9 Best Energy Efficient Kettles Of 2023

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If you are looking to cut down on energy costs, and choose more eco-friendly appliances to use at home, you might be considering buying an energy-efficient kettle.

For many of us, a kettle is an essential appliance at home, to help make that very important cup of coffee in the morning or that relaxing mug of tea in the afternoon.

However, you do not have to rack up huge energy bills each month just to enjoy a hot beverage. Instead, you should change to energy-efficient kettles.

Which are the best energy-efficient kettles? The best energy-efficient kettle will be one that uses less energy to boil water, generally electric kettles. Temperature control and quietness are two popular features that are good to look for in a kettle.

To choose the best energy-efficient kettle for your home, keep reading to find our buyer’s guide and the best energy-efficient kettles on the market!

Buyer’s Guide – Energy Efficient Kettles

Read through the below buyer’s guide to find out which considerations to keep in mind when choosing the best energy-efficient kettle for your kitchen.

The Most Energy Efficient Kettle

Electric glass kettles are considered to be the most energy-efficient kettles around. This is due to their higher temperature control, so less energy is spent trying to regulate temperature. 

Many people are choosing to go for glass kettles over plastic or metal for this reason, and for the fact that they do not rust, or leach metals and chemicals into the water when boiling.

Energy Efficient Kettle Functions

You need to decide what kettle functions you want to use at home. Most modern kettles come with one or two special functions, so knowing which you will use most will help you choose a kettle that is best for you, and which helps conserve energy.

Temperature Control

One feature to consider is temperature control. Temperature control features allow you to decide how hot you want your water.

This means you do not have to have your water boiling each time if you only want it to be slightly hot or somewhere in between.


To save energy having to boil the kettle a second time in a short period, a keep-warm function will keep the water leftover after a boil warm.

So if you have boiled more than you need, or anticipate making another cup of coffee soon, this function keeps water hot without needing to be re-boiled.


A quick-boil function helps to boil water quicker than normal, which could help to save energy over a longer period.

One-Cup Function

With markings on the side of the kettle, some kettles allow you to boil as much water as you need, even if it is one cup so that you do not waste energy boiling more water than you need.

Only boiling what you need reduces wasted energy over time.

Safety Features

As kettles deal with boiling water, you need to ensure that the kettle has some safety features. Some safety features also double up as energy-saving features too.

One safety feature to look for is auto shut-off. Auto shut-off means that the kettle will switch off once the water is boiling. If this is not a feature, the kettle will continue to boil and use more energy.

Another feature is a slow-release lid. A slow-release lid stops water from splashing onto your hands, which could cause serious burns.

An additional safety feature is boil-dry protection. This prevents the kettle from boiling if there is no water in the kettle.

Filter Systems

Limescale build-up is such a pain to deal with when using electric kettles. A build-up of limescale can also lead to more energy use. To prevent this as much as possible, you should look for a kettle that has a built-in filter.

These built-in filters keep your kettle clean and allows your kettle to be energy efficient too.

Cordless Kettle

Cordless kettles are so much easier to use, and you are able to clean cordless kettles much simpler. Look for kettles with a hidden element as well, to make cleaning that much easier too!

9 Best Energy Efficient Kettles

Now that you know what to look for in a good energy-efficient kettle, and the features that make a kettle energy efficient, take a look at our list below of the best energy-efficient kettles!

RankProductBest Feature
1.Mueller Ultra KettleHigh quality heat-resistant materials
2.Miroco Electric KettleGreat temperature retention
3.Cuisinart PerfecTemp Stainless Steel Cordless KettleRemovable and washable filter
4.Brightown Electric KettleWarm water for 2 hours
5.Russel Hobbs Glass Electric KettleDrip-free pouring
6.Miroco Double Wall Electric KettleExtra-safe double-wall design
7.Miosal 1.7L Stainless Steel Electric Kettle360-degree rotary base
8.Comfee Double Wall Electric KettleIncredibly quiet while boiling
9.Mihotec Electric KettlePowerful, yet energy-saving

1. Mueller Ultra Kettle

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The Meuller Ultra Kettle is a fast boiling kettle that has your water heated in next to no time, reducing energy used. 

The kettle is made with the best quality borosilicate glass, which is long-lasting and ultra-heat resistant.

With ultimate temperature regulation and insulation, the kettle helps to cut a significant amount of energy used in the kitchen.

Made with the best safety features, the kettle has an auto shut-off feature, and a boil-dry safety function. The lid of the kettle is solid and reliable and stays shut when it is supposed to, so you avoid any nasty accidents in the kitchen.

The cordless kettle can be filled, poured, and cleaned easily, and you can enjoy watching the bright LED lights as the kettle boils quickly.

Due to the high-quality materials used, such as the borosilicate glass, 304 stainless steel, and heat-resistant co-polyester, you get the freshest tasting water after each boil.

2. Miroco Electric Kettle

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The Miroco Electric Kettle gives you the power to choose what temperature you want your water heated up to.

There are 6 preset temperatures on the kettle, or you could choose to leave the water to boil.

With great temperature retention, water will keep warm for up to 30 minutes once heated, which saves you having to heat the water again, and use more energy.

The quick-boiling of the kettle saves energy, and with the boil-dry feature and auto shut-off, you can be confident that it is a safe kettle to use in your kitchen.

The cordless kettle has a touch panel integrated into the handle, which is thermally integrated. Using this touch panel, you can easily control the features and temperature of the kettle for optimal energy-saving.

3. Cuisinart PerfecTemp Stainless Steel Cordless Kettle

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This 1500-Watt stainless steel kettle from Cuisinart has a 3-liter capacity, but you can boil as much, or as little, water as you want at a time to save energy.

