to worry, this is fixable)
  • Requires thawing time
  • Requires some methodical work when freezing, but nothing too complicated
  • Even with freezing, it can only be kept about 3 months
  • You cannot just grab and go, takes some thawing and a little TLC

Don’t be scared off by the list of pros and cons. These are intended to just provide you with basic information so you can set your expectations for the overall process of freezing and then thawing and serving your French onion dip. 

The steps we provide are very simple, we just want to make sure you aware that you can’t just set it aside and forget about it. There are just a couple of tweaks needed when you are ready to freeze and when you are ready to serve your French onion dip to make sure it is still perfect and delicious. 

The Guide to Freezing French Onion Dip

You’ve enjoyed your delicious French onion dip but you have quite a bit leftover. You certainly don’t want to waste all that creamy goodness. You are sure that you will use it again within a month or two. What do you do next?

You turn to your freezer to help you store and save that French onion dip for the next time you need or want it. This is where it really gets fun. You know as you prepare your French onion dip for the freezer you will get to enjoy it again and that’s a great feeling! 

It’s always nice to have alternative methods so that you don’t have to worry about wasting leftovers or tossing out things that could be useful at a later date. We’ve discussed basic expectations as well as pros and cons so let’s talk about the processes. 

Freezing French Onion Dip

As we previously mentioned, it’s really not very difficult to freeze French onion dip. There are just some housekeeping tips to make yourself aware of so you can ensure that your dip is stored properly. 

Trust us, your taste buds will thank us when you pull that dip out of the freezer to use again at a later date. French onion dip can be stored in the fridge for up to 7 days. 

  1. To freeze your French onion dip use an airtight plastic container or a heavy-duty freezer bag. 
  2. Spoon your dip into the bag or dish, making sure to leave about an inch of open space at the top. This provides room for expansion during freezing. 
  3. If you are using a freezer bag, remove excess air to the best of your ability. 
  4. Seal the bag or the dish as tightly as possible. 
  5. Label your dip including the date that you are placing into the freezer. This allows you to know when it’s time to toss it out if unused. 
  6. Place into the freezer. 
  7. Dip can be frozen up to 3 months. 

Thawing & Serving Frozen French Onion Dip

Thawing and serving your French onion dip is also relatively simple. As with the freezer steps, there are some slight items to pay attention to in order to ensure your dip is delicious and creamy when you use it or serve it. 

french onion dip
  1. Pull from the freezer at least 4 hours prior to its needed time. You can pull it out the night before and allow it to thaw overnight. 
  2. Let the drip thaw in the refrigerator for 4 hours or more. 
  3. You may notice that the dip seems separated or has an unpleasant consistency. 
  4. In order to restore the dip, use a whisk to whip it. As you whip the dip, it will return to the creamy consistency you know and love. 
  5. Your dip is ready to use or serve. 

As you can see, this is a simple process. However, you must be aware that your dip’s consistency will change when it thaws from freezing. Don’t throw it out thinking that means it has gone bad. This is where it just needs a special touch to whip it back into shape. 

French onion dip is a classic option for many things. We enjoy providing you with ways to preserve the dip so that you can simply go through the motions to save it and enjoy it again later. Every little bit of saved leftovers that can be reused means a little less waste in the world. 

With these steps, you are sure to enjoy delicious and creamy French onion dip after it has been frozen and you will be quite satisfied. 

Related Questions

We hope you have found this guide to be both informative and helpful as you work through the process of freezing your French onion dip. It’s so nice to have freezer options to eliminate waste. 

We invite you to review the question and answer section we have provided below in an effort to offer additional information you might find useful. 

What Kind of Ingredients are in French Onion Dip?

French onion dip can be made in a variety of ways. Most commonly, the recipes include sour cream, mayonnaise, garlic, pepper, salt, and possibly chives or a French onion soup mix. You may find recipes that offer alternatives as well as additional ingredients. You can adjust the recipe to your tastes. 

What Makes the Dip a French Onion Dip?

French onion dip and onion dip are very similar items. The name for French onion dip came from the fact that it commonly includes French Onion soup as part of the seasoning for the dip. 

French onion soup is made with caramelized onions and beef stock. Essentially, it’s the overall flavor and seasoning of the dip that gives it the name French Onion Dip. 


  1. Thanks..I use French onion dip over cubed pork, topped with shredded cheddar and French fries onions…can I freeze this without the French fries onions to pop into oven for dinner?

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