5 Best Tea Infuser Bottles Of 2023

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People who like to drink tea don’t always have the time or tools to make it just the way they like it. Often, it just sits and gets cold because they’ve forgotten it in the midst of their busy day.

So, how can you keep your tea or other beverages at the right temperature for longer, just the way you like it? You can get yourself a tea infuser bottle.

But what makes for the best tea infuser bottle? The best tea infuser bottles are lead and BPA-free, eco-friendly, made with high-quality and sturdy materials like bamboo and stainless steel, and large enough to suit your needs. A travel sleeve is a bonus.

If you want to know a bit more about how these bottles work, what you should consider before buying one, and which are the very best tea infuser bottles, we encourage you to continue reading. 

Buying a Tea Infuser Bottle

A tea infuser bottle allows you to keep your tea at hot or cold temperatures for a longer period of time with double walls for extra insulation.

Most of the bottles come with a removable infuser, so you can remove the infuser with the tea leaves in it or leave it in the bottle. This is great if you like teas that only steep for a few minutes before turning bitter, like green tea.

Either way, you will always drink your tea at the temperature you like. And you’ll do so from a bottle that’s beautiful, can go with you anywhere, and is easy to maintain. 

There are numerous things you should consider when buying a tea infuser bottle:

  • Capacity – Liquid capacity is something that comes down to personal preference. You know how much tea (or other drink) you plan on drinking during the day. And you should choose the capacity accordingly. 
  • Design – This comes down to the question of having one or two openings for the lid. Those that have two are easier to clean and maybe a bit more practical. 
  • Infuser – The infuser can come in two parts. One keeps the tea leaves, coffee, or fruit from scattering all over the water, and one keeps it from going into your mouth. On the other hand, a one-piece infuser just keeps it in the bottle so you don’t drink it when you sip anyway. 
  • Material – They are usually made of glass or stainless steel and have double layers (two walls) to keep the same temperature. Infusers and strainers are usually made of stainless steel. Glass bottles are attractive and eco-friendly but not as sturdy as those made from bamboo.
  • Style – Last but not least, style is very important. You should pick the bottle that suits your personal style so that you can be content staring at it on your desk or yoga mat all day.

Helpful tip: To ensure the longevity of your tea infuser bottle, we recommend that you heat the glass bottle before you pour a very hot drink into it. Extreme and rapid changes in temperature will cause the glass to crack!

5 Best Tea Infuser Bottles

Now that you know what to look for, we’ve got a selection of 5 of the best tea infusers on the online market for you to look over.

RankProductKey Features
1.Pure Zen Tea Tumbler With InfuserTravel sleeve, glass and stainless steel
2.LeafLife Bamboo Tumbler With Tea InfuserLeak-proof, bamboo and stainless steel
3.UEndure Glass Tea Infuser BottleLead and BPA-free, travel sleeve
4.Sacred Lotus Love Infuser Bottle2 travel sleeves, elegant design
5.Navaris Glass Water Bottle With Tea InfuserTravel sleeve, glass and bamboo

We’re sure you can find the perfect tea infuser bottle to suit your needs here!

1. Pure Zen Tea Tumbler With Infuser

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Material: Glass with stainless steel lids and infuser
Capacity: 13 oz. (400ml)
Dimensions: 2.76 x 2.76 x 9.45 inches

This 100% BPA-free, reliable and elegant tea bottle with an infuser doesn’t leak, sweat, or break.

It has double walls, which means that it can keep your drink hot or cold for a very long time with all that extra insulation.

The package includes a travel sleeve that will protect your bottle when you are traveling or on the go. 

The tumbler is made from transparent glass and stainless steel. It has two lids because you can open it from both sides. That is why it is very easy to clean all the parts. Both infuser and lids are made from stainless steel. 

You can easily install or remove the infuser. And you can install it on the top or bottom of the tumbler. Additionally, it has flat lids which make it safe and stable on each side. 

Besides tea, you can store fruit-infused water, cold brew coffee, iced drinks, and other cold drinks during hot days. The large container that can hold 13 oz. of liquid will keep you hydrated the whole day.  

2. LeafLife Bamboo Tumbler With Tea Infuser

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Material: Stainless steel and natural bamboo
Capacity: 17 oz.
Dimensions: 8.8 x 2.8 x 2.8 inches

You can use this great-looking tumbler for making your favorite tea in three ways: for short-term or long-term tea infusion and with a teabag.

It is a versatile tumbler and you can use it for loose leaf tea, fruit-infused water, or for any kind of cold or hot drink. 

The external part is made from bamboo and every tumbler has a unique appearance and a unique grain pattern.

In other words, you won’t find two that are exactly the same. And it is leak-proof, so you can be sure that you won’t spill your drink anywhere.

The internal part is made from stainless steel and can keep the hot beverages hot for 12 hours and cold drinks cold for 24 hours. It is able to hold the temperature at the same level because it has two walls made from stainless steel. 

Even though it has a capacity of 17oz, it can still fit into most cup holders in cars or other places. The package contains the infuser and the strainer.

3. UEndure Glass Tea Infuser Bottle

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Material: Glass and stainless steel
Capacity: 14 oz. 
Dimensions: 2.75 x 2.75 x 9.5 inches

This tea tumbler also has an opening on both sides. The infuser and twist-off lids are made from stainless steel, and the bottle itself is made from transparent glass.

The glass has two walls that keep beverages hot for 90 minutes. 

Since it has two lids from each side, it is extremely easy to clean the bottle.

It is recommended to hand-wash the infuser and the lids if you want them to last longer. But, you can put the glass part into the dishwasher. 

The whole product is lead-free, BPA-free, and eco-friendly. The package comes with a free travel sleeve to keep your tumbler safe when traveling. 

This tumbler is great for loose leaf tea of any kind, fruit-flavored water, or any cold and hot beverages, even smoothies. It’s a great thing to have at sports events, the gym, work, or a college lecture. 

4. Sacred Lotus Love Glass Tea Infuser Bottle

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Material: Glass and stainless steel
Capacity: 14 oz.
Dimensions: 2.8 x 2.8 x 9.5 inches

This glass tea infuser bottle contains a strainer and an infuser basket.

You can prepare a lot of different things – loose leaf tea, coffee, cocoa, flavored water, iced beverages, smoothies, or any other hot or cold beverage. 

It also has double walls of glass and can keep the same hot or cold temperature for up to 45 minutes. The tumbler has an elegant and sophisticated look and can hold up to 14 oz. of liquid. 

The tumbler has two openings and leak-proof lids that are made from stainless steel. So, you don’t have to worry about rust or peeling. The strainer and infuser are also made from stainless steel. 

The product contains no plastic and it is BPA-free and lead-free, and it is EU and FDA approved. It comes with two elegant black sleeves for traveling. Also, this bottle makes a perfect gift because it contains a poem and a card, as well. 

5. Navaris Glass Water Bottle With Tea Infuser

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Material: Glass, stainless steel, and bamboo
Capacity: 17 oz.
Dimensions: 11.54 x 4.37 x 4.61 inches

The Navaris heat-resistant, eco-friendly tumbler is made from borosilicate glass, bamboo, and stainless steel.

The package also includes a non-slip neoprene sleeve, as well. This bottle can endure temperatures from -4°F to 302°F. 

Just remember to warm the glass before you pour anything hot into it.

You can use this stylish bottle for any hot or cold drink – tea, coffee, fruit infusions, and many more. 

When it comes to cleaning, you can wash the glass bottle and strainer in the dishwasher, whereas the lid should be hand-cleaned because it is made of bamboo and could split or warp in the dishwasher.

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