The kettle has 6 preset heat settings which allow you to choose the temperature you want the water to be heated to.

When heating, blue LED lights light up the inside of the kettle.

Once the water has been heated to the desired temperature, the keep-warm function will keep the water warm for 30 minutes, saving you energy on reheating the water.

There is a blue backlit water window, to help you measure exactly how much water you need to boil, so you never waste energy boiling more than you need to.

To help against limescale, there is a removable and washable filter.

Boil-dry protection and auto shut-off work to keep you safe in the kitchen, and ensure that there is a reduced risk of accidents and spills.

4. Brightown Electric Kettle 

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The Brightown Electric Kettle is made from high-quality, durable, borosilicate glass, and food-grade 304 stainless steel.

These materials are safe, long-lasting, and ensure your kettle is resistant to damage and breakage.

There are 4 different color LED lights in the kettle which display the different water temperatures, so you can also be sure that you warm your water just to the right temperature, without wasting energy heating it past where you need it.

The kettle will keep the water warm for up to 2 hours once it has been heated, and the temperature switches and controls on the handle give you better control over the heat of your water, and how much energy is used.

With a large capacity and a fast-heating function, the kettle is ideal to boil water efficiently and keep it warm for an extended period. Giving you the right temperature water, while cutting down on energy costs!

5. Russel Hobbs Glass Electric Kettle

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Russel Hobbs makes some great kitchen appliances, and their glass electric kettle is no exception!

Energy-efficient and great to look at as well, this is a wonderful kettle to keep in the kitchen.

The lift-and-serve base lets you pick up the kettle, and set it down, at any angle.

A removable, washable filter helps to prevent limescale buildup, which in turn helps to conserve energy.

Drip-free pouring of the kettle means that there is no wastage of water or mess on the counter. The single-stream created by the spout keeps water safely contained.

A beautiful and strong glass exterior helps with temperature control, keeping water warmer for longer, so you do not have to re-boil often. 

Helping to conserve energy, and looking stunning while doing so, the Russel Hobs Glass Electric Kettle is a real treat to have in the kitchen!

6. Miroco Double Wall Electric Kettle

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The Miroco Double Wall Electric Kettle features a 100% stainless steel interior.

The double-wall inner, the lid, the spout, and the rim are all made from food-safe, durable materials.

The extra-safe double-wall design protects you from burning your hands when touching the kettle, and it helps to keep the kettle warmer for longer.

A fast boiling time means that you use less energy waiting for the kettle to boil, and you have to wait less time to make a cup of coffee!

The easy-access kettle spout opens wide to allow for easy pouring and easy filling and allows you to clean the kettle properly for advanced hygiene.

With extraordinary safety, the kettle has auto shut-off features, and advanced temperature control, which not only keep you safe in the kitchen but which work to save energy overall.

7. Miosal 1.7L Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

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The Miosal Stainless Steel Electric Kettle has some great safety features, such as auto shut-off and dry-boiling, so you can carry on with other things without worrying about the kettle!

The high-powered kettle brings water to the boil in a short amount of time, which saves you energy in the kitchen, and the time you wait to make a cup of tea.

With a cordless body, the kettle has a 360-degree rotary base, so you can keep the kettle at any angle you want.

Made from only food-grade materials, such as 304 stainless steel and BPA-free plastic, the kettle is non-toxic and does not react with the water.

With a quick-boiling time and auto shut-off feature, this kettle will not waste any energy in the kitchen, and is wonderfully energy-efficient while still provide some boiling water for a hot beverage!

8. Comfee Double Wall Electric Kettle

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The Comfee Double Wall Electric Kettle is not only fast boiling, but it is incredibly quiet while boiling as well!

The innovative soundproofing coating applied to the kettle helps to boil the kettle at a whisper-quiet level, while still boiling quickly to save energy.

With a cool-touch design, the double-wall kettle with a stainless steel interior protects you from scalding and is safe to keep in the kitchen.

Water in the kettle is kept warmer for a while after boiling, so you can use the water without having to boil it again.

The large lid helps to quickly fill the kettle and lets you clean the kettle easily to ensure it is always safe to use.

Featuring auto shut-off, boil-dry protection, and thermostat technology, this kettle is safe and efficient to keep at home!

9. Mihotec Electric Kettle

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Being fast boiling and quiet, the Mihotec Electric kettle is a powerful, yet energy-saving appliance that your kitchen should definitely have!

With a large capacity of 1.8L, the kettle can provide up to 10 cups of boiled water in a short amount of time.

The double-wall design of the kettle means that it does not feel hot to the touch and that boiled water is kept warmer for longer, saving energy used over time.

 Made from food-safe materials, such as premium 304 stainless steel, the kettle is long-lasting and durable and is safe to use in the kitchen.

It will help you make some delicious cups of tea or coffee at home, without wasting too much energy in the process!

Related Questions

Are electric kettles more energy efficient?

Electric kettles are more energy-efficient than kettles heated on the stove. An electric stove takes time and more energy to heat up, and takes longer to heat the water in the kettle.

This can use up more energy overall.

What is the healthiest electric kettle?

Glass is considered to be the healthiest electric kettle material, as the glass does not contain any toxins or chemicals that might leak into the water, or change the taste of the water.

The right glass kettle can be long-lasting and durable in the kitchen. It is also great to be able to watch the water boil, and most glass kettles have LED lights that color the water while it boils!

Do glass kettles regulate temperature well?

Electric glass kettles regulate temperature well, which means that you will not be wasting energy boiling the water past the temperature it should go, and the water is kept warmer for longer too.

